Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Michael Ruppert

Reports are that Mike Ruppert is dead.

Sunday night following Mike’s Lifeboat Hour radio show, he was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Those of us who have followed the 9/11 truth movement since early on were aware of Ruppert.

We took note of what he had to say, not only about 9/11 but of CIA drug running and other various government corruptions.

But somewhere along the line, some of us came to view him as a gatekeeper and basically ignored him.

There's no reason at this moment to speculate that it was anything other than suicide. If there was a legitimate reason to silence him, it could have happened many years ago.

I'll add this comment from Before It's News and move on. Whatever he was, suicide is an awful way to go.
Mike Ruppert – I go back with him to the days when I subscribed to his mailed-out newsletter, “From The Wilderness” over a decade ago. Finally, I realized he was a double agent – pretended to be a researcher for the truth movement, but covered up key information for the people he really worked for, and your guess is as good as mine on that one. His ‘peak oil’ theory received a lot of coverage, but now we know that good science has totally debunked it. Ruppert only told ‘part’ of the 911 story, and those ‘other guys’ he didn’t want to talk about are still dancing on the top of a van somewhere.

He tried to muscle in on the late Gary Webb’s exposure of CIA drug dealing, and later called people “Internet trailer park trash” who challenged the official verdict that Webb committed suicide – the way Webb’s body was found (check details) and the ‘shoot yourself twice theory’ made suicide a total impossibility, by the way. Webb himself had this to say about Ruppert before he was murdered:

”Mike is a real conundrum. I think he’s a sincere guy, concerned about the right things, and he was quite supportive of my efforts to expose the interplay between the CIA and drug traffickers. But he’s also written stories expounding a theory about the genesis of my Mercury News series that were, quite frankly, ridiculous.”

Ruppert left the USA for a few years (South America), and returned to relaunch his ‘career’, which has puttering along ever since. Plus he was in the middle of several lawsuits as he started suing people for slander who were writing about his antics and the now well-known way he has tried to divide the 911 Truth Movement, and vilify various individuals.
Well, maybe Ruppert had health problems, but maybe he had conscience problems also. He was getting older.

Condolences to friends and family.


  1. Wow! I'm shocked and then again I am not. I vibed the same conundrum. Yes, Kenny, I think you nailed it when you implied conscience problems are harder to abate when you get older. I will defend truth as I understand it, and know that truth from my perspective will always evolve until I am in unison with the eternal unchangeable truth. TRUTH IS LOVE. Truth like love can be identified by the fruit it bears. Suicide is a tough way for sure, my thoughts will be consumed with Michael Ruppert today. I know he was instrumental in my awareness and the beginning of my awakening, but leave it that I serve TRUTH and not a man or any other creation. Mr. Ruppert Judged himself harshly. I believe there is always hope for redemption. I feel no judgment only sadness.

  2. Neutering opposition to the war on Iraq is as likely to result in PTSD as pulling a trigger.



    By the way, Aletho News at Wordpress is back up and would be a good resource for the blogroll here.


    1. Agreed. Why did wordpress take you guys down in the first place?

    2. You know, after over 30 hours of not just shutting the site altogether but also denying administrators any access to retrieving the content, Wordpress only said that it had been a mistake in their first communication.

      The site was being tracked on 16 minute intervals from various locations including Miami, the French Riviera and the Occupied territories for many months until just prior to the closure.

      There had been numerous written complaints to Wordpress about the suspension that I am aware of which perhaps had an impact on Wordpress' removal of the suspension.

    3. I'm glad to hear that the support you received from others may have helped overcome the suspension. The next time someone is shut down, we should all make an effort to pile on the provider to get them to allow free speech that is well within their terms and conditions. Sometimes they back off.

  3. Maybe he couldn't live with the 'conundrum' that was his conscience?

    I saw my share of suicides while working at the Fire Department and gunshots suicide are the worst.

    The mess the person leaves behind goes beyond the splattered blood, bone and brain matter plastered on the wall, the family and friends also have to clean up a mess left behind by someone they thought they really knew, but in the end.....

    1. I too have known families who had to deal with the clean up and it was horrible. They never could enter the room again without thinking about it.

      I also have known 3 people who at least had the foresight to go outside and use the gun on themselves. As bad as it was, it was still better on those left behind.

