Thursday, January 23, 2014

Millie and Maggie You Gotta Move

We have many problems in this world and how many times do politicians address their solutions to some problems by saying "It's  for the children" or "This is for humanitarian reasons." Yet in some places when there is a very simple solution to potentially help children and many adults,  those with the power are silent or have agendas that prevent solutions from even getting tried.

So 22 mouth old Millie and 16 mouth old Maggie and their families are moving to Colorado. There they can legally treat Millie and Maggie with what may work for their debilitating seizures... medical marijuana. Because it seems that the Tennessee legislature is not going to pass the bill that would allow them to stay here. The families don't have time to waste. Their lives are being disputed with a drastic move but you know what,  it really is for the children.
Despite the general chaos, however, they appear surprisingly calm. So, for the moment, does Millie. The infant girl sleeps on the couch surrounded by a spiderweb of tubes, her mother tenderly stroking her back.
Then something changes. As the girl lies on her side, her arm goes rigid and begins to curl outward. Her entire body tenses. Even though she makes no sound, her face clenches and contorts.

Nicole Mattison just holds the trembling girl, soothing her. Gradually Millie's face and limbs relax. The time that elapses, from first tremor to resumed rest, is 15 seconds. On a good day, like today, she might have five such seizures.

On a bad day, she might have 200.''
The Mattisons left Nashville Jan. 15, and plan to initially treat Millie with THCA — a constituent of cannabis that has anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and neuroprotective elements but lacks the psychoactive effects found in THC — immediately upon their arrival in Colorado Springs. They're on a waiting list at Realm of Caring, which produces a strain of medical marijuana called Charlotte's Web. It's named after Charlotte Figi, a 6-year-old with a severe type of epilepsy called Dravet syndrome, who was featured in WeedMore
Her parents shared Maggie's story with me. The 16-month old suffers from "intractable epilepsy" - among other medical problems - and has hundreds of seizures each day. Her mother, Rachael Selmeski describes the infantile spasms as short, saying they look like a “startle response”, and it's a quick jerk. But it's a generalized seizure every time.

 Developmentally, Maggie is more than a year behind. She is on anti-seizure medications - which are FDA approved for adults - but not for children. And they have detrimental side effects. "You can tell she doesn't have the neck control and the core strength, her muscle tone is very floppy, and part of that is, she's on 3 different sedating medicines that are just destroying her body."

But her doctor from Vanderbilt Medical Center says there's another answer, with no known side effects - cannabis oil from medical marijuana. Shawn Selmeski, Maggie’s father, says "We've exhausted our resources. This is all we've got left. This is one of our last shots, so we're going to take it.” More

Medical Marijuana And The Need To Leave Tennessee  

There is a bill introduced and the medical marijuana bill's sponsor is 'very hopeful.' I have my doubts and  it will be a miracle if passed. At least this year.

Republicans own the legislature and while they will pass every  pro 2nd Amendment law they can come up with, which I basically agree on, other rights are repressed. Think about it. We are allowed to open and concealed carry, with a state issued 'permit,' almost anywhere we want to and stand our ground but getting  medicine, even with a 'permit,' and without becoming a criminal is not our right. .It seems hypocritical to me but this concept is dismissed as illogical or bad for business by many lawmakers.

My own state Senator and House rep are sponsoring a bill that would.....
...make it illegal for Tennessee and local officials to “assist in implementing” the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. It also would prohibit the state, local governments and educational institutions from buying coverage for their employees through the website.

The measure also might make it illegal for state contractors to buy insurance on the exchange, even for their own employees.
For better or for worse, this is what the faux conservatives call waving the "states rights" flag. 

Most who would benefit form various forms of medical marijuana therapy cant' afford to move and don't want to be illegal. They are stuck where they are with no relief.  Too many in the legislature will hide behind their perverted morality and take the payoffs to keep the state backward and in the hands of those who want to continue profiting from limiting our choices and putting us in jail.

Things are changing but not very quickly in the Bible Belt. Meanwhile, Millie and Maggie are given a chance  to live a more healthy and stable life. It just won't be here.

"War Powers Act of 2014"


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    1. Many good links at your article and I've saved them in a doc for possible future use. Thanks.

  2. Glad to see you have returned to respectable posts.

    1. Hey Rocker, yep, trying to re-establish my 'reputation.' (grin)

  3. wishing them well on their journey

  4. Kenny - they should try magnesium lotion - topically applied, absorbs right into the skin, and mg really helps with seizures. I like ancient minerals magnesium lotion - about $24 for 8 oz. No side effects. Not illegal. Pure mg sourced from deposits in europe deep under ground (zechstein) so not contaminated. Worked for me. Just a thought. -EV

    1. I'm sure there are a number of alternatives to the pharma mafia approved methods. Maybe several should be tried together.

      There are some doctors at Vanderbilt who don't hesitate to recommend cannabis treatments for certain disorders. I've mentioned before a friend who has MS whose Vandy doctors have encouraged it if it helps. Other hospitals in the area drug test many of their patents and marijuana users are threatened with no further access to their 'treatments' if they test positive twice. It's protectionism for the corporations who want their monopoly staying intact.