Saturday, November 9, 2013

JFK and the Doctors at Parkland

The busy and confused scene at the Parkland Hospital emergency entrance
shortly after JFK arrived there. The Presidential limousine is visible
under the overhang.

The only person I ever met with a connection to the JFK assassination was Dr. David Stewart who was a resident surgeon at Parkland Hospital on Nov. 22, 1963 when they brought Kennedy in. He was also in the operating room with Gov. John Connolly. Two days later he was there when they brought Lee Harvey Oswald in after being shot by Jack Ruby. Several years later he moved to Tennessee where he was a partner in a medical practice with the father of a family member

In the late 70's, early 80's I was at a couple of gatherings where Dr. Stewart also attended. It had been discussed with family members that he was at Parkland on that fateful day but I was warned and asked not to mention anything to Stewart about the assassination. They told me he never wanted to talk about it and might even get upset. Being much younger and less bold I backed off asking any questions and engaged in only small talk. I regret not trying.

There's very little to be found about Dr. Stewart. He gave few interviews, none available on the net in their entirety, and unlike some other doctors there at Parkland, never made any money from his experiences.

From JFK Wounds:
Notes by listener on telephone interview of a Dr. David Stuart, Gallatin, TN., by Joe Dolan
4/10/67, 8:30 a.m.

Stuart said he was at Parkland, worked on Connally and Oswald but not on JFK. Said all the doctors said JFK had left frontal entry wound and massive left rear exit wound, which squares with grassy knoll theory and impossible for Oswald to have done alone.

From Wounds to the Left of JFK's Head: also here:
Surgeon David Stewart:
a) "New Lebanon, Tennessee, Democrat", 3/30/67 ,
b) 4/10/67 "The Joe Dolan Show", KNEW radio, Oakland, CA and
c) "Post Mortem", pp. 60-61---Dolan said he was particularly concerned with the "statement about the shot" that killed JFK "coming from the front." Dr. Stewart said, "Yes, sir. This was the finding of all the physicians who were in attendance. There was a small wound in the left front of the President's head and there was a quite massive wound of exit at the right backside of the head and it was felt by all of the physicians at the time to be a wound of entry which went in the front.

From The Kennedy Assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald References
Dr. David Stewart, Parkland Hospital. “It should be noted that according to some private experts, the anterior-posterior (AP) x-ray does indicate some missing bone in the occipital region.”

Dr. Stewart was quoted in the now defunct Nashville Banner as reported in The Milwaukee Sentinel - Jan 30, 1967
I find there is a mysterious point of departure in the obtainable truth. To indicate this dividing point, meet Dr. David Stewart. He was a resident surgeon at Parkland and now at the Wallace Stevenson Clinic at Gallatin, Tenn.

Dr. Stewart was recently quoted in the Nashville Banner and described to me, as well, his activities during Texas Governor John Connally's emergency operations and what he did when Oswald was brought in. Ironically, Dr. Stewart had seen Oswald shot a few minutes earlier.

Here is the death of the president's alleged assassin:
"Oswald was ashen gray and totally unconscious," Dr. Stewart told me. The bullet penetrated his left lung, spleen and left kidney and he had aorta and vena-caba injuries. I gave him 14 pints of blood. But he died an hour later - without saying a word. 
And that's the rub.

Dr. Stewart's bullet history for Oswald, all records regarding Gov. Connally and the records of the Oswald autopsy performed at Parkland are complete and indisputable. Accordingly they are not disputed.

But when you move outside the independent authority of Parkland Hospital and into what happened at the federal government's naval medical school at Bethesda, Md, where President Kennedy's autopsy was performed, everything changes. Preciseness disappears, clarity and completeness vanish, official documents become burned or rewritten. 

I cannot find Dr. Stewart's obituary and no one who I have talked to can remember what year he died so I can't verify that this Amazon review allegedly by him in response to  Dr. Charles Crenshaw's book JFK: A Conspiracy of Silence is legit. {video interview of Crenshaw is below}
Chuck Crenshaw was a friend of mine at Parkland Hospital. We both were there at the time of the assassination. We were both residents in general surgery. He was in the trauma room with Kennedy. My only criticism with his book is in his exaggeration of his role. The facts he related were identical to those of all the other physicians who were in attendance. They were all friends of mine and I knew them well. I heard what each of them had to say moments after the ordeal. They all saw the same wounds which were described by Dr. Crenshaw. The things seen at Parkland and reported by all these doctors are clear evidence of a conspiracy. Who and why are issues not addressed. Those would require another book and a huge paradigm shift in thinking on the part of most Americans. Another good book is "Best Evidence." It is more thorough. By Dr. David Stewart

Dr. Stewart was a small drop in the bucket in the overall picture of the Kennedy assassination. Still, all these drops have overflowed the bucket until there is no doubt that there was a conspiracy among a great number of people to kill the president and cover it up.

