Monday, January 6, 2014

So Much For That

Those who heat their homes and businesses with lower cost fracked natural gas were hoping for yet another mild winter to save themselves some bucks. Well, so much for that. It's negated now with the 'polar vortex' of cold sweeping the country. The economy of the poor takes another hit with every dollar spent on heat means a dollar that won't be spent on something else, like food.

A HAARP attack? I don't know about that but we'll give the conspiracists some leeway. More mainstream conspiracists will continue to insist this is man-made climate change.

It's not like we haven't seen this kind of frigid weather before. It's just that it's been awhile. Personally, in my area,  the Super Bowl Sunday 1985 blizzard with temps of -22 degrees set the standard so relatively speaking this is a walk in the park  Our northern climes are not so fortunate. Another personal indicator of cold damage will come later on this spring with the crepe myrtle trees. For most of my life these trees died back to the ground virtually every year due to sub-zero temps but for the last 20 years or so this hasn't happened. Literally tens of thousands of them have been planted around here during this 'warming' spell and we'll see how they come through. If they do die back at least it will create jobs for those with a chain saw and a truck.

The Nashville/Middle Tennessee area is alleged to have one of the better economies in the country but the homeless shelters are seeing record breaking numbers seeking to come in out of the cold.
"Room In The Inn" said it sheltered 434 people on Sunday night, the highest number in its 28-year history.This is being played out all over the country Those living in the margins will probably only increase and we have our war and big banker globalist based economy to 'thank' for that.

One other thing is that for some of us who have been under the weather over the last few weeks with the various bugs going around, we may have been under the illusion that our immune system was in pretty good shape. So much for that.  It's a good time to re-think how we will maintain our health. Obamacare is not the answer so we had better find our own way.

So stay warm and stay safe. Spring is on the way...sooner or later.


  1. I've read recently that there are places in this country that want to outlaw wood burning in fireplaces, etc.

    Maybe Nashville/West TN are well-to-do, but just a couple of hours west, we ain't doing so hot.

    If they were to ever try to take away firewood as a heat source, I assure you there would be people in the streets, just as they would if they tried to take away the guns.

    I have a close friend that heats his house that way (and know many, many more) and it would simply kill them if they didn't have it.

    Liked the song!

    1. There are stricter EPA rules for wood stove emissions and the gov has so kindly gave us a list of what heaters they deem acceptable. They are not cheap. Old stoves can't be traded in except as scrap if these rules are attempted to be enforced. My grandson just put together one of those 55 gallon drum stove kits for his shop for under $50. I don't think that one is on the list.

      Cleaner burning and more efficient stoves are a good idea but being forced to upgrade would break the bank for many. Sort of like the light bulb ban. The alternatives that may work are too expensive for a lot of folks even if they do save money in the long run.

      I think our wood burning is safe for now in the rural areas. Urban and suburban areas in some states are another matter.

  2. Those EPA approved stoves are a POS. I bought one several years ago, to replace the 28 yo one that was falling apart, and the new one wouldn't heat for shit.

    But it went thru the wood like a banshee. But it didn't come close to heating the amount of sq. feet it said it would, nor did it put out anywhere near the amount of heat the old stove did.

    When outlawed, the best way to go would be to make your own.

    Yes, it's cold, but still not as cold as it got back in the 1970's and early 1980's.

    1. That's interesting, so it would be a shot in the dark on what new model to buy. I wouldn't want to have to make that choice.

      1/4 in. plate steel and a good welder could make an acceptable homemade one.

      It's minus 2 here at the moment but like you said not nearly as cold and not happening as often as we saw decades ago.

    2. Forgot to add my wager: I bet that after the Russian Olympics are over, the weather here in the States warms dramatically.

  3. While the global warming scam gets a lot of attention, some very real dangers don't get mentioned very much:

    Recent Cosmic Impacts on Earth
    Do Global Myths Reflect an Ancient Disaster?

    Exploring the Nature of Myth

    Italian geologist Luigi Piccardi and archaeologist Bruce Masse recently teamed to co-edit Myth and Geology (2007-Geological Society of London Special Publication 273), the first professional textbook on the nascent subdiscipline of geomythology. Geomythology pairs geological evidence of catastrophic events and reports of such events encoded into the mythological lexicon of ancient societies.


