Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A 9/11 Thank You

The 12th anniversary of the game changing event of 9/11 provides an opportunity for me to say Thanks to all of those who have kept the faith and who haven't wavered in the face of the enormous pressure to conform to the big lies.

Some of you have been at it since day one. You have looked at evidence, at facts, at disinformation and using discernment and common sense came to some conclusions while still open to the many questions that have and still will arise.

Beyond that, you have spoken out. In writings that have spread around the world, in person with friends and family and sometimes with strangers.

You have been ridiculed, mocked and laughed at. Sometimes attacked. Sure, it may have stung but never enough to quit. The importance of speaking truth to power overrides the naysayers.

By addressing the 9/11 issue head on you have opened up other avenues that lead out of the darkness into light. A myriad of other issues that once were delegated to the nether-lands of taboos have crept into the consciousness of many who once were afraid but now have the courage of conviction.

Very importantly, you have given us some semblance of solidarity, the feeling that we are not alone, the realization that we have allies where disagreements are minor compared to our similarities.

So THANK YOU! Humanity will thank you one day. It's coming.


  1. Thanks, Kenny, for the encouragement!!!

    1. Thank you Salina. It is an honor to have you as an ally.

  2. You and R. Edmondson are always worth reading.
    In solidarity

  3. Hi there,

    Just wanted to say that I've been following the 9/11 movement ... Truth Movement etc since about 2004/5 when people really started questioning things properly. At the time, and for some time afterwards, I read scores of blogs, and articles on websites, listened to tons of podcast and looked at a large number of videos. However, the powers that be decided that it would to go belly up in 2007. Things got very strange, and it was never really the same again. Sometime after that I saw the "shills" just spouting complete nonsense and not being called on it.I left the field, only to peek my head at the blogs now and again to see what was going on.

    Anyway, your blog Kenny is now the first place I come to every day just to see how things are still carrying on ... as ever. The lies, corruption. The stupidity of people who cannot see it. The Alex Jones's still putting out the garbage. Its like nothing has really changed in some ways.

    But one lives in hope with blogs like yours. The truth will win out eventually.

    Anyhow, keep up the fabulous work.

    Best wishes

    Harvey Price, Christchurch NZ

    1. Thanks so much Harvey.

      This post was really a thank you to all of you folks who have never given up. I appreciate the kind words.

  4. Thanks for your appreciation, Kenny. I have been a Truther since 2002/3. It gets easier all the time because the research is getting better and there are more and more of us every day.

    Please see my blog for my personal journey over the past 10 years...also some very good links.


  5. Thanks, Kenny. I'm a signatory here: ... Here's my latest blog entry:

    An Ecology of the Avaricious ("intra-specific klepto-parasites")

  6. 9/11 was a false flag/ inside jobSeptember 12, 2013 at 4:14 AM

    Rothschild family along with the Rockerfellers, Morgans, Schiffs, Kuhns, Loebs, Goldsteins, Warburgs et al

    Without money there is no food. Without food there is no life. Control the money and you control life.

    Control of the money also gives the control of governments' armies to be dispatched to take over over the resources of foreign countries.

    The .01% control the world by controlling the money.

    Doubt the above? Try to get food without money.

    1. So who doesn't have a Rothschild et al central ponzi bank?

      Syria, Iran, N.Korea, Cuba. And Russia, didn't Putin kick out and jail the oligarchs a few years ago?

      As plain as the nose on your face - the "enemies" of the West are exactly those countries which do not accept zionist bank slavery.

      War and peace are the same to me
      I'll die in war and hang in peace.

      To hell with Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Morgan, Schiff, Kuhn, Loeb, Goldstein, Warburg et al.

      Why should I run on a hamster wheel for them.

      Fuck the .01% and the horse they road in on!

