Friday, May 2, 2014

Intensifying Ukraine

The puppets of the US, NATO and the IMF lash out in Eastern Ukraine. The threat by the IMF to revisit their $17 billion loan unless the Pro-Russians are subdued brought quick action from the illegitimate regime using their military and mercenaries.

Just the beginning or are there any sane people to stop this madness?

An anti-terrorist operation initiated by the Ukrainian government says the Kyiv Post. Possibly over 30, reportedly Pro-Russian protesters who seized the House of Union in Odessa, died in a fire there.

Fire Sacrifice?

May 2nd is the 3rd anniversary of the faked bin Laden death. Someone thought it was a good day to start a fire.


  1. You have to realize that many people in Western Europe are still afraid of Russia dating back to WW II. Little did they know who the real perpetrators of most of the atrocities were at that time. Even after the dismantling of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall distrust is still high.

    Apparently, there were two demonstrations going on in Odessa, one pro-Ukraine (wanting to align with Europe, supported by the IMF and Jewish oligarchs), one pro-Russia. Among the pro-Ukraine demonstrators were members of the local football club 'Tschjornomorez' which hosted the team of 'Metallist Charkiw' on Friday.

    Pro-Russia demonstrators had set up a camp in front of the trade union building. Violence broke out between the two factions with baseball bats, rocks, Molotov cocktails, homemade grenades and gas pistols. The tents went up in flames and the pro-Russian activists took refuge in the building. The Ukrainians stormed the building and all hell broke loose. You saw the death toll. The governor of the region, Wladimir Nemirowskij, praised the arsonists: "They have neutralized terrorists." He blamed the police for the dead because the police did nothing.

    Well, Kenny, if you think this was a 'burnt offering' I wouldn't be surprised.

    Let the photos speak for themselves.

    1. Putin signs law banning rehabilitation of 'Nazism' (read holycost denial laws, country # 19 overall, a gigantic one with at least 143 million people instantly back under thought-crimes legislation)

      "President Vladimir Putin has signed a law banning the rehabilitation of Nazism, the Kremlin press service said on Monday [May 5, 2014]. The law, which introduces criminal punishment of up to five years in jail for the denial of facts set out by the post-war Nuremberg trials and for the dissemination of false information on the actions of the Soviet Union during the war, was earlier adopted by the parliament. Publicly desecrating symbols of Russian military glory or spreading information disrespecting public holidays related to the country’s defense will be punishable by a fine of up to 300,000 rubles, ($8,400) or community service for up to a year, RIA Novosti said."

      How’s that for a complete douchebag? It was all a set-up leading to this, every other thing Putin did that ‘made sense’ was buttering up the Russians & every other Putin-groupie outside Russia to put in this check-mate and stranglehold. Putin stands for nothing but fake controlled-opposition to the Jew World Order and there's the final and undeniable proof.

      ~ Negentropic MK I

    2. Very little about this in the mainstream media although the jewish/israeli press is reporting it. Apologists are saying it is Putin's way of cracking down on ultra-rightists who are controlled by CIA/Mossad to destabilize the 'homeland.' We'll see how it plays out.

      Meanwhile, no laws yet needed in US questioning the holocau$t. Pressure is sometimes enough.

    3. Pressure and ostracism obviously weren't enough over there. I'm not against social pressure and ostracism I'm against legalized initiated force. The first two can be resisted by the mentally strong as long as physical force is legally kept at bay, the second cannot be resisted without major damage to one's life and livelihood. It's not that the Russians have any special love for Hitler's Germany, it's that they certainly don't care much for the Jews and most of them know exactly who it was that was the majority driving force behind the Bolshevik party that brought so much death and misery and repression to their homeland in the communist decades. The Hitler thing is just a way of selling violation of their right to free speech. "Your grandparents died to keep Hitler out of Russia. Are you saying now that your grandparents shed their blood for nothing?" Yes. That's certainly what they will be saying once they figure out that the Jews lied about everything that went on in Hitler's Germany. So not only did their grandparents shed their blood for nothing but in fact, they shed their blood for the Jews controlling Russia and the Jews controlling the All-lies. That's the truth they want to keep registering with the Russian Youths who have access to the internet as long as possible and Putin is their man.

      ~ Negentropic MK II

  2. for research purposes.


  3. We will find all of them — if it takes one year, two years — and bring them to justice and try them in Ukrainian and international courts. The ground will burn under their feet,” said Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

    Yatsenyuk could be controlled by CIA through Scientology
    Read more:

    IF Yat has Scientology connects, I see connects with Anglo-American "Mighty Wurlitzer" crew of Crowley and Hubbard. Then you get the whole pedo gang too. Which surely fits into distinct patterns.


    2. Dozens of FBI, CIA agents in Kiev ‘assisting Ukraine security’

    3. Dungeon Masters
      CIA, FBI

    4. very interesting connection to scientology, Peter. i came across this blog about scientology a few months back:, where they describe in detail how the mind control works in that "religion."