Some of us who remember that day, and for over 40 years have known what we were told was not the whole truth, have never wavered from the fact that this was a coup d'√©tat that forever changed this country. The questions remain had he lived. Would the Vietnam war have escalated into what it became? Would the CIA have been broken into a thousand pieces? Could Kennedy have stopped Israel from becoming a nuclear weapons threat to the world? Theoretical questions that can never be answered. JFK was seen as a threat by those in the shadows who pulled the strings and he could not be allowed to live. RFK and JFK Jr. too. Excessive amounts of profit and power were at stake.

50 years on, records are still kept sealed. Many in the controlled media are still working overtime to try and maintain the official story. Conspiracy advocates are still continuously called names in ad hominem attacks instead of logical debate. We know better and will never forget or forgive.

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  1. The two biggest lies of the last 50 years; the full of lies Warren Commission Report and the discredited 9/11 Commission Report.

  2. behind the "Jewish" state are the money changers & Pharisees...

    was Zapruder "Jewish"...?

    in Down Town Dallas there are several PARITES of INTEREST...

    THE FED...The "Masonic Lodge"... & The 1st Baptist Church...

    Means.. Motive... and "opportunity"....Oswald "the Patsy"...cui bono...?

    same with Sirhan, and Arthur Bremer....

    The "Jewish" Narrative is a LIE, {JFK,MLK,RFK,WALLACE,USSLIBERTY,WACO,OKC,9/11}

    and all the so-called "Jews" are not Hebrews, {Who Prints currency & Owns Media & operates a crackhouse}

    so when should good people - {regardless of "RACE"} - decide to know the Truth...?

    and when should "Men" decide to do what is right ?

    for the children....300 million dead in the last 100 years.

    {had an opportunity to spend a little time with a member of one of the shooter teams, he was headed for SW ASIA that PM.}
    the view from the 6th floor the reflecting pool...
    and Oswald wasn't even on the 6th floor, despite all the LIES from the "JEWISH" media.



  3. The lies about the REAL murderers of JFK are being played out nationwide, gotta keep the sheeple from questioning authority figures.

    Fifty years later, a retired FBI agent recalls the killing of JFK

    Who is responsible for the assassination of President John F. Kennedy?

    Graham, now 83, answers pointedly: “Lee. Harvey. Oswald.

    “No doubt whatsoever. He acted alone and he would have told us why he did it if Ruby hadn’t killed him.”

    That lying son of a bitch, Oswald gave around 12 HOURS of testimony, swearing he didn't do the murder, but those tapes got 'lost.'

    Goddamn it, I don't believe in Heaven, but I sure as hell hope there is a HELL for worthless, lying, two-faced fucks like Graham.

    P.S. If you read the article, be sure to check out the comment about 'triangulation of fire.'

    1. Some of these 'insiders' are coming out of the woodwork and backing up the official story. Yesterday I saw on some news show about "The Man in the White Stetson" who was handcuffed to Oswald when he was shot by Ruby. At least he admitted that he failed in his duty to protect Oswald.

  4. what's kinda scary for me is seeing this new generation ( I am a baby boomer) so woefully ignorant of the JFK assassination. In my day, throughout the 60's and 70's, "our" generation was aware of the cover up. Oliver Stone's JFK was an imperfect culmination but nevertheless quite satisfactory. Ever since then, the JFK conspiracies have slipped off the radar except for the small core cadre of assassination experts.Sadly, as time goes by, I see fewer and fewer people seeking the truth of the events of Dallas 50 years ago. The perps have gotten away with murder... then and they murder wantonly today. This 50 th year anniversary is cruel because I see no further revelations... a continued wallowing in darkness.

