Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Reinforcements Ride In

In the battle for the American mind, reinforcements are often needed to stem the tide of truth. Swords waving, flags flying. The enemy defined and defeated again.

The questioning hordes must be pushed back. Their numbers continue to grow. 

Keep repeating the big lie. Make it a media event. Invite the president to reinforce and replay the legend.

9/11 is a Litmus Test. There are several more but this one strikes hard at the root and one more psychological Calvary charge against the heresy of doubt is standard operating procedure when the criminal's backs are against the wall and it is crumbling. No violence needed if the people just accept.

A museum, a memorial. That's the ticket. $24 dollars a pop to get in. Get the people to pay for their own poison. Keep the focus on the victims, The poor random victims of outsiders, our enemy. It can happen again. Turn on your TV, they'll tell you.

Shame on anyone who doubts the official tale. No one would build a memorial to a lie, a myth, a charade..... would they?

The 9/11 Memorial Museum dedication ceremony will be held on Thursday May 15 at 10 a.m. in New York City. The ceremony will include stories that will be told in the museum.

One more time. It's an important concept.



  1. Hi Kenny - thanks for the timely reminder about Ehud in your last article. Btw I am in full agreement regarding your views on the 'litmus test' - it is pivotal. There is no sane argument left to be relied upon by the doubters and perps. Saying that they still don't go away. I saw there is some typing from your last post showing through beneath your new post - I don't know if that is an attack or just a glitch?

    1. Hey Carol, Thanks for the reinforcement on my stance on 9/11. I saw the 'glitch' a couple of times then with a refresh it disappeared so I have no idea what it is.

    2. I had something like that happening too a while back. My comment boards are completely defective they only work if someone like yourself or Dub or Aang leaves a comment but for anyone less prominent they don't seem to work ever. No big deal we march on.
      Getting back to the subject I am determined to go back to 9/11 with a clear simple objective that takes up your promotion of the Litmus Test standard. In this regard I think AP's posting a while back was good as it was a thoughtful and considered review. Most of us will not be able to agree on all of the smaller or finer points but that is frankly irrelevant as we both agree the legitimate movement must focus on what is undeniable fact and which controverts the 'official conspiracy theory'. If we can collectively get momentum behind the Litmus Test then that creates pressure.
      Secondly, from an international perspective I want to focus on the De-Legitimization of Israel. The double standards that we all know of must be exposed by a collective campaign.

    3. Carol, you should find some useful information about some of the perpetrators of 9/11 and the subsequent wars "justified" by that false flag event in “The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives” by Laurent Guyénot:

      As for the De-Legitimization of Israel (and the Judeo-Christian Zionists who support it), my strategy is to strike at the root:

      Fables of Ancient Israel Now Being Dissected

      Forbidden Knowledge: the Bible's Origins

      That strategy doesn't make me many friends or get much support, but the search for truth is my only criterion, wherever the truth may lead.

    4. In “The machiavelian threefold game of the neoconservatives” Laurent Guyénot mentions Michael Ledeen. Here's some more information:

      Michael Ledeen
      Ledeen was a Ronald Reagan appointee and is outspoken on U.S. foreign policy. He worked as a consultant to the National Security Council, Department of State (81-82), and Department of Defense (82-86)... Contributor, Jewish World Review... Although many Americans had not heard of Michael Ledeen, a May 9, 2003, Pacific News Service article reported that Ledeen is one of President George W. Bush's "most agressive foreign policymakers."... "Ledeen's ideas are repeated daily by such figures as Richard Cheney, Donald H. Rumsfeld and Paul Dundes Wolfowitz. His views virtually define the stark departure from American foreign policy philosophy that existed before the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. He basically believes that violence in the service of the spread of democracy is America's manifest destiny. Consequently, he has become the philosophical legitimator of the American occupation of Iraq."