    5. Thanks AP. Sorry i did not check in here earlier. But you know things are wild these days. Much to read at that Mcclauhry word press blog, It looks fascinating

  4. In the same time frame in Afghanistan, destruction and death by nature, or death by geo-engineering? The murderous actions done in Odessa have obviously been done by NATO/US backed Ukraine vile villains. The slaughter of civilians in Afghanistan allegedly by acts of nature "appear" to be just that. Instead of a drone missile strike which can kill just a select few, a major natural disaster can cause much more comprehensive destruction. However, this coming so soon after the well reported Oso, Washington slide disaster, makes this highly suspicious. So much so, that one can wonder if the one in Oso had a planned purpose, too. In Afghanistan there are heroin channels and "local commanders" in this province.
    SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014 10:14 AM PDT
    Death toll reaches 2,100 in deadly Afghanistan landslide, authorities scramble to help displaced families
    Deadly landslides in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan have left more than 2,000 people dead, and authorities are now scrambling to help hundreds of families displaced by the disaster.
    Violence In Tajikistan's Badakhshan Province A Legacy Of Civil War
    By Robert Coalson
    July 26, 2012
    Paul Quinn Judge, acting Asia program director of the International Crisis Group, sees the current violence as a legacy of Tajikistan's civil war.
    "The pattern was after the civil war, in many places, to give local guerrilla commanders -- commanders of the United Tajik Opposition, that is -- positions in their home which would allow them to wield substantial political, administrative, and economic clout," Quinn Judge said. "The current targets of the government's operation seems to fall very much within that mold."

  5. Hey Kenny
    wanted to thank you for the link too
    much obliged :)
    crazy times, crazy times
    have you seen the white paper Russia released?
    I have the link in my newest post- they have documented months of abuse by the thugs in kiev
    the paper is in english and russian and has been released prior to an upcoming meeting that Lavrov will be attending- peacekeepers?


    opening may 21st

    1. 9/11 memorial designed by Israeli Michael Arad. Fitting eh.....

  7. The invasion pf Ukraine just might be a more catastrophic holocaust than The Holodomor! Look back at how the Luciferians (then named Bolsheviks) prospered after The Holodomor (Holocaust 1.0) and Stalin’s purge of the Ukrainian Intelligentsia during and following WWII (Holocaust 1.5).
    Another successful sacrifice of Ukrainians WILL return as a karmic bite in the ass to EVERY Putin [puppet] -Lover – who will have to witness their loved ones impaled to their homes, eyes gouged and then the house set a flame.
    NOW=NJO. Who’s running this show? It’s the Bolsheviks, stupid.

    - LOOOOONG-time reader

  8. One of the patterns one can recognize over time is what has been called -- in my recollection but I'll be damned if I can find a reference to the phrase online -- "the fetishization of the victim". It's a particular macabre and evil pathology known to people who watch crime shows and the like in which the "perp" or the "unsub" keeps an article of clothing, a lock of hair, or some bit of memorabilia by which he (or she) can re-visit the crime and get continued "jollies" out of it. I think we see it above in a minor form in which victims are mocked on YouTube (something that can be watched again and again, and preserved). We may see it in the design of "memorials" which can always be visited if not in person then virtually or indirectly. We probably have seen it in some form in Waco. I imagine that is why the dancing Israelis filmed the Towers. Footage of the collapse abounds. Perhaps the ultimate was the 8-mm. film captured by Abe Zapruder on 11/22/63. [The camera hole on my desktop monitor is covered with a scrap of paper on which I have written my target and purpose: "the evilarchy".]

  9. Crimea is Khazaria. I expect it will become the 'New Israel'. Looks like USA is the last free speech zone. But 911 denial legislation may be next:

    'Everyone saw those planes on TV'

  10. There are more pre-planned horrors already in process. Russia being baited to come to the aid of the people being massacred ?
    OpEdNews Op Eds 5/7/2014 at 11:23:51
    Odessa-- the First Pogrom-- The Obama Genocide
    By George Eliason (Page 1 of 4 pages)
    The photos and video speak for themselves. The massacre in Odessa, Ukraine was a pre-planned attack.

    Before people were herded into the Trade Union House, Pravy Sektor was already setting up in the building for what can only be described as a crime against humanity.

    People were tortured. Women were raped. People were hacked with axes all the while Pravy Sektor under the group Stop Horowitz blocked the exits. At least one small child perished. Some of the survivors were people on their way home from work that were just passing by.

  11. Somewhat behind times in posting this info, and I am not quite sure of its relevance. Stolen nukes and who has actually done it, and for what purposes? Since nuclear activity seems to have been happening since Clancy wrote his book and Israel appears to be the prime culprit along with US co-operation, making the Ukraine a place of terrorist activity was not just by "accident," perhaps? Octopus Israel has violent global reaches, now in the Ukraine?
    Tom Clancy - OP Center (Full movie)
    Nuke theft takes place in the Ukraine. What did
    Clancy did know then, and what was he in the process of revealing at his death?
    OP Center (1995 TV Movie)
    Plot Summary
    Paul Hood is the newly appointed director of the OP Center, a special agency gathering a wide variety of experts monitoring international crisis. On his first day on the job, nuclear missiles are stolen from the former Soviet Union by terrorists. The team must find out who did it, why, and most importantly, where they are heading so they can retrieve them.
    - Written by Steve Richer