Monday, May 19, 2014

An Imperial Plan

Let's for a moment take a look at Peter Chamberlin's latest editorial, Imperial Plan To Use Civil War As Gas and Oil Valve. 

This has one aspect of the wars and destabilization programs that I have noticed for years and have frequently used in conversations.

There are other aspects of course, the drugs and arms trade, monetary control, etc. and not the least is that Israel is or wants to be a primary benefiter in these criminal endeavors, at our and many others expense through their 'influence.'

"The pattern displayed so far is too consistent to be the result of chance, or a blundering foreign policy.... 
All of the wars started within the greater war (which used to be called "war on terror") have blocked oil and gas which was about to be brought onto the market. There must be hard evidence floating around somewhere on the Internet which proveuses that the US, the Saudis and all Western governments have been following a foreign policy of exporting wars wherever they cannot control the harvesting of oil and gas.

Whether my opinion on this matter is right or wrong, it has become obvious that oil and gas prices would bottom-out if all of these untapped resources were allowed to be brought online now, through international cooperation. This renewed civil war in Libya provides us with a perfect demonstration of what we have been doing to Africa and to the sovereign nations of the Middle East. By destroying the govts. of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria and the rest, we have made it impossible to bring their oil and gas plans to fruition.

We are fighting in Syria to keep its gas "bonanza" under the ground. Until the Syrian landmass and outlet to the Mediterranean is secured by Imperial terrorist puppets, there will be no gas pipelines built through the Middle East, or through any Muslim country under our influence. The beneficiaries of this treacherous policy have been the Saudis, the United States and the Big Oil giants.

Afghanistan violence prevents the building of the TAPI pipeline from Turkmenistan to the Arabian Gulf.

The two major wars against Iraq, and the punitive sanctions in between them, have prevented the pumping and piping of Iraqi oil and gas (more oil than in Saudi, with gas reserves only estimated), helping to maintain inflated fuel prices since the first Gulf War. From 1988 on, there has been fighting in southern Iraq. The Iraq War was reportedly started by Halliburton's tapping of Iraqi oil from Kuwait, using "slant-drilling," allegedly using "unbalanced drills" (also known as "horizontal drilling" (used in "fracking")

The renewed Libyan civil war has taken the world's finest crude oil off the market, although the tap can be opened periodically, whenever oil stocks need a little nudge upwards. This latest ploy to take Libya's sweet oil off the market has been led by a man who has lived in Virginia for the past 20 years, General Khalifa Hifter.

The Pentagon plans to defend the resources of the world (as if they were all our own) by bottling those resources up, to be tapped in the future, whenever doing so would become profitable. No one has the power to challenge this Imperial arrangement."
No one yet maybe but the time's coming.


I ran across this video that believers can take literally. For those who may not see it that way, it could an allegory that reflects the possibility that maybe ethical and moral lifestyles and actions, without the standard religious dogma, are still the best way. Our definitions of what that is varies but always there is common ground.

When addressing the issues, the predicaments, the uncertainty, the dilemmas of our lives, perhaps an option is to look within ourselves first for insight and answers.


  1. "The only way out is in." I forgot who said this. Examining ourselves and be honest about it is a big challenge. It is easy to blame something or someone for all our ills. Not that there are enough culprits who need a reckoning.

    With all the 'life-defying' events going on in this world, the question is whodunit and why? Seems like we are in for a reset Noah style, and most people don't even notice. But, abuse of any kind can only go on for so long until it blows up in everyone's face, imo. Dusting off the bible might not be that helpful.

    1. I saw that video as an indictment of so called Christians who refuse to address the issues of war and other abuses. It has continued my whole life. The dust is in their eyes.

    2. I might not have listened close enough to that song. But the so called Christians and their preachers promoting, even blessing war are a blight. Although, I would like to make a distinction between those and the 'love-thy-neighbour' kind. Boils down to definition again, doesn't it? As far as I know the mega church, John Hagee type worshippers are wearing a label they don't deserve.

      Helen Ellerbe wrote a little treatise about 'The Dark Side of Christian History' in 1995, Morningstar and Lark. An excerpt:

      'After Christians had spent years destroying books and libraries, St. John Chrysostom, the pre-eminent Father of the Church, proudly declared:
      Every trace of the old philosophy and literature of the ancient world has vanished from the face of the earth.'

      Needless to say I believe the Church, any church exists for one purpose: to quell the human spirit. Never mind the riches they generally have accumulated by doing that.

  2. You could add Viiet Nam to the list....where a manufactured civil war became the cover for Standard Oil's depth sonar and extrication off of the coast.

  3. Kenny, this post from Penny a few days ago fits in with what Peter Chamberlin is saying-
    Cold War II - Libya's oil for EU- Embargoing Russia?

  4. and now a flashback from the fortress of ultimate darkness...

