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Twelfth Bough ~ the reality-of-fakery last ditch effort

A. Peasant is back from hiatus and I wanted to take the opportunity to re-post this most interesting essay as a relevant addition to the 9/11 archive.  


Please address comments and questions to her Twelfth Bough site.


the reality-of-fakery last ditch effort

So I had to stop blogging and step back for a variety of reasons. I used the time gained to investigate some other corners of the internet, and some other issues, including 9/11. I had never devoted enough time to 9/11.

There is an opportunity cost to everything we do and pay attention to. Understanding is a process, a journey. We make mistakes, take detours, add data, then modify or firm up opinion as needed. One has to take risks to add value and move the personal and collective understanding closer to the TRUTH, which is the goal.

When a person who is honestly mistaken is confronted by the truth, that person either stops being mistaken or stops being honest. 911 University - College of Disinformation Recognition

The perpetrators of 9/11 have a different goal: to prevent discovery of the truth. They employ an army of minions to this end. They have many ways to encumber people. Sometimes it is obvious, and sometimes it is not. One can suspect but not be sure. It really comes down to seeing patterns over time. 

In order to be good at Disinformation Recognition, it is very helpful to be good at Pattern Recognition, and necessary to be able to look at things differently.  911 University - College of Disinformation Recognition

By diverting our attention and wasting our time, they obscure the truth about 9/11.


Let's resurrect this old comment from Blammo:
Blammo said...
I'll only mention this because it is related to AP's post about cognitive infiltration. Lawson's videos are excellent, but as I recall, his position on 9/11 is that without a 'smoking gun' we cannot say that Israel did it, or was involved, and that said smoking gun does not exist. I can imagine his motives for this are not necessarily sinister, but I cannot say for certain either way. There are lines people are mentally unprepared to cross for whatever reason.
What if the smoking gun does exist and has been found? We suppose that would Change Everything, and important people could get on with the exceedingly important work of holding the perpetrators accountable.

Or would they? Maybe, if they were compromised, they would fail to notice the smoking gun. Maybe things would just get really weird.

The truth about 9/11 is stunningly clear.

The smoking gun does exist.

You can also read about it here, at Don Fox's blog.

From 911U

Having first recognized the vast energy surplus accompanying the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, and having then connected the dots on the evidence that points to widespread molecular dissociation at ""Ground Zero"", we now consider the possibility of the simplest and thus most likely potential source of the form of energy capable of accomplishing that feat: fissionless fusion energy, released from multiple very-low-yield thermonuclear devices.

That was a pyroclastic cloud of superfine particles -- molecules that had been blown apart by extreme temperatures. The superfine dust covering NYC contained the following elements: barium, strontium, thorium, uranium, lithium, lanthanum, yytrium, chromium, tritium -- signatures of a nuclear fission event.

Read the full explanation at those links. It's all there.

Shorter: NYC attacked with dozens of tactical nuclear weapons. Perps lead investigation.

911U website has been sitting there calmly for FIVE YEARS, answering questions. Don Fox will answer your questions also. This is where trolls go to die.

A brief synopsis of the past twelve years of 9/11 research:

1. The Official Conspiracy Theory -- 19 Islamic hijackers wielding box cutters did it with planes and jet fuel.  Theory falls apart like spit and toilet paper.

2. Nanothermite. See comment at 3:22 on 11/10/08
"Thermate did it" is a pathetic limited-hangout disinfo campaign; chemical reactions/explosions cannot account for the widespread (evidence of) molecular dissociation at ""Ground Zero"". That evidence points to the [brief] presence of temperatures hotter than the surface of the Sun, and chemical-reaction-based weaponry, such as thermate, just can't do that.

3. Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) - Judy Wood says no bombs involved. But Judy fails to prove existence of mystery weapon.

4. Video / photo evidence challenge! Due to the reality-of-fakery, you can't prove shit. Hah! [Additional evidence for the reality-of-fakery generously provided by the Citizens of Sandy Hook, Boston, and many others.]

The EVIDENCE shows the towers were destroyed with tactical nuclear weapons. Everything else is disinformation and cover.

Step 2 is to figure out who would have the means, motive and opportunity to rig these buildings with dozens of mini-nukes. Actually, people already compiled that list. And people have compiled the military drills. The problem, if we recall correctly, was that we didn't have a smoking gun. There were too many discrepancies. As long as there's no smoking gun, we don't move on to holding people accountable.

That's why the smoking gun does not exist. 


Last time I blogged, I was analyzing photos and videos of Boston Bombing and poring over time stamps, getting confused, etc. Yes there are agendas in play, and a lot has been written about those agendas (gun control, mental health, terrorism, etc.). But even that did not really add up to me. If it was only about the agenda, the attacks would have been more straightforward, more Gladio style. They could have simply killed people and started in with the agenda through their controlled media.

The complexity is there for a reason: ongoing distraction, but on their turf of course: teevee & internet -- the places where they can most easily control the inputs: videos & photos. Garbage in, garbage out. Even the agendas are secondary and in service to the primary goal: distraction, especially because they create fear, which helps to shut down the frontal cortex.

Dutiful Citizen Researcher's Mission, should you choose to accept it: Examine the garbage. Sift through every piece. Take Your Time There's Plenty Of It and, importantly, It Never Ends.

There is a problem here specifically with the ongoing nature of the distraction. There is an opportunity cost to looking at this stuff, and that's the point.

The exercise continues as long as people spend valuable time analyzing these psyops --- frequently past the point where the cost / benefit analysis makes sense.

The perps who run these psyops and leave the clues around (and feed more in?) obviously benefit from this ongoing investigatory dynamic, otherwise they would suppress information as they clearly do when necessary. Why? Because all these discrepancies create space for their operatives to work among the researchers and buy more time for 9/11.  

It stands to reason that, if the smoking gun of 9/11 has been found and has been slowly emerging despite all efforts to suppress it, eventually the perps would be maniacally FEEDING psyops into the wood chipper to provide other bloody distractions, using multiple gatekeepers and operatives at critical gathering spots to keep it all looping around and AWAY from the smoking gun.

Maybe things would just get really weird? Yes. Check.

They will do this as long as they can, until they are ready for Plan B -- the next 9/11.


Of course, given that time is a finite resource, and the way everything tends to distract from everything else, every minute spent thinking about football, or sex, or food is another minute during which the monstrous lies of 9/11 remain safe from discovery by whomever is thinking those other thoughts. 911U

The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. Therefore, we would expect to find gatekeepers and trolls steering productive 9/11 discussions to 1) red herring theories of 9/11, or alternatively to 2) Sandy Hook and other topics centered on FAKERY, which again, is the perps' home turf. The gatekeepers would be mingling about with all the dedicated researchers.

We learned a new and fascinating concept called inoculation while studying the Sergei Magnitsky case. You can read a short description of inoculation from this book Psychology and Law: An Empirical Perspective.

"Inoculation involves giving targets a weak version of the opponent's argument, so that they will be easily able to construct counterarguments. The hope is that the targets will build up a bank of such ripostes, so that by the time that the opposition introduces his or her arguments, targets will be prepared to counter them."
It's a weak case that you want to lose. Since we all know so much about vaccines, I found the inoculation concept helpful in understanding it. 

Let's assume the perpetrators of 9/11 use inoculation. How would that look? As the research community gets near to an important piece of the truth, the perps advance a weak version and push it hard with select operatives, drawing people in. The idea and the operative may even become joined. When the idea gathers enough attention, the whole thing goes into a ditch, operative and all.

Think Ed Chiarini. He was perhaps the first guy to point out actors and drills (Giffords shooting). He made sense until he totally didn't, for instance claiming Kevin Costner is Jerry Sandusky. Why Ed, why? Poor Ed went off the deep end? Or, Ed was working. The weak version of the truth was discredited. Later, when the truth comes out about crisis actors, people remember Ed Chiarini and proceed with caution.

Notice that the perps need time for inoculation to work, and if successful, inoculation buys them time on the other side of exposure. The weak version of the truth must be introduced early enough so that the targets (researchers) can deconstruct and discard it. Notice that using inoculation assumes that the truth will eventually surface or already has somewhere, which the perps would know from their TIA surveillance. But they would still hold off starting inoculation on each detail until absolutely necessary, since it could backfire when people do their research and find... the TRUTH. 

