Friday, December 13, 2013


Hands on your head, submit peacefully

According to the story, an alleged student walked into Arapahoe High School in Colorado with a shotgun wounding two other students before killing himself and it couldn't have come at a more opportune time for the gun grabbing and police state control agenda. Tomorrow is the anniversary of whatever happened at Sandy Hook and there will be much media coverage, speeches and gnashing of teeth. Today's dead kid certainly added to the script.

A Sandy Hook playground
There's even a better image than the sign.


  1. Rule 10 in the jewish/satanist handbook....(ala the Protocols)..

    10. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext, with a view to confiscating them and leaving the populace helpless.

    At snopes bs no less...

    Which is run by 2 lying old jews from Florida.

    Feel like a Palestinian yet?

    Just wait.

  2. That there is a concerted effort to "organize" or "engineer" a movement that inches forward in terms of gun control, especially as linked to the mentally ill or large-capacity magazines, is not in doubt. For two nights in a row here in New England, on NECN (Comcast/GE-owned cable news), the resident "progressive" Jim Braude has browbeat his guests, especially candidates, about their views on gun control and lambasted a "pathetic" Congress for its lack of action after the deaths of over 20 children. This we were told will be relentless; we are told by the media, the government... Jim is very good -- as many talk show hosts are -- are steam-rollering right over anyone who has anything to say that isn't coherent with the party line.

  3. There is nothing like commemorating a school shooting with a school shooting. And Columbine just 8m away. Sorry, for being sarcastic. Maybe someone can tell me how I'm supposed to swallow all this BS.

    Now, they want to tear down Sandy Hook and rebuild in the same spot for 50Mio. Someone mentioned that that would be like rebuilding on a graveyard. No kidding, if the deaths were for real.

    To maintain the Jewish nature in existence, it is necessary to continue with deceiving the gullible goy.

    1. Came across this.....who knows anymore?

    2. Looks real - weird how the superbowl show from 2013 was missed until just recently. I spotted lots of Sandy Hook "victims" - it is guessed their photos from 2008-2009 were used to manufacture the SH hoax; one month later, the actual kids are trotted out to sing.

    3. Wigins, if you want more, go to "" - they are all over this superbowl choir, finding more matches of supposedly murdered children every day.

      Looks like ol' LOLing Robbie wasn't conveying "micro expressions," after all.

  4. while your mind is circumcised with truth.

    feliz navidad

    1. It is ironic that the anthology of misinformation, disinformation, superstition, myths and fables known as the Bible is presented as "Truth".

      ¡Feliz Solsticio de Invierno!

      Winter Solstice: The REAL ‘Reason for the Season’

      When Was the First Christmas?

    2. curiously,

      the "Bible" says absolutely... NADA, zilch, zero, nothing
      about Xmas...

      be that as it may...

      the world suffers the daily indignity of the
      astronomically insane psychopathic
      so-called state of "Israel"...


  5. Nice Illuminati symbolism, that.