Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Live From.....

Since Middle Tennessee is the Southern 'ground zero ' of the manufactured Islamophobia psyops, it draws in both paid provocateurs and willing idiots to assist in keeping the pot stirred.

Victoria Jackson, former Saturday Night Live 'star,' has moved into upscale Williamson County squeaking her cockeyed Christian views and faux conservative anti-Muslim activism. She has also proclaimed her candidacy for County Commissioner after living there only a few months to fight for the "Soul of America" with a rallying cry of  "We Don't Want No Socialism." It's actually funnier than any SNL skit she ever did.

Vickie has a website if you like self-torture but I'll just hit the highlights. She is of course a zionist and holohoax promoter. That's a prerequisite for both her old New York job and this new endeavor. She is also prone to saying such things as "I love Jews. So, I am a Jew."
"I was happy to see Congress applauding Netanyahu and the side of good. Obama does not represent America. We support Israel."
Jackson started her local shtick with bizarre screeds against the Murfreesboro Mosque but as that issue has gotten worn out, she's on to other things.

She may not get this guy's vote though.
I was happy to see Congress applauding Netanyahu and the side of good. Obama does not represent America. We support Israel.
I was happy to see Congress applauding Netanyahu and the side of good. Obama does not represent America. We support Israel.
When a Muslim, Daoud Abudiab, moved in near Victoria Jackson’s suburban neighborhood, she responded with a post on her website titled, “Civilization Jihad, Hits Home (my back yard, literally).”
The washed up Victoria couldn't get a show biz job anymore so I can imagine that maybe she heard this: "You've lost your youth and appeal but we have a gig in Tennessee you might be interested in."

I don't know whether Jackson is getting some expenses covered in this new routine but still, every bimbo joke directed her way is definitely deserved and more.  

She won't win the election though. Not even in the county that Miley Cyrus was raised in are the majority that dumb. Oh wait...they do keep voting in Marsha Blackburn to Congress.


In an actual live from New York comedy sketch, the trial of bin Laden's son-in-law Suleiman Abu Ghaith got a surprise when Abu Ghaith testified on his own behalf and rambled on about how he even met bin Laden on the night of 9/11, in a cave no less. Maybe this one that somehow was never found but its diagram was in all the newspapers the day after 9/11? His testimony was needed since the judge would not let star defense witness, the waterboarded dunce patsy 'mastermind' of 9/11 Guantanamo leading man Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, to take the stand.

We'll be waiting for Abu Ghaith's testimony upon cross examination by the prosecution on how daddy-in-law was always on the CIA's payroll and that he was too. But not holding our breath for long on that one.


I haven't watch SNL in ages except for a few online clips, it was getting very stale long ago, but we can get our fix at any time of the day or night by just turning on the news. The absurd and often poor and degenerate SNL skits and the poor media propaganda skits have a lot in common. Sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

SNL does occasionally have some decent bands but it's rare these days.


  1. -
    all that ammunition
    and not one spare bullet ?

    just sayin', i'm a buddhist
    the kind, that don't kill

  2. I thought her 15 minutes were over decades ago.

  3. She has made herself in to a pathetic spectacle in her later years; very typical of Hollywood vermin.

  4. i've never watched snl.

    like your comparison of news to snl.

    lot of the de evolved in tn, va, wva, ky, nc, sc.

    maybe thick trees, thick hair, smoky mtn haze prevents sunshine to the brain.

  5. To the person who sent me a message:

    I haven't used Skype in years and I'm not sure I want to. My camera and mic have been covered with tape for years and I may want to keep it that way. Nothing personal at all, direct communication with allies may be a positive thing but I'm going to have to think about it some more. Thanks.

  6. She's obviously playing to the Christian Zionist crowd, and she may stand a chance of getting elected if she can make herself out to be as daft as they are. These people here are from the same county:

    She may stand a chance of getting elected.

  7. VJ's "comedy" amounted to playing the blond bimbo to the hilt; I found her skits offensive.

    This piece appeared in yesterday's NYT:

    I don't know how to paste links - sorry. But the diplomatic strike - which intensified on Sunday - was noted by one of Jim Stone's readers as a potential prelude to a false flag attack(s). Combined with the intense threats against Iran plus the flight 370 debacle, that is. The reader pointed out the similarity to the warnings (Odigo text messaging) to Israelis who work in the WTC on 9/11.


  8. EV

    A lot of commenters at RT were saying the same. They can recall all diplomatic employees to save the ones at the places they plan to do some false flag.

    I remember a few years I saw some youtube video of a guy who was supposedly an ex-marine who did embassy security. He was self-exiled in Dublin after getting out. He said he was shown a small low yield suitcase nuke in the basement of the US Embassy in Moscow. I have always thought the next false flag of the nuclear variety was going to be that embassy or Chicago. It is not that I necessarily believe the guy was legit, only that these things are planned and scripted so far in advance. He may have been legit, a misled dupe, or part of a psyop that can be used to cloud any real research should they try to pull something like this off.


    1. yes, lots of action over at RT. Perhaps flt 370 never happened, and is just a psyops distraction. Here's one RT reader comment:

      Denis19 24.03.2014 09:46

      As Ukraine, USA, EU intensifies against Russia, most of the population is focused on the on the missing Malaysian 777. Syrian election are closely approaching,

      Western Powers will attack Syria to make sure their pipe line can go through to feed Europe and Destroy Russia

      Isra el Passover approaches the Blood Moon is arising the Israeli government closes all its Embassies around the world. Israel will keep its word and will soon attack Iran.

      Globa l Reset Is Happening.

  9. What Is Their Plan For Us?


    The Jews want a third world war. Why? They are the destroyers – it’s all they know how to do – and they like it. They have destroyed everything they’ve touched. There is no exception to this rule. They took over Russia in 1917: total destruction of society and of millions of Russians, followed by Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Byelorussians, Azerbaijanis, Georgians, Tajiks, Moldavians, Kirghiz, Lithuanians, Turkmens, Armenians, Latvians, Estonians and Abkhazians. Then came the East Europeans. Then Jewish Communism was foisted on North Korea, North Vietnam and China, Laos and Cambodia – by the Americans. In between these political nightmares, America put Palestine under Jewish Terror.
    The coming Jewish war will have to go nuclear because that’s where the Jews have put us with their illicit power over the US government. It was their plan from the dawn of their nuclear age, articulated by their demented strategist, Herman Kahn, in his 1960 book, On Thermonuclear War. Kahn was the model for “Dr. Strangelove” because his “strategy” was that nuclear war is winnable.
    The highest expression of Jewish creativity was the nuclear bomb. It is the essence of the Jewish mentality. Einstein urged FDR to build a nuclear weapon. Szilard, Bohr, Meitner, Frisch, Zinn and other Jews did the theoretical research. J. Robert Oppenheimer was in charge of the Manhattan Project to build the atom bombs. Edward Teller gave us the hydrogen bomb in ’52. Then the Jewish spies gave it all to Stalin so there could be Mutual Assured Destruction.

    Read the rest:

  10. And Einstein warned Truman's rep that it should never be used again (after Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and that he was sorry he helped invent it.