Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Sun Came Up Again Today

It's being said the government is in a partial shutdown. Hard to tell from here. A beautiful morning, the sky is blue and the air seems fresh.

Many government employees are on vacation without pay. Does that mean that the chemtrail spraying is halted? We have to look on the bright side.

By coincidence it's also the first day of Obongo Care. Sign up kiddies. It's your duty and a mandate. Seen the ads? $700 million for promotions seems a little excessive but it's just funny money.

Speaking of funny money, can we lay much of the blame on the Federal Reserve and their lackeys? Yes, we can.

Federal Reserve Bank (Inc.) A Murderous History? Banksters, the Worlds Worst Gangsters

Usury-interest on debt, the war machine, theft of money earned on labor by the Fed's enforcement arm the IRS, waste, fraud, bribery, blackmail etc., etc. Just how much is being spent spying on us? And what about all the psyops being constantly imposed upon us? Not cheap, not cheap at all.

These Are Not the Normal Activities of a Government Planning for Peace and Stability



  1. This would be a perfect time to abolish the Federal Park Service and turn the parks over to the states that have them.
    People are crunching the numbers now to see how much we are saving by this shutdown. Can't imagine that it will be that much. In any case I think this is a good start and hopefully will get people to think about what we all can live without in regards to the Feds.

    1. We can make a long list of fed agencies and programs that could be abolished and except for some employees it would be of little pain to the American people. Purging DC of the entrenched criminals is all we ask but we are far from that point.

    2. During my travels this week, I stopped by a MS state park that was totally shut down.

      Today, I drove by Shiloh Park and it, too, was closed.

      Not so sure the states could pick up the tab of these sites. At least down here.

  2. the irony of the so-called leader of the so-called "Jewish" state stating emphatically that the "Jewish" state
    somehow has the right to demand the whole world believe their lies, while simultaneously the so-called leader
    of the so-called United Sates "Government" repeating lies crafted by the same script writers the so-called leader of the so-called "Jewish" state with what amounts to.... unmitigated chutzpah...!!


    flipping unbelievable...


    if in fact the so-called "Jews" are really Hebrews they certainly shouldn't object to the verification of their claim by kindly hopping into the OVENS for the Shadrach, Meshack & Obednigo test to prove that in fact there is actual validity to their so-called "Jewish" narrative...http://adask.wordpress.com/

    Outlaw Holocaustianity and erase the "Jewish" state from the pages of History by calling their
    VIOLATION OF THE NINTH COMMADMENT.....Bearing False Witness...what it is ....BAD FAITH....!!!

    Americans should support the Iranian after school ice cream program for school children even if summer is over
    and should tell the "Jewish" state to go to Hell....which is actually "JEWTOPIA"*.

    *Jesus @ John 8:44.

    1. Shutting down Israel and the associated costs of the wars for the jews would go a long way in balancing the budget.

      Same myths, same lies. It's all he's got.


    2. And I suppose Bibi is a cuddly creature.........purleeeeze!

  3. Holocaust of lies: US Mainstream media

    "The American people are beginning to realize that their country is being murdered in an accelerating holocaust of lies. They did not buy the rationale for attacking Syria. They noticed the surging wave of doubters using the term “false flag” to describe such events as al-Ghouta, the Boston bombings, Sandy Hook, the Sikh temple shooting, the Aurora Colorado shooting, the underwear bomber, and virtually all other attention-grabbing “terror” events going back to 9/11... and before that, Oklahoma City, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, and the wave of political assassinations that has decimated American leadership since 1963.

    Will the “holocaust of lies” ever end? Will Americans one day build museums to enshrine the memory of how the Big Liars took over their country... and how Americans rose up and overthrew them?"

  4. Kenny they must have shut down prism, my computer is running faster :)

  5. Anybody ever seen anything like this? It showed up on my blog stats with dead links. It is seems to be talking about block options however.

    Private Networks

  6. Gosh, sure do hope that the 4,000 servants at the WH that wait hand and foot on Dear Leader and what's her name don't get furloughed!