Sunday, April 13, 2014

While We Were Out At The Ranch

Brad Thornton, of Las Vegas, blows a shofar on a hillside above a Bundy ranch protest area near Bunkersville, Nevada
I can only wonder as to the shofar guy's story.

Is this going to turn out true? IBT is reporting that a backroom deal has been made to release Jonathan Pollard as part of the Israeli and Palestinian 'peace' talks. The state department says no decision has been made. Considering all the damage Israel and their firster Americans have done to this country, Pollard is a small fish and basically symbolic but if he is freed, the backlash should be loud and strong. It could kindle an opportunity to really open up the conversion about Israel and jewish influence which many jews may not see as positive.

 Via Penny...Did CIA director John Brennan sneak into Kiev to tell the puppet government how to carry out their operations in eastern Ukraine against pro-Russian forces, or 'terrorists' as they are now called? Whether he personally did or it's just the Russians countering the Western propaganda, the CIA is embedded in the control of the country and they are sending in the mercenaries because perhaps many in the Ukrainian army support Russia. Is Putin hiring mercs to stir up the pot, using the same tactics as the US and NATO did to take over Ukraine? He may not need to. Popular support in the east seems to lean towards Russia over the NATO/EU/IMF plans?


Oh no, what is this?

A shooting at 2 separate jewish community facilities in Kansas City kills at least three.

Early reports:
Three people were killed and a 14-year-old boy was critically injured Sunday when a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Community Center and a senior living facility in Johnson County.
Police arrested the suspected shooter outside Valley Park Elementary nearby by 2:45 p.m. He smiled and reportedly made anti-Semitic statements as he was led away.

Read more here:

Over scanner traffic, Johnson County, Kan., officials reported taking a suspect into custody shortly after the shootings. A reporter for KSHB-TV reported that a man shouted "Heil Hitler!" at a TV crew as police arrested him in the parking lot of an elementary school in the area.
Passover, a major Jewish holiday, begins Monday.
A smirking gunman who reportedly shouted Nazi slogans opened fire at a Jewish community center and an old-age home in a suburb of Kansas City, killing three people.

The gunman, said to be an older man, singled out Jewish victims for death, Rabbi Herbert Mandl, a chaplain with the Overland Park Police Department, told CNN.

“Asking someone if you are Jewish before shooting sounds very much like a hate crime,” Mandl said.
There's not really much information on the shooting or the shooter yet so we'll have to wait and see how the narrative plays out. The 'eternal victims' and here on the 'eve of Passover' will fit in there somehow and often. How convenient that the theme of anti-semite gets headlines here at the holiday time.

Maybe the shooter was a madman or maybe it is something else entirely? I can see the many c-theories and disinformation boiling now. Whatever it is, the shooter did not do any favors for the anti-zionist, anti-criminal crowd. Which, you never know, may have been the plan.


  1. Release Pollard and shoot Jews at a Jewish center to cover the treason up? MSM all weepy about another Jewish victim hoax instead of vilifying Obama about Pollard. All sounds like an Israeli set up again. How is it that Pollard hasn't been assassinated by the Delta Force yet? Can't the good bad guys score a big one occasionally? If the CIA or the Mossad were in charge, they would kill a whole plane load of people or two towers full of persons to eliminate just one person. FBI agents objecting to their own criminal actions just get thrown out of helicopters to die, CIA off of roofs? "7 Days in May" needs a current and revised ending! May is coming up!

    1. Why does everyone keep calling Talmudic Satanists Jews? Jews read the Torah, while the Talmud goes back to 600 men called the Sanhedrin. These 600 men were self professed prophets, but the truth is that they were 600 black priests simply waiting for Moses to die so they could lead the people back into slavery, and that is exactly what they did. The Sanhedrin became the head of the Jewish faith, but like Christianity it was just a hostile Satanic sociological conditioning factory for good slaves. Christ referred to this order of men as a 'den full of vipers' and they are the one's who ordered Christ be put to death. Christ exposed these vermin for what they really were, global slave traders, murderers, theives, and frauds. This is why they refer to anyone who is not one of them as "goyim" (translation - cattle). You see they believe they are the chosen people, and they are right, they are chosen for demonstration purposes so humanity can evolve enough to recognize the face of evil, even when it pretends to be that which it is not (which happens all the time). There is a reason Satan was referred to as the 'Grand Deceiver', because he deceives all, his followers included. This is why Christ said, 'as you do unto others it shall be done unto you.' The Satanists deceives humanity and Satan deceives them. Satan is merely helping God separate the wheat from the chaff, which is why he is referred to as the angel of light. How could Satan turn against God when humanity is the only creation that has been given free will? Satan is merely there to lead astray those who will be led astray. Those who worship the material realm/their five senses, worship the creation instead of the creator. Science has only just evovled enough, via studies into quantum physics/subatomic particles, to establish that the world we live in is of intelligent design.