      Michael Ledeen has been described by the Jerusalem Post as "Washington's neoconservative guru". He was part of the neocon 'cabal' that manufactured the defective intelligence in the lead up to the war against Iraq, and has since been active in making the case for the bombing of Iran.
      "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." - Quoted/paraphrased by Jonah Goldberg in The National Review Online
      Ledeen was a senior researcher at the CIA-affiliated think-tank CSIS in the 1970s.
      In 1977, after earning a Ph.D. in history and philosophy and teaching in Rome for two years, Ledeen became the first executive director of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, a pro-Israel pressure group that served as a flagship of the neoconservative movement.
      A few years later, after Reagan was elected, Ledeen had become prominent enough to earn a spot as a consultant to the National Security Council alongside Feith. There Ledeen was involved in the Iran-Contra scandal...

      Neoconservative Think Tank Influence on US Policies

      1981: Neoconservative Defense Official Hires Fellow Neoconservative as 'Special Adviser'

      Neoconservative Paul Wolfowitz, the head of the State Department’s Policy Planning Staff, hires fellow neoconservative academic Michael Ledeen as a “special adviser.” [CounterPunch, 2/28/2004] Ledeen will soon fall under suspicion of spying for Israel after moving to the Defense Department.


      Machiavelli Meets the Religious Right: Michael Ledeen, the Neoconservatives, and the Political Uses of Fundamentalism
      By Hugh B. Urban

  2. Putin gets an F on that test.

  3. I've just been watching the new 9/11 Pilots for Truth film Skygate 9/11 (40 minutes) that you can find over at Cryptogon . Most interesting analysis of data, which suggests that the FOIA has been "weaponized". See also at Veterans Today the new Fetzer article on Sandy Hoax. While it's not relevant to 9/11, of course, it is evidence that the perps continue to push the envelope on making things up out of whole cloth. It is we who need the reinforcements.

    1. I will certainly watch the Pilots film as soon as I get a chance. Thanks for the heads up.

      I have had doubts about Fetzer for a long while but at the same time I look forward to all of his articles. I just opened up this new one and will read it slowly and take it in. Robbie Parker or whoever he is was suspect from his early press conference statements. The perps don't seem to care how sloppy they get as they know the media will back them up and money and threats have Newtown locked down. If the SH school was really not even open, it is arrogance to the max. I have hope the truth will be exposed and the perps get what is coming to them but I also thought the same about 9/11 since day one.

    2. Agreed - generally I am wary of a number of people connected to VT. I cannot be certain but believe in judging the person by their work and not by rumor or appearance. I have been reviewing in my mind the whole approach to the credibility issue. I think it has been used against us by our enemy with spectacular benefit to them and not to the movement which is weaker if divided and polarized. The powers that oppose us want to marginalize and restrict our message. It favors them to have us fighting one another all day long about who is who or what are trivial differences of view. A lot of suspicion is well intended (i mean it is right to want to expose provocateurs and peddlers) but can be very damaging as it often just ends up with backbiting that creates more fractures in what should be solid movement. The focus must be on the common interest and that for now is exposing the truth so that it is accepted mainstream.

    3. I'm with you Carol. Healthy honest friendly debate is stimulating but when we infight over some details we defeat ourselves. Also, as I've been told, sometimes it's simply the message and not the messenger. We all seem to pick and choose what we perceive to be close to the facts no matter where it may come from.

      Thanks for your input. You should write a post on these things.

    4. Carol Valentine...interesting, I was just thinking (and posting) about you today. I was on the CBC forums as they had an article about the opening of the 9/11 memorial in NYC.
      We were going back and forth with the usual 9/11 debates ("conspiracy theorists" v "sheeple and government dupes") . I wanted to expound on what I believe and your "Flight of the Bumble Planes came to mind. When I read that....many years ago now...I was so proud that it was the brainchild of a woman... I posted this link

      which is the only reference to it readily available. In reading it again, it is still what I believe and it still is remarkable that you came up with it. Thanks!