    2. Thomas Edison summed it up very neatly in 1921: ”[Henry Ford] thinks it is stupid, and so do I, that for the loan of $30m of their own money the people of the United States should be compelled to pay $66m – that is what it amounts to, with interest … It is absurd to say that our country can issue $30m in bonds and not $30m in currency. Both are promises to pay; but one promise fattens the usurer, and the other helps the people.

    3. If this is a legit scan of a 1921 NY Times article the Edison quote came from, it is well worth saving, it's an interesting dialog on money.

      Ford Sees Wealth

  7. Thank you, Kenny, for your hard work and dedication to determining the truth, no matter where that may lead.

  8. Fred, greencrow, Sophia, Carol, NMM...

    Thanks to all of you folks for your contributions over the years. It means more than you may realize.

  9. 9/11 is the litmus test.

    So many of the things that reverberate to today are based on the unwillingness to demand full, open and transparent investigations of the attack, the crime scene forensics, and the apparent response failures. Anyone not in lockstep with the coming
    “payback” was a traitor, and anyone questioning the official
    narrative was a nutter. That the people so readily dismissing the skeptics, did
    not heed to call themselves to demand what the commission itself determined;
    that a proper investigation was needed to uncover the truth.

    Remember, the alternate explanation to deride conspiracy, was the supposedly comforting notion that incompetence, an unrelated type of criminality (the destruction of evidence), the desire to cover your butt, and a string of bad luck and/or remarkable coincidence, explained the seeming contradictions and that the right
    enemy had been targeted anyway, so no time to navel gaze as we needed to get
    our bloodbath up and running.

    My recollection is somewhat shorter as to what I saw and what we lost. I live in
    So Cal and commute to downtown LA, and have for over 20+ years. For *exactly* a
    day and a half (the same amount of time the air stays smog free after a good
    rain), the normally selfish and inattentive motorists drove in manner virtually
    unseen before or since. Over that two day period, they actually showed noticeable
    consideration and no longer drove oblivious to those around them, not caring
    who they cut off or didn’t let in or honked at for going too slow, or not getting
    out of the way fast enough…they treated the other drivers as fellow Americans
    that were also possibly traumatized or numb and that the default position might
    be that they would appreciate a random act of kindness from a stranger who
    might just cut another person a break for no other reason than they thought the
    anonymous person could use one.

    And then, as if it never happened in the first place, it was over. That was how long it took to revert back to type, and embrace dysfunction as normalcy.

    And that’s how we got to where we are today.

    There are some things in life that we can’t turn back the clock on, but tragically that is true even on those things we could turn back the clock on. We’re just not
    that smart or that caring, and I don’t think it’s overly pessimistic to say
    that we never will be.

    1. Lance, your traffic story is virtually identical to mine in my 45 mile one way commute to Nashville during those days. It was amazing, crime was way down too, didn't last long.

    2. So sad, Kenny. We had a lot of the world feeling bad for us and we could have demonstrated true leadership at that pivotal moment, but instead...well, you know the rest.

      I summed it up as follows --

      After 9/11, America was so outraged by the deaths of thousands of innocent American civilians over a political beef, that in response we killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians over a political beef. ~ LanceThruster

  10. Thank you, Kenny,

    As in the past, whoever dares bring the truth will be mocked, reviled and attacked by the ignorant and unthinking.

    But in the end, if the Truth is with you, who can be against you?

    And those who oppose, what chance do you stand against the Truth?

    لَّوْ مَا تَأْتِينَا بِالْمَلَائِكَةِ إِن كُنتَ مِنَ الصَّادِقِينَ

    1. The translator says your last words were: "If what comes to us in angels if you are truthful" It sounds very positive to me.

      My favorite quote from the 9/11 days was on the 12th when I asked a co-worker, we called her Raffa, a sectarian Muslim from Iraq, former school teacher, what she thought about the events. She said...

      "It was the Israelis. They did it."

      It was sound advice.