    {the bread crumb trail Hanzel...}

    The agreement has nine articles;
    each with a condition agreed upon by both Weizmann and Faisal and
    any disagreements would be settled by the ROTHSCHILD British Government.
    The document was vague in the articles and could be interpreted in a multitude of ways,
    such as Article III alluding to the Balfour Declaration, which could have been interpreted
    to mean the ASHKENAZIM "Jews" from Khazaria - {Japhetic -turko-mongolian -PROSELYTES}
    GOG & MAGOG "Jews" would be in Palestine.....and the ZOG USGOV..."CONGRESS" !!!

    While some of the articles sound good in theory,
    they would be difficult to implement in practice.....seriously.

    Article VI states that "The Mohammedan Holy Places shall remain under Mohammedan control,"
    while Mohammedan holy places contain holy sites for both Arabs and Jews.

    {Jew and Holy are mutually exclusive - diametrically opposed - realities} - Jesus John 8:44

    Other statements similar to that in Article VII stating -
    "The parties hereto agree to act in complete accord and harmony in all matters...",
    ...were outright ridiculous.
    At the end of the document the Edomite Faisal added an addendum stating that everything
    in the Agreement needed to happen in order for the Agreement to be put into effect.{caveat}
    This shows the "all or nothing" attitude of the Edomite "Arabs" whereas
    the Zionist Jews from Khazaria singing HAVA NAGILAH...
    were more willing to compromise in order for ....dig this chutzpah..."progress".
    The Faisal-Weizmann Agreement was nullified by the Sykes-Picot Agreement.

    remember the gold looted from the "New World" by Spain....where did it go ...?
    Rothschild melted it down during the 1850's

    wars are the "JEWS" harvest

    300 million "Non-Jews"" the last century

    what kind of a sacrifice is that ?

    Congress : the exact opposite of Progress.

    THE LANGUAGE....right No More Myths...?

  5. Cue the martial music! $ "♪Proud to be an American♫" $ Trot out the Vestal Virgins in skimpy American flag outfits! $ Onward Christian Soldiers $ Make War For God and Country! $ For Zion! $ For the Petrodollar! $ $ $ $ $

    1. Exactly. A well put condensation of what we are up against.

  6. Robin Westenra at SeeMoreRocks has this:

    "the need for genuine supportive dialogue "... [Bohm]

    "... in order for there to be peace in the world, we must each first make peace with ourselves. No spiritual path, leader, or personal or political philosophy will guide us in this endeavor, he said; this transformation of the human psyche is a truth that each of us must discover within."[ Krishnamurti]

  7. Hi Everyone,

    Is Dublin Mick okay?

    No new postings on his blogs for about 2 weeks and I had word he may be locked out like aangirfan.

    i cannot get any kind of response - do any of his regular readers know what is going on?

    I am getting concerned - Facts has not been seen or heard of for months now too.

    I have a very sinister feeling about all of this. I hope I am wrong.

    1. I emailed Mick the other day but haven't gotten a response. His last post, now removed, said his son committed suicide. The title of that post is still there over on the blogroll. ???

      w at Facts Not Fairies has been gone too long. Whether sinister or not, we may not ever know.

  8. Oil and gas producers don't need or rely on state militaries to prevent gluts from occurring, They are quite adept at handling production levels between themselves and even adversaries are able to cooperate:

    How the Iran Nuclear Deal May Impact Iran’s Approach in OPEC

    ... Iran’s reemergence on the international oil scene comes at a time when developments in other OPEC member states are increasing the likelihood of an appreciable rise in Middle Eastern oil production—e.g., Iraq’s security is improving, and strikes and rebel attacks seem to be ebbing in Libya. Zanganeh argues that, even in this context, Iran’s return to the oil market should have no negative impact on prices. As he told the OPEC Bulletin, over the years other OPEC members had “gone out of the market” for some time, “but when they returned to the market, OPEC knew how to deal with the situation—to create room to maintain the extra capacity, so that these countries can have a good return and for it not to have a bad impact on prices.” ...

    Full article:

  9. Kenny - was taken out sometime between 06 May and 16 May.

    So to my mind It might all be coordinated.

    Mick emailed me 4 days ago saying:

    "I can no longer comment on wordpress and google blogs. I get a block that says you are not the owner of Dublinmick. I wonder who is?"

    If he has just been locked out then I would still expect him to be in touch.

    I hope he does make contact.

    Stay safe.


    1. Public Action, for now still on the Wayback Machine. It's probably best for everyone to save what they want to keep as soon as possible.

  10. Exodus: Israelites’ Enduring Deception

  11. You might want to check this out Kenny, or hand it over to DublinsMick, either way it's pretty heavy news: Hollywood celebrities caught on hidden camera accepting money from "Middle Eastern oil interests" -Environmentalist SHILL Ed Begley Jr. caught taking 'middle eastern' oil money for 'anti-fracking' film
    "Washington and Hollywood are alot alike, illusions, special effects, smoke and mirrors" -Ed Begley Jr, accepting money from middle eastern oil company to produce anti-fracking film

    1. It's really not all that surprising, is it?

      Thanks for the exposure of these clowns..