    5. Been away for hours and hours so haven't had the chance to exchange on this. Generally, I'm in favor of "throwing it out thereto shed what sticks" (particularly in a neighborhood like this one) because people will look at the data etc and hose it down as needed. I don't get too carried away worrying about who the messenger is, though there are obviously some I stay miles away from. And I take a long view... if the claim has "stating power" and attracts more than the same tired trio of commentators. I once suggested the dedicated use of a sophisticated concept mapping (multi-media) approach to such debates, but few have the dedicated time or the necessary skills to pick apart the vast array of information that circulates quickly. That's why I liked the Pilots video.... They have the expertise. Some articles and videos provide a logical fact or twelve that insists on doubt, prosecution and conviction.We've seen the recent divulgence of a lot of very damning evidence, like Ehud being in NY with other suspects. I think consensus can be reached without resolving the divisive topics. You may be dumb; I may be dumber. But a hundred people can't be fooled so easily.

    6. Thank you GC you have a good memory and are very kind.

      However, I need to admit and so save others the time and energy of entering into long debate, that I along with many others have had many theories some I have put forward and some I have not. But that is exactly what it/they are - theories. A theory until proved remains just that.

      This may be viewed as harsh or like self-censure by some kind souls but it needs to be said.

      We cannot accuse our enemy of something if we are guilty of it ourselves? Can we?

      Then we become the hypocrites too. Surely. There is no point trying to defeat evil that way.

      Honor and integrity starts at home and then permits us to question our oppressors

      Things have moved on a long way since 2002/2003 but we have not brought the perpetrators to trial yet. The fact is that the excellent, excellent work done by many sincere (and brave) researchers to expose the video fakery (or reality of fakery as A.Peasant at 12thBough puts it) has moved the debate forward in a dramatic and highly constructive way.

      Back in 2002 I don't think many people had questioned what they were shown yet. But to deny the conclusions from the research done on the video and other evidence would be absurd.

      If this helps move the debate forward then so be it. If we can do some good each day. Well done.

      Remember it is always easier to disprove a lie than it is to find the truth.

      Saying that it is also easier to fool someone than it is to persuade someone that they have been fooled.

      Boy doesn't 9/11 teach us this!

    7. Thanks for this response, Carol. Do you have a website where you post your latest thoughts re 9/11? Also, I have a website where I post stuff about geopolitics:

      I have a feeling we have a lot in common.


  4. Remember Building 7

    Steel Frame Building Fires
    None of them collapsed, much less into their own footprint at near free-fall speed

    1. None of them collapsed, except at the WTC...

    2. Compiled Footage of Building 7's Collapse
      Just two minutes and thirty seconds and without annoying commentary. The footage speaks for itself. It says "controlled demolition".

    3. That's one of my favorites. The focus is on the visual without any noise distraction. How could anyone watch that and not ask serious questions?

  5. The teleprompter reader at the dedication. He even had the audacity to mention the fake killing of OBL where "Our seals made sure justice was done."

    Bill and Hillary had front row seats. Where was Bush, Cheney, the PNAC crew and other assorted perps who benefited?

  6. Regarding Sandy Hook, I have to take the Deanna Spingola, Keith Johnson take on it. They just come off to me as more credible and honest. Is there dirt I should know about?

    1. I haven't been too deep in the dirt to know.

      This controversy has divided some who if honest should be allies. Probably by design.

    2. Absolutely - the scumbags are using the Slavemaster's Credo - pitting us against one another, when we should be a united front.