Manipulating the search engines would really help a lot.

We believe the TRUTH about 9/11 is that highly unconventional weapons ("tactical nuclear weapons") were used; and no planes were needed to destroy the towers. Planes, no planes... the planes debate has no bearing on molecular dissociation, pyroclastic flows, and signatures of a nuclear fission event.

I suggest these two very important truths were the subject of inoculation. Weak versions were rolled out  beginning around 2006 and gained more widespread traction around 2011 with the intention of being eventually discredited.

The 911U site started around the end of 2008. By 2011 Judy Wood gained prominence with her DEW theory, and around that time we also had more talk of "no planers." Ridicule ensued. If you go near these topics of exotic weapons or no planes today, you will meet resistance. Guaranteed. That is inoculation. You were supposed to reject these ideas. They were designed to be weak. The operatives pushing them were obnoxious, and all the more satisfying to reject.

But they're still out there. Still operating. Some of them even got promotions for the good work they did. Yes indeed. And if you see any other half-baked explanations for 9/11 that are so obvious no one could even recognize them for twelve years, like for instance det cord...? Heads up. That bears a remarkable resemblance to an inoculation for the problematic heat-of-the-sun temperatures that caused molecular dissociation on 9/11, but it does nothing to explain lingering pools of molten steel and signature elements of nuclear fission. Not to burst anyone's bubble or anything.

Tactical decisions about when, where and how to conduct disinfo are presumably made using game theory algorithms. This may be one of the main reasons the NSA sends all our "metadata" to Israel, the world experts in game theory -- to plug into the algorithms. Just guessing.

"Israeli strategists rely on game theory models to ensure the intended response to staged provocations and manipulated crises. With the use of game theory algorithms, those responses become predictable, even foreseeable—within an acceptable range of probabilities. The waging of war “by way of deception” is now a mathematical discipline...The displacement of facts with beliefs lies at heart of how Israel, the world’s leading authority in game theory, induces other nations to wage their wars."

Obviously, the people who supplied and installed the mini-nukes on 9/11 would be the ones directing the inoculation schedule so they can get away with it as long as possible -- preferably forever if that can be arranged somehow.


As it turned out, during my blogging hiatus I listened to a lot of radio podcasts. I listened to dozens and dozens of shows by James Fetzer and also Webster Tarpley. I invested my time. I found Don Fox via Fetzer. I also read lots of things at Veterans Today. I was trying to suss out what is going on in the faction world, the shadow government, the great battle behind the curtain. So I went right to the intelligentsia, knowing what they are, and listened to what their best and brightest had to say; and of course, to what they didn't have to say.

Along the way of listening to Fetzer and generally enjoying his shows, I eventually wandered into the comments one day last month, on one of these 9/11 discussions. Oh dear. Cue the giant hookah-smoking caterpillar on a mushroom.

"Who ARE you?"

There arose around this mini-nukes theory the (heated) issue of Simon Shack and the September Clues videos, and the related Clues Forum, where the "expertise" is all about video and photo analysis. And sure enough, the conversation about the [smoking gun] mini-nuke theory could not proceed because -- if I grok the reasoning correctly -- the presence of faked videos and photos in the 9/11 anthology meant somehow that all the evidence was tainted, and therefore, REGRETTABLY, you just could not solve the riddle about what happened on 9/11.

Sorry kids, but due to the reality-of-fakery, we can't see no smoking gun!

Really? From the first comments, people began pointing out the problem: Perhaps this is a waste of time, this fakery detour? In light of all the stunning evidence about molecular dissociation and elevated levels of tritium, etc., why do we have to obsessively focus on the video discrepancies, twelve years later?

No matter. 200+ comments ensued, which looked like something out of Twenty-Five Ways to Suppress Truth, The Rules of Disinformation, by H. Michael Sweeney

12. Enigmas have no solution.  Drawing upon the overall umbrella of events surrounding the crime and the multitude of players and events, paint the entire affair as too complex to solve....
19. Ignore proof presented, demand impossible proofs. This is perhaps a variant of the 'play dumb' rule.  Regardless of what material may be presented by an opponent in public forums, claim the material irrelevant  and demand proof that is impossible for the opponent to come by (it may exist, but not be at his disposal, or it may be something which is known to be safely destroyed or withheld, such as a murder weapon.) In order to completely avoid discussing issues, it may be required that you to categorically deny and be critical of media or books as valid sources, deny that witnesses are acceptable, or even deny that statements made by government or other authorities have any meaning or relevance.
20. False evidence. Whenever possible, introduce new facts or clues designed and manufactured to conflict with opponent presentations -- as useful tools to neutralize sensitive issues or impede resolution. This works best when the crime was designed with contingencies for the purpose, and the facts cannot be easily separated from the fabrications. 

Et Cetera. The mother lode. I could do a whole expose on the chicanery and pettifoggery of the operatives in those threads, and speculate on why it's allowed, but that's another subject.

And of course, this all applies to Sandy Hook and Boston Bombing, as well as other psyops. Were the crimes designed with contingencies, so the facts cannot be easily separated from the fabrications? Yes. So all these discussions start to become linked together, and it's really easy for topics to jump around from one psyop to another. It becomes really easy to change the subject -- great turf for gatekeepers. Bearing in mind, all this cross-checking complexity about videos and photos wastes a lot of time better used to analyze other things, and my friends, that is the point. Opportunity cost.

They are stalling. The last three years especially, since 2011, has been their last ditch attempt to throw up a giant pyroclastic cloud of HOT AIR, reality-of-fakery bullshit discussions that never end and never get anywhere. Anything to keep the smoking gun of 9/11 obscured for One More Day.

All this time they've gained, all this distance from the crime of 9/11, what have they done with it? No doubt they have prepared the next 9/11, and they can start the whole thing up again from scratch.

Remember, Rumsfeld fessed up that the Pentagon had "lost" $2.3 trillion. But of course, he knew it wouldn't matter the next day. The next day was 9/11.

Your time and your attention are extremely valuable. Believe it. Use them wisely.


  1. Hey, Kenny, the world hasn't yet universalized its mechanisms for comment so I'll leave a comment here for A.Peasant....: We miss your voice. Good to "see" you. Nice "piece". Come by more often.

  2. Another CSPAN 9/11 caller questioning an MSNBC 'journalist' who hasn't seen anything.

    1. Slick how he gets that in at the end, "i dont associate myself with that"...
      With those whackjobs who question 911...

    2. Blinking eyes, telling lies. That caller took a dump in his Cheerios by the looks of his face. He knows.


  3. Thanks Kenny. I really appreciate the warm welcome back. You have been a touchstone for me back to the first days blogging in 2007. That's a million years in blog time! Worse than dog years.

    FYI, James pointed out to me a possible error in whether it should be a "fission" or "fusion" reaction to explain the elements found in the dust on 9/11 (tritium, etc.) Readers should please reference 911U and Don Fox's sites for details about the science. Details about the BS i got a handle on... ;)

    Hello and thanks to Ed. Best to all your readers...

    1. Pez, you have always helped me to try and stay on track with two of my favorite subjects...psyops and social engineering. A couple of the bottom line techniques for control.

      Also, one of the first ones, if not the first, to explore the mini-nuke theories was Ed Ward. He's a character and has had some dealings with Don Fox. I see he has had a little dust up with Fetzer and is banned from VT but you may find some things of interest at his site.

      Ed Ward, MD's Blog: US Tyranny & Treason

  4. Hey Kenny, long time no see, glad to know you're still at the barricades!

    1. V, is that really you? 'What are you up to? A long time since you have posted anything.

    2. Looks like Veritas slipped out of the reeducation camp and found a computer again. Stay strong V!

  5. Why would the confused writer of this essay or anybody else need to "solve the riddle" of how the towers were demolished? When she watched "The Towering Inferno" or "Independence Day," did she go around wanting to solve the riddles of the special-fx collapses in those films? Did she claim nano-thermite or mini-nukes were used? Doesn't she know that every single building demolition IN HISTORY has always used DYNAMITE? Yes, just good ole dynamite does the job, as it did with the 33 story Biltmore here in 1977:

    So wouldn't it stand to reason that 3 times the dynamite and 24 years of advanced technology would have made dynamite the ideal choice, since it has already been proven to have done the job on ALL building demolitions in history? And who the hell even cares if some other method may have been used? In 12 years, they have not even yet conclusively proven with an actual dead body that can be independently examined, that ONE SINGLE PERSON out of 2970 or 2984 (numbers keep changing) or the rounded off '3000,' died on 9-11 itself.

