Tuesday, September 3, 2013

When Your Heart Is Not In It

In the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria, Kerry and Hagel are the seasoned liars. They have no problem saying whatever they need to get the killing going. But watching the hearing I got the feeling that current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey's heart is just not in it. Look at his face. He has been pessimistic about full speed ahead with guns blazing.

That's not to defend Dempsey. He may be playing the good killer/bad killer game and of course he didn't get to his position by being some kind of great nice guy.  He's worried about his legacy and a disaster in Syria and/or Iran would define him.

As the hearing went on, Dempsey stuck to the scripted lines but he still looked uncomfortable. Perhaps the rumors of September 2012 that an Israeli assassination attempt, or maybe it was just a shot across the bow, got his mind right. In his August 2013 meeting in Netanyahu’s house, Dempsey still didn't look all that comfortable but apparently did say the right words.

The point here is that of those being thrown out on the government's side, Dempsey seems to be on only one with even a lick of sense. Crazed Kerry and Chucky Hagel are compromised beyond repair and are snakes in the chairs of power. Dempsey may be too but he can't always hide his worries about all of this.

One thing for sure is the American people don't have their heart in it for more wars. We are sick of the lies and especially when they are for the benefit of Israel. More people are coming to this conclusion each day. We know it and they know we know it.

Already some talking heads are predicting Congress will vote no, listening to the voice of people, following the constitution. Barry bows to the Congressional vote and he and his handlers go back to the drawing board. The Republic works! This would be one weird circus act. 

It would give us and the Syrian people possibly a reprise but it would not end the madness. The strategy of tension will never end until the psychopaths in power are out of the picture. So easy to say, not so easy to achieve.

One other thing we may agree or debate on is that if the plan is for a complete breakup of the middle east, a major regional war and possibly a world wide one, it can never happen without a false flag of immense proportions...or several of them. These little fake chemical attacks just ain't getting it. Having the fingerprints of Israel and traitors in our country all over more false flags is taking a big chance. The 'big one' would have to be convincing and perhaps the internet would have to go down, for security purposes of course while blaming it on others. Do these gangsters have it in them?  What would Martin Dempsey do?

Puppets always have their strings pulled.

Sometimes they break.


  1. "Some people here and there, amazingly, have questioned the evidence in this assault, unconscious. I repeat here again today that only the most willful desire to deny reality can assert that this did not happen as described or that the regime did not do it. It did happen and the Assad regime did it." says Crazed Kerry

    I don't recommend watching these videos of the hearing. They're just evidence of the continuing high crimes.



  2. Doesn't matter if he's got his heart in it or not, AIPAC and the rest of the Jew Lobby will be crawling all over Capitol Hill, doling out money and threats to get the desired vote.

    All we need to do is contribute more money and our sons and daughters.

  3. Rothschild leads zionism, who tells the puppet US government to use its military to work together with the zionist state incarnate of israel to attack Syria, Iran and Lebanon to further the plan for a new world order where all gentiles are slaves or dead. That the chemical weapons' false flag is an outright lie is of no consequence to the planned war by Rothschild and company.
    Will Russia and China allow this to happen given they know full well they are next on Rothschild and his minions' list to be destroyed?
    I don't think so.
    Result: WW3

    1. In a nutshell, the humanitarian intervention excuse to invade Syria is bullshit. In the empire’s mind, non-compliant and counter-allied states, such as Iran and Syria, cannot be allowed to benefit from and to control significant oil resources, in an area where China could secure protected land access to these resources. The war in Syria is nothing if it is not a predictable march forward by the dominant global empire. The sectarianism on the ground is as significant a motive, from a macro-economic perspective, as the war propaganda spewed out by the empire’s sock puppet politicians and disinformation media is truthful. Sectarianism without financial and military support on either side has a way of turning into negotiated accommodation.

  4. My Senator Bob Corker showed his allegiance to the dark side by his Foreign Relations Committee vote. Why am not surprised?

    Senate committee votes to authorize military strike in Syria

    1. There's an old Irish saying...in reference to a big lie:

      "That's a corker!"

      But I guess Tennesseans have been making that joke for a long time now : )


    2. No, I had never heard it before. Thanks. It fits him well.

  5. jews can smell the blood and will exert full court pressure.

    time is now to destroy all Israel's/jewry's enemies

  6. I wonder if this retired general and Fox News commenter reads your blog, Kenny. His article in the Washington Post today: http://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/us-military-planners-dont-support-war-with-syria/2013/09/05/10a07114-15bb-11e3-be6e-dc6ae8a5b3a8_story.html?tid=pm_pop

    1. I very much doubt it. Sometimes things are just too obvious. It is weird to even have some talking points similar to that of a fox commentator.