  11. wrote this twelve years ago, today

    i remember that night
    and the day
    that came with it
    as i walked up the street
    dead center

    like a tightrope

    stuck to the granite line
    glanced at the stones of other cities
    on the left and right

    tried to keep my balance
    didn't want to fall off
    [into nothingness]

    and thought
    how did this happen
    what's to become of us ?

    alone at midnight
    silence but for footfalls
    and my thoughts

    screaming bloody murder
    who did this ?
    and why ?

    september eleventh two thousand and one
    church street burlington [vt]

    a shiver went down/up my spine
    as i reached the clock up top

  12. Kenny,

    One more thing, on a positive note...

    NASA today reminded us that America was once famous for more than war, greed and ignorance.

    A testament to ancient engineering, Voyager 1 has just left the solar system into interstellar space.

    Even with its lovingly-crafted but tiny 64KB brain and 23W voice, this 36 year-old has achieved wonders.
    Helped us appreciate the austere beauty of our heavens.
    But more the beauty of what is best in the American people.


    1. Bravo!


      “Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

      The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

      Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

      The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

      It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we’ve ever known.”

      ― Carl Sagan, Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space

    2. NASA ? lol

      I hope you're being sarcastic but I don't think so.

      Sorry to have to break your little flag-waving bubble there buddy but NASA is one of the biggest scams of all time. There were no Moon Landings during the Vietnam massacre and haven't been since then. Humans have never been past 1000 miles of the earth and they certainly never went through a 25,000 mile field of radiation 45 years ago when a computer with less power than an I-phone fitting in the palm of your hand today, took up at least 2 rooms. lol

      Whatever 'lovingly crafted space explorations' these scam-artists are supposedly making today, you can be sure, come at a cost of fleecing the public even more outrageously than they did 45 years ago.

      A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

      Astronauts Gone Wild

      Deanna Spingola Interview with Bart Sibrel of "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon" 03 / 16 / 2012

      Wagging the Moondoggie - Dave McGowan

      Dave McGowan blows the Apollo lies to shreds with simple logic

      fern kindergarten class of 1965/66, McGowan third from right, top row

      Vyzygoth Interviews Bart Sibrel - February 2006 - The Moon Landing Hoax

      Liverpool Scene - We'll All Be Spacemen Before We Die

      Liverpool Scene, poetry rock band, live TV, February 1969

      No we won't 'all be spacemen before we dye' you brainwashed hippie clowns ! lol

      @Kenny - Percy Jones, the bass player in Brand X and Brian Eno's mid 1970's bands used to play in "The Liverpool Scene."

      Far out man !!

      ~Negentropic MK I

    3. Never heard the Liverpool Scene band. Some cool noise there. I'll check out some more of their stuff.

      Dave M. is certainly the go to guy with his moondoggie series.

      I'll never forget on that 1st 'landing' day in '69, we were hanging out at a friend's uncle's bar out in the country watching the tv and the old drunks there were mocking and laughing at us kids for believing it was real. We called them crazy but time showed us their cynicism wasn't so crazy after all.

    4. Fellow anonymous,

      You're not an engineer or scientist, are you?

      Just another guy who uses computers and mobile phones like magic black boxes with no appreciation of their subtle artistry and beauty. But you believe they work, right? People make these things. Make them with their hands. You're not just dreaming it.

      Voyager 1 is a not a complex device by modern standards. With a little effort you can learn the electromagnetic and signalling principles behind deep space communications and radio telescopy.
      It ain't rocket science.

      I've seen no good evidence that the moon landings were at any stage faked.

      A friend of mine years ago showed me a website where it was "proved" the moon landings were faked.
      Each point was easily rebutted and showed a painful ignorance of basic natural science.
      "How come them mountains look so close, huh?"
      "Umm, 'cause there's no frigging air on the frigging moon."
      "Yeah, so explain why you can't see so many stars in the background, Mr Smarty Pants."
      "Oh FFS..."

      That said, and its plutocratic masters would absolutely consider faking the most difficult and embarrassing-in-case-of-failure landing phase of the Apollo missions to avoid losing face in the ideological battle of the Cold War. Let's take a quick trip through time...