    3. Nobody's 'pitting' anybody against anyone except for Mark Glenn, Piper, Keith Johnson and Spingola and their hook, line and sinker buying of the media's version of what supposedly happened in the most obvious PsyOp ever attempted which is Sandy Hoax. The problem is that on one side you have close-minded people like this pushing an agenda pretending to be open-minded and on the other side you have a proven shill like Fetzer. Instead of going to a real researcher who has never been debunked, like Simon Shack, people go to this Fetzer guy and he's such a windbag, such an annoyingly arrogant bag of 'making everything believable and nothing knowable,' they assume that he represents Shack's position also, since, after all, they're both 'No-Planers.' Nothing can be further from the truth. Shack and Fetzer are NOT on the same team and never have been. Fetzer is there to gatekeep people away from Shack and Clues Forum as much as possible by pretending that they say 'everything is fake,' which they don't.

      But when that's not enough, he resorts to straight-out hatchet jobs. Fetzer did a nauseatingly weak hatchet job on Shack and September Clues just a few months ago on VT:

      hoi polloi/Max Konrardy of Clues Forum, Shack's second in command, did a brilliant point-by-point debunk of every low-blow and false-accusation attempted by Fetzer

      But Fetzer still goes around claiming he's the 'expert' on 9-11. No Fetzer, you were shown up for what you are: a gatekeeping limited hangout shill, direct agent or useful ego/idiot, it makes no difference, the result is the same. There are people so impressed by Fetzer's paling around with Wolfgang Halbig on Sandy Hoax that they refuse to see how he uses whatever street-cred he gains through that to push the more important nonsense on 9-11.

      ~ Negentropic MK I

    4. Spingola is the weirdest part of this bizarre Sandy-Hook-was-Real group of gatekeepers because she's the one that broke her own mold, not Piper or Mark Glenn or Keith Johnson. Those guys have always been plane-huggers and moon-huggers and everything-the-jew-media-says-is-real-except-who-did-it advocates. Spingola, on the other hand, has been a 9-11 No-planer since 2007,

      she has exposed the fake moon-landings based on fake imagery,

      exposed the fake Boston Marathon Bombing Hoax with Dave McGowan, the author of the infamous "Wag the Moondoggie':

      so when Spingola flipped her lid on Sandy Hoax, it was completely irrational and unexpected, given her former track record of exposing media-fakery and a slap to the face to her media-fakery-wise fans.

      Again, you have to understand this most important maxim of how gatekeeping operates on the half-truth movement: Direct agent or useful ego/idiot, the result is the same. It makes no difference to me how Spingola came to be a gatekeeper, but the level of irrationality she has displayed is no longer acceptable to me.

      Same with Christopher Bollyn or anyone who would claim that these cartoons are really 'planes,'

      just the way that the Jew-media told the world in their narrative, only to add that 'but it was the Israelis who did it and not Muslims.' All he's doing is reinforcing their narrative and giving credence to their faked imagery, without any attempt at authentication. What claim can Bollyn and Sabrosky have to being genuine researchers of any merit, when they have not even bothered to authenticate the images and the narrative of 'planes' and '3000 victims' based on these falsified images they're basing their entire logic on? Don't they know that NONE of the images I posted above would be acceptable as evidence in any proper court? Or are they two more gatekeepers to keep even the anti-Zionist conspiracy theorists and truthers from every finding out the real modus-operandi of most of these PsyOp false-flags?

      "If telling the truth marginalizes you, then that is the place to be. After all, if enough people are willing to be marginalized, then before you know it, society has developed a different center. This is the politics of truth." -- E. Martin Schotz

      "See, the 'Big Lie' professionals in the business of deceiving this entire world's population on a daily basis probably know better - when it comes to fooling BOTH the experts and the average Joe Public. The BIG LIE has to seem too bloody stupid in the eyes of the experts - and too bloody smart in the eyes of Joe Public. There is no quest either for the lowest or the highest common denominator in these psy-op schemes - or much less to target any specific IQ group (if you may pardon this unsavory way to put it). The aim is to strike the human consciousness somewhere 'in the middle' - so as to befuddle EVERYONE - and of course - to make EVERYBODY endlessly quarrel with each other." ~ Simon Shack, December 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM

      ~ Negentropic MK II

    5. Spingola is definitely the odd one out on this and like you I don't know what is going on with her. Bollyn's past drama-rama and association with Steven Jones taints his message. I'll probably just continue to extract the words I may agree with and leave the rest behind. Isn't that similar to what you do with Shack?

