Friday, February 7, 2014



The lead in to the Winter Olympics in Sochi has been the biggest bash fest of Russia since the 1980 boycott of the summer games in Moscow. Remember that? It was supposedly due to Russia's invasion of Afghanistan. It's ironic in hindsight and we all know why.

Between the Western  promotion of a gay agenda and Putin's laws banning propagandizing little kids into having to deal with 'alternative' lifestyles before they're ready and the chatterbox of  the threats of checkbook terrorism in Russia, the games themselves never got the early on full spotlight

On cue today we have had what may be a psyuos, an attempted  hijacking of a plane that its reported objective was to land in Sochi and disrupt the games. How convenient that the plane made it to NATO ally Turkey where the story will be spun to the benefit of those who kept saying "We told you so."

Just the other night Amnesty International had its first concert for 'human rights in 16 years and focused on Russia for its bad, bad record of right's abuse . Featuring Kabbalah girl Madonna and her new hooligan friends, two paid provocateurs of  Pu$$y Riot, it was a hypocritical diversion.  I don't think there was a mention of US atrocities and their own industrial prison system or mercenaries bought by Saudi Arabia, and others to destroy Syria. Certainly nothing about human rights violations by Israel against Palestinians. Roger Waters did not get an invite.

Say what you will but the terrorism fearmongering and concerted effort to demonize Russia have worked to keep the crowds away. Attendance will not be to capacity and mainly Russian spectators.

Once again we in the occupied west need Russia as the most formidable enemy.Whether or not we ever go to world war 3 with them, it's still a big money maker and a great distraction for all the chaos we inflict elsewhere. Putin is portrayed as the second coming of Stalin...or is that Hitler? The 1936 Olympics reincarnated.

It' a tangled web of deceit. There are many pawns in this game. Not the least of which is us as we watch the athletes as artists, commercialized, propagandized  and politicized for purposes way beyond simple games and competition. 


  1. What's a ceremony without speculation on the symbolism?

    SOCHI Symbolism: Russians malfunction eliminates 5th Ring/America?

  2. In various African nations, one can either be lashed or sentenced to death for homosexual activity, so where's the Russian like outrage over that?

    The Russian law that says you can't teach the homosexual lifestyle to children was hardly talked about in the MSM, until Russia sent some warships to the Mediterranean and told Israel and it's D & M bitch, the USA last Fall, that an attack on Syria would be considered an attack on Russia.

    Then the Zionist MSM became 'outraged' that the sane law prevened the teaching of the 'alternative' homo lifestyle to Russian children.

    What a coincidence.

    If the winning athletes competing at Sochi want to make a statement about legalized buggery, maybe they could recreate the 1969 Mexico City Olympics and protest on the podium by turning back in their gold or silver medals?

    Or maybe they shouldn't have gone in the first place, if Russia is such a mean and nasty place.

    But gosh, the money to win is so huge!

    1. We'll watch if the narrative of gay rights and protection becomes a top reason for more intervention in certain African countries.. Whatever works for theft and plunder and I;m sure the Hollywood crowd will be glad to advance the cause.

  3. I'm not sure about the symbolism, maybe it is quite telling, but there is no chance 'they' will give Sochi unbiased and fair coverage. After all, imo, Vlad foiled their war plans with Syria etal. and called checkmate to his western counterparts. At least for now.

    So, imagine the banker's wrath coming down on the Russian Olympics through their journalists. Those poor creatures are just roughing it and squealing about their less than comfortable accommodations. And there are no supermarkets! ( Really, I couldn't help but laugh. The toilet pictures are too funny. Sorry, no link.

    But, like any major sports event, the Olympics too have become a farce years ago. I pity the poor people participating and watching.

    Seems like America has run out of made-up al qaeda stories and needs to start Russia bashing again. Yikes.

  4. "Once again we in the occupied west need Russia as the most formidable enemy." For me this is what the whole thing is about. We've always been at war with Eastasia, again. The US and Russia are frienemies to keep being each others big bad guy. It is all part of the master global control plan. It is orchestrated and scripted. Just like in pro wrestling, when the "fighters" get together before the "match" and practice their battle. They work for the same McMahon. The guy with the mask is the bad guy. The blond headed guy with the white trunks is the good guy. This week. Next week they may change roles. Well everyone knows pro wrestling is fake. Although before they "came out" as sports entertainment, I heard many people seriously believe it was real. I hope one day the masses will realize its just one big wrestling match, with the nation vs nation storyline. I'd like to think Putin stopped the Syria war but I can't help but feel its all part of the script.


    1. I can;t disagree with what you say Aris. We know that the previous 'cold war' was much theater so why assume that this new one is not the same.

    2. Good comment Aris..........Oceania has always been at war with Eurasia...........

      Looks like the one world government will eventually emerge from three curently 'competing' blocks. The China block, The US NATO block and the Russian block. While each of the three engage in scripted bun fights right now, they all clearly work towards the same fascist end result. Poor Ukraine now having to choose between their old evil Russian masters and their new evil temptress NATO/Europe. Like Americans choosing between Bush and if there is any difference other than cosmetics.

      China and the USA are business partners above all else. And just as during the cold war, any proxy war fought between US and Russia will end in the destruction of some unfortunate free country that will be brought to heel either way.

      The trashing of Russia by western media during the Olympics (CBC was particularly vile) is real, but in the big picture, both Russia and the US are herding dozens of nations into the same big coral. By the time the big China/Russia/US merger takes place, people will be too enslaved and propagandized to do anything to stop it. IMO.

    3. Let's face it,the Olympics is all bullshit anyway.Like the Stupor Bowl,a chance for some mass mind control,state/war propaganda,corporations pushing toxic sludge,to an audience usually in some state of inebriation.The athletes,are like commercial/political cannon fodder allowing themselves to be used in exchange for the prospect of material riches or personal glory.If one really believes in the amateur Olympic spirit,then let's yank the corrupting influence of big money,and have the participants compete as individuals and not members of a national team.

  5. Anon @1:11 PM
    We really don't hear much about the SCO but if you look over the member states and then the observer and dialog states things may be progressing as you suggest.

    Not much "current news" at all except this little nuggget.


  6. The propaganda wars in and around "the Games"

    [ see the US Fed'l gov't recognition of same-sex marriage,0,7240056.story#axzz2smn6AG3D versus organizing committee president and CEO Dmitriy Chernyshenko's denial about a twelve-week old Tweet ]

    can be likened to a curling match:

  7. I have found photos of Sochi, or purported to be so, showing many unpleasant things. Every single one of them has been proven a hoax or top quality photoshop or been recognized from different political situations. The press has outdone itself to scare away the people. The more they do, the more I stand behind Putin.

    1. I'm hoping you're right about Putin. Almost every news report is still reporting about the danger of terrorists and it's a sick game tainting the games.

    2. Democrats don't really support Obama, they just HATE Republicans.
      Republicans don't really support Bush, they just HATE Democrats.

      Tricking people into 'supporting' something because it stands 'opposed' to something we hate.......that is an old trick.

      Putin is ex KGB, in bed with all sorts of criminal Oligarchs, spent over 50 Billion on the Olympics while his people suffer and do without. He does everything to his people that Harper and Obama do to us. But he does fight really hard about gay people with Harper and sure let's all pretend there is a difference and a real conflict, not a scripted one. Brutal.

  8. putin - leader of the free world
    putin - leader of the christian world

    amurderka - top puppert