Monday, September 2, 2013

Slow Train

There's a slow train coming
To march us home from war

Electric version

Is that light at the end of the tunnel a train, or the way out? 


Do away with medals
Poppies and remembrance parades
Those boys were brave, we know
But look where it got them

Reduced to line after perfect line
Of white stones
Immobile, but glorious, exciting
To kids who haven’t yet learned
That bullets don’t make little red holes

They rip and smash and gouge
And drag the world’s dirt behind them
Remember lads, you won’t get laid
No matter how good your war stories

If you’re dead
So melt down the medals
Fuel the fire with paper poppies, war books and Arnie films
Stop playing the pipes, stop banging the drums
And stop writing fucking poems about it.

                            Danny Martin


  1. Hello all
    This might be worth taking a look at here as the two story lines seem to merge. Video rebel wrote this.

    "Since the bankers run the governments, I think a better option for them would be to launch a cyber attack on the banks of the US and Europe, to blame the Iranians and the Syrians or even the Chinese and to steal your bank accounts, mutual funds, pensions and whatever is not underneath your mattress.”

    Then we see they are running a cyber fema drill up north and yes some say they are having trouble with electronic banking.

    More from Big Sis.

    Not if but when

    Strange electronic problems in the northeast

    Winter patriot also wrote a pretty good synopsis on why he doesn't think there will be a Syria attack.

    Hard to believe they would do something like empty the banks but .... hey you never know!!

    1. I'll plug in your article here

      The Bombing Of Syria Possibly On Hold As London, Vatican And Israel Decide Against Ordering America To War

      On hold is still better than rushing headlong into war. Factions that are unsure if what they are doing is going to work? It's time they are worried.

      I don't know if it's worthwhile or not but I emailed my 'con' Diane Black asking her to vote no on any intervention. She's an Israel firster so her vote and canned response should be interesting.

  2. How many more Arabs/Muslims will have we have to kill in the ME, Asia, and Africa before they realize we're serious about peace?

  3. Slow Train is a badass song.

  4. doing the math....

    most people who can think....

    do not support or endorse the global "Jewish"

    HEGEMONY Agenda....for the Braindeadgoy.

    really good callers on CSPAN.

    PLAY THE a PARK !!


    What is Kol Nidre...? {{{

    till DARK....

    and we'll all live in Beulah LAND.

  5. Rothschild leads zionism, who tells the puppet US government to use its military to work together with the zionist state incarnate of israel to attack Syria, Iran and Lebanon to further the plan for a new world order where all gentiles are slaves or dead. That the chemical weapons' false flag is an outright lie is of no consequence to the planned war by Rothschild and company.
    Will Russia and China allow this to happen given they know full well they are next on Rothschild and his minions' list to be destroyed?
    I don't think so.
    Result: WW3