      They destroyed two Japanese cities with nukes. Turned Dresden and Tokyo into hellish firestorms. They butchered countless innocents in Indonesia. They murdered European civilians and blamed it on the commies.They trained Central American torturers in WHINSEC, their evil little school of satan. They demolished skyscrapers in the middle of Manhattan, killing thousands of their own people. Levelled Fallujah, poisoned it with white phosphorus and "deleted" uranium. They conscript their own children into satan's army and then throw them away when they return.

      A little fakery would be the least of their sins.

      When the Chinese get some ultra high resolution synthetic aperture optics in orbit around the moon, we should expect to see some photos of moon buggies, footprints and golf clubs. If not, you've got a point.

      Anyway, there is a difference between blind skepticism and rational skepticism.

      The ignorant have always been slaves to the learned.

      Hence it is important you be able to distinguish truth from lies.

      Because the truth will set you free.

      "The time machine is here! ..."
      "osemitems i asy hte popoiste fo hwta i eman."
      "... and it works!"

    5. Fellow Anonymous,

      You're also right. The "space complex", meaning the myriad industrial subcontractors who do NASA's work, is funded by fleecing the public.

      To nowhere near the same extent as the military-industrial-intel complex.
      Making money by murdering people.

      Would be better if Americans paid voluntarily.

      However, furthering our appreciation the world's beauty is surely a worthier pursuit than killing.

      Maybe the contract killers will have a change of heart before they meet their end.

      "I like walks in the rain, sunsets, symphonies, ..."

  13. David Martin said:

    Aware of this country’s war weariness, and wariness, Obama, like Roosevelt, promises that we will have to make no further real sacrifice. Obama says that there will be no American “boots on the ground,” while FDR, as late as October of 1940 during the election campaign in a speech in Boston declared, “I have said this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.” - DC Dave, September 13, 2013

    Great insight by David Martin. Obama promised on September 10, 2013 he would conduct a surgical strike on Syria to punish the Assad regime for gassing to death civilians. As big a lie as arabs used two planes to knock down three buildings in New York September 11, 2013.

    The only way to garantee no boots on the ground is to resist the Rothschild/AIPAC coersion, and not to invade Syria (or Iran, N.Korea, Cuba etc) whatsoever.

    What say ye the American people? What say ye the people of the world?

    1. I say if the Obama regime succumbs to the pressure of the international bankers/zionism and fires even one tomahawk missile into Syria, I hope that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran pulverise the Amerikan ships and military stongholds all over the ME and the entire state of Israel. Further, if Israel or Amerika uses one single nuclear weapon in the ME war that Russia and China nuclear bomb the living sh*t out of whoever is responsible for the nuclear bomb launch.

      Syria has not used chemical weapons against its own people. Ever.

    2. @ September 13, 7:38:00

      I hope that Syria, Hezbollah and Iran pulverise the Amerikan ships and military stongholds all over the ME...if Amerika uses one single nuclear weapon in the ME war that Russia and China nuclear bomb the living sh*t out of whoever is responsible for the nuclear bomb launch.

      Minus Israel from your vision - and now you have the plan and goals of Greater Israel Project a.k.a. New World Order, One World Order; add to it that Russia will likely be severely damaged in such event, which looks more and more likely, and you have zio-orge's ultimate wet-dream: all the "goyims" destroying each other again - as they did in WWI, WWII, and thereafter - with zio-beasts holding all that remains in its clutches; also - even if Israel would be destroyed - the zio-ogre will survive.

  14. The latest letter to the editor from Salina...

    Stop this vicious war cycle

    How ironic that on the 12th anniversary of the tragic 9/11 terrorist attacks, the U.S. government is getting ready to provide aerial offense for Al-Qaeda affiliated “rebels” in Syria – the same rebels who are on a jihad to oust President Bashar al-Assad's secular government from power and replace it with a distorted form of Islamic government replete with shariah law.