      Gatekeepers are a built in part of the 'alternative' media process. They have been since day one and will continue. Perhaps I'm a useful idiot for quoting some of them but most reading here have the quality of discernment and hopefully see it's not always promotion of individuals but of ideas, thoughts and make up their own minds.

    6. Extracting what you agree with? You do that with everybody! Since there is no other human being that would agree with you 100% on anything. But there are degrees of integrity or logical consistency of the whole of one's principles and ideas. If truth is what you're after, then there shouldn't be compromise on points of principle. Compromise should never be confused with temperance. People often compromise when they should temper. Whoever has the most integrity and is closest to the truth, with regard to any one issue or ideally on a number of related issues, is the person that should be promoted & followed the most as a leader of any truth movement. It's not that the others should be ignored, it's that there is a hierarchy of integrity and principled action. Spingola lost a lot of integrity when she started going against all her own previously built-up logical consistency. Except for her far-too-long support for Judy Wood (again, based on automatic acceptance of the 9-11 images in Wood's book as authentic), Spingola was the most logically consistent of the anti-Zio truthers. Judy Wood was a relatively minor error along the same lines which I hoped she would correct eventually. But the foundational damage she did to her own structure of logic with her Sandy Hook position, damage to the principles at the base of a whole bunch of her other thinking on similar issues, that will be far more difficult to correct. She has to admit that she was wrong and it seems her ego gets in the way. She simply refuses to cede what she has already ceded on the Moon Hoax & Boston: that BEFORE any images or video can be relied on to build a foundational narrative for logical structure, they HAVE TO BE authenticated. The foundation is never sound, cannot be sound, without this routine check.

      ~ Negentropic MK III

    7. Gatekeepers are a built-in two-fold part. If they're not put in there themselves as agents ahead of time, they fulfill that function themselves when their egos are threatened or when their discernment gets shoddy. So as long as the official narrative is there and not discredited, the perps know they're safe. With 9-11, this is the planes into the buildings and 3000 dead, NOT who flew the planes in. Once you jump to already accepting the planes and the victims claimed by the media without analysis, you're already in their gatekeeping corps without intending to be, as most of us were for many years, and plenty still are. The perps knew, ahead of time, that psychologically, they'll get themselves a whole slew of gatekeepers that will work for free, protecting their own previous investigations from being shown-up as naive and lacking proper discernment or procedure (authentication of images, number of dead, etc. BEFORE basing your logic on the narrative based on them). The psychology is the same as the official conspiracy believers who will not go near the alternative conspiracy theorists, except in the 9-11 truth community it's mainly the plane-huggers not going near the no-planers and media-fakery-wise truthers. It's not between AJ says the NWO did it with remote control and Bollyn says Mossad-Israel did it with remote control, it's between the plane-huggers and no--planers, the media-imagery-dupes versus the media-imagery-skeptics. This is so important that Alex Jones and Loose Change had to ban all No-Planer theory (NPT) discussion on their forums and specifically Shack and September Clues:

      Plus the claim that Shack is out to let the 'chosen' off the hook is total BS. He just doesn't harp on the Jews. Stephen Rosenbaum, Kenneth Feinberg, Alvin Hallerstein, Larry Silverstein, Rick Leventhal, Matt Lauer, Charles Hirsch, all these people were named by Shack as part of the media-fakery crew of perps, some not just on 9-11 but on multiple PsyOps.

      At around the 2 hour 18 minute mark of the following audio hoi polloi/Max Konrardy tells Abirato that it can easily be proven that it's the Jews behind most institutions running PsyOps including "army intelligence," & not only that but it's also Jews behind most of the violence on the planet & it's just a fact that people should face & deal with even if it's also not the only issue.