    Besides, IF THEY HAD WANTED TO KILL 3000 PEOPLE, would not demolishing the buildings with dynamite with people inside who had no idea what was going on, do the trick fast enough as it is? Who even needs mini-nukes or beam weapons?

    Since we already know the "planes" were absurdly fake beyond belief:

    not to mention the ridiculous cartoon buildings they're supposedly slicing through like ghosts,

    and that the witnesses

    the 'victims"

    and the firefighters

    were all faked numerous times, which aspect of the 9-11 riddle is it that the writer still hasn't figured out and is desperate to 'solve'?

    Doesn't he (she) already know that the 'smoking gun' is not INSIDE the pre-manufactured movie but THE MOVIE ITSELF?

    ~ Negentropic MK I

    1. The lies are easy to spot, 911 was an inside job.
      The specifics of how, why, who etc. are very complicated. The well is poisoned with all sorts of false theories and lies............mostly provided by the master criminals who did the evil deed.
      The minions who spread the lies and seek to create conflict amongst decent citizens who wish to know the truth, well those minions are pure vermin. VermintropicMK of sorts.

      Personally, I have always been open to considering all theories about how this inside job was done. The only stream I have 100% rejected is the Judy Wood garbage. The zealots who champion her theories are always argumentative and ugly.........classic trolls in every respect.

      I enjoy hearing different ideas from truth seeking people and have learned and shared much this way.
      In a perfect world it would be enough to simply prove the Bushbama version of 911 to be a pack of lies and then launch a new honest well funded investigation from scratch. If all truth seeking people could unite on that, it would be better than all the infighting amongst truth seeking people. Of course most real truth seekers are not fighting or arguing, they are sharing and collaborating and supporting each other. So pardon my disrespectful tone Trollentropic, but clearly you are here to disrupt and disturb the good people trying to share their ideas. The writer of this article always tries hard to dig out the truth, and she does it with a kind heart. She was missed, and I am glad to see her back.

    2. "...sharing and collaborating and supporting each other"

      I completely concur with what you are saying. United not divided.

  6. (continued)

    How far does 'reasonable doubt' have to extend? How far beyond this simple principle of law

    falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

    False in one particular, false in everything.

    into absurdity do "truthers" have to travel to keep from admitting they were duped beyond their wildest imaginings and NOTHING, not a single image transmitted to them by enemy-propaganda media can be trusted especially with regard to any events where people have supposedly been murdered. If people were murdered on 9-11 by anything but asbestos exposure, where are the bodies? Why so much proven fakery? Why so many simulated victims?

    Notice, it's falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus, and NOT

    verum in uno, verum in omnibus

    true in one particular, true in everything

    the backwards method of many, LOVED by all con-artists and liars and completely inadmissible in court.

    Each separate, major category of 9-11, the non-existent planes, the demolitions, the fake jumpers and vicsims, has proven more than fake enough to be thrown out of court even absent the rest of the fakery in the other categories but ONLY ONE instance of outright, deliberate lie and fraud would have had to be proven, such as the fake planes or the fake jumpers, for the ENTIRE batch to be inadmissible in any proper court.

    So where are the police and military willing to arrest the media and interrogate them and the proper courts of law willing to prosecute these slimebags?

    There aren't any and they made sure of this and knew this better than anything else BEFORE they even dreamed of running the whole operation

    Otherwise, why would they have given Alex Jones and his followers the rabbit hole of WTC7 on a silver platter, announced by not one but TWO reporters ahead of time:

    Not just the BBC, but Fox 5 also reported the WTC7 collapse before the 'official time' (given to you by enemy-propaganda media) that it supposedly happened:

    So, did BOTH these networks somehow screwed up the SAME exact part of the script? Of course not! It was a script that had BOTH these mistakes written in and many others, in order to target the psychologies of the dissenters, truth-seekers and investigators as well and give them rabbit holes to get lost in, ANY line of investigation would serve to confirm THE IMAGERY AS REAL and the media as not fully complicit! And we know this for sure, because otherwise why would the videos of the WTC7 collapse also be such obvious fakes?

    Simon Shack's WTC 7 Study :

    ~ Negentropic MK II

    P.S. Simon Shack and crew do NOT claim that all the 9-11 footage is CGI, but that MEDIA FAKERY, in all its permutations and with all its myriad techniques of deception, of which CGI 3D animation is only one, is the main MODUS OPERANDI of the 9-11 False-Flag PsyOp (and many other PsyOps before and since). Because MOST or the VAST MAJORITY of the 9-11 footage and images they have examined are PROVEN to have been doctored, altered, tampered with, edited, composited, acted in and faked in one way or another, it follows that the ENTIRE batch is not only UNTRUSTWORTHY and not even worth your time to examine further into absurdity but any testimony in favor of the authenticity of such obvious fakery WOULD LONG AGO HAVE BEEN THROWN OUT OF ANY PROPER COURT OF LAW.

    1. Negen, calling someone confused whose views are different than yours but sincere in their efforts is not debate. Perhaps you should save that term for those who worship the official story. Being curious about the mechanisms of the demolitions and the event is just basic human nature for some of us. You have your points about them but still you don't know for sure. You speculate.

      You have created your own essay here, and also in the past. They have been published and folks can follow the links and watch the videos if they choose and make up their own minds. Just keep the snide remarks to yourself...please.

      A question. Did you intuitively realize on the very day of 9/11 that it was not what the media was telling us and immediately started talking about it? Some of us did. With others it took some time. Were you ever fooled? The research that honest people have done, including media fakery, has not been in vain, it was necessary.

      With the controlled and occupied media and judicial system we are no closer to justice today than we were nearly 13 years ago. Our differences in the details of how are not as important as continuing to find common ground in the struggle against those who want to maintain control, keep us in slavery and to eventually kill those they deem not needed.

    2. Kenny, if this troll had the nerve to come over my place as instructed, i would put him in the spam bucket immediately. no ID and he wastes people's time. also, he is rude.

      to anonymous at 11:36, thank you very much. that was sweet ;).

    3. I have always given Negen leeway. I don't know if he's on assignment or not. Only he can tell us that. We have had some cordial conversations but rudeness to our allies is not welcome here. I think he gets the message. We'll see.

    4. you are too kind. of course he is.

      here's my message to "Negen." if you have so many brilliant insights, grow some balls and get a booger ID. then start a blog. then build your audience. keep at it. no pay. stay in the same place, same ID, so anyone who wants to challenge you knows exactly where to find you. don't mind the DOD and other creeps that show up in your stats. keep going. do all that for five, six, seven years, and then i promise to take anything you write seriously.

    5. Actually I noticed a few DOD hits here on this post the last 24 hours and didn't really check for more in any depth. I hope they enjoyed the essay.

    6. @ "Personally, I have always been open to considering all theories about how this inside job was done. The only stream I have 100% rejected is the Judy Wood garbage. The zealots who champion her theories are always argumentative and ugly.........classic trolls in every respect."

      So, Deanna Spingola champions the shill Judy Wood (Direct Agent or Useful Ego/Idiot, the result is the same) and she just had her on the other day. Are you calling Spingola a "zealot" and a "classic troll" then for being a long-time sucker of Judy Wood's theories based on FAKE images and FAKE inauthentic videos?

      And if you ARE calling Spingola a "zealot" and "classic troll," then who exactly is it that you DO support as a genuine truth teller?

      To my way of looking at things Spingola had 80% shill clearance even with the Judy Wood bamboozlement of hers, because she was right on the Moon Hoax, right on the holohoax, right that Hitler was not a Rothschild agent, right on the Boston Legless Marathon media fakery when she had Dave McGowan on, and right on 9-11 No-Planes since 2007:

      HOWEVER, she has recently and completely irrationally started supporting the OFFICIAL MEDIA VERSION of Sandy Hook that children were actually massacred during that 'event.' And this 360, which I don't think she will retract since she even cried over it on the air, has now nose-dived her shill clearance down to 66%.