    2. The powerful American majority of this ethnic group call themselves Jews, and as such, that is how they are referred to. It is this powerful coalition that is running and destroying America. It is obvious that they are evil, but they have to be recognized and fought against in the physical realm, no matter what one's religious theory may be. Most don't even know how criminal they are, because they have been brain-washed to believe they are always the victims. That is why this type of alleged violence happens, intentionally done by the Mossad and local sayanim. Theological excuses don't cut it, but a weapon against a weapon will
      The $14 Billion Secret of Jewish Charities
      APRIL 13, 2014 AFP
      By John Friend
      The Jewish daily Forward, one of the oldest media outlets of the Jewish community in America, recently published part one of a series of articles examining and analyzing the extremely powerful, influential and well-funded network of Jewish charities operating in the United States today. The information revealed is simply staggering, even for those already knowledgeable and aware of the power and influence of the organized Jewish community, which largely dominates American politics, media and finance.

    3. Anon at 8:09 PM: "The Satanists deceives humanity and Satan deceives them."

      NMM: To learn about the factors that contributed to the myth of the devil, you should read:

      The Pedigree of the Devil by Frederic Thomas Hall

      To read online, click "View sample". To download the PDF, hover your mouse pointer over "EBOOK - FREE", then click on PDF from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions.

  2. "made anti-Semitic statements"

    They are NOT Semites! The Palestinians who the Khazarian descendants, thieves and murderers are genociding off their own land ARE Semites.

    Those who call themselves jews but are not, they are the synagogue of satan.

    I'm calling bullshit on this whole shooting of 'jews' story. I wouldn't be surprised if it is MSM fiction just like 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, Assad gassing his people. If it is on the MSM good chance it is a lie.

    Here is a great story about Barry the pink poodle and dreamboat tranny, queen of sodom you won't see on the MSM.

  3. Heil Hitler????? Seriously? He shouted Heil Hitler at a tv crew?Sounds like a recent graduate of the F.B.I. drama school.

  4. Kenny, if your theory about the Kansas shooting is correct (and I'm not saying it's not), then the 'tards are failing to understand something very important that most of us knew some time ago: their game, and game plan, is tired and old and has run its course (short of viciously thorough violence, of which they are capable). It is psychopathological and based on fear and hate and must then necessarily fail if we keep our heads, maintain our own focus, and continue to practice love, and peace, and self-awareness. Morihei Ueshiba, Jesus, and many other masters have shown the way.

    1. I'm not sure I have a theory, just questions in this world of psychopaths who pull strings.

  5. is this plot stale yet ?

    Kurtzer, who as president of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America oversees an array of educational programs across the continent, is understandably concerned that an initiative run out of Jerusalem will, as he put it in an interview, “misdiagnose the problem and misprescribe the solution when great initiatives are starved for resources here.”

    Read more: about King Bulan and the noble foreskins . . .

    mazel tov


  6. This guy goes by the names of Cross and Miller, both of which are in the Jewish surnames index. Miller, btw, is one of the most common Jewish surnames.

    I was working in Alderwood Mall n. of Seattle when Buford Furrow was on the loose - he apparently had plans to mow some people down at that mall, but never got around to it.

  7. He's also a well known Klan leader,_Jr.

  8. Suspect is reported to be Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr., 73, or Glenn Miller or Frazier Glenn Miller-same person. He has a history with the SPLC.

    His official wiki bio:,_Jr.

    I am not able to access today's SPLC report at this moment. I had the link embedded earlier but my attempt at this comment has disappeared twice already and the google cache is not even available. I get this message: "ERROR
    The request could not be satisfied."

    Here's a portion of it:

    The SPLC has been implicated in the OK City Bombing. It has long been speculated that many of those on the SPLC watch list are working for them or the FBI or both. I don't know if that has anything to do with this shooting but it could. The SPLC needs this kind of event to maintain its 'credibility' and keep the donations flowing.

