Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shut Down "Bumblehive?"

The recommendations on what to do about the illegal NSA spying are out. As if they really matter.

If congress and the administration and the courts were serious about protecting privacy and especially cutting the budget, perhaps the litmus test would be shutting down the Utah Data Center "Bumblehive" before it goes completely on line.

Of course that's not going to happen.
Proposed NSA changes unlikely to affect Utah Data Center
The $1.2 billion Utah center along with the other five major NSA holding cells will roll right along. The debate is not a debate, it's only a cover story to get us to accept whatever data gathering the government wants to do. Token changes will be made but the great sucking sound you hear in the background will be the continuation of business as usual. There's too much invested and too much information to be used and abused against the American people...and the rest of the world.

Power will never concede their power voluntarily. If it takes false flags, more patsy 'terrorists' or inside job cyber attacks to maintain the powers that be control, that's what they will do. It's a simple strategy, it's all they know. 


  1. The Corbett Report Nullifying the NSA on attempts to shut down the NSA in Utah

    1. Thanks James. I'll check out what he has to say. We do need some solutions.

  2. Navy Seals, special ops, and others are trained, so that one man can take down an entire town or cripple a city. The one man attacks the power grid, water, or sewer system. Bin Laden allegedly attacking the twin towers does not make sense with that sort of logic. The Indian Point Nuclear Plant supplies millions of residents. It would have taken one plane to do in that, and from way past the twin towers, Connecticut, part of New Jersey, and all of New York would be uninhabitable like Chernobyl or around Fukishima. Indian Point is an even bigger piece of crap than is Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant. Indian Point can just fail on its own, harming millions. Bin Laden was an architect of buildings, he would know how to take 10,000 out making them uninhabitable with just one plane. Millions would be made sick, many more would have died. Our tax dollars are not being used to improve our 3rd World train and public transportation system. Our tax dollars are not being used to fix dangerous and leaking nuclear power plants. Our tax dollars are used to make bankers, corporate pirates, officials, and their criminal friends richer. Got Freedom?

    1. You make a good point. A real outside terrorist attack would have taken out targets that had even more effect and death. The incredible pilot that hit the pentagon would have made child's play out of a kamikaze nuke plant.hit (grin).

      Most likely all nuke plants leak and we're just one major earthquake away from your scenario.

  3. "Hidden in the report which the White House panel on NSA released today is a stunning implication: that the U.S. government has been using its massive offensive cyber capabilities to change the amounts held in financial accounts and otherwise manipulating financial systems....." or

    1. No doubt this is happening.
      Whatever the NSA has got, it's for sale and there will be friends to use it for any number of things.

    2. And whatever the NSA has, the Israelis have:

      NSA gives Israel raw intercepts containing US citizens’ data

      NSA hands raw intel to Israel

      The NSA: Made in Israel

      DID YOU KNOW?: Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid For The NSA

    3. Don't you call that treason?

    4. Under any name, it's a high crime beyond misdemeanor. Doesn't it go back to PROmis? There's a thick story unto itself, also replete with Israeli and US government nefariousness. Among other sources, I recommend Cheri Seymour's "The Last Circle"; see the review in posts #33-37 and the author's response to its questions posed to her in post #47 here:

      ... which might explain why the author has gone to ground.

    5. We the goyim might dare (for now) to call it treason, but this Israeli says it's for our own good:

      Is the NSA outsourcing its domestic spying to Israel?

      I'm sure millions of Judeo-Christian Zionist dupes would agree with him.

  4. Clint Richardson on "The Deepest Buttcrack of Satan Himself" :

    "It continually amazes me just how the open-air prison colonies of the United States of America, what we fallaciously call the 50 states of the Union, controlled, of course, by the central corporation called the United States, has duped the people of said colonies to support their own enslavement, financially and otherwise. Do you realize that today, we still use the phrase 'It's a free country?' We passionately strut our peacockian feathers about our 'free and open' election system, despite being one of the minority of democratic nations that does not have a direct election of the president by the people? Just a pomp and circumstance media ceremony that makes pretend each four years? Spending billions and billions and billions of taxpayers money? That's our free country? Why, for godsakes, in this free country, do we then pay for the police officers who beat us up? Is it because we love our servitude as Huxley stated? Do we love coercion, extortion, exaction and theft? Do we seek remedy in courts run by a private, non-govermental international bar association that makes its own rules, pulls its own ethics from the deepest buttcrack of Satan himself? We vote for new rulers each election pretending that the next will be less tyrannical than the previous? The system's already there; why do we vote for new rulers?