      Wolfgang Halbig on the Sandy Hook PsyOp:

      So I suggest, instead of jumping to conclusions and insulting people right away with "zealot" and "classic troll" and whatnot, you calm down and also start giving people "shill clearance" percentage based on how logical their positions are on each issue KNOWING FULL WELL THAT EVERY LAST IMAGE OF EVERY LAST PSYOP is ultimately transmitted to you by THE MOST UNTRUSTWORTHY SOURCE in the world: your mainstream media.

      ~ Negentropic MK V

    7. @A. Peasant

      Anyone who takes IMAGES and VIDEO given to them by the mainstream media, the single most UNTRUSTWORTHY source imaginable, whether claimed to have been captured by professional reporters or given to them by "amateurs," WITHOUT STRICT AUTHENTICATION of those images and videos for fakery, CANNOT IN ANY WAY claim to be a SCIENTIFIC investigator of anything, because there is EVERY POSSIBILITY that they are basing their ENTIRE LOGIC on a false foundation built by a pre-manufactured film. Once you have proven EVEN ONE instance of DELIBERATE FAKERY, you have no obligation to prove anything else with regard to the witness who was exposed in the lie of that fakery (the mass-media in the case of 9-11 and other PsyOps) and that witness's ENTIRE TESTIMONY is no longer acceptable.

      Remember, it's :

      falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

      False in one particular, false in everything.

      and NOT

      verum in uno, verum in omnibus

      true in one particular, true in everything

      That second method of doing things is not in any way acceptable in court because that's how all CON-ARTISTS (not calling you a "con-artist," don't get me wrong or be offended, for all I know you"re just confused) work by telling just enough truths so that their lies will have the CON-fidence of their prey.

      And why would I need my own little "blog" in the middle of nowhere when I can just go to DIF at 6000 Alexa ranking and post a thread and get 20,000 views? I've been trolled there all year by all kinds of characters and most recently by Simon Shack's biggest troll, Yankee451. Too bad his trolling got thrown in the rant-room by the mods where no one can see it after me and Simon handed him his ass and it became obvious that he didn't understand the concept of BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT and the necessity of image authentication BEFORE any logical structure of investigation can be based on them.

      And by the way, you still haven't proven that SINGLE person was killed on 9-11, have you? Where are the bodies? Never mind real bodies for independent verification, they didn't even give you faked photos of dead bodies to examine for authenticity, just some fake actors playing 'relatives' crying-on-cue boo-hoo-hoo and you still accept the mass-media's narrative like it was gospel? What gives?

      Let me guess, name-calling and ad-hominems about how I'm a "troll" that should be banned coming my way because you cannot answer those questions and neither can Don Fox or anybody else pushing this silly mini-nukes disinfo based on a 102 minute Hollywood/Military-PsyOps production that was predictive programmed as far back as 50 years ago on episodes of Twilight Zone?


      Submitted for your approval: Tuesday 9-11 1864. Say it isn't so Rod!

      ~ Negentropic MK VI

    8. @Kenny

      I knew from the day of 9-11 that it was a fraud due to the buildings coming down like a demolition without there being a clear reason given such as "terrorists planted bombs in the building." I took it from there and here I am 12 years later. I didn't become a No-Planer until 2010 and even then still had to dig through more disinfo from Ace Baker and others, due EXACTLY to the many gatekeepers and shills infiltrating the alternative media PROTECTING the media's full complicity in the PsyOp. I just assumed that guys like Bollyn and Sabrosky HAD DONE the image authentication BEFORE they proceeded with their investigations. I was dead wrong. They are gatekeepers. Again, direct agent or useful ego/idiot does not make any difference, the result of shillery is the same: DISINFO or making everything believable and nothing KNOWABLE.

      I can see egos got hurt here and the cognitive dissonance of troofers got triggered all over the place, so much so that they want you to ban me from your comments section as if I'm even reaching more than 10 people in this comments section. Some assignment if I was a paid agent, don't you think?


      My DIF media fakery thread has 20,000 views and the previous one at CONCEN has 50,000 views. I only come here because I like your site and the way you run it.

      I can see a passionate view of things is not welcome here and is automatically considered rude. Too bad because 2+2=5 should ALWAYS be DIVIDED and CONQUERED by 2+2=4.

      Temperance is not the same as compromise. It's good to be understanding of others but you cannot compromise on the truth for the sake of UNITY. A unity based on more BS and half-truths and away from the path closest-to-the-truth is in nobody's interest. The mass of the public is not our problem, the LEADERS of the truth movement are our problem. The leaders must be united over TRUTH and be able to recognize the position with regard to each PsyOp that's CLOSEST TO THE TRUTH, and pointing to a Jew's direction like a robot means absolutely nothing with regard to the accuracy of someone's research. Once the leaders learn methods of proper analysis before they jump to conclusions, then the mass will simply follow them like they always have.

      ~ Negentropic MK VII

    9. Thank you for perfectly demonstrating what my post is about.

    10. I don't think there have been egos hurt here. Most folks are not that thin-skinned.

      AP has written a lot about media fakery and lies and its been a common theme here so there's not as much disagreement as you might think. Opinions on details can vary without division.

      More power to you for getting the views on DIF but here's something to think about. Looking at statcounter as of yesterday and to the best of my knowledge, there was no exit link activity at all to any of your links or videos. So maybe simplicity and less links may work best here. This is a minor blog, not DIF. It is what it is.

    11. @Negentropic
      "P.S. Simon Shack and crew do NOT claim that all the 9-11 footage is CGI, but that MEDIA FAKERY, in all its permutations and with all its myriad……….." Maybe so but Mr Shack and his merry band promote the notion that explosions create vacuums. Here is where I was kicked off of his forum, you can go to the preceding page and view the video that was the start of my discontent with the "analysis" of it.

      If you want to wade through all the muck on his forum you will soon discover that ANYTHING that gets posted is embraced and becomes part of the "collective wisdom" of his little hive. More than once I posted on glaring miscalculations and outright fallacious presentations of basic physics and its formulas and you can read for yourself what the mighty Shack thought of my efforts. For my 2 cents worth Simon Shack = pure poison

    12. I don't know the physics but I seem to recall that some were saying that the alleged little pressure cooker bomb explosion vacuum sucking effect at the Boston Marathon caused the glass in one of the storefronts to be pulled out onto the sidewalk instead of being blown inward. It didn't make sense to me but what do I know.

    13. shack is disinfo. he has been outed in detail by various people. just one example:

    14. Kenny You know exactly what everyone else knows that has lived on the earth for as long as we have. The problem is as I see it and you surely know it as well If you don't care what goes into your mind some one else will be more than happy to do it for you. Here is a short discussion on explosives/explosions. An explosion is a rapid exothermic (produces heat) chemical reaction. Now what does this mean? It means that you take a solid, liquid or gas (the explosives) and you induce the reaction (a spark, a flame, heat, high pressure etc.) the reaction produces gas. Now the difference in all the different types is how much and how fast the gas is produced. 2 examples add baking soda to vinegar it produces gas if you contain it and you can produce enough pressure you can make a plastic milk jug "explode". Black powder is the same thing but it is a solid and fire or high pressure will induce the reaction and it will produce a lot more gas and heat, but in real terms it is "slow and weaker" when compared to many other explosives. Now lets take C4 and I don't know actual numbers , but lets guess that 1 pound of C4 will immediately produce 100,000 cubic feet of gas @ atmospheric pressure, but all that gas is initially contained in a volume equal to the volume of the solid so the initial pressure will be immense. Now all that gas begins to expand RAPIDLY.If you think of it as a ball it just keeps getting bigger until the initial pressure equals that of the atmosphere and the amount of pressure is proportional to the velocity of the expanding gas. As the gas expands the leading edge of it would be known as the shock wave and directly behind the shock wave you can observe a slight "under pressure" but in no way is it a vacuum. Back to the ball as it increases in size it rapidly loses pressure which also means a loss of velocity and force. In simple terms as the wave travels from the initial point the force/velocity goes DOWN by an increasing amount relative to the distance, or lets pick some balls and guess some numbers. Start with a golf ball and 50,000 psi when it expands to a baseball you will be less than half maybe 20,000 when you get to a basketball you will be way less than half again maybe 5,000 or less. This is all based on Boyles ideal gas law and i did not plug in any numbers these are all just guesses. If you wish you can plug in some numbers and see what actually happens P1 x V1 = P2 x V2 or P2 = P1(V1/V2) assuming a constant temperature which it won't be but for our purposes we can live with it. As to explaining the "vacuum" it never happens when the initial shock wave propagates at some point it exceeds the volume of the expanding gas behind it to follow it closely hence the under pressure. Now I am not quite sure on how this works but I did find a graph that illustrates it or go here to fig 3.11 this paper explains it in better detail Now that I have rambled on and on what makes more sense Kenny? The Boston blast should have blown the store windows in or the massive vacuum caused by the blast sucked the windows out onto the sidewalk? But didn't really make the flags next to the blast flutter hardly at all……...