    Also a report is that the shooting was random, killing a doctor and his grandson who are said to be Christian, not jewish.

    Why are so many of these domestic 'terrorist' shootings and bombings random? What would be the purpose and the message? Why would they not target someone a little bit higher up on the pay scale? It doesn't make sense. The narrative may become that a lifetime of hate causes these people to flip out in their old age.

  9. He's got interviews on YouTube

    1. Wow, listening to the Stern interview. "Miller" really lays out the talking points and Stern plays along. Controlled opposition on the payroll, patsy, sincere? Will he ever go to trial? Many questions on this.

  10. When we blow apart families or farmers in Yemen or Pakistan or the Sudan, etc, where's the crocodile tears then?

    Oh, that's right, they don't count, since we've been taught to hate them by Israel and her MSM lackey's.

    Good time for Israel to stage some more bottle rocket attacks from Gaza and use that as an excuse to blow the hell out of some Palestinians.

  11. This report says at one time Miller became a snitch.

    "He served three years after being smoked out of his home by the FBI, which found quite an arsenal in his possession, including hand grenades. Originally sentenced to five, the term was reduced after Miller rolled over on more than a dozen of his fellow white supremacists."

    Miller's autobiography:

    A White Man Speaks Out

    Final Chapter 2010

  12. Miller (Cross) seems like he is playing a character. And both your posted interviews were virtually identical. So, Miller was punked into calling Stern's bookers and they went along with it. OK sure. Miller has probably been playing that character since he left the Army. Special Forces retirees can continue working as operators even after they retire BTW.

    Miller had a son killed by police in 2008.
    Compare SPLC version with Miller's account on the VNN forum. Scroll down to Rounder at April 1st 09:56 PM to read his account of the accident and killing. Notice the difference?

    Now remember SPLC phoned "Marge" who doesn't share her husband's racist views. So SPLC has "Marge" in their rolodex?

    All the references to Good Samaritan?


    1. A strange tale indeed with Miller's son. It's hard to know what is true.

      An alleged confirmation of Miller being an informant. via xymphora

  13. From Kevin Barrett:

    "One suspects that Miller’s prison psychiatrist was a certain Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West, and that his whole post-prison career has been one big psy-op. Jolly West, a notorious MK-Ultra mind control specialist, “treated” other walking, talking SPLC/ADL ads, including OKC bombing patsy Timothy McVeigh. Whoever inherited West’s private practice is presumably using hypnotherapy on people like Glenn Miller".

    Then again, it’s possible that people can really be this stupid without outside help.

    A mind controlled dupe triggered to go off? It has probably crossed all of our minds.

  14. Wonder if the article goon squad posted on what the Kansas City paper wrote had anything to to do with this newest holo- hoax. Rachel

  15. Off recent subject and back to Philip Wood. Sarah Bajc is quite a professional woman of much experience. Could she have been assigned to Wood as a Mossad honey trap, considering that Wood 's purpose at IBM is/was security?
    Sarah Bajc -

    Bet you guys didn't know Tescom has an office in Singapore at KH KEA Building, 333, North Bridge Road.
    So who is Tescom? It is an Israeli company that deals with remote controlling of planes software.
    And it is not made known properly that in 2005, Sarah Bajc was the Managing Director of Tescom - US
    She is also the gf of Philips Wood, the one on the MH370 flight.

    The plot thickens.

  16. Palm Sunday=Christians, whereas Saturday=Sabbath and Jews . If the guy wanted to kill Jews, why not choose the Sabbath?
    3 Christians were shot at Jewish community center, but not Jews. Biblical account portrays Jews as judging to crucify Jesus, but Roman soldiers (goys) actually carried out the crucifixion ( 3 crosses of death).
    Victimization of Jews is in the news, but it was Christians who were actually the victims, not Jews. This event appears to have been staged to represent Jews hatred of Easter and Christianity, by exalting Jews as innocent victims. If this was done on Palm Sunday, what do they have planned for Easter Sunday as a crucifixion encore?

    "Three people were killed and a 14-year-old boy was critically injured Sunday when a gunman opened fire at the Jewish Community Center and a senior living facility in Johnson County."

  17. The idiot with the shofar is a religious nutter who has never read the bible critically or understood it's history and how it came to be.

    Bundy was a fucking fool, and so are all the faketriots that came to "support" him. Fucking idiots to the nth degree.