  4. I listened to his final broadcast. He doesn't sound like someone who is about commit suicide. I didn't really follow him. His back and forth with Dave McGowan was interesting and I believe Peak Oil is BS. He talked the Climate Change to the end. I actually liked the movie Collapse. Not that I believed it but just found it interesting.

    Interestingly, the third and final caller (Lisa) mentioned working at a Mental Health Clinic and suicide calls had recently doubled.

    Why the need to say this suicide is not faked from a couple of different sources? I don't know what you gain by faking a suicide unless you have insurance. And someone to get the money. Where would he hide the rest of his days? If anything, I would say he was NOT apparently suicided. If he was suicided I would think it was from people who he actually worked for. And that may have been a warning to others to keep quiet.

    He did sign off by saying see you next week.


    1. You've opened up the thought that he may have murdered. Here we've had 'patriots' at the Bundy ranch portrayed in some media as 'nuts.' Next was the Miller guy as a nut. Now '9/11 conspiracy theorist,' as the MSM calls Ruppert, implying he had to have been nuts to commit suicide. That's pretty good in less than a week. It seems they could be ratcheting up the demonization of conspiracy 'nuts'. Is Sunstein smiling?


    2. the language....in the last week...
      repeat : Anti-Semitism = "JEWS" are God's Chosen.....people {khazars}
      Conspiracy Theorists....9/11 done by the Terrorists from Talmudia = Bad Anti-Semites
      cue Mark Potok....or Ted Pike....so-called {modern day} "Jews" are not "Israel" [Gen. 49]
      and not Israelites...whether there is any truth to the myth of the "BIBLE" or not the
      "KHAZARS" = Zionist TERRORISTS are the only TERRORISTS on Earth and any response
      is a feeble attempt at self defense....
      most Americans {Europeans} and Western Nations {the whole world} are under economic assault from the synagogue of satan "MONEY CHANGERS" & the Pharisees everyday
      all the time....
      printing the currency & owning the media and HOLLYWOOD & TALMUDVISION has
      provided a "JEW" worshipping AMEN CHORUS of so-called "Christian Zionists" who
      hate the truth as much as any so-called "RABBI" in the "JEWISH" state.
      then there's Celerino Castillo and where the hell is Dov Zakheim...?

      ....probably your gut feeling about Sunstein is spot on....and the people who mass murdered
      the Davidians, Palestinians, OKC & 9/11..Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Lybia..Iran, Africa..and the
      so-called "Indians"...are still printing currency and starting "Wars"...the "Jews" harvest.
      sincerely disgusted that most Americans don't even know about the Emet Group...


  5. But Ruppert was an approved Conspiracy Nut. He had a documentary about him produced the guys who did Yes Men. He was able to name drop guys like DiCaprio and in his last broadcast Chris Hedges and Abby Martin. You have to wonder why certain "CT" characters get exposure and others don't. And why those who appear to be dissenters but don't pass the truth litmus test get paid to give speeches and start fledgling "adversarial journalism" web sites.


  6. I remember when he bogged off to South America. I think he was meant to be on the run from government agents or something, and trashed his house up to make people believe his story. Yeah ... he was like Webster Tarpley to me. Couldn't believe a bloody thing that came out of his mouth.

    Of course, this all could be another "ruse" to garner sympathy, and he might turn up in Indonesia or somewhere next. If it was suicide then it is a horrible way to go but with this kind of guy, you never quite know the truth from the misinfo and disinfo.

    Maybe give it a few weeks, and see if the stories regarding his death are premature or not. Otherwise hold tight. I don't think anything will particularly change from his death. Someone will come in (or is already in place) to fill his empty presence.

    All the best


    ps He also reminds me of Christopher Bollyn. Goes on the run, and turns up in another country ... seems to be well funded, and spouts crap all the time. Still ... he made an excellent childrens book rather than something about Peak Oil :D.

  7. Upon reflection, it seems to me that gate keepers serve a purpose other than intended by their handlers. If one is sincere in their search for truth, there seems to be what I deem the "springboard effect." Just one of the multitude of ways that their bullshit is backfiring on them.

    We all have to start somewhere, and Ruppert was one of the places that my search started. Sorry for him that it ended up this way. Agree that he was compromised, but also believe that he believed what he was selling. ie: ex law enforcement - there is no such thing.