    So, is Al-Qaeda the good guy or the bad guy?

    I hope Americans finally realize what many of us “conspiracy theorists” have been saying for a long time: Western imperialists gave birth to Al-Qaeda in the 1970s to advance their own neocolonialist agenda, whether it be bringing down rival super power the old Soviet Union in Afghanistan, which at that time jihadists were the good guys, pulling off false flag operations like 9/11 to justify perpetual war in the resource-rich Middle East or fighting for regime change in governments that resist Western hegemony like Libya and Syria.

    Let's do our part to stop this vicious cycle by peacefully rallying on the streets against another war that would once again profit corporations and bankers while bankrupting ordinary Americans. Come to the Hands Off Syria protest Friday, Sept. 13, at 5 p.m. at the Historic Square in downtown Murfreesboro.

    Salina Khan
    Murfreesboro, Tenn.


    hat tip to SRV

    1. Simon Shack Mega-Pack:

      9-11 PROPAGANDA - Simon Shack

      FOX FLOP - Simon Shack

      The 9/11 VicSims Report - An Introduction

      911 AMATEUR part2 by Simon Shack - the most important 7 and a half minutes of film made exposing the 'how' of the 9-11 PsyOp

      NOSED OUT - Simon Shack

      Go here for the rest:

      ~Negentropic MK II

    2. Negentropic,

      I am also beginning to suspect there were no planes whatsoever in New York and Washington. I am nevertheless still unsure if there was a plane shot down and the debris spread over three miles up near Shanksville.

      Maybe that story is also a lark.

      How many people do you think actually lost their lives on 9/11? 50? 30? 10? 0?

      The truth will set us free. The moon landing was definitely faked, and the plane at the Pentagon was definitely faked. By firmly espousing these two lies Michael Rivero is poisoning his own well. Pity, because otherwise he seems to be a truth seeker. By repeating these two lies, he weakens his credibility and reputation.

      H/T to you and Kenny for both continually doing a great honest job of seeking the truth.

    3. I would be very cautious dealing with simon shack and his merry little band. Here is where he banned me from his forum after I protested a little too vigorously for his liking over a post that alleged that explosions cause vacuums. I was commenting on a post on the prior page at the bottom.

      His whole forum is rife with with disinfo, preposterous allegations, scattered in with a little truth here and there. I am also not the only person to notice this if you care to search a little bit.

    4. @Naughty Mouser

      We don't know for sure if even one single person died on September E-Levin, since there are only 249 death certificates and not one of these has a 'last address of record' on it. This means that NO ONE even knows where any of these supposed victims lived !! And we're only talking about the 249 here and not the 446 names that show up on the SSDI that don't even have a death certificate.

      "I did an exhaustive check of the list of victims provided on the CNN website. What I found is that out of 2,970 people listed, only 446 appear in the Social Security death index. Of those only 249 have a confirmed death certificate on file. Of those, not a single one has a valid “last address of record” on file."~ Ersun Warncke, Salem News - Independent confirmation of the 'Vicsims Report' - 9/11 Reflections Part 2: Interview with Simon Shack of September Clues

      Note: there might be a few more fake 'vicism' names added to the SSDI since 2010, when the above independent confirmation of Shack's research was done, but this is just minute nonsense that does not in any way debunk the big picture reality of the VICSIMS findings.

      Go here for more information:

      Note: I only posted these threads on Mr. Lizard's forum because due to Icke's association with nuttery, it is the least censored big-name forum in the top 10,000 rankings. My entire IP is banned from Godlike Productions, even though I don't think I even signed up as a member there. Also the videos that have gone missing from the first page due to to software bug of theirs are all reposted on the 2nd page.

      ~Negentropic MK III

    5. @naughty mouser

      I don't disagree with these bullet points of Abirato's about 9-11, although I disagree with some of the other unwarranted conjecture he likes to get into based on application of the media-fakery thesis to other historical events:

      Overall operation:

      media fakery is the main concept to be understood

      9/11 was a psyop (psychological operation) – a militiary operation to deceive.