    15. @Fred

      "Pure poison"? What's the matter? Jumping to extremes there, aren't you? You never heard of "shades of grey"? Don't take it personal just because they got paranoid and banned you. They get trolled more than most.

      It's not a matter of whether I like the people on his forum or not. It's not a personal thing, never was. Truth is not a popularity contest, never was. They're just the closest to the truth with regard to 9-11 and with regard to many other PsyOps and that's that.


      Because they authenticate images BEFORE taking them as evidence or a foundation for a logical structure of investigation. If they are not authentic, the investigation ends and THE IMAGES become the smoking gun, not anything inside the images, like building 7 or top-down collapses, etc.

      And, since you talk about "digging through all the muck," here's THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT OF ALL, that all conspiracy hobbyists would rather forget:

      You DO NOT need to prove every image faked or every image acted in or every image tampered with. ONE instance is enough in any proper court for the entire batch to be unacceptable, even though on Clues Forum they've proven many 100's of images faked in one way or another. They dug through all the muck, even though they would not really have had to, had any real investigators and real courts of laws been out there who genuinely wanted to bring the perpetrators of this uber-fraud to justice (the murders were over there in Iraq and Afghanistan, so far no bodies have been produced to prove murders on 9-11, and here, we're not counting people that may have died from asbestos exposure later, since they're not in the original 3000 claimed).

      So stop holding a grudge just because they banned you and start concentrating on the road that's "closest-to-the-truth."

      To claim that someone like Fetzer with his hologram nonsense and mini-nukes BS based on fake imagery and refusal to examine the VicSims evidence is closer to the truth than Shack is just absurd. Fetzer is engaged in making everything believable, Shack in making things knowable. Only conspiracy hobbyists who don't want to be deprived of their hobby will insist on the former.


      That sorry-assed hatchet job of Fetzer's was taken apart point-by-point and with fully deserved ridicule back in Fetzer's face.

      Like I said before, Fetzer is a last-layer gatekeeper, has been from the beginning. His exposure of Sandy Hook and Boston is only his street-cred to mislead people on the more important 9-11 PsyOp with regard to the VicSims and the NON-PLANE fakery. His job is to DELAY that knowledge (with regard to 9-11) getting widespread acceptance as long as possible.

      Ask yourself this: if Fetzer is such a truth-seeker and not a shill for the final layer of the onion, why is he still claiming William Rodriguez, a completely exposed liar and actor, is an "honest witness"? Why does he refuse to examine the 9-11 VicSims report which has been out since 2009? Why was he promoting ridiculous hologram theories 5 years after he originally became a No-Planer in 2007 based on testimony from ONE witness (LOL)? Since when does testimony from one witness or even ten witnesses discredit hard evidence of fakery in the videos which he himself acknowledge back in 2007?

      Shack's forum may not be to everyone's liking but at least Shack himself has stayed far more consistent than Fetzer and his gang.

      ~ Negentropic MK VIII

    16. @Kenny

      That's true. Small, specialized forums sometimes do far better in certain areas than huge ones like Icke Forum or Prison Planet. Mami's blog got an unbelievable 57,000 listens for that Veronica Clark Iconoclast interview which is hard to believe for a blog at 1.2 million Alexa. If I had posted the same interview at DIF, I'd be lucky to get 100 listens, since they have so many other things to choose from over there and few even know who those two people are. Just because people click on an article or thread does not in any way indicate that they read it or watched the videos posted. Specialized blogs get far more listens and views on posted material even if not that many overall page-views because almost everyone who visits that blog has a similar view and is interested in a more narrow range of subjects. On DIF, you get a very high ratio of people who click a page for curiosity and click out, but just that one snapshot plants a small seed.

      ~ Negentropic MK IX

    17. @Neg
      Let me put this in terms you will understand Shacks forum is pure horse shit sprinkled with some bits of truth. I take it you did not read what i posted that the top commentator alleged or anything else. Do not put any emotions on to me I am not remorseful about being banned in the least bit, all it served to do was make me think a little bit harder on all the things i read on his forum. I finally realized that I hit far to close to home for Mr Shack when I stated the best way to undermine a cause is to champion it poorly. Which is exactly what I observed there. You look at the video I commented on and the observation that explosions do not cause a large wind but rather a vacuum. And you call that truth? Quite some time ago I posted here that there is not one of us that either publishes these blogs or reads them that has not been led down the proverbial trail. I neither defend the indefensible or try and push my views on others all i do is comment on what I have figured out. Shacks forum is selling pure kool aid and you seem to be buying it by the barrel.

  7. Kenny,
    Yes i saw Ed Ward's work while researching. The people at 911U also address him in some of their comments. I get the impression he is a mixed bag but i dont know the details. Will take a look see, thx...

  8. Hi Kenny

    I was heartened to see you link the Black Sun Rising, Jack Heart series! I am enjoying the hell out of this! He caught too much flack at VT to post it all. I can certainly identify with that :)

    1. Jack's series was probably very popular at VT. Controversial maybe but still a lot of hits for them to drop him. What does that tell us about the VT management?

  9. It was the number one post there Kenny and they decided to pull the plug. Same static I used to get, Jimmah doesn't like links, you need to discuss everything in two sentence sound bites. He says links distract frrom the flow of information. LOL In other words they don't like to distract from their own spin.

  10. I lost every photograph on my blog including the header for about an hour. They are back now. I was beginning the think somebody did not like the Black Sun Series!! :)

  11. Hi Kenny:

    I have believed that small "suitcase" thermonuclear devices were used at 9/11 since about 2006...when I saw a photographic comparison between known nuclear explosions (in a desert) and the 9/11 was a no brainer. I wondered why the theory never caught on. The non reaction of the US public to these obvious clues has been the real mystery of 9/11. Thanks for directing us towards 12th Bough.

    It's interesting that last week there was a report in the mainstream media about a new discovery in nuclear fission (or fusion) that the report said would be beneficial to mankind...this is the type of strategic (timely) distraction I believe she is talking about. It never ends but it IS becoming more transparent to the 9/11 truth community and perhaps that is worrying them. It IS just like inoculations...they need a stronger vaccine every time as the public becomes immune.


  12. Another thing your post brought to mind was the episode where Rumsfeld admitted that 3.something trillion was missing from the Pentagon budget. When I put that together with everything came out as the "30 pieces of silver" Judas got for betraying Jesus. That amount was probably the amount that the American cabalists paid Israel to plant the nukes in the towers...sounds about right. That announcement...made in the mainstream media just 24 hours before 9/11 was probably the final "go ahead' signal....the betrayal piece had been paid...Judas had the silver....the murder(s) could go ahead.


  13. One final comment. Here is the link to the article about "fusion" from the mainstream media

    I do agree that the closer we get to revealing the truth of 9/11 to the masses...the more in danger we are of another epic false flag occurring.


    1. hi gc, great comments. re: your link, these guys are experts at downplaying every advance they've got. they make it sound like they're just letting everyone in on their latest developments, when they're probably twenty steps ahead and it's just Oh hey wow we just discovered how to use test tubes! hot damn. every big development they announce should be viewed with the lens that it is way old news. that's just my unscientific wisdom from observing them for a long time. i can't prove it, in case the troll comes by and wants a video proof....

      your comment about rummy is scary accurate...

