Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tinker Tailor Terrorist Spy


Billionaire Hollywood producer and Israeli citizen, Arnon Milchan, who has long tinkered with the American mind and apparently tailored Oliver Stone's "JFK" to divert from Israel's and the jewish role in the assassination has finally admitted that he worked as a terrorist arms dealer and spy for his 'country.'

Arnon Milchan gave a lengthy interview to the Israeli documentary programme Uvda, broadcast on Monday on Channel 2, confirming claims made earlier in an unauthorised biography that he worked for an Israeli agency which neegotiated arms deals and supported Israel's secret nuclear weapons project.

He claimed to have used connections to promote the apartheid regime in South Africa in exchange for it helping Israel acquire uranium.

Milchan, who is part-owner of Israel’s Channel 10 television company, also admitted trying to use an unnamed big star to entice a US nuclear scientist to a private meeting in the actor’s house, although the report didn’t clarify if the rendezvous ever took place.

Notice that in the US, western and Israeli main steam media reports, that while listing a number of films Milchan has produced, "JFK" is conspicuous by its absence.

Shouldn't there be an immediate indictment issued for Milchan's arrest? If he ever sets foot again in this country shouldn't he be taken into custody for high crimes? He should share a cell with Jonathan Pollard.

Of course it won't happen and we all know the reasons why. It does add to the list of why we should boycott all Hollywood films as they so often provide cover for the crimes and myths of Israel. Being a traitor to the country these propagandists work in is just business as usual.


  1. Pollack was one too. Interesting. I can't prove it of course but... if you have ever seen Eyes Wide Shut. There is one scene that is so not like anything Kubrick shot in that film or any other film. The scene where Pollack's character (Victor) is trying to convince Cruise's (Dr Bill) character that he did not actually see what he saw the night before:
    Dr. Bill Harford: The woman lying dead in the morgue was the woman at the party. Well, Victor, maybe I'm missing something here. You call it fake, a charade... Do you mind telling me what kind of fuckin' charade ends up with somebody turning up dead?

    Victor Ziegler: Okay Bill, let's cut the bullshit, alright? You've been way out of your depth for the last 24 hours! You want the truth? You want to know what kind of charade? I'll tell you exactly what kind. That whole play-acted, "take me" sacrifice that you've been jerking off with had nothing to do with her real death. The truth is, nothing happened to her after you left that hadn't happened to her before. She got her brains fucked out. Period!
    Kubrick died 3 days after submitting is final cut to Warner Brothers I believe Pollock shot that scene after Kubrick died (was killed) to change the whole movie. Eyes Wide Shut was based on "Traumnovelle" Dream Story and there is no part of that story being a charade. Eyes Wide Shut is a different movie if you view the scenes with Pollack and Cruise together with skepticism whether Kubrick actually had those in his director's cut.

    Here Cruise discusses Kubrick's death @6:14 or so of the interview and check out Cruise's demeanor he was shocked alright. Cruise gave the Kubrick patented head down and look up scowl, probably on purpose.

    Here Kidman is asked her reaction to the news of his death @5:36 and she shows her reaction instead.

    I am not a huge Cruise fan but Oblivion was pretty good.

    The unnamed big star was probably De Niro based on his "fictional" account of the origins of the CIA called the Good Shepperd. The main lead played by Matt Damon was supposedly based on James Jesus Angleton but I don't recall any connection (as in Mossad liaison) to Israel or Mossad.

    If they do arrest Milchan and put him with Pollard he'll have to share BFF status with Madoff.


    1. I haven't seen EWS but would like to. Maybe one day. and with a little insight from the scene you mentioned.

      The US opening on July 16, 1999, the same day JFK Jr. was killed, is an odd coincidence. Or was it?

    2. The guy who wrote Dreamstory was Jewish - here's a little clip from Wiki:

      "In addition to his plays and fiction, Schnitzler meticulously kept a diary from the age of 17 until two days before his death. The manuscript, which runs to almost 8,000 pages, is most notable for Schnitzler's casual descriptions of sexual conquests — he was often in relationships with several women at once, and for a period of some years he kept a record of every orgasm. Collections of Schnitzler's letters have also been published.