      This operation was a total, complete event conceived years in advance and designed to be managed over generations to reinforce the hoax, official Hollywood movies are released quickly (after all, the script has been long pre-written) In this case, 9/11, Flight 93 (TV 2006)

      “Drills” are used to create a “plausible deniability” explanation for why emergency workers are in place in order to fund the operation and fleece the public, foundations are setup in the names of victims

      Chances are there were no real victims. VicSims are created using photoshop, and actors and actresses are used as family members
      WTC event:
       towers may have been made to be destroyed
       towers may never have been internally completed
       towers were never fully occupied
       1993 bombing was a fake event to clear any remaining tenants
       towers were empty soon after 1993 and the next 8 years were used to slowly remove all internal structure
       Lower Manhattan was evacuated by early 9/11/2001 – around 50 “drills” were used as the excuse

      ~Negentropic MK IV

    6. @Fred

      You shouldn't let your own banning cloud your judgment. It's the core information that matters, not whether the people over there consider your own contributions valuable. Even if they themselves do not stick to their own principles consistently and become a cult, it is the job of us non-cult-members to apply their principles and bring them down to reality, IF we are able. Not many are able and go into Shack's forum pretending to know as much about media fakery as a guy who's been doing nothing but media-fakery research for 8 years now.

      The core of Shack's research remains solidly knowable, valid and undebunked. He does tend to go overboard with the media fakery stuff sometimes but far less so than the plane-huggers, thermite-sniffers and others go overboard with their silly little arguments over their interpretations of the 'events' in a premanufactured PsyOp movie. The laws of physics don't apply to the events depicted in a cartoon and neither do the laws of criminal investigation. Would you go arrest Bruce Willis if he murdered somebody in a movie ? lol

      What tends to happen on forums, is that, as always, there is both trolling by direct agents and useful idiocy by non-agents and it's hard to tell which is which, but the destructive results are very similar.

      One of two things usually happens to cause damage to a forum's reputation:

      1) An obviously staged drama designed to make the entire research look ridiculous under the guise of 'protecting the research' by a high level infiltrator

      2) Childish bullshit by ego-tripping useful-idiot forum moderators unable to admit defeat or the humility of having been passionate but dead wrong.

      ~Negentropic MK V

  16. Thanks for the encouragement, Kenny, it was just what I needed to hear today. I've been at this for a long time, always using my real name, and maybe that wasn't the smartest thing to do and maybe I suffered quite a bit for it. But I remember what it was like back then and it was *way, way* worse than it is now. Frankly, at this late date, if anyone's afraid to talk about this subject candidly with friends and neighbors, they are a serious wuss in my book. And that's only because brave bloggers and activists like yourself have paved the way getting that info out there.

    This is really a serious subject. So many people have died because of these lies and justice cries out to be served. Let's keep it up, people. We can't afford to give up now! And thank YOU, Kenny. I love your blog.

    1. I just hope this is not another long term psyops like JFK where even though most don't believe the official story there has never been closure. We don't have another 50 years. (grin)

  17. I forget which 9/11 Truth website I saw it on, but it was one of the more prominent ones, and there was a forward that said essentially, "When the truth about 9/11 finally becomes known, it will be because of these tireless researchers unwilling to back down in the face of such deception."

    I definitely put Kenny in the category of those standing firm.

    Good on you, mate.