  14. The smoking gun consists of:
    1) the dancing Israelis
    2) WTC7
    3) PNAC and it's earlier version
    4) the long criminal history of Jewish international financiers and psychopaths

    How it was done is a distraction UNTIL there is sufficient public awareness to halt the JWO.

    How is saying thermate was used "limited hangout"? It brings public attention to the absurdity of the official story which is the first domino.

    Bellowing about Nazis, fascism, etc can delay people from realizing it's a Kosher Conspiracy as so qualifies as limited hangout.

    Interesting but the HOW is strictly non-essential. Great site. Much appreciated.

    1. consider that some people have long ago tuned out of the JWO angle. their cognitive dissonance is too great to overcome, so they can't get here from there. however their ears may perk up if they heard NYC was nuked on 9/11. this opens another avenue for them to learn the truth about the WHO.

      so you can go from WHO to HOW or you can go from HOW to WHO. either way will work. why cut off the avenue? cui bono from that?

    2. Ah yes, the cognitive dissonance of the big taboo. We must never speak of the criminals in the group that shall not be named.

      A new law coming to the US to protect Israel from boycotts? If this passes, which I doubt and hope not, there will be more to come.

      All About Israel: New Bill in Congress Attacks Academic Boycott Movement

    3. @"so you can go from WHO to HOW or you can go from HOW to WHO. either way will work. why cut off the avenue? cui bono from that?"

      Yes, but you can't go to EITHER ONE and make it valid and provable without IMAGE AUTHENTICATION for fakery (acting, tampering, cgi, green-screening, compositing, layering, etc.).

      When you realize that 9 buildings in total were demolished and only 3 were shown: WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7 (Solomon's Temple) and that the WTC7 videos are just as fake as those of WTC1 & WTC2, and that not one but two news stations announced it ahead of time, you have no choice but to conclude that the "smoking gun" of the 9-11 troofers was GIVEN to them, on a silver platter, for them to chase. WHY was this given to them? To convince them of the authenticity of the images and keep them from investigating THE REAL SMOKING GUN: Media Fakery.

      In addition to this they also did not produce videos and imagery of the plane at the Pentagon or Shansville in order to condition the few investigators (amongst whom their infiltrators also reside) to ACCEPT VIDEO AS EVIDENCE PRIOR TO AUTHENTICATION AND ONLY VIDEO! So, that's why you had fools sitting around for years waiting for VIDEO OF THE PENTAGON PLANE, and when they did not get one, they declared NO-PLANE at the pentagon but still stuck to the absurd cartoonish images of "planes" at the WTC1 & WTC2.

      It is a PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION, a conditioning game, not an exercise in realism. REALISM is always avoided IF it will give those being PsyOped a psychological advantage. A public that accepts something as absurd as a "pancake collapse," of WTC 1 & 2 will have very little problem with accepting a collapse of WTC 7 due to fire or blame Silverstein for admitting on fully-owned joke of an enemy-propaganda outlet PBS that they pulled it "to save lives."

      ~ Negentropic MK X

  15. The fire fighters police and responders certainly developed cancer very rapidly after 911, many of them think micro nukes were used, they are very plentiful these days. There are many reports out there indicating the place also showed high radio activity levels afterwards. It is very difficult to say Peasant is not correct on this. I think she is.

    As for Spingola proving Hitler was not a Rothschild, I am afraid truth is in the eye of the beholder and there is a raging debate on that also. All Spingola has proven to me is she just might be in the camp that wants that German tax money to keep flowing south. At this stage of the game it would not be wise for her to disavow her pro totalitarian dictatorship policies in mid stream. Germany had a big problem alright and the red shield just may have sent in their man to "fix it."

    1. "Totalitarian dictatorship" which put people to work and raised living standards; removed Jewish controllers from finance, media, etc; cleaned out the pornographers; restored national pride;

      vs. "democratic republic" which permits poisoned masses of increasingly ignorant "citizens" to choose between Jewish puppet A or Jewish puppet B every four years and then go back to paying their kosher taxes while the nation crumbles around them.

      The form of government seems FAR less important than the morality and intentions of the people governing.

    2. Some are never going to let go of their idolization of Der Fuhrer. You are going to put people to work every time if you plan on invading Russia, Poland, France and the Middle east. How many Rothschild's were victims of the Nazis? Let me answer that zero. They were making a bundle before the war during the war and still are after the war. Germany is still choosing between A and B.

      It would be nice to believe the myth that Der Fuhrer miraculously escaped the poison pen of the masonic order, bankers and other Jewish elements which were all around him, had mansions in Germany and ran the show. It is wonderful fairy tale for those who insist on believing it. Yeah a chicken in every pot.

      Hitler in fact received financing from no other than Prescott Bush, the Harriman Brothers, Rothschilds, Kuhn Loeb and other syndicates. In fact Prescott Bush of the Bush dynasty had his property seized under the trading with the enemy act. The Union Banking Corporation was taken over. The Rothschilds owned the newspapers in Germany at this time, they financed the American Rockefeller group and all news in Germany and the United States was controlled by them. If you think a penniless Austrian farm boy suddenly took them down, sit down and let your head clear a bit.

      Hitler enjoyed Haplogroup E1b1b (Y-DNA) which is khazar and so do his relatives in Ireland, and America. So was his half sister Angela who says she was Jewish and moved into his household at Berchtesgadan.

    3. In fact the nazis are still working for the dream, uniting Europe under Germany just like dad wanted.

    4. Mick, I would have believed your "Hitler put people to work" due to his "plan on invading Russia, Poland, France and the Middle east". It's what one gets in high school, university, and the movies, and on TV.

      The historical record which which is readily available proves otherwise. No plan to invade Poland or France or the Middle East. Jew Bolshevism in Russia was a definite problem.

    5. Oh yes Jewish program in Russia was a problem as was their program in Germany and both sides were financed by the same bankers who wanted war, it is profitable. No need to explain it to the masses, one side or the other will always be their hero.

      "anonymous" is 150,000 Jewish officers in the Reich a problem? How about Supporters of the Nazis reportedly included: Members of the Jewish masonic B’nai B’rith, who were inside the SS, the SA and the Nazi party. The banker Oppenheimer and the aircraft manufacturer Ernst Heinrich Heinckel. Jews such as Heinrich Himmler, Wilhelm Canaris, Alfred Rosenberg and Joseph Goebbels.

      Martin Borman was doing good business after the war in Paraguay.

      "After World war II, Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany in addition to patents and other proprietary industrial information.

      Rudolf Hess, who had a Jewish mother. Is that problem? How about the big dogs coming to America to work under operation paper clip. Is that a problem? How about the Aushchwitz poster boy becoming a successful business man in Britain after the war. How about Ann Frank's bic pen?

      What about Hitler's jewish sister and relatives?

      What about Goebbel's children running BMW these days?

      By the way the forsenic guys are now saying whoever it was in the bunker they though was Der Fuhrer is a woman. Did he have a sex change? The bunker has been sealed by the brits for 150 years. Why don't we break it all out and see what is what? No we don't want to do that, it destroys the narrative.

      For anyone preferring the Spanish language ....

      In the book, The Truth Shall Set You Free along with endless other researchers and scholars, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were created and funded by the Rothschild’s. “It was they who arranged for Hitler to come to power through the Illuminati secret societies in Germany like the Thule Society and the Vril Society which they created through their German networks; it was the Rothschild’s who funded Hitler through the Bank of England and other British and American sources like the Rothschild’s Kuhn, Loeb, bank which also funded the Russian Revolution.”

      Are Hallet's books all wrong?

      Joseph Goebbels, four step grand children are now worth millions due to an inheritance of the German gun and missile industry which includes BMW. Goebbels was Jewish also and apparently had a capitalist streak in that socialist heart of his. It ail turned out the way it was supposed to. Germany was bombed to the stone age, Rothschild is still printing the money and the big corporates who helped him torch the place are still there, never touched by a bomb. German tax money is still paying for reparations and submarines to Israel, Germans just wake up in the morning and read more Deutsch Welle. which was part of the plan by the way.

      Evelyn Rothschild is quoted as saying if her sons did not want wars there would not be any. Is it this simple?

      Care to see Hitler's grave in Spain?