      Schnitzler's works were called "Jewish filth" by Adolf Hitler and were banned by the Nazis in Austria and Germany. In 1933, when Joseph Goebbels organized book burnings in Berlin and other cities, Schnitzler's works were thrown into flames along with those of other Jews, including Einstein, Marx, Kafka, Freud and Stefan Zweig.[6]"

      In Dreamstory there is a crucifixion scene involving the Tom Cruise character - this was not in EWS - just makes me wonder if the author knew about ritual abuse.

  2. How arrogant of Milchan to have named his film company the New Regency...

    Hollywood 'Fight Club' producer was Israeli spy with nuclear script


    There are some interesting comments on RT's article, such as:

    "Well, here's the prove of how Israelis use and abuse their position of power in a country that is more like a circus. So they acquire high positions, because of their mob (not because they're good) and eventually return the favour by stealing the wealth or the knowledge of the host country. Meanwhile, the fat consumer in US can't wait to see the next Superman movie or buy the next issue of the E-news. All their movies are rubbish and the talentless actors get their jobs by being part of this same mob.. Hollywood is garbage!"

    1. I totally agree , Hollywood IS garbage!

  3. Nice catch Kenny :D
    Wow, where to begin? At the beginning, of course. I applaud your use of the word "apparently" at the start of your post, bravisimo! (me thinks you must be a legal eagle cuz that is sooo lawyeresque) but I love it.
    This is a can of worms and needs sorting which I will try to do. I strongly disagree about the "apparent" premise that the film JFK was a deliberate attempt to obfuscate the true perps behind the assassination. I believe it was a sincere culmination of a large assemblege of assassination researchers work to dig for truth and Oliver Stone and company(Milchan) did an adequate job. Some like myself will go further and say a good job. So that is why i salute your use of the word apparent because I detect you see in the film ,JFK, redeeming values. At least that is my hope.
    Next, I also noticed the conspicuos absence of the inclusion of the JFK film in these articles. My take is why give a dirty spy credit for his good work? Reading any John LeCarre novel one learns that a good spy must turn in good work so his adversary learns to trust him. This is what I see happening with Milchan and his JFK film. It is good work and he needed to earn his bonafides.
    I read this version yesterday http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2511965/Arnon-Milchan-reveals-details-double-life-arms-dealer-Israeli-spy.html and I came away with the feeling that he is having a great yuck on his Anglo American so-called masters. He and his considerable following know that they have gotten away with a lotta sheit. But please can we put this Piper nonsense away once and for all? You know all those duel citizens and their minions know Piper's premise is utter hog wash. Why keep up the absurd ruse to the otherwise useless idiots that believe it?

    1. Peter, I mentioned and posted several videos of Jim Garrison.. Without Stone's film, I and probably many others would never have looked into Garrison in very much depth. I really liked it, it's one of the few movies I've seen more than once,, and was hoping to catch it on TV these last couple of weeks and watch it again. So as far as Hollywood films go, it's definitely one of the better ones, certainly heads above the ones mentioned in all the Milchan articles.

      Piper's theories, take them or leave them, but worrying about what dual citizens think is not much of an argument.

      I'll grant you that Milchan is laughing in our face over this. Arrogant and thinking he is immune from repercussions is typical. Will he return to the US after this and see what happens?

      Yes, for many years I wrote technical papers, letters, policies and procedures with a legal eye focus and I guess it carried over to things now.