  18. And as meaningful today...


    What constitutes the bulwark of our own liberty and independence? It is not our frowning battlements, our bristling sea coasts, the guns of our war steamers, or the strength our gallant and disciplined army? These are not our reliance against a resumption of tyranny in our fair land. All of those may be turned against our liberties, without making us weaker or stronger for the struggle. Our reliance is in the love of liberty which God has planted in our bosoms. Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which prizes liberty as the heritage of all men, in all lands, everywhere. Destroy this spirit, and you have planted the seeds of despotism around your own doors. Familiarize yourselves with the chains of bondage and you are preparing your own limbs to wear them. Accustomed to trample on the rights of those around you, you have lost the genius of your own independence, and become the fit subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises. ~ Abraham Lincoln

    1. Russian Plan Works, Flushing Out U.S. Backed Group


      Russian Plan Works, Flushing Out U.S. Backed Up Poop

      Out came Kerry, Obama, AIPAC, Rothschild and other POS

      By: NotForSale2NWO
      Russian plan to make the Syrian Government turn-over its chemical weapons stockpile works, forcing U.S. backed rebel group to show true colors.

  19. Ask for the blue vaccine for your kids also. There is no way to get this across to parents most likely. If they can't figure out 911, this one will be way too much of a stretch.

    Here is what they are now doing. They are growing brain tissue from stem cells, stripping the proteins off of them and coating the inactive or weakened pathogens that a vaccine normally uses with these proteins. Many people out there know that friendly vaccines contain either dead or weakened versions of the disease they are supposed to prevent. To cause a friendly vaccine to become destructive, all that is needed is to coat these weakened pathogens with proteins, hormones, or whatever else in the recipient's body you want destroyed, and when the recipient's immune system reacts to the pathogen, it will recognize the protein or other material you coated that pathogen with as hostile also and then attack it wherever it exists in the body.

    Having the child's own immune system destroy that child is a far safer method for the elite, because it ensures their own weapon will never become something that can destroy them, and the ignorant parents won't ever realize that the "immune system malfunction for a baby that was genetically susceptible to the vaccine" that caused their child to start spinning in a circle like a chimpanzee was actually intentionally inflicted.

    Just google autism spinning.

    Got a goy baby there? Ha, the GOY get the green and red striped vial, the blue one is for the JEW. Nope, the Jews are NOT ONE BIT SMARTER THAN US, UNTIL THEY USE THEIR CONTROL OF THE MEDICAL SYSTEM TO MAKE IT THAT WAY. Welcome to the new future, where babies look like chimpanzees, the young children hardest hit behave and spin like chimpanzees and the Jews are the best at EVERYTHING. To get your child vaccinated safely, go to a Jewish medical center, say you are Jewish, and things will likely be fine if no controls are in place to confirm if you are Jewish or not. I never looked at this angle of it, but there has GOT TO be a way to get a safe vaccine and you can bet they know. Perhaps there are kosher and non kosher. It's that way, even with soap.

    1. Incredible but believable. I would like to see some confirmation of this and if true this info needs needs some legs.

  20. How close to 'KennyLand' is this poison gas storage area, that contains over 500 TONS of death dealing gas?

    That's over 500 tons of the actual gas, not counting the shells and casings etc. that the gases are in.

    Chemicals allegedly used in Syria are the type stored by the U.S. in Kentucky

    The alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria thrusts the international spotlight onto the same deadly "nerve agents" stored at Blue Grass Army Depot in Madison County.

    1. I'm a long way from there. 10 more years to destroy 523 tons of chemical weapons. A lot can happen in a decade. Thanks for the article. It's insanity.

    2. Just saw this video linked in comments at aangirfan...

  21. Obama's science czar Holden already says they have a right to

    • Women could be forced to abort their pregnancies, whether they wanted to or not;
    • The population at large could be sterilized by infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation's drinking water or in food;
    • Single mothers and teen mothers should have their babies seized from them against their will and given away to other couples to raise;
    • People who "contribute to social deterioration" (i.e. undesirables) "can be required by law to exercise reproductive responsibility" -- in other words, be compelled to have abortions or be sterilized.
    • A transnational "Planetary Regime" should assume control of the global economy and also dictate the most intimate details of Americans' lives -- using an armed international police force.

    It was in his book in 1977.

    The Amish have no autism and the Amish also refuse vaccination.

