Thursday, September 26, 2013

Small Things

We're always looking for the big hit. The thing that happens that changes the lives of large numbers of people positively. A heroic happening, an event that opens folks eyes and possibly brings them together.

Those are few and far between but every now and then we can smile at the small things. Much of this is going to happen at the local level.

A couple of local stories fit in that category. One is that another middle Tennessee city, Columbia, has decided to remove fluoride from their water supply. That makes four. It must be some kind of movement and it doesn't take a great number of activists to influence outcomes. The TV reports have emphasized the cost cutting measures and somewhat downplayed the health issues and history of fluoride but I saw one that did mention brain damage which is a distinct possibility, especially in kids.

It's a small thing but perhaps we can chalk this one up as a win.

The other one is  a followup from a story early last year when local county deputies shot a young man in the back of the head, killing him, as he drove around in circles on his own property. As usual in these kinds of police shootings the deputies were absolved of any criminal wrongdoing in an 'investigation' The family filed a civil suit which took place in Nashville in front of a jury.
Two Cannon County sheriff’s deputies were found guilty in U.S. District Court in Nashville on Friday of using excessive deadly force and are liable for $2.25 million in damages to the victim’s family.

Deputies Reed Bryson and Jordan McGee were found to have violated the Fourth Amendment rights of Richard Butcher, 28, whom they shot and killed as he was driving in circles in the front yard of his Woodbury home in February 2012.
The county says they are going to appeal  and who knows if anyone is going to actually see any money but you have to think that this may just plant the seeds of doubt in all the sheriff's department employees that these wild west shootings can have repercussions. The jury, a small group of  people spoke and said this wasn't right and charged a monetary value for an unnecessary killing. It doesn't bring the boy back but the message is a form of vindication and it may have worth. 

A small but an important thing that just might help prevent the same sort of thing from happening again? Time will tell if this is a win.

I would bet that most everyone reading here has a few local 'small thing' tales. They add up. It's slow motion but at least we're not always standing still. Get a win or two under our belts and it builds confidence. what else can we do?

Removing the fluoride in our public water supplies is doable. One water district at a time. I'm in. It may not be stopping the wars but it's something. What's the old saying...first they ridicule you, then they attack you...then you win...or something like that.


  1. Kenny, take a look at the massive hole left in Kenya - that is a big bomb
    It reminds me about an early report I heard about a time-bomb left in the car park
    That was a story that was not verified and got buried quickly - which just goes to show...
    Is anyone else in favor of bringing back rain water for drinking?
    Well that is supposing we stop the chem spraying etc.
    Btw thanks for finding Aris - his research is good.

    1. What the heck were they trying to do with that bombing? Is that for real?

  2. Those decades of fluoride poisoning are having the desired effect on kids, looks at the declining SAT scores.

    As for that Nairobi incident, just because an Israeli company owned the mall and Israel just happened to have a special forces team nearby and some of the weapons were snuck into the mall thru the backdoor doesn't mean anything!

    Sounds like sneaking in the thermite and wiring the steel beams in the WTC before 9/11.

  3. Portland OR got rid of their fluoride. I'm just hoping Seattle wakes up.

  4. Portland, Quebec City, Windsor have banned fluoride. The university of Toronto has apologized for recommending it. Plainfield VT, O'ahu, Woodland Wash, Albuquerque, quite a bit of towns in Australia, 99% of Europe, Belgium banned it in tooth paste, Hartland, MI, several Mass townships, Honolulu, Juneau, Fairbanks AK, banned it,

    In fact it is banned in China and Isreal is soon to ban it they say. Brunswick CA banned fluoride mouth wash from their schools.

    Some think Tenn will be the first state to ban it.

  5. So far I get mostly eye rolls from folks around here when mentioning fluoride. My emails to the water district go unanswered. There could be a TN bill passed next year that will allow for the issue to be put on the ballot with very. few signatures on a petition needed. Not state wide but just individual districts We'll see.

  6. In another health note, Vanderbilt once again broke their world record for most vaccinations by a clinic in an 8 hour period. Flulapalooza!

    Flulapalooza follow-up: Number vaccinated exceeds 12,000

  7. Fluoride is still a hoax faithfully believed by dentists. The amalgam conspiracy has profited the alternative dental materials business, too. Although dental amalgam components can cause health problems, so can the components of other widely used materials, such as composite resins, but dentists and the general public are clueless. Cosmetic dentistry in the US is big and profitable to suppliers and to dentists. People are getting local/systemic health problems from alternative materials, but the public, nor the dentists are being told. Being aware of adverse reactions in patients to dental materials is NOT part of educating dentists. I know, because I have been victimized and have had to do my own research via the WEB to diagnose my own problems. I have yet to be treated, because the doctors and dentists I went to didn't have a clue to what caused my symptoms. Bottom line is greed. The PTB won't touch the subject. Generally, in Europe all dental materials are considered suspect as component-caused adverse reactions. So just who is behind pushing so hard to get amalgams out of peoples' mouths; to be replaced by other materials that have the same possibility of causing adverse reactions?

    1. If you mean by amalgam the mercury alloy, then alternatives are fairly easy to sell, safe or not. I don't know anything about these other materials.

      Jim Tracy has a good overview on the selling of fluoride including Bernays history in it. All dental materials have to be 'sold' in a somewhat similar PR way.