    We obey laws that are completely against our self-interest and to that of our friends, family and neighbors. We allow the state to take control of our marriage and take our children by force. We relish in the life-destroying abuse of complete strangers in the media and its re-imagining of reality on 'reality-TV,' both foreign and domestic. And thank god it is not us on that magic screen with some unholy pride and lack of empathy that is anything but Christian. We watch as our character and dignity as individual races of men, white, black, you name it, and all the colors in-between, gets completely demolished by a completely Zionist media and its 'reality' television, according to the very blueprints and plans long ago assembled by the same group and known to those who care to read them. History now is being re-written almost as soon as it happens through print and visual media. This dystopian future is being foretold and disclosed at alarming rates and with incredible disclosure, to reveal a prison state of technology mixed with all of the information possible that can be collected. Dishwashers and ovens now report through RFID pings to smart-meters weighing how long each appliance is utilized by humans in their own homes, while every keystroke is recorded and every move filmed by the modern Big Brother! And our Police have been usurped and promoted to US peacekeeping forces, now with armored vehicles, microwave guns, lasers and a whole host of holy horrors in a procession of uniformed men of no honor and empathy. And we pay for this control grid willingly with our own taxes on our own labor.

    We watch as corporations suck the taxpayer base dry only to use that investment wealth to become government -- to BECOME government, to purchase public infrastructure and privatize all of our lives in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense, including the 'Common Core' takeover of our children and school structure. But make no mistake, for all this is still and always has been the Department of War! And since the two 'great' World Wars it has been the undeclared war and illegal occupation funding the President's whims, bombing and militarily defeating dozens of countries around the world."

    ~ Negentropic MK I

  5. (continued)

    "I want to read from a Veterans website. What does the Veterans' website tell us? It has a description of our current military's disposition around the world today. It says this (and remember we're supposed to be 'at peace'):

    'The historical Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and British empires relied heavily on foreign military bases during their peaks of power. After WWII, the United States created the most extensive network of military bases ever, allowing for the deployment of air and naval forces in moments. No military in the history of world has been more widely deployed as that of the United States. Currently the United States has military personnel deployed in about 150 countries, this covers 75% of the world's nations. The United States employs around 81,400 local foreigners around the world, under its listed military, land and assets. The Department of Defense notes that the DOD owns more than 600,000 individual buildings and structures at more than 6000 locations on more than 30 million acres of land.'

    Average military age? You can be anywhere from 17 to 62 years old."

    from this audio here:

    They pull their ethics out of the "Deepest Buttcrack of Satan Himself"

    What an apt description. Clint is the young budding poet of the "truth" movement!


    ~ Negentropic MK II

  6. If the government’s indiscriminate phone spying is illegal according to Judge Leon, then all eyes should focus next on the even more Orwellian spy center set up in the Wall Street area of lower Manhattan. Called the Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center, the program tapped $150 million of taxpayers’ money to staff a super high-tech surveillance program with employees from the same Wall Street firms that are serially charged with crimes, sitting elbow to elbow with officers from the New York City Police Department, monitoring the comings and goings of people on the streets of Manhattan. As with the phone spying program, there is no probable cause to believe that the majority of the people under surveillance have committed any crimes.

    The Wall Street spy center operates around the clock utilizing more than 2,000 street-based private video cameras owned by Wall Street firms and other corporations as well as more than 1,000 owned by the NYPD. More than 700 additional cameras scour the midtown area of Manhattan. The cameras send live feeds to the downtown spy center where the data is analyzed by artificial intelligence programs. The system has the capability to track one individual around Manhattan based on an item of clothing, such as a red hat, according to statements made in 2011 by its head, Jessica Tisch, in a 60 Minutes interview. (That interview, by the way, was a fawning look at the high-tech surveillance program and failed to reveal the fact of its co-staffing by Wall Street employees.)

    So there are SIX NSA spy centers? Not five, not seven, but the Kabbalah magical number six.


  7. Jew worship and Talmud vision are . . .

    the pillars of Talmudia

    even a blind man could see that

    " the ovens!" - Jesus

    happy celestial events


  8. From what I read it takes billions of dollars worth of water to cool the Utah Facility and there have been some recent fires there. This facility was not built in a very good spot. It will prove another waste of money however the top of the pyramid is never concerned about wasting money, they seem to work at it.

    What is called the Wasatch fault line can and will take care of the Utah facility at some point. They like you say will never give up power willingly. The American people will never even ask them to. They don't know or seem to care what is going on. They say you get the kind of government you deserve and that is looking like a money statement to me the more I observe Americans.

    It is why I watch tectonic plate movement, earth and climate changes. etc. That is where the real change will come to the world we live in. Americans and the west in general have become a very pitiful people. They will do nothing and understand very little. Many americans are pompous, filled with self importance and too ignorant to grasp what is happening to them. It is a waste of time to even try to engage most of them in conversation, whatever you tell them will be a "conspiracy" or "tinfoil hat" I believe those are the terms being used lately to mask abject ignorance. People in the west have had thousands of years to deal with the puppet master, or top of money cartel and have not made so much as a dent in it.

    Those at the top are few, they are not as alarming however as the general population which makes up the west. They really are terrifying.

    According to a brit study anyway, these terms are losing influence and popularity. The test concluded those who use them usually suffer from low intelligence and are not very sane.

    But you know what they say, the dumber you are the more things in the world around you seem like a vast conspiracy.


  10. Merry Christmas to you, Kenny, and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

    1. All the best to you Winter. I'm so glad you're back and doing fine.