Sunday, November 24, 2013


"Awaiting the Unknown" by Iraqi artist
Muayad Muhsin

The former "Sophia Scholar" has a new trilogy of blogs that you may find interesting.

Boy Down the Lane

Occurrences Domestic Foreign

The Sullen Bell

One of the main things at the top of my list in what I like about certain bloggers is the lack of monetary incentives, those that do what they do out of the love of communicating and trying to make a difference. A big hat tip to all of them.

Excerpt from "Boy".......
Libertarians and the Tea Party to the right of me, Socialists and progressives to the left of me, and Zionists and neo-conservatives dead ahead of me.

Don’t look now, but who’s behind me?

(Or, what’s in me?)

Virtually everyone has an opinion and insists strongly on it, and that he or she alone is correct, and that his or her perception of events, authors, etc. is accurate.  But we’re all human. We come from a specific place, with a specific upbringing and education in a specific culture, and our very humanity, our status as an upright biped with a triune brain and rampant hormones, all under the duress of modern life, the media, family matters, nutrition (or lack of it), erroneous belief structures, a failure to understand our own bodies and minds, all swimming in a tsunami of information, misinformation, and openly deceptive people and practices.

It has been said that our most significant problem and our most significant need is that we don’t know how to talk to one another. This is true among people who can be regarded to be in close contact and intimacy, let alone the additional tasks and burdens of trying to communicate virtually across miles and cultures through this thing called the Internet. So before we blindly dismiss opinions and perspectives, we ought to be sure we have a good reason for doing so.

This isn’t a Kumbaya message of “let’s all learn to get along”.

The message is that we must learn to talk to another for the sole purpose of life, of learning to succeed or thrive on our own terms without interference or control by others.


There has been some sort of agreement on Iran's nuclear program. Iran claims victory. Faux News with dual citizen traitor John Bolton also says 'a huge victory for Iran' but not in the same sense as Iran claims. My own Senator, Bob Corker, made the shill tour of the Sunday morning talking head 'shows' to express doubt and please his zionist handlers. 

Apparently Netanyahu is still in his war mood. He doesn't like the talks outcome one bit but that's to be expected. He still wants the US to fight his wars for him and help expand the Eretz Yisrael concept.

Netanyahu spews his spite...
"What was achieved last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement, it was a historic mistake," Netanyahu told his cabinet. “Today the world has become a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world took a significant step towards obtaining the world's most dangerous weapon.”

"Israel is not committed by this agreement.”  “The regime in Iran is committed to destroying Israel. [But] Israel has the right and obligation to defend itself from any threat, [and] will not allow Iran to develop a military nuclear capability."
From Catherine Shakdam (excerpt):
If anything, the horrors and humiliations which Israel and its foreign agents have imposed on the Palestinian people should act as a living reminder of what the Islamic world could undergo should the Zionists have their way.
And while many experts, politicians and analysts alike, have often labeled such warnings under the conspiracy theory tag, realities on the ground and more importantly recent world developments have come to sustain such theories as universal truth.

As Benjamin Franklin so cleverly put it, “Half a truth is often a great lie.” In the case of Israel, many half-truths have come to weave the biggest deception of all.

Just as surely as a spider weaves its web, Zionists have climbed dizzyingly high on the world power ladder, bent on crushing and discarding whoever and whatever will oppose its world domination agenda and race for ultimate rule.  
Ever since the Zionists fooled a weak and exhausted post-WWII world community into buying into its so-called legitimate religious aspirations for a Jewish state on Palestinian land, Zionists have held the Islamic world hostage, having laid the cornerstone of the next battle to be had. World War III is a work in progress, if only we were to open our eyes.

Is there a break between Obama-Kerry and Israel or is this just grand theater

A senior White House official has said that Israel’s “all-or-nothing” posture demanding a total halt to Iran’s nuclear energy program is a path to war.In a conference call with think tanks and advocacy groups sympathetic to the Obama administration’s strategy with Iran, the official said Israel’s stance would “close the door on diplomacy” and would “essentially lead to war.”


In the midst of all this Iran talk we must not forget about Syria.  The mercenaries of the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and NATO are still continuing their deadly games. Although the BBC and CNN will tell us it's both sides killing children, we have to question their integrity. Syria is of course another war for Israel and the Saudis have a vested interest but sane people all over the world know this carnage must stop. Once again, just ask "Who Benefits?"

More than 11,000 children have died in Syria's civil war, including 128 killed by chemical weapons and hundreds targeted by snipers, a British think-tank says.
The Oxford Research Group, which specialises in global security, said in a new study that there were 11,420 recorded deaths of children aged 17 years and under.

The report, entitled Stolen Futures: The Hidden Toll of Child Casualties in Syria, analyses data from the beginning of the conflict in March, 2011, until August, 2013

The think-tank said 764 children were summarily executed and 389 were killed by sniper fire in the conflict.
While the US moves towards becoming a third world country that won't even take care of its own, our tax dollars go to the murdering of children in countries that are not our enemy. Somehow, someway, we have to stop this or next it could very well be be our own children, in our own streets. 


  1. Thanks, Kenny. So should we call this psychological warfare of the past week "sheeple dipping"?

  2. now that is a corker of a shibboleth....

    gog & magog ..."Jews" {proselytes} are all 12 tribes...HA HA....!

    show US the time machine BOB.

    ...when most people of good faith attempt to breach the language barrier they usually start by agreeing

    on the, rocks...etc.



  3. I was clicking thru the channels this morning and there was a blurb on the bottom of one of the news stations: "Iran gets off light." And I'm thinking, if Iran is to be punished for enriching uranium, what kind of punishment does the country that not only developed nuclear weapons but dropped them on hundreds of thousands of innocent people deserve?

    "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever." - Thomas Jefferson

  4. Expect the worse.......and then some.
    Thanks Kenny and Sophia..............

  5. People don't have the common sense to play with their pets once in a while, either, much less communicate with each other without a frigging iphone. Now they give their dog/cat anti-depressants - if they would interact with their pet once in a while, and get them off the crap food, there would be no need for that.

    Some older guy I work with talked about visiting his 30 something daughter and husband over the holidays. He said this couple sits in a room together and interacts on the computer playing some video game. That's where most of the "communication" seems to come in. I just find that weird.