      Poison is Treatment: The Campaign to Fluoridate America


      Edward Bernays:
      “The Father of Spin” and Mastermind Behind the Selling of Fluoridation

  8. Very true, they say now that root canals gather bacteria in the gum and it makes it's way to the brain and they also leach mercury. Even the dental implants which screw into the bone gathers bacteria and can leach it to the brain as it is very close by. Probably the best thing they had going was the old gold filling.

    1. I'm sure you're right about the gold. You can still find some dentists who would use gold fillings but I wonder what the cost would be?

  9. I don't think we should kid ourselves the american yentl association knows what is up. They have to keep their license and use the proscribed procedures mandated whether or not they kill you. They have college loans to pay off or money to put back in the family trust. It is either you or them. The oath of Hippocrates means nothing to these killers.

    When we were young my wife who is German switched dentists because a jewish dentist was near to her office downtown. All of a sudden he decided she was riddled with cavities and bored out most of her teeth filling them with dental mercury amalgam. She went back to the old dentist and he said I don't know why he did that, you did not need fillings in those teeth and he bored out the marrow of most of them leaving a shell.

    We were young and had no idea the gentiles were under the mandate of the protocols. This vampire actually small talked with her about his property he owned in the Black Forest. So no it is no accident.

    That was about the point in my life when I began taking a real look at what was going on around us at about the age of 25. My wife has had a lot of problems due to that.

  10. In fact when very young, I worked for the state auditor general and the supervisor was a Jewish woman. In our office we had 4 investigators. It was me, the white guy, an Arab and black male and female. The Syrian and myself were not very popular with her although we found probably 10 times the fraud as the black male and female found. They received much better evaluations than we did.

    Once after work the female supervisor was looking at my daughter who was 3 years old, she is very blonde and light. The Jewess actually began shaking with hatred like she wanted to drink her blood. I will never forget that.

    One morning at work, I was reading the paper early about the Egyptians surrounding the Israelis in the Sinai Desert. She came in and I said you know your boys are not doing so well, she said just give them a couple of weeks, you can't lose when God is driving the tanks. She went on to report the the department head that some of my comments here and about religion that crop up were very disturbing. I was called in for a conference.

    I told the director about the God is driving the tanks comment, and I said this is not disturbing? I transferred to another town, couldn't put up with her, she was insane. The Syrian who became who supervisor, callled her in for a conference once and Said you know 111111 we have a lot to talk about. He told me about this later. He was a very intelligent funny guy, after our conferences with the supervisor he used to place fingers on his temples and say ................ oh channel of the ancient one! He had a major in psychology and sometimes when I would ask him a question about policy I had forgotten he would say .... hmmmm a short term memory huh!


    Bobbie Gentry singer/songwriter extraordinaire!

    Ode to Billie Joe.

    A few of the theories about the ballad:

    Billie Joe was scorned by his true love and suicided.

    Billie Joe was black and was murdered.

    Billie Joe was the father to an illegitimate child which was miscarried/aborted and the remains were thrown off the brigde - then Billie Joe jumped to his drowning death overcome with grief over his lost child.

    Kenny, aren't you near Tennesee, Missisippi, Tupolo (Elvis birth place)? Ever hear of Choctaw ridge of the Tallahasee bridge?

  12. Doctors are unwitting enablers of health problems via vaccines and shots. Dentists have become unwitting enablers, too, by the chemical components they are putting in our mouths, permanently. Not a laughable conspiracy if one becomes informed, or becomes a victim of chemically caused ills. Don't know about the possible adverse effects of the many dental materials being used today? Well, you're not supposed to know. The gov't won't tell you, nor the MSM, nor alternative info sites. It is a hush-hush subject, because the dental business has become very profitable. I have had two capable dentists refuse to remove and replace dental material that is making me systemically ill. I know because of its immediate effect on me after being put in my mouth. More and more persons are getting adverse reactions to these materials. This is just another "small thing" to know.
    "This review is from: Biocompatibility of Dental Materials (Paperback)
    This book is very informative and with many reference for related research if one wishes to find additional information. I would recommend it to both dentists and non dentists wanting to learn more about biocompatibility of dental materials.

    This is an area that was not covered in the past in dental schools or follow-up courses and education. As as consequence most of the practicing dentists are not aware of the actual biocompatibility of dental materials that they are placing into patients mouth."

  13. Off-topic, excuse me, but I'm curious about what happened to Kev Boyle and his "No One To Vote For" website. It just disappeared. Does anyone know why? It was an excellent website. I hope the webmaster is okay.

    ~ Vinny ~

    1. I don't know what happened to Kev. I'm like you in hoping everything is OK. A search found no explanation. If I hear anything I'll let you know.

  14. Sodium fluoride is something you want to keep away from young children and pregnant women.

    Hardly any research has been done into effect of fluoride on children's neurodevelopment. However, the Harvard meta-analysis (of 27 studies over two decades) published last year established that fluoride does have a significant effect on IQ.

    The effect, among the exposed populations in the studies, was about 0.45 standard deviations, equivalent to -6.75 IQ points for a person of average IQ (100). The reduction would be greater among those with high (and low) IQs.

    Any sensible debate on this issue, as so many others, seems difficult, but I really hope a real study will be funded soon to clear up all the confusion.