Monday, December 30, 2013

The Cannabist

Jan 1, 2014 is set to become a famous day in the history of the United States. The commercialization of cannabis begins.

As an editorial in the Denver Post says...
If you're wondering about all the news coverage of the impending opening of retail marijuana outlets, it's because the event really is a big deal. Colorado on Wednesday will become the first place in the world — we repeat, in the world — where it will be fully legal to sell marijuana to anyone over 21 in licensed retail outlets.   more

The Denver Post is certainly jumping on the weed bandwagon. They have hired its first ever marijuana editor and started  their own site dedicated to the culture of cannabis...The Cannabist. Not bad, sort of a High Times lite but will cover the local events and personalities. Reviews of strains and products too. Every town needs something like it after legalization. The mainstreaming of marijuana. Who woulda thunk it?

Colorado's experiment is not perfect. Certainly not as laissez-faire as many would liked to have seen but much better tha what been dealing with for decades. Personal choice harassment may be on the way out.

There are some warning signs. I don't recall the exact show but it was feature on Colorado's cannabis culture and one of the ground floor entrepreneurs interviewed admitted he was hoping to one day sell his business to a big corporation and make himself a millionaire. We can easily predict what would follow going down that path.

Anything that puts a dent in the fraudulent war on drugs has potential for some real good though. As long as there are always provisions for personal grows, individuals can opt out of the commercialization if they so choose. Unless the price of pot gets too high through tax greed, the cartels, our government/bankers and the Mexicans, are going to see a large drop off in profits. If there's one thing that the US can still be number one in besides drone bombing wedding parties, it's in the growing of fine cannabis.

Perhaps 2014 will even see Colorado lead the country into a new era of industrial hemp production. That could be a very positive development.

Anyway, Jan. 1 is a day to celebrate, even for those of us in places that repress freedom. The seeds of  cannabis acceptance have been planted and they will spread. Who knows? ....maybe we can even work on some other problems that need our urgent attention.

Like this one as shown in the graphic below.There's no shortage of things that need fixing. Most won't be quite as easy as being finally able to grow a plant but we don't have the half a century we have been waiting to begin to resolve the marijuana issue. will be interesting.



  1. The most delicious way to eat hemp protein is to mix it with a good quality tahini sauce. Try it sometime. My hemp coffee's on back order at Hemp USA because their fields in Mexico burned down and they had to get a new coffee supplier. Best coffee I ever had and it's the added hemp that makes it so.

    By the way, Simon Shack was saying that Italy has now also passed holycost denial laws, increasing the number of countries where you can go to prison for questioning Jewish dogma to 18.

    ~ Negentropic MK I

    1. Since tahini is one of my favorite foods, that sounds like an excellent combination. As we've talked about before, a robust US hemp market would lower prices and it can't come soon enough.

  2. putting the "jewish" narrative in the universal incinerator requires a deep seated desire

    to know the truth....

    a plant cannot be "our" enemy anymore than Jesus could hate Palestinian CHILDREN

    ....a funny thing happened on the way to the ovens

    {who first made falafel, anyway}



  3. about time isn't it ?
    a plant illegal,
    seriously ?
    gods gift to man
    if i was a palestinian
    i would get the fuck out of there

    'cause 'israel' is gonna be toast
    mark my words and i am serious

    1. Agreed... because their greed knows no bounds.

  4. Finally! The legalization of pot is a very good thing. Careful, though. While I've never encountered problems with insects in my humble plantations, some are warning of increased use of pesticides in big monoculture fields. Ingestion of pesticides is one thing; smoking them may be quite another ...

    It would be great, though, if in all of the discussion of legalization / decriminalization, the phenomenal medical properties of cannabinoids figured more prominently. Of course humankind and mammals have known of the health benefits of Cannabis for as long as we and weed have existed, but it has been only relatively recently that scientific research has begun to reveal the wide range of actions of cannabinoids and their potential in treatment of disease.

    Cannabis exists in the environment for a reason : ) …

    A few references:

    Cannabis, cannabinoids and cancer – the evidence so far

    graph of cannabinoids and their diverse actions[jpg]


    – Dana

    1. You are absolutely correct and big pharma and others are continually scrambling to repress the medical properties. This is a real crime against humanity.

      Hopefully the market will demand only organic marijuana and pesticides will not be an issue. We'll see.

    2. Well so you think you have all "won" something. Let me tell you what's going to happen. First of all this puts the government in control of the pot industry. First thing they will do is tax the shit out of it so that it costs 4x what it used to. Already the suppliers in Colorado see the price of an oz going too approximately $600 dollars. Next the will license certain facilities under their control [likely Big Pharma] so that the common person will not be able to afford to smoke any more. So the government will become the drug dealers as they did with prohibition. Anyone who would like to grow their own will be severely punished by the judicial system. When pot is not controlled by these elites, who will be the only ones financially able to start grow ops in the NWO, the price balances itself out. If someone was charging too much you went to someone else., Now you will have only one supplier., whoever the government allows to grow [Big Money]. Check out the prices of the medical vendors these days.. If you grow a plot for yourself watch out you are looking at BIG TIME!!
      Give the people what they want and for sure your going to make a big profit. Cigarettes booze gas !! Think people.

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