Friday, March 28, 2014

Signing Up

Well, I decided that it was time to sign up for Obamacare, bite the bullet, roll the dice.

This morning it was an easy ride. Create an account, answer the questions, pick a plan, confirm it and expect to get a bill and how to pay in the next few days.

So for me and my wife, according to what the plan said, we will pay about a dollar a day with a $500 deductible each and after that it's all free. What a deal! After not having any 'health' insurance for the last 9 years, this is amazing! Or is it? I know, I know...someone else must be subsidizing my affordable 'care.'  Don't blame me. I don't write the laws and my representatives don't listen..... unless you're a subsidized insurance company. Will this 'care' plan prevent me from going bankrupt if I get hit by a truck?
What the heck have I signed up for?

This afternoon I was helping someone else sign up and although they seemingly created an account and received some emails, the log in wouldn't work (the account is locked or blocked) and finally the above screen shot told the story. Too may last minute deals with the devil.

If anyone else has their own tales of Obamacare or thoughts on the whole mess, please feel free to let us know.


  1. I don't have any personal experience with ObamaCare; I don't have to sign up. ( am just sliding off onto Medicare (Parts A-Z) while the wife "COBRA"'s off toward Medicare post retirement. But one of the reasons for her retirement was the nonsensical absurdities being generated as the Affordable Care Act implementation invades the insurance industry.

  2. "Why I Am a Conscientious Objector to the ACA"
    by Margaret Flowers / March 28th, 2014

    Reflections on a Medical Career
    Robert S. Dotson, M.D.

    1. I've never found any good reasons why an honest single payer system wouldn't be the best option. As usual it's corporations and special interests that buy what laws they want. Wasn't it reported that the insurance industry wrote the ACA for their own benefit?

  3. Kenny,

    The only reason why an "honest single payer system wouldn't be the best option" is that it would cut out that bloated, parasitic entity called Health Insurance Companies (which, in turn, would cut off mega funding to the parasitic congressworms that allow themselves the best "coverage" in the world, simultaneously keeping sane solutions from us... the peons... aka the hosts).

    We recently visited my insurance agent because we needed to change (the COBRA was going to be over $1200/month). He was all bitchy about ObamaCare, but when I brought up Single Payer, that riled him even more, suggesting that this is what Obamacare was intended to do.

    Insurance Companies garner almost 25% of the money we pay (one helluva gig... I am in sales... I know) and create a situation where we are paying more than any industrialized nation on the planet and also have the worst health on the planet.

    What is happening with the small brokers is that the corporate ticks want even more profits, so they desire that everything go online, eliminating the need for the small guy (my agent doesn't seem to grasp this simple, obvious step i his own demise). Obamacare ushers in that standard and because they know everyone will not sign up, they also have subsidies that will guarantee that they do not lose money... actually will ensure even MORE profits for the leaches (Health Insurance Companies).

    My local broker is so ignorant that it might cause him to lose his business. But he is old and may not care.

    Yes, a viable single payer system that decapitates all health insurance companies is the solution. But good luck with that.

    I have written about it for years.

    1. Not much to add to what you're saying. As pawns we are most always on the short end. Besides being caught up in the insurance scam, we are also being poisoned at ever turn in a vicious cycle. Our best defense is to try and take care of ourselves the best we can.

    2. The single-payer system is a pipe dream (though lots of people have that dream, including the recently-retired director of policy at a not-for-profit health plan near me)(she describes it as "get the bill and then pay the bill") and it seems doable in a world that spends billions a day for armaments and whose economic system prints pallets of bundled $1000 bills in the basement, but then ask yourself if you want the government we have today handling your health care after reading what you can read about Rockefeller medicine, eugenics, and Dr. Mary Sherman. I nominate Dr.Nick Begich for health czar. At least he understands how mitochondrial DNA is our own overnight cellular-level healing and repair system.

  4. Thanks for the info, Kenny and Bman.

  5. -
    having had a bit of a time dealing with [in the context of a parent] medicare, private care, hospital care and medical supply people, i learned a lot about what is wrong with the present system.
    the prices and reimbursements, by medicare, are beyond reason or belief. if you don't already know.

    as an example, a private [not for profit] outfit, we have up here in vt., the visiting nurse association, banked $75,000 [from medicare] for 18 months 'home care', which involved a visit weekly by a nurse, two or three visits per week by 'personal assistants' and a few interspersed visits by a 'companion' to spell me my 24/7 vigil of care.

    after i asked many, many times, why so much medicare reimbursement ?, [ they refused an answer till six months after my parent passing] they finally admitted that they could only prove $50,000 in 'services rendered' and that, at some exorbitant prices such as $235 an hour for the nurse and so on.

    i'm sure the nurse would be lucky to get $35 an hour for her work, so where did the rest go ? as the director of the vna told me, after i worked her for twenty minutes
    'well, we are a business after all' [and that's a 'non profit'].

    > $100 for a wheelchair cushion ? nice cushion but seriously ? the 'price' of meds and so on and on
    i could fill the page but i'll stop there.

    as for solutions - single payer > universal coverage and the only way to get there,
    is cut the insurance companies out, completely - and stop letting the pharmaceutical, medical supply and all hanger on lobbyists keep writing this dishonest and duplicitous legislation

    > there is nothing 'affordable' about it [taken as a whole] very little 'care' is involved but
    it is an 'act' < that is one thing that is certain !

    1. You've summed up many of the problems very well est. The fraud is rampant. Another thing I have mentioned before is doctors who are or have been addicted to their own 'medicine.' One I know of today, has kept his license by getting strings pulled from political friends to whom he regularly makes $10,000 donations. What a racket.

  6. That's a good deal, which explains partly the 20% increase in my monthly private insurance bill. In the past, the yearly increases were anywhere from 5-8% but with Obamacare, they had to pay an extra 'belly button tax' to the feds to help support that cheaper insurance for others.

    What a dealski, Comrade!

    I've had private insurance for over 30 years and yes, it cost, but I didn't want to take that chance of winding up in the hospital for a few days and get stuck with a 150K bill, which would break me.

    So I've kept my 20 yo pickup and cut corners elsewhere, just to keep the insurance intact and now I get to subsidize others who remained out of the system and bought that new car or truck.

    The same year this Obamacare con was shoved down our throats, Rep. Dingell introduced a single-payer bill in the House that was only 19 pages long.

    Pelosi killed it in committee, preferring the 2,000 page long POS that must have so much pork, it drips bacon grease.

    1. Sorry about that Greg. I never thought that for lack of money and paying into the system for so many years I would be forced to be a burden to others in their costs. The whole system is so screwed up I'm not sure if it can ever be fixed.