    2. I apologize for the miscommunication.My meaning was a concern for how the useful idiots were thinking NOT the dual citizens.
      My focus broke down toward the end of that comment. That's what happens when one comes from the wrong side of the railroad tracks and the insidious nature of poor nutrition., To quote Joe Bageant, "I am Ernie from the trailer park behind the strip mall". My education really sucked and thus, my writing is weak. Nevertheless, what I was attempting to say was Piper's theories have resulted in this emboldened action by Milchan. Milchan, perhaps aware of the reckless Piper theories growing in popularity, wanted to clear the air. I believe Milchan wanted to show everyone "watching" that truth trumps lies. Truth this time being,Milchan did not hurt Amerika with lies about JFK but with more potent actions vis a vis Israeli loyalty.Milchan''s real damage occurred through his Israeli spying. He did not obfuscate historical truth in his JFK film, which, in reality, undermines his enemies the Anglo american establishment.The reality was,Piper's theories obfuscate the real truth and that is real damage to America and MOST important to all truth seekers and THAT puts Milchan on tjhe higher moral ground which is in my opinionthe real crime... The Anglo American eastern establishment mafia and it's minions were responsible for the JFK assassination. . Milchan is saying the Anglos are his target both in JFK and his declaration of Israeli loyalty. Milchan has no reason to hide his loyalty to Israel by indicting Anglos in JFK (which is Piper's contention),when today he is admitting OPENLY to besmirching Anglos and aiding Israel by his admittance to loyalty to Israel and his indifference/disrespect to Anglos.
      In conclusion,I have mixed feelings, the Anglo mafia , along with the Jewish mafia and JFK's Irish Catholic mafia (who were untied at that time against the Anglos) are all a bunch of predatory monsters out for greed and arrogance. They're a bunch of opportunistic scorpions.I side with none of them.
      Dang, this comment is not as clearly written as I wanted it, Hopefully some sense of my version of truth is in it. argh

    3. "side with none of them" is perhaps one of the best things any of us can do.

    4. well said.

      define : Irony .... {where is the Emet Group?}


      According to the Zionist Canadian media, one of the charges against the cult is that their children – who are homeschooled - do not know basic math, and in several cases,
      could not speak either English or French. . . . how will they get a "Job"...?


      The group teaches children in Yiddish ...{like Mel Brooks in Blazing Saddles}
      (a turko-mongolian Jewish dialect), and restricts education for girls to domestic tasks
      such as sewing and cooking. . .well maybe changing diapers, too, although no photo's
      are available for proof...like in Sandy Hook . . . .?


      tolling bell...ring ding-a-ling....!


  4. something I just ran across about Kennedy, Oswald and Marina back "in those days".

    Interview in? Russia with someone who knew them in the neighborhood.

    Add anything you might glean to your accumilated knowledge, if indeed it is worth anything.

    Inessa Yakhliel: Oswald 'Spoke About Kennedy Very Sympathetically' (Voice of Russia )

    Only been to that website about 3 times prior to deciding to look again tonight. Suprised to see that headline.

    1. Hey karin. Interesting interview. She sounds truthful and doesn't contradict many of the things we think we know.

  5. Very interesting, especially reading the comments. I raised the question of Milchan's role on that movie years ago; I appreciate that it proves nothing. It's just filed under interesting coincidence. Why would an Israeli arms merchant and celebrated operative for the Zionist nuclear armamentaria want to have anything to do with a movie about the assassination of the President who quietly challenged and objected to Israel having the bomb at all? It certainly begs the question.

    As for the answers,I appreciate the tendency among many -- I don't share it and it's probably to my detriment at times -- for parsing words when discussing the more important crimes against humanity. We can't call a spade a spade anymore -- we have to think of shovels and pointed black leaves which show up in Las Vegas a lot -- for the purposes of being politically correct. And who brought us the politically-correct anti-defamation game?

    As I pointed out in my reply to your noting this new admission on my blog, a bit of detailed historical research is instructive. Melanson's "Perectibilists" studied intensely in common with Millegan's "Fleshing Out Skull and Bones" will tell you the genesis of the idea that 'the ends justify the means', and will fully and deeply explain the roots of deception. Milchan was deceptive in many ways, as have been many political operatives and terrorists from Israel, as have been almost all of the intelligence operatives and their agencies that grew out of the European theater from 1910 to 2010. Dulles insured the world that the Protocols were a hoax in his first act of feeding and building his Wurlitzer. This was also brought to the attention of the world in the same manner as Milchan's role: by reading a lot of deep history. In that case, it was around page 82 in the book "Gentleman Spy".

  6. Hi Kenny,
    with reference to MIlchen and his Hollywood influence. He worked with Sergio Leone who made Once Upon A Time In America. In my present post I have made a screenshot of the moment DeNiro/Aaronson puts the money [ for Israel?] in the train station locker 541 , which enumerates , via Hebrew letter-numbers to the word YShRAL/ Israel


  7. It's more and more "in your face" every day



    1. Good catch swits. Lots of good comments at the vid including this...

      "I'm guessing old Mel Gibson was right after all !!"