  5. The former Sophia here (who, as an aside made great progress yesterday and today in understanding the technologies of blogging and podcasting and in forging a new blog name and a new online persona), remarking that the subject of JFK is indeed a deep and old one. I wrote once about my experience of the event as a student in a cloistered preppie center of what I now know was a NWO inculcation (that new outlet will speak to how I began to slowly awaken over time -- it's an ongoing process into which we must -- as noted above -- bring the new generations), since disinformation and cognitive infiltration of the nature and level cited in the YouTube below is and will continuously be readily available to the populace (baa, baa):

    Sec Of State John Kerry Says Oswald Didn't Act Alone In Assassination Of President Kennedy! (6:27)

    In the game of "JFK: What Do You Believe and Why Does It Matter What You Think?", one must sprinkle a few tidbits of Bolleyn:

    The Man Who Shot JFK & The Chicago Connection
    JFK and 9-11: Henry Crown and the Cover-Ups of Our Time
    James Crown: The Israeli Connection in the Madoff Scam
    Chicago Thuggery: The Jewish Mob & Obama

    1. But Kerry goes with notion that it was Cubans or Russians that influenced him, not the CIA for which there is some evidence he was working with.

    2. Thanks sofia for reminding me why I have totally abandoned the main stream corporate media; Sometimes I wonder what I am missing. This CNN report is utterly worthless substance wise. These talking heads obviously part of the continuing criminal cover up.
      Immediately, Kerry poo poo's the grassy knoll and then Brinkley poo poo's the CIA involvement. How grotesquely preposterous . Grassy knoll and CIA are central elements of conspiracy theories known by everyone with an iota of knowledge. I cringe at the sinister goals of those cats. Kerry seemingly was grinning like the cat that swallowed the canary.
      The JFK assassination is critical for me because as a young child watching the Johnny Carson show with guests like Mort Sahl and reading Playboy magazine interview with Jim Garrison, I learned early on ,the devious reality of official versions of contemporary historical truths. A really vital lesson for later strange occurrences whether it was Viet Nam, the Manson Murders and 911. All huge terrible lies foisted with impunity upon an unsuspecting US populace.

    3. David Von Pein's JFK Channel from your link Peter is a treasure trove of old footage. Thanks

    4. Peter, I subscribe entirely to your approach to and attitude about the MSM. I liked especially some of the smirks on the interviewers' faces. But sometimes I think it's necessary -- not often, thankfully -- that we watch MSM to see the direction of their misdirection and who's misdirecting it. In this case, it's as obvious as the tip of the nose out in front of one's face, but there are a lot of people who can't see the obvious and who can't think. [I just finished re-reading Derrick Jensen's marvelous book "Walling on Water" which gives people -- from the perspective of clear writing -- tools on how to identify such misdirection.] I am waiting for the USPS to deliver Lance de Haven-Smith's book Conspiracy Theory in America, published in April 2013 by the University of Texas Press, but first the USPS will have to notate the addressee, photograph the contents, and enter it into the great NSA simulation database. -- The former Sophia

    5. Kenny I feel like I stepped in a big pile of dog poop with this David Von Pein, Look HERE ouch!! or ewwww
      The sophistication of dis info especially with the JFK assassination material is frightening. Careful to everyone.

    6. I didn't dig that deep into Pein. It seems he's working for someone. At least his video channel is interesting as far as just historical footage goes.

  6. I saw the same coverage on NBC Nightly News last night. White Stetson says the same tripe in every interview he has ever done. "If someone tries to shoot you, I hope he is as good a shot as you..." yep no question there, Lee Harold Oswald is a good shot and he killed the president. "Oswald says ah come on aint no one gonna try and shoot me, famous last words huh". Yep the sure shootin president killin commie boy got some Texas justice. I would say he's had to live with knowing the truth for 60 years but if you look at the raw KRLD footage, you get the impression, he didn't "fail", he had him handcuffed and by the waist/belt to keep Oswald from getting away or shielding himself. In one of the many video interviews White Stetson says he knew Ruby very well. NBC is pushing White Stetson's granddaughter's Discovery Channel documentary about the miraculous investigative accomplishment of catching the "killer" within 88 minutes of shooting the president. NBC is just as culpable in the bullshit story 60 years ago. Read Garrison's Playboy interview.

    At about the first minute or so of the KRLD raw footage the reporter says that extra precaution was being taken because they fear someone will attempt to take the life of the man accused of killing the president of the United States. Give that man a cookie for his premonitions. Pretty good call there I'd say. Not hurt or injure, or hurt or kill innocent bystanders but take the life of the man... Oswald never had a chance. He wasn't even aware that he had been charged at that point. Also there is every indication that that raw footage is pre-recorded in parts. And talk about being in the right place at the right time to get this picture.