    Fetal cells from abortions are plentiful, profitable and deadly these days and they turn heaven and earth to keep it that way.

    The rise in autism is real. People can no longer brush it off. And vaccines containing fetal cells are a very plausible environmental trigger that must be investigated.”

    Vaccines made with fetal cells causing autism?

    30 scientific studies that prove vaccines cause autism

  22. Russia downed the two missilesSeptember 14, 2013 at 5:02 PM

    “the US forces fired these two rockets from a NATO base in Spain, and were instantly detected by the Russian radars and confronted by the Russian defense systems, so one of them exploded in the airspace and the second one diverted towards the sea.”

    In this context, the source pointed out that “the statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry, which stated the detection of two ballistic missiles fired towards the Middle East, intended to neglect two points: the first was the location from which the two rockets were fired, and the second was their downing. Why? Because the moment the full military operation was launched, Head of the Russian Intelligence Service contacted the US intelligence and informed it that “hitting Damascus means hitting Moscow, and we have removed the term “downed the two missiles” from the statement to preserve the bilateral relations and to avoid escalation. Therefore, you must immediately reconsider your policies, approaches and intentions on the Syrian crisis, as you must be certain that you cannot eliminate our presence in the Mediterranean.”

    “This unannounced direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington increased the Obama Administration’s confusion and certainty that the Russian side was ready to move until the end with the Syrian cause, and that the US did not have a way out of its impasse except through a Russian initiative which would save America’s face…” he added.

    From this point, the diplomatic source clarified that “in order to avoid further US confusion, and after Israel denied knowing anything about the rocket firing in its first statement, which is the truth, Washington demanded Tel Aviv to adopt the rocket firing to save its face in front of the International Community..."

    The above makes total sense considering all that has happened (Kerry, Obama, Israel etc) after the two missiles were fired and neutralized.

    Comment: "So the American president has to save face. A couple of years ago I remember on CNN, the reporters were laughing that the third world countries’ leaders have to find ways to save face. Remember Sadam Hussien. They (the reporters) never knew such a practice existed. The US has never have to do that. But now the US is so low that its president has do what the third world countries have to do. So welcome to the club." - Moldova

  23. September 13, 2013 -- CIA used poison gas on Kabul school in 1980
    publication date: Sep 13, 2013
    Perhaps former President Carter or his national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski could shed more light on this war crime, but WMR has uncovered a report that CIA - backed Afghan guerrillas used a poisonous herbicide gas on a Kabul girls' school on June 6, 1980. Analysis of the chemical weapon concluded it was capable of "causing severe damage to the human body." Story developing . . .

  24. A radical group from Russia claiming the right to freedom of speech has released a cartoon picture of Putin feeding (the zionist porch monkey) Obama bananas.

  25. "Exposing the US as the tool of international zionism which it is." - John Azaziah

    John Azaziah is one of the most insightful, knowledgeable and honest reporters of our times.

    "The jig is up."

  26. All the money in the world and the ability to create more as needed yet the zionists cannot get the economic slaves to kill each other. Taking over the world was supposed to work. The protocols laid out the plan over a hundred years ago.

    But it is failing. Imagine being alpha zionist Rothschild, el capitano of the mob to enslave the world. Their plans are falling apart and all the money, threats and murder are not working to get the planned third world war going. They were even ready to sacrifice "Israel" to achieve their dreamed of new world order with them at the head.

    They even shoe-horned in a borderline personality leader into their most powerful dog of war. A marionette free of conscience about lying or killing. Yet still no progress on the conquering of the world.

    Finished. The rest will be a denouement. The zionists may try a few more false flags but ultimately the momentum has been lost. The move to a one world government is permanently derailed.

    The next step is to abolish usury and central banks and get the world back on the path to progress - including cleaning up the ecological mess the zionist multinational corporations have left in their wake.

    What kind of animal soils its own nest? The same one that just failed trying to take over the world.

    Breath a sigh of gladness. The zionist beast is being defeated.