  8. And the Drudge headline is
    PEEP SHOW: NYTIMES publishes nipple on front page...


    1. And Miley Cyrus may be the Time person of the year. The National Menorah shines bright on the WH South Lawn. Is this a great country or what?

      Happy Thanksgiving folks.

  9. Don't you mean Happy Thanksgivukkah! (grin)


  10. Anglo american?---




  11. The Jew behind ‘The Hunger Games’: Nina Jacobson gets up close and personal on video


    1. The Jews behind the Holodomor

      Holodomor proves it once again: Jews were amongst the greatest mass murderers of all time

      It all begun in 1917: "Every ordinary Russian faced a Jew as his judge and as his executioner. Where ever the Russian went, he met a Jew in a superior position to him." (Sonja Margolina, "Das Ende der Lügen" The End of the Lies, Siedler Publishing House, Berlin 1992, page 60) "The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia is going to become Reality for the whole world." (The American Hebrew Magazine, New York, Sep. 10, 1920) More than 50 Million people were murdered during this era under Jewish commissars. However, when nowadays timid Goyim try to bring these crimes, universally unique, to justice, Jews squeal "this is unfair, it incites interethnic hatred." However, forcing a 90 year-old innocent man (John Demjanjuk) on a stretcher into a stooge court-room in Germany, that is perfectly all right. Read on:



      Holodomor or also known as The Ukrainian famine was a famine that occured in the Ukraine during the years 1932 to 1933. The famine was brought on due to Jewish Bolshevism's food 'requisition' (seizures) programs in 1927. A serious drought had already threatened grain crops during the year and low snowfall amounts during the following year made the soil less tillageable. By the early 1930's many people were starving to death, due to Bolshevik issues not to import any food into the Ukraine and people caught stealing even the smallest amount of food were executed. People who left and squatted on Government land were treated as 'treasonists'.

      The loss of life has been listed as anywhere around the 7 millions to 7.5 million mark, although, figures have been as high as 10 Million deaths due to the famine.



    2. ***In 1995, she and film director Bruce Cohen formed Out There, a collection of gay and lesbian entertainment industry activists***
      the above, from Nina Jacobson's Wikipedia entry under Personal Life. So guess that means she is a lesbian?
      I watched most of the video trying to control my nausea. I comment only because yesterday I went to the cineplex to watch this new Hunger Games flick. Not as good as the first one basically cuz they put the gloves on when pointing out the homosexuals in the elite Capital City. The first film went after the homosexuals with a fairly lethal one two punch. i guess the homos were not amused so the so called critical homo element was softened considerably in this second film. Many Jews in New york have converted to homosexuality cuz they know where their bread is buttered. Guess nina turned lez for the same reason. But I enjoyed the fact that perhaaaaaps Nina has a bit of the old liberal Mae Brussels lieing underneath her lez apron.

  12. Not a surprise...

    Chief Healthcare.gov Fixer Set To Become Obama's Top Economic Advisor

    While it is not a surprise, and had been reported previously, there is a certain dose of humor in Reuters reminding us that Jeffrey Zients, who is currently tasked with fixing Obamacare.gov Healthcare.gov (and which crashed yesterday for CNN when it experiment with the upgraded website), will soon be leaving his post and replace Gene Sperling as Obama's top economic advisor. Surely if anyone can fix the economy, it is the man who has hired every private sector sysadmin genius and managed to expand the 500 million lines of code website to accomodate a few more thousand simultaneous requests.... before it crashes again.



    Jeffrey Zients

    Zients was raised in a Jewish family...


  13. FBI Investigated Anti-Defamation League (ADL) for Espionage
    "Quashed case" mystery solved: culprit is once again secret Israeli intervention


    De facto Immunity

    It is little wonder that Israeli spy Arnon Milchan is now so openly boasting about his years spent pilfering American nuclear weapons technology while working as a successful Hollywood movie producer. Yet another suspected Israeli spy, fugitive financier Marc Rich, benefitted greatly when Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder (today the attorney general) was successfully lobbied by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak to recommend a 2001 Clinton presidential pardon. History is unequivocal that all it takes is a few calls to the ever-compliant attorney general for a visiting delegation of Israeli government officials to subvert rule of law in America.

    Read the rest:


    The Anti-Defamation League
    – Robert H. Williams