  8. Just got back from a day of mild upheaval, rest and errands to discover this tidbit of news. I have little to add, or to argue with anyone over. I think Kenny pretty well nailed it. I've read most of Ruppert's stuff, including the book "Collapse", and have met Carolyn Baker in person, went to one of her events, and then joined the discussion board associated with "Collapse" (now in all likelihood gone). It was the week I met Baker when I started to question who he was. Did he add some interesting and valid material while he was directing our attention elsewhere? That's an open question. What turned me on Ruppert was not so much him, but the people around him, the degree of rigid support and their inability to allow questions and comments and, in one case, their own affiliations and interests. An online question to Baker about the Colorado theater shooting, the background and degree of wealth surrounding some of the people close to him, and the vituperative and personal attacks by one of his fiddlers opened my eyes some.

  9. I strongly believe that he was one of those that knew too much even if he pretended otherwise.

    It could also indicate a warning to others close to him and those in the know.

    I think, the 'suicide' made them aware...Perhaps even Alex Jones too...?

  10. Another Fake “truther”, Michael Ruppert, Bites the Dust – It’s a Truther Crisis


  11. Did you just say science "debunked" peak oil? So you believe that science said, "no bullshit we have an infinite amount of oil, but 9/11 totally plotted by the US." ?

    1. As both global and domestic US oil production have proven to exceed previous levels "peak oil" is categorically debunked. They claimed that the industry had reached a peak which it could not exceed. They have been proven wrong.

      As to 9/11, what is your theory? There again, the establishment position has been disproved.

  12. Mike scared himself to death. In the words of a leading journalist author, he fed his amygdala too much scary raw data.

  13. I find this a little suspicious - after all didn't he say something to the effect that he didn't want to be around to witness the end of the world (or whatever - don't quote me) and then just happens to "suicide" right before the first of the Armageddon Blood Moons of John Hagee?

  14. Where to begin? Everything has been pretty well covered. He joins the many internet journalists I have read that are now no longer with us. Some of them were quite exceptional and like everyone else here I am not absolutely certain where Ruppert stands among them. The one thing we have going for us is the inter webs never forgets and it has a certain manner in which things eventually get shaken out, sometimes much better than at other times. But if you can just wait long enough and be patient…...

  15. I sort of began with Ruppert as well. Despite being tools of misdirection, Crossing the Rubicon and other titles are a wealth of new (albeit hiding in plain sight) information for the uninitiated.

    If one is genuinely in pursuit of the facts, the various gate keepers are as good a place to start as any. The curious learn to parse the good from the bad and take in the bigger picture.

    As for the alleged suicide, Ruppert was a drama queen, and only certain people ever seem to have the resources available to them to make a living off of their "research". These waters be muddy.

  16. http://aanirfan.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/investigative-journalist-michael.html

    Lots of CIA trolls trying to discredit Mike Ruppert.

  17. Why can't Alex Jones be the next one?

  18. Nobody has asked yet.

    If he was "depressed:, what meds was Ruppert on?

    Did he take them?

    Did he not take them?

    Who was Ruppert's handler?

    Who whispered in his ear?

    There's no way out. Pull the trigger.

    Enquiring minds want to know...

    Remember he vehemently denied that Gary Webb got whacked?

    Who was yanking Ruppert's chain?

    1. Ruppert pullled his own chain. He suffered from suicidal ideation for years.

      What's with all you gov't trolls?


      And you will be THE LAST to figure that out.

  19. Why Hubbert was wrong

    By John Kemp | Reuters | April 17, 2014

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    The rise in output has confounded the famous forecast made by Shell geologist M King Hubbert who predicted that U.S. oil and gas production would peak in the 1970s and then decline.

    Hubbert's prediction was contained in a paper entitled "Nuclear Energy and the Fossil Fuels," published in 1956, in which he argued the coming decline of oil and gas output would make the development of nuclear energy essential.

    Hubbert's prediction of peaking oil and gas production came to be known as "Hubbert's peak" and spawned the popular and influential theory known as "peak oil". [...]

    "Peak oil" is what Nobel physicist Max Planck termed a phantom problem: "soberly looked at, it is void of meaning - a phantom problem on which our labours and thoughts were wasted."

    Full article: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/04/17/kemp-oil-usa-idUSL6N0N934820140417

  20. Can't see him leaving his dog "Rags" behind.