    I actually think it works to the advantage of the controllers to keep the JFK conspiracy going. Imagine a system in place that can kill a president (leader of the free world no less) and not only get away with it but the absolute astonishing bullshit that people will believe. I mean magic bullets and all. Who will go up against that kind of power? Just like you can't fight city hall and only death and taxes are the only certainty in life. Resistance is futile.


    1. Oops here is the raw footage from KRLD


    2. Yes, I think the speculation has long been that White Stetson was handcuffed to Oswald to prevent him from dodging the bullet so to speak.

      Keeping the conspiracy going also has the effect of sending a message not only to Presidents but also to many others to play along or there may be a grassy knoll moment in their future.

    3. I saved the video you linked to watch later. The youtube channel that it came from JFK 1963 News Videos is great. I guess it was the first really big live TV media false flag psyop staged controlled event. It's only gotten worse.

      I liked Jim Garrison. They were always trying to portray him as mentally disturbed. I posted this video back in July but it goes along with Garrison's Playboy interview.

    4. Everyone likes to say where they were, or what they were doing.
      I was "in utero"...(in Kennedy country), but, even so!!...later on, after JFK (the movie), and later reading about him, this guy was like Atticus Finch to me.
      No agents for change allowed (no matter how small) here.

    5. The lies about Kennedy are at the heart of current American governance. Quite literally, the USA could not function as it has been for the past 50 years if these lies were exposed and justice finally prevailed. It is the oxygen that the criminals breath.


    6. gc

      "if these lies were exposed" They have been exposed. It is a matter of faith. It is hard to accept. I don't really know anyone who believes the official story. Most just seem to internally rationalize that the CIA must have had a good reason to kill Kennedy because government is all powerful and benevolent. I think they fear losing that belief.


  7. That bullet came from out of nowhere and just reamed through the President’s skull exploding through to the other side, and then we witnessed both the government and the Constitution slowly begin to collapse mostly due to public empathy because the disinformation was just too intense.

    1. Public "apathy"? Otherwise, a very good comment : )


    2. GC, yes I noticed that "senior moment at the keyboard" but then I began to think about it. Surely apathy would seem correct, except that maybe our curiosity about the anomalies of the mediated tale and the Warren Commission was drowned in empathy for the widow, the orphans, the death of Camelot, etc. We didn't have time to get angry because we were too wrapped up in mourning and caring about those still left, including the government, the "perps", etc.These people are very very good and very very subtle in the way they "fetishize" (reverse demonization?)(celebrate and applaud) the victim after they have killed him. Check other state crimes against democracy and see if that applies to them too. The Hegelian method -- discussed superbly in "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" and in its development in "Perfectibilists" -- takes many forms.

  8. Here is the one picture you will never see on tv during this 50 year rehash.
    I met Red Duke in Houston and talked to him numerous times over beers at a local watering hole, he used to bum a marlboro off of me. He told me the chief surgeon said there is not much we can do here (JFK) lets go save this fella (Connelly). I never asked him anything else about the matter.

  9. The cabal that murdered President Kennedy was an amalgam of government, CIA, FBI, mafia, military, Israeli and oil criminals. The killers also controlled the mainstream media. They all had their reasons and collaborated in the murder. The success of the assassination gave them immense power. They went on to murder and cover up dozens of witnesses and skeptics. They ensured that only collaborators were (s)elected to high level positions for decades afterwards...even up to the current era. Bush Sr. was a CIA collaborator and was a kingpin of the operation. The mainstream Zionist controlled media created a smoke and mirrors and fog of lies atmosphere that kept and continues to keep mainstream America in a somnolent state. They are "dazed and confused". This is due to the media air or "atmosphere" they live in. To bring about change...the mainstream media needs to probe through and lift this smoke, mirrors and fog. Then America will wake up and there will be a paradigm shift. Everything that has happened in the past 50 years since Kennedy's murder will be seen in a new light. The criminals will no longer be safe or productive in America.


    1. I agree 100% gc but the MSM will never do this on their own until their 'owners' are removed.

    2. Kenny, I believe researchers have done their job investigating the details of the assassination. Now they need to focus on the cover-up. I believe even the shooters should be given a lighter sentence that those who colluded to lie and do the media cover-up. Those who covered up this murder should be given death sentences if they are still alive. If they are dead, their estates should be sued and their names should be blackened for all time. They are the true destroyers of America.