    Comets, Meteors & Myth: New Evidence for Toppled Civilizations and Biblical Tales


    Biblical stories, apocalyptic visions, ancient art and scientific data all seem to intersect at around 2350 B.C., when one or more catastrophic events wiped out several advanced societies in Europe, Asia and Africa.

    Increasingly, some scientists suspect comets and their associated meteor storms were the cause. History and culture provide clues: Icons and myths surrounding the alleged cataclysms persist in cults and religions today...
    Archeological findings show that in the space of a few centuries, many of the first sophisticated civilizations disappeared. The Old Kingdom in Egypt fell into ruin. The Akkadian culture of Iraq, thought to be the world's first empire, collapsed. The settlements of ancient Israel, gone. Mesopotamia, Earth's original breadbasket, dust.

    Around the same time -- a period called the Early Bronze Age -- apocalyptic writings appeared, fueling religious beliefs that persist today...

    The Epic of Gilgamesh describes the fire, brimstone and flood of possibly mythical events. Omens predicting the Akkadian collapse preserve a record that "many stars were falling from the sky." The "Curse of Akkad," dated to about 2200 B.C., speaks of "flaming potsherds raining from the sky."

    Read the rest:

    Evidence for Major Impact Events in the late Third Millennium BC

    Recurring Phenomenon: The Cosmic Disaster

    1. Good links NMM.

      Immanuel Velikovsky was probably my first introduction to this subject over 40 years ago.

      He's definitely worth reading but I've come to think that a few of his interpretations are skewed by his tribal affiliations.

  4. Been really warm up here in Fairbanks. Well, between 10 below and 10 above. That's balmy for this time of year.

    1. I heard on the news this morning that we were colder than Fairbanks at this particular time.

  5. Politics are never honest: Problem (crisis), reaction (media), solution (International Socialist Government)

  6. Replies
    1. Hey Peter
      trying to think about that last big solar flare incident?
      Carrington event? Yah, I think that is it
      could you imagine something like that now
      with our reliance on the monopolistic control grid system?!
      I shudder

    2. Hello Pen, that 1989 event, on Hydro -Quebec, certainly left a frightful memory to folks around here.(Double shudder from fright and chill) here

  7. Hey Kenny and all:

    Happily it is slightly warmer today here. My furnace actually shut off. Not for long, but, it did.
    It's about 10 F or minus 12 C
    And no wind so far...
    which means I can actually get out for my regular walk
    Tried yesterday. Dressed up with multi layers including wool long janes but, about 20 minutes in and my nose started to feel really weird and that was it for me!

    No More Myths. global myths and impact disasters. Have you heard Randall Carlson talk about this?
    I quite like him. He has done interviews with Henrik at Red Ice Radio all of them interesting, very interesting.

    He did this documentary

    which I would love to see.... in full

    anyway...all the best in the new year kenny! And everyone here!

    and kenny blogger crashed when I posted this the first time so this is a second attempt

    1. Penny,

      I haven't listened to Randall Carlson but I recently read several articles at the Sacred Geometry site. Fascinating stuff. Here's another good article:

      Comets and the Bronze Age Collapse


      Astronomical evidence indicates our ancestors viewed a much more active sky than we. A seemingly nonsensical notion, such as Athena being born fully formed from the head of Zeus, becomes understandable as a description of comet fragmentation. Human belief systems have been greatly influenced by the phenomena attending the progressive break-up, over thousands of years, of this large comet. The idea of a wrathful sky god or star positions influencing events on Earth are legacies of this influence.

    2. Hey Pen, glad to hear you guys are doing OK. Amazingly we're supposed to get up to 60F by Friday. Maybe some of that warmth is also heading your way.

    3. thanks no more myths- I will check it out. Thank You
      And agreed it is all fascinating stuff.
      I wonder if this sort of ingrained mass human trauma is why we are so easily manipulated by fear?

      Hi Kenny- It is supposed to warm up here too.
      Low 50's F. Just for one day. Saturday. I'll take the break for sure!
      Our furnace can have a rest day (lol)