Sunday, September 15, 2013


art by Gabriel Shaffer

It looks like the big war has been put on hold but the misnamed 'civil war' in Syria continues. Without the recruitment of outsiders the so called rebels in Syria would be nothing. There would be no fighting. So who is going to pull the plug? For all the talk of chemical weapons, the US main stream media generally refuses to discuss where these outsiders are coming from and who is behind them. Yes, it's the usual suspects, including Saudi Arabia and Turkey, doing the recruitment, playing to the lowest common denominator and getting brainwashed 'Jihadists' to do the dirty work. It's much how the US military works here.

Recruited by Al-Qaeda: Foreign fighters in a Damascus jail tell their stories

Our intervention in Iraq continues to pay dividends, mainly to keep that country weak and stirred up, mostly for the continued benefit of Israel.  More than 4,000 people have been killed in attacks since the start of April, including 804 just in August with another reported 53 dead in bombings today. As with the plan for Syria, Iraq is splintered. One has to wonder if it is still paid outsiders who are perpetuating the violence.

Money greases the skids and no small amount is funneled out of Afghanistan by the CIA through their banker accomplices from the ongoing opium production. Marijuana plays an important part these days too.
It is now an open secret, and everyone knows it, as to who runs the largest global business of narcotics smuggling and weapons trade. Dig down just a little of these areas and you’ll find the American CIA sitting behind the scenes, smiling broadly and exposing widely its ugly teeth. There are certain local aides in various countries, which also play as the front men. We all know as to who urged and supported the Afghans to restart growing poppy after the fall of Taliban regime.
Besides padding the pockets of more than a few criminals inside and outside of the US, no doubt the drug money is being used to buy killers for destabilization of much of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Without this blood money, well, there would be less blood flowing.

All that being said, without the outside influence on the US of Israel and their lackeys, things would be moving at a much slower pace. Apologists will say AIPAC's setback to get an attack on Syria shows that their power is waning. Let's not get too carried away with that line of thought. Money and blackmail still are in play and will be until 'the lobby' is totally dismantled.

What is most unusual is that the outsiders who appear to be doing the most for the average American who does not want World War III is Putin and Russia. My how the worm turns.

No time to celebrate yet. We are still far from safe. As long as central bankers control the money, war merchants need to move their wares and politician's loyalty is not to the people of their country.....we still have much work to do.

Kerry and Netanyahu yuk it up in Jerusalem Sept. 15, 2013

Putin is on the cover of Time magazine all over the world except for...


  1. All the money in the world and the ability to create more as needed yet the zionists cannot get the economic slaves to kill each other. Taking over the world was supposed to work. The protocols laid out the plan over a hundred years ago.

    But it is failing. Imagine being alpha zionist Rothschild, el capitano of the mob to enslave the world. Their plans are falling apart and all the money, threats and murder are not working to get the planned third world war going. They were even ready to sacrifice "Israel" to achieve their dreamed of new world order with them at the head.

    They even shoe-horned in a borderline personality leader into their most powerful dog of war. A marionette free of conscience about lying or killing. Yet still no progress on the conquering of the world.

    Finished. The rest will be a denouement. The zionists may try a few more false flags but ultimately the momentum has been lost. The move to a one world government is permanently derailed.

    The next step is to abolish usury and central banks and get the world back on the path to progress - including cleaning up the ecological mess the zionist multinational corporations have left in their wake.

    What kind of animal soils its own nest? The same one that just failed trying to take over the world.

    Breath a sigh of gladness. The zionist beast is being defeated.

  2. Nice piece, Kenny. On an old topic of interest, did you see this?

    An interesting conversation between Bill Moyers and Dave Zirin from the end of last week on the intersection of sports and politics... video, transcript and article at the link:

    1. I added the bottom image on the post just for you. Sports.....

    2. Lol (except it's not a laughing subject). No, it's not time. I agree that sports (differentiated from athletics and personal health/somatics/development) has become larger than it ought to be (formal, organized, high-level, big money sports). When I attended a sports psychology conference featuring an NFL sub-coach, I asked him about hazing, and he claimed it didn't exist (and then changed the subject). Now, it is verging on trafficking and has filtered down to the adolescent level.

  3. The thing is if the global criminal elite's could kill JFK and Harold Holt then why can't they kill Putin?

    Shakespeare said, 'the whole world is a stage'.

    The elite are all just actors in a play. Don't forget the Hegelian philosophy of problem, reaction, solution. Bush, Clinton, Obama, Brown, and the other paid puppets are the problem. Putin is the reaction and soon the global elite will provide the solution. It is the solution that you need to keep your eye on. If Putin wasn't one of the elite's puppets then my guess is that he would not be there.

    1. You may be right. It's something most of us have wondered about. We'll find out sooner or later.

    2. I think he's wrong.
      Consider Russia. Huge, vast, getting peeps in and out, to conduct ops., problematic. Ask Napoleon and Hitler. I mean really Putin was KGB. Security is his specialty, sheesh, he served in East Germany with the effen Stasi. Putin is no diletante. So offing Putin is real difficult.
      JFK went to Dallas not his turf(I am talkin' turf here by the way) JFK rolled the dice and lost. Kinda dumb in my estimation, but hey.
      The Beresovsky oligarch thingy also speaks of genuine factional disputes. so, sorry the theatre scene is not always truth.
      There I went out on a tree limb... time will tell.

    3. OK, I'll go right behind you out on that tree limb. If Putin can keep us from more war, more power to him. If the bankers want to fight among themselves, it gives us more time.

  4. Totally agree Kenny. To misquote Mark Twain: 'reports of their death (AIPAC et al) are greatly exaggerated............

  5. TIME magazine.... now equal to toilet paper, except that it's not as soft!