Friday, January 10, 2014

We, MacBeth

I'm always encouraged when art takes a stab at exposing some truths and conspiracies.The London play, We, MacBeth, looks promising. Maybe it will do well and go on tour throughout the western world.

Here's their description of the play...

In November 1963, sinister elements of the U.S. Government assassinated President Kennedy in broad daylight in Dallas. The men who accomplished this brazen hit never relinquished the power they gained from it. Here for the first time - in "We, MacBeth" - these men explain their motives and aspirations and defend their values against a Rooseveltian "Ami du Peuple," who resists their corporate power and pleads for the dignity and responsibility of the Common Man.  The stakes could not be higher for the ordinary American citizen, who over the course of fifty years is transformed against his will - under the pressure of coercion, blandishment and manipulation - into a robotic and blinkered patriot.

I think we may take exception to a few minor points to the narrative in the play, including some concerning 9/11 in the third act, but it does stress Israeli involvement so the writer James Hepburn passes that litmus test.

Michael Dickinson will be Playing Dick Cheney on the London Stage. He gives a glimpse of Cheney's dialog in the run up to 9/11.
The following is a speech from the third act of the play by Cheney as he reveals his plan for the 9/11 conspiracy, minus asides and comments from other characters. Enough said. I’m still learning the lines. And trying not to bump into the furniture.

“The fall of Soviet Communism was a disaster for the governing interests of this country for one simple reason: It eliminated the need to be at war. Without war we grow poorer while ordinary Americans grow richer. This is an untenable situation. It has therefore become necessary to find a new enemy of the American people, an enemy they can fight indefinitely, into a future without end. After considering several different options we’ve chosen Islam as that enemy.

As we all know, the only way to get Americans into war is to arrange for them to be attacked. Two types of arrangements are possible: attacking them ourselves of standing down while others do it. The USS Maine, Operation NORTHWOODS, and the Gulf of Tonkin are all examples of the former. Pearl Harbour, an example of the latter. Unlike the Japanese, the Muslims don’t have the wherewithal to attack us. So we will have to do the job ourselves, using them as patsies. We’ve put together an ensemble plan modeled on the Kennedy killing. In that case, CIA anchored the plot with assistance from the Mob and the Israelis. In the current case, CIA and military intel will anchor, with assistance from the Saudis and the Israelis. U.S. intelligence, as overseen by my office, will engineer a stand-down of military defence on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. on a date in early September of this year. This standown will enable two planes, hijacked out of Boston, to crash into the two largest towers of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. The hijackers will be Saudi nationals who believe they are working for us.

After the planes have struck the Twin Towers, and while the towers are still burning, nano-thermitic bombs will be detonated that will result in the controlled implosion of both buildings. The Israelis will wire the buildings for implosion in August of this year. Everybody will assume that the towers come down because of the planes. No other explanation will be apparent. Some people may see or hear evidence of explosions, but most won’t notice anything other than the damage caused by the planes. In addition to the Twin Towers, a third tower will be imploded during the operation: World Trade Center 7. Building 7 houses the law enforcement files on a host of our most powerful companies being investigated for fraud. Those files must be destroyed.

The great majority won’t even know a third tower falls that day. They won’t know because the media won’t tell them. We’ll see to that.”

Babylon Burning by Michael Dickinson


  1. I'll never forget the look on then president, George 'Poppy' Bush when he got the report that the USSR had fell; he looked as if his best dog had died suddenly.

    And remember those heady days when there was talk of a peace 'dividend' in the air? Since the USSR boogieman had been defeated, we could stop spending so much on the Pentagon and instead, use the money here at home for our falling apart highways and outdated schools?

  2. Wow! that is going to get the 'Usual Suspects' spitting nails........

  3. Finally Sharon dies. Too bad he didn't ever face a trial and public punishment for his crimes.

    1. The "King of the Jews" died too:

      • Edgar Bronfman—one of the world’s most powerful Zionists—finally dies

      The patriarch of a crime syndicate-connected empire that has operated in the sphere of the Rothschild dynasty is dead. On December 22, Edgar M. Bronfman—longtime head of the World Jewish Congress (WJC)—died at age 84. New York magazine once described him a “sometimes coarse, bullying businessman” but noted “there are some people who would simply call him king of the Jews.”


  4. In the war for the common man, as unlikely as it seems, that same common man is the biggest impediment to rooting out treasonous war criminals. The common man has been engineered and is not to be trusted. No matter our differences us common men should be able to agree a great insult has been done by historically arrogant people. A short trial, followed by the punishment formula in national founding documents would be a start. This should have the backing of the mob but not executed by the mob.

  5. As regards Sharon, Justice belongs to the Lord who is not a racist.

  6. Religion is and always has been a control system designed to empower priests and rulers. If there is to be justice in this world, it is up to us to bring it about ourselves, rather than leaving it to some mythical "Lord", which is exactly what those priests and rulers want us to do.