    6. “Germany’s economic recovery, which was complete by 1936, did not rest on rearmament; it was caused mainly by lavish expenditure on public works, particularly on motor roads, and this public spending stimulated private spending also, as [British economist John Maynard] Keynes had said it would. …while nearly everyone else in Europe expected a great war, Hitler was the one man who neither expected nor planned for it.” A. J. P. Taylor, From Sarajevo to Potsdam (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975), p. 140.

    7. Yeah sure, "anonymous" don't miss the new book out on Hitler's great escape to Argentina.

  16. It is good to see that A. Peasant is back in action. I certainly agree with her statement "Understanding is a process, a journey. We make mistakes, take detours, add data, then modify or firm up opinion as needed." My opinions on a lot of issues have changed over the years, and I continue to modify them as I discover new information. Nobody is always correct in every particular, especially when dealing with the layers upon layers of disinformation, misinformation, obfuscation and outright lies which have been deposited to construct the belief systems used to control, direct and exploit us. Even honest and principled researchers can be misled by some of their sources or be unaware of information which might lead them to some different conclusions on some matters, but that doesn't mean that we should dismiss everything they say because they are mistaken about some detail or details. Question everything, then question the answers. Search out different opinions on important issues, especially the opinions of those we disagree with at the time. They might know something we don't.

    The following articles contain information covered by Pez and in the links she provided, but may clarify some points, and are worth considering:

    WTC Nuke Thesis from "Anonymous Physicist"


    The “anonymous physicist” has new ideas on the nuclear demolition of the towers of the WTC. In destroying the World Trade Center on 9/11/01, the U.S. regime (and those who control it) once again wanted to employ a plan that allowed for their coveted “plausible deniability.” As an aside, the plausibility is usually for the American masses. Anyone who is able to think and change usually has more than enough clues to get pretty far into the truth. Now only nuclear devices and their concomitant EMPs fit all the evidence—along with conventional explosives used in a subordinate manner. But this ultimate truth must be hidden...
    With 9/11, the Babel of planes/fuel/gravity, thermite/thermate [etc.], DEW, car bombs in the basement, and surely more to come, was waiting when a critical mass of people rejected the (always) ludicrous, official, “investigation” conclusion. The massive, rapid outward—as well as downward and upward—explosions of the two towers, the toasted cars (but not paper), and popping ceiling lights (Ondrovic—see below), the micron-sized dustification of tower contents, the levels of tritium and heavy metals, the underground molten steel and high temperatures weeks and months later, all can only be accounted for by nuclear devices and their EMPs...

    Read the rest:

    On the Issue of Nuclear Demolition of the WTC and Radiation, from "Anonymous Physicist"

    1. I had forgotten about Anonymous Physicist. Good addition.

  17. When did I know something was not right? The first time I saw the replay on tv of the towers falling, my immediate reaction knowing that a couple planes hit them was, that is impossible. At the moment I had no idea why I felt that way, I didn't realize i was watching the buildings fall at the speed of gravity through the path of greatest resistance. By the afternoon I even told my neighbor they should have fallen like a tree sideways stemming from the point of impact, IF they were going to fail. So from that point on I was fully awake and we had the internets.
    After years of reading every article watching every video that I could find I hit the overload. I figured out most everything that I could, but I will posit this theory. You take all the different ways the towers were alleged to be destroyed and you combine them. Steven Jones makes a valid case for for the use of thermate/thermite (with sulpher/without). Judy Woods asks many question that I have no answer to at all and makes very valid points. There were dozens of toasted cars in the lots by the towers vehicles flipped upside down etc. How? The russian guy makes a view valid points but many other aspects are kind of crap. Many people heard explosions all over the place. We know the official story is pure horse shit. We also know when the towers actually came down it was a colossal spectacle that would rate an oscar for special fx. Why can't we combine some of these theories? After all this time I myself do not think it was any one specific cause but rather a multitude of effects all set off simultaneously. Which one of these effects can reduce thousands of tons of the 6" concrete floors to dust? Which one of these effects can slice all the steel to nice easy to cart away lengths? How many office chairs do you think were in each tower? Find me any picture that shows a twisted office chair or file cabinet. Where did they all go? What causes steel to melt? 3000 degrees fahrenheit. Which effect can produce in excess of that temperature? At this point we have sorted out the actual perps, but the manner that they blew up the towers with will probably never be known until we strap a few of them to the good old water board. With all the actual forensic evidence scrubbed from the crime scene it makes it almost impossible to determine an exact cause.

    1. You have expressed a lot of my feelings about the details of the mass murder. I also believe that multiple devices were used...including slice the steel. Bombs, including nukes. I also believe that there were agents driving around the scene shooting potential witnesses as they saw them. They probably went into WTC7 and shot a few witnesses in there as well...remember a survivor said he stepped over multiple bodies on the way out.

      Will we ever get to justice for the victims? It is very discouraging. I have become very discouraged by my fellow humans as a result of 9/11. Even close relatives who I believe are very bright simply will not address the evidence. They say out right that they "don't want to".

      A few years ago I attended a convention at which one of the speakers was an engineer who lived and worked in NYC. What an opportunity, I thought! I will buttonhole him after the talk and ask him about 9/11. Well, I did and he didn't even know about WTC7 falling at freefall speed or any of the other anomalies...he actually looked confused and perplexed during our entire the organizer of the convention got mad at me for even bringing it up with bad.

      Its like we're playing poker and keep getting hands with jokers and other useless combinations while the perps keep getting aces and high cards. Who's doing the dealing???


    2. Fred, gc..... thanks for the insights.

      My daughter knows a lady who allegedly was working for the Red Cross in New York on 9/11. I tried to get an interview with her, even through email, but she absolutely refuses to talk about it. My daughter says she is traumatized from that day. You're right gc, always try and and chat with anyone you can who was there, if they'll talk.

    3. it's very frustrating trying to make a conversion with people. i have tried many times and just does not work unless the person wants to know for some reason. and most people do not want to know. many people have told me that exactly. they consciously and selfishly choose to be in denial, which prolongs everyone's suffering. but they don't get that part.

    4. gc
      The black guy that was the survivor from wtc7 and was caught on film talking about how he was stepping over bodies as they were getting out of the building is now dead.

  18. Counting The Victims of Jewish Supremacism.


    The second American Opium war began in Afghanistan after the Jews successfully took down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions. The Jews and their allies in the banking community launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. That 100,000 people die from heroin overdoses every year to make the tribe fabulously wealthy is seen by the Jews as good and just. The average age of a first time heroin user in America is 14.
    Of course Israel and Jewish leaders killed Kennedy on 11-22-1963 and blew up the World Trade Center Towers on 9-11-2001. War gives the Jews what they want. They have attacked Syria, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon and would like to get America to start World War III by attacking Iran.

    Read the rest:

  19. these are great links, thanks. it's sad how long this information has been around to be honest. 9/11 has been subjected to so much noise.

    totally agree with your first para. people need to work together because there's really no other way to get to the truth in these matters. i have made many mistakes and changed my opinion many times, but in other areas i have confirmed and reconfirmed and reconfirmed again. the patterns emerge. best wishes...

  20. For what it may be worth, an extensive post on nukes including 9/11.

    Nuke Theory

  21. Again he has a whole bunch of "nuke" photos posted as "evidence" without bothering to authenticate any of them. How does he know the photos weren't fake like the holohoax photos and before? How does he know other bombs, aside from "doomsday machines" or nukes or napalm did not cause the damage and deaths he's talking about?

    Has he ever considered that maybe the cold-war secrets that were given to Russia were not secrets after all but BIG LIES to the public on both sides of the issue?

    Of course, the standard response to all this for him would be NOT to go and try to authenticate the images and see if he can get hard evidence of nuclear bombs, but to say: there were THOUSANDS of people involved! Do you think they could have fooled all those people and kept them all quiet? Well, they did it for the Moon Hoax didn't they? So why not this "doomsday machine" fear-mongering Jew scenario?