      Abirato scrambles for some damage control and lo and behold pulls 'the trivium' out of his behind and starts talking about how the Jews were taught the "trivium" by them naughty Jesuits who are really in charge. lol

      Except that on a more recent show, he was saying that now both the Jews and the Jesuits are controlled by off-chessboard entities (lol), which is even more hilarious. The eternal ghosts. So yeah, this Abirato guy does quite a bit of shilling, despite being a good radio host and Shack's mainly appearing on this show lends credence to a line of shilling that Shack himself has not really engaged in.

      ~ Negentropic MK IV

  7. Kenny, thanks for posting this and also for posting the videos and links in your last post/comments. Yeah, the architect of the memorial is Israeli. Supposedly, the story goes, he entered a contest and his design was selected out of 5,201 entries. You're right. It's a battle for the American mind. The whole museum--the controversy over the "Rise of Al Qaeda" video, the stubborn insistence on keeping it in the museum despite the complaints--all of it makes it seem like this whole thing is intended and designed primarily with the purpose of upholding the official 9/11 narrative.

  8. im thinking the ehud thing may be fake, ie he sits elswhere, maybe eichman wasn't hanged ?

  9. Replies
    1. That's a good article, Kenny. Perhaps you should consider adding Truth and Shadows to your blogroll.

  10. Zionist Canada bows to the holocaust religion

  11. Mark my words - when 911 truth gains a foothold, any examination of it will be criminalized just like holocaust revisionism.

  12. The CBC opened a forum for a couple of days on 9/11 around the time of the dedication to the NYC memorial. That forum was very active and hundreds of 9/11 truthers posted valuable information and links on it. We outnumbered the deniers by about 10 to 1. You would think that, in and of itself, would be "news". In days gone by when public opinion meant would have caused a scandal and perhaps warranted some kind of investigation at the political level. Not any more. The elite have hermetically sealed themselves off from the population...they control us like the NSA...through a "virtual and impermeable" surveillance system that totally ignores any public outcry. Like a pundit said today...the only thing that will change anything is a total collapse of the financial system...when the perps flea like rats from a sinking ship.

  13. There is info being published about US Marines/Soldiers practicing urban warfare using a well-erected, simulated American town, including a "Baptist" church. Soldiers are being made insensitized to attacking Americans labelled by their commanders as "terrorists" because they are Christians, believe in the lawfulness of the Constitution/Bill of Rights, consider the US government criminal and tyrannical, are military veterans, etc. I have noticed that there has been no mention of synagogues in these replica towns, nor is there any mention of Jews as probable terrorists. Does this correspond to the purges of US Military officers being done, possibly leaving only Jews in command as is in the Pres. administration, in Congress,and in the DHS? Does that also imply that in a martial law scenario, Jews will be left alone by special decree and by marked designation? If so, who among them can be considered honorable even now? Those who would protect their own kind in dire times, will not be reluctant to throw other kinds to the lions. Straddling a razor wire fence to appear to be a patriotic truther must surely be enabled by receiving supportive balance from the criminals in power.

  14. Ignorant American young persons get recruited into the military just as Pat Tillman was -- the allure of romanticized action and patriotic duty. This TV episode from 1974 deals with the conscience of an American soldier who discovered the reality of the VietNam war and deserted. His defense lawyer in the military court trial expounds on a soldier's duty to conscience, citing historic Nuremberg principles. Standing up for truth and conscience takes real courage, and possibly death as Tillman experienced. I doubt that anything like this would be made and broadcast today. Substitute Iraq(Fallujah) for VietNam, for example.
    Owen Marshall S3 E22 w/ Randolph Mantooth
    "Desertion of Keith Ryder" 1974

  15. Perhaps the reason for the Baptist church in the simulated American town can be gleaned from the following article: (It mentions Alex Jone$, but even disinfo agents provide some truth)

    Is Your Pastor One of the “Cleared Clergy”?


