Monday, March 3, 2014

Let's Balkanize the Whole World!

Divide and conquer is a most basic strategy.

Possible Balkanization of Russia in the 2020s

Sometimes smaller is better for the few who want to run things.

We've talked about the balkanization of the Middle East since 9/11. That strategy has worked so why change the game plan

It would definitely be to the advantage of some to have a divided Russia. Does that come before or after the same thing in Iran and Syria?

Saudi Arabia may think they are exempt from being cut up into pieces. They're not. With enough money thrown at the effort China can be split too. If according to the plan, when it's time for the US empire to end, it too will break up into smaller 'states.'

There's lot's of speculation on how the US would configure in a balkanazied scenario but that's not the most important point. Smaller, weaker mini-states don't pose as much threat to the top level established order. But who and how would a very few run this small state world order without a lot of problems? Maybe they leave one large one to police the situations? China or Russia as the next enforcer? The UN? Israel would like to have that role. Would debt slavery be enough? Various depopulation techniques would of course continue.

Or maybe the US could experience a very dramatic breakup from natural or unnatural causes.

Control of energy sources is always a factor.

If you notice, the EU is already balkanized and heavily controlled by a centralized entity. Is the rest of the world to follow?

Whatever the work in progress is, it's a long term business plan. Our own 100 year history of the Federal Reserve shows that. Although there are some pushing to speed up the agenda, it may not work. The whole world is not stupid. When a certain percentage of the population (10%?) stop cooperating, we have a chance to alter the planned future. I'm ready, aren't you?


  1. Isn't it fascinating how hard the NWO works to destroy and re-mold only to have it break into many many pieces of individual and community? image:

    1. Small communities working together works for me.

    2. kenny, your the best- you are one of those people who displays a common sense about matters that is sorely lacking these days- makes me feel less alone

      You get the non cooperation aspect
      When I talk about it at my blog I fear it flies over the head of many
      Don't go along
      Jam up the wheels
      It doesn't have to be violent
      It's the simplest thing of all
      Just don't go along

      I also like the idea of small communities- cooperating
      without any centralized authority as the go between

      We used to just have city governments, then approx 40 years ago, we had to have a regional government- I was a kid then, but I do know the local political scene
      The regional government was supposed to be more efficient- this is always such nonsense
      The minute another layer of government bureaucracy is added- inefficiencies and expenses creep up
      But tell people this obvious and simple fact and they look at you like, duh
      And the people believing the OWG will mean the end of war
      it will be the beginning of the most massive and oppressive state apparatus imaginable
      Any type of one world government would be the ultimate in tyranny
      by it's very nature it would have to be

      non cooperation people- make it your goal

    3. Thanks Pen, Not cooperating with all the aspects of centralization is not easy but there are some things we all can do. The food we spend our money on is one. Grow what we can and try to support local growers and small businesses. Simplifying our wants is another. Folks can come up with many other ways, and have, but it's a slow process and we have to wonder if we have enough time. I try to maintain optimism though and hope that others do as well.

  2. While on the subject of non-cooperation, I ran across this article:

    Nearly 1 in 5 had mental illness before enlisting in Army, study says

    That's debatable psychiatric diagnosis but if one considers brainwashing by gov, media, schools, churches to be a form of mental illness then the number would be closer to 100%. In combination with a poor economic climate we get our volunteer military. Refusal to join is a non-cooperation I have stressed for a long time, especially with my grandkids. So far so good. Not so much with other local kids and the praise they get for 'serving.'

    "mamas don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers."

  3. Thanks for this Kenny. One think I do is not watch the news...that's not going along. It's a quick and easy way to lower your blood pressure too. I have been on the CBC forums re the Ukraine crisis and am amazed that about 80% of the posters are pro Putin...that's significant. I think, at the very least, the propaganda saturation point has been reached. Also, I note that the UK is holding back support for the US...guess that vote in Parliament re Syria taught them a lesson.


    1. I saw that about the UK. We'll see if it holds. Perhaps the City of London doesn't want to be a target if things get out of control?

      " the propaganda saturation point." Yes, maybe as a collective we are there.