    Of if he's anti-Jew he'll say "Are you saying Vanunu lied and did not do 18 years in solitary confinement"? To which I say, how the hell does he know that he did? Does he trust what Vanunu and the Israelis tell him in the news? Maybe he was in a country-club all that time and they just pretended he was doing time? Maybe they put Palestinians in his cell in succession and pretended it was him? Maybe they just left the cell empty and only filled it when Vanunu needed to meet with some silly-assed sucker news-crew? How hard would it be for a bunch of Israelis to get away with a scam like that, given their ownership of the media. The Israelis don't want anyone to know they have 300 nukes or whatever? Says who? If they didn't, they own the friggin mainstream media and they can just kill Vanunu's story and never run it. Doesn't he see that it is stories like these that give FALSE CREDIBILITY and FALSE JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY to the very mainstream media that he calls a liar on other issues?

    The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor

    Do Nuclear Weapons Even Exist? Edmund Matthews

    Note: saying nuclear bombs are a hoax does not automatically mean a person is also saying nuclear power-plants are a hoax. One thing is for sure, nuclear power-plants also fear-monger many, just look at Jeff Rense and his literally endless Fukushima posts.

    ~ Negentropic MK XII

  22. @"so you can go from WHO to HOW or you can go from HOW to WHO. either way will work. why cut off the avenue? cui bono from that?"

    Yes, but you can't go to EITHER ONE and make it valid and provable without IMAGE AUTHENTICATION for fakery (acting, tampering, cgi, green-screening, compositing, layering, etc.).

    and this "image authentication" process -- do you have a registered trademark on that? is there an "image authentication institute"? -- leads us back to the media, and the media gave us the fake photos, so we just have to throw everything out because we can't trust anything from the media, and that's where all the images came from. damn. but in the meantime people should spend a whole lot of time looking at all the fake stuff just to be sure that we really can't solve anything.

    right right right. so shorter: due to the reality-of-fakery, we can't prove shit. cool argument. i love how it just goes around in circles forever.

    got your point. you can stop now.

    1. Nope. That's what YOUR argument does, not mine.

      My argument based on Shack's argument on Clues Forum PROVES 100% that the entire operation was done like a goddamn movie which you and billions of others bought, hook, line and sinker AS BEING REAL!

      The extent you have bought it is incredible since you CLAIM we haven't proven anything when MEDIA FAKERY has been proven 100's of times in 100's of images and video DESPITE there being no need to prove anymore than ONE instance of deliberate fakery for the entire batch to be inadmissible as evidence in any proper court of law. The fact that no proper courts of law exist with the integrity to prosecute this SOLVED CASE is not our fault. The perps had full control of them or they would not have even had the balls to run the PsyOp the way they did.

      You cannot prove anything with witnesses alone absent hard evidence anymore more than me and 10 of my friends can prove you killed somebody by just saying we saw you did it.

      You can prove things IF you have OTHER HARD EVIDENCE BESIDES FAKED VIDEO, which you don't with regards to 9-11, you only have GOVERNMENT REPORTS which you claim is authentic, the same bullshit.

      Therefore, it's you you has NOT proven anything and do not even have any hard evidence to speak of, whereas the Media-Fakery people have PROVEN CONCLUSIVELY that THE MASS MEDIA WAS COMPLICIT 100% AND RAN A FRIGGIN' MOVIE.

      Case solved.

      No one died because you cannot prove that anybody died and you never will. No need to cry over the fact that it was not a false-flag murder of 3000 people as you would like it to be. NO, not because they care about 3000 people's lives, but because that is the most pragmatic method of pulling these operations off. Most people believe that all those people died so obviously it worked and they don't have any 3000 families on their backs only a few hundred tenacious researchers and their followers in the entire world. Not even that. I'd say that aside from Simon Shack and a handful of others, hardly anyone has figured out yet that nobody has been proven to have died on 9-11 at all.

      They ran a PsyOp and got their wars where many people died (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands? Millions? Who knows which report is accurate from controlled war zones like that? ) in Iraq and Afghanistan and as far as I can tell those bodies, unlike the 9-11 bodies, can be produced. They ship them back in coffins and most of them were Iraqis and Afghanis.

      Move on.

      If you're still sticking around on these topics, you're only engaged in making EVERYTHING BELIEVABLE and NOTHING KNOWABLE, in other words: witting or unwitting DISINFO.

      So, are you going to keep spinning in circles? Or are you going to go forward with WHAT IS PROVEN 100% which is that you watched a friggin' movie and thought it was a real 'live' event?

      Move forward with that proof, if you think you have the ability. No one can debunk it. But maybe it's not proof you want, maybe you just want to play 'Columbo' forever for no reason at all and extend the practice of pointless conspiracy hobbyism regardless of valid evidence another 10 years?

      Or maybe even 50 years like the most unsuccessful criminal investigation in history: the JFK assassination?

      It's over, it's done. It was faked using the media. Now we have two choices: run with that proven proof and expose more and more people to it, or refuse to accept it.

      ~ Negentropic MK XIII

  23. nukes they may have been


    read somewhere the steel beams were cut. would nukes do that?
    would those below ground level explosions be reported as just "explosions"

    would seem to be a world of difference.


    i have seen several hotel implosions in las vegas. a large amount of powdered/pulverized concrete was created.

    that's why i did not believe the stories given on 9-11-01.

    1. i will copy Don Fox's answer to a similar question over his place (highly recommended):

      The most likely scenario: conventional charges were used on the outer parts of the Towers and mini-nukes above ground to take out the 47 core columns. Bigger nukes underground to destroy the foundation. The underground nukes caused the high temperatures that persisted for months after 9/11.

      it was a big job, so they used more than one tool.

    2. A site I ran across at RMN that ..."deals primarily with the mechanism of demolition of the WTC and the likelihood of nuclear bombs being used."
      lots of links to info and disinfo

      Here's today's reinforcement of the official story. The story goes that the son of alleged Flight 11 pilot is trying out for a pilot's job at AA.
      I have serious doubts that Flight 11 hit the tower.

  24. Kenny the RMN reference reminds me of old times. I used to post over there in fact but when the Iraq war started, rayelan was pushing it is the best thing since canned beer and torture is just dandy if it saves lives. Naturally when I suggested that is bullshit, I was immediately terminated. She erases things every year or two so nobody can check on the lies she has been spouting in the mean time.

    Awhile back Hobie posted a link to my blog but the convo soon petered out as I am sure they mentioned ... hey it is him!

    On her agents only forum, before she could finish terminating me, she mentioned to them I had to go because she had found out I was working for an intel agency. LOL The woman is not crazy she is a psyop. She knew at the time I am just a retired BP. Her buddy Teresa is just as comical. But yeah once in awhile they do post something worth reading.

  25. "...due to the reality-of-fakery, we can't prove shit."

    Or...we could, on a sliding scale, give more credibility to the theories that bring out the most trolls : )


  26. Why must this infighting occur?

    It's been over twelve years, and yet, the Slavemasters' Credo reigns.

    We all know that none of US did this. Why are we allowing the scumbags to play us against one another?

    No more HOW it was done - let's concentrate on WHO DID IT.

    That's the only get to get at the truth of the events of September 11th, 2001.

    1. I'll relink this The WHO. Some of them anyway.

      Those Still Alive and Well

    2. agreed we should concentrate on WHO did it, and we know WHO they are. but what you are watching is not "infighting." you are watching paid operatives using disinformation techniques to disrupt the conversations of normal people (here and elsewhere -- wherever they can get away with it). their hero shack is one of the tribe.

      notice the obsession (bragging) with the Rule of Law, legal loopholes, and so forth. typical.

  27. The filthy Obama government stokes violence in Ukraine and says.......why must this civil war (infighting) occur?
    It does the same thing in Syria.......creates violence and equates the attacked locals with the mercenary scum who they pay to create the violence in the first place.

    Dirty filthy greasy trolls do that too.........start a stupid fight to drag down the conversation..........then they lament the infighting attempting to equate the greasy troll starting the scrap with the reasonable person who decides to defend against it.
    Sometimes they change names too.....sometimes.

  28. All we need is a prosecutor somewhere in the affected geographic area (NYC, Washington DC or Pennsylvania) to bring charges against the already identified perps. We need someone with the tenacity of a Jim Garrison. Or, maybe it should happen in another Country...that had victims on 9/11. I really wish Canada would step up...after all, we lost some the day of... and then many more fighting in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, I don't even recognize Canada any has been taken over by the Usual Suspects so completely now.