    3. The former Sophia Scholar here, working steadily to master the ins and outs of WordPress:

      I think the idea that the MSM was Zionist-owned, while valid in many ways and places today, was not necessarily valid in 1963. To be sure, Zionism (or its early roots in terms of Jewish influence) was alive and well in 1963; I could resurrect my old serial entitled "Mosaica" which looked at the role of Zionists in terms of funding Truman, in terms of "handling" JFK, and more. [See who it was that Jackie married after the smoke cleared.... no, not Onassis. The other fellow.]

      The more accurate depiction of the role of the media can be found in the fifth essay in George Michael Evica's book "A Certain Arrogance" which should be read in toto and in sequence with Melanson's "Perfectibilists" and Millegan's "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" (which contains the guts of Sutton's work among that of others). The role of C.D. Jackson and the OSS intelligence apparatus is key in terms of understanding how the Luce publishing empire (Time, Life, Fortune et alia) was given over almost wholly to propaganda. All three books are available at Trine-Day; call Kris and ask for a discounted deal. [I get nothing for the plug.] And, of course, the OSS intelligence operation came out of Yale and the secret societies there (as did Luce -- oh, do read the S&B membership list in the appendices), and S&B is closely linked to the Illuminati, the Rothschild network, and Marxism. And they gave us the CFR, the Rhodes scholars and circles, the Rockefellers, the Mighty Wurlitzer, the security state legislation of post-World War II, the globalist movements in which Cord and Mary Meyer were involved, and the state of Israel itself.

    4. Sophia, you always come up with deep information. I appreciate it.

      Did you or anyone else see the NPT special on JFK last night. Part 2 is tonight. I thought it was a good refresher course.

      If I can get the time, I want to do a post on one of the characters who was a researcher of the assassination, Mark Lane. His is quite a controversial tale. If anyone has some relevant links on him, please share. I have a number of links already but I may have missed a lot.

    5. Agreed on historical footage comment about Von pein.
      Speaking of historical footage AND Mark Lane ...THERE is an old Mae Brussels broadcast on the JFK assassination. She mentions many old conspiraacy writers, Lane included. She at one point, declares a lothing for Lane yet she acknowledges his books value. The ,broadcast is quite fascinating. generally speaking, I like Mae Brussels. worthwhile time wise.

    6. I don't know the relevancy yet but I searched Mark Lane on Hood College Weisberg Collection and and found 124 hits.


    7. Thanks Peter and Aris.

      I listened to at least part of that Brussels broadcast before. I think andie linked it over in the past. Didn't it have to do with 'operation paperclip' aspects?

      The Weisberg archive is extensive. Much to sift through.

    8. Yep, paperclip is certainly mentioned. I got a kick outta some of the names she mentions two in particular ellicited a gahfaw...Reinhard Gahlen (gay lin) and Otto Albrect Von Bolschwing (balls swing). {google pic for thse two makes Truman Capote and Roy Cohn look positively macho}.

  10. Oh, and look, Kris Millegan is bundling already for the anniversary: Maybe you can create your own bundle and haggle. Here's his Twitter feed:

    1. The assassination has had its own industry for long time, hasn't it?

    2. Did anyone see the Cooper interview with John Kerry re Kerry's view that Oswald may have been helped by Russia and Cuba in the assassination? WHAT A FRIGGING LIAR!!! Now I know what Putin meant when he publically called Kerry a liar.


    3. The former Sophia says: Thanks, Kenny. I try to read a lot and connect the dots. Digging into places where no one else wants to go usually turns up a lot of stuff. I then have to look for confirmation. I am currently reading which has a marvelous description of why and how American political culture demonizes those who suggest that.... I have and read a long time ago the American Behavioral Scientist Vol. 53 No. 6 Feb. 2010 [Sage ISSN: 0002-7642] which has six articles under the lead theme of "Sense Making Under 'Holographic' Conditions: Framing SCAD Research". These all will make an appearance in the new blogs.

    4. The former Sophia again: A new Kerry comment (roflmao):

      wholly reminiscent of his comment in the election when asked about Skull and Bones

      ANd also:

      "The latest defense of the “magic bullet” absurdity comes from CBS, which featured a father and son combination who claim to have used “new forensic technology” to demonstrate that The Warren Report (1964) had it right when it posited the “magic bullet” scenario, where one bullet passes through JFK’s neck and exits his throat to enter the back of Texas Gov. John Connally. ...."