    Alex Jones of Info Wars fame has a segment playing on YouTube at this time in which he claims that 26,000 preachers in 2008 and another 50,000 this year have agreed to be Romans 13 preachers. This means that they have been cleared by the Federal Emergency Management Agency – FEMA - as “Cleared Clergy” in case of emergencies such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, terrorist attacks or other natural or government concocted disasters.

    These so-called preachers will have credentials on their person and in their automobiles that will allow them to go through barricades and into disaster areas without clearance. They will also be expected to obey orders without question from law enforcement at all levels: federal, state or local. These “Palace Preachers” will be “Judas Goats” to encourage the people to obey the authorities, especially in the area of evacuation, abandonment of possessions including food and animals and the surrender of firearms.
    TV Station Reporter Jeff Ferrell on KSLA - Shreveport, LA said “these clergy response teams had already been used when hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.” Emergency Preparedness Director Sandy Davis explained to KSLA that the Clergy would already be known to people in the neighborhoods and they could explain the need to follow orders. Durell Tuberville, Chaplain of the Shreveport Fire Department said that when the government orders people to abandon homes, turn over guns, leave livestock behind, or whatever…(it) would be easier to accept if a minister is with the FEMA worker. Tuberville said “One of the biggest tools the clergy members would use would be the Bible itself, specifically Romans 13, the Bible states the government’s established by the Lord, you know. And, that’s what we believe in the Christian faith. That’s what’s stated in the scripture.”

    Read the rest:

    Romans 13

    1. If Christian clergy such as "Baptist" are to be used to herd the trusting sheeple into the church in replica towns. To be used as a control center, not as a place to be attacked in American urban warfare? If FEMA/DHS has contrived to deceive American pastors into cooperating during "emergencies," then remember it is the Jews who run these government department training sessions. Ex-KGB and ex-STASI were recruited to run DHS. And where do the Jews go to be herded? Only the goys' clergy have been "re-educated," but no rabbis for their synagogues? So there are plans to keep the Jews protected from government incarceration? What happened to the JEWS during Katrina, for example? Were their welfare ever reported on?

    2. Perhaps the replica churches in the simulated American towns are being used to train the pastors on how best to get their flocks to obey the government. The Jews aren't going to be herded, they'll be doing the herding, being in control of FEMA/DHS.

  16. Arrogance to the max?

    Good one. Exactly my thought while watching the second plane hit WTC. (Who could rationally buy this?)

    Although it only deepened as I continued watching throughout the day.

    When I told my university business admin/management class the next day how preposterous the whole story was and why they should not accept any "received wisdom" from the so-called "unbiased" media/commentators without their being aware of the fact that it all was physically impossible (and that many in the news business had to know this but were instructed to report otherwise), I was certain the real story would be told soon thereafter, and we'd all get a bad laugh on how ridiculous fear had made us act/believe against all we had learned in science classes.

    And the follow-on perps weren't even smart - from the first moments all the way through the whole day - about anything it seemed (including history or the culture/religious beliefs in the middle east), but especially about the science behind the melting of steel, freefall events, etc.

    Over that first week, it just came to seem a planned scenario where everyone on the ground would agree with everyone else about absolutely ridiculous conclusions in the total absence of facts. Fear (and propaganda) reigning to whose benefit?

    You can't fake the melting point (not to mention the dissolution) of steel.

    Or not for long.

    The perps don't seem to care how sloppy they get as they know the media will back them up and money and threats have Newtown locked down. If the SH school was really not even open, it is arrogance to the max.

    Glad I'm not a Christian.

    But what do they have planned to cow the atheists?

    I await its announcement with ready disbelief.

    that’s what we believe in the Christian faith. That’s what’s stated in the scripture.”

    And the perps have pretty much begun the exit for the offshore havens.

    Check out the stats on those leaving the US for good (revoking citizenship) and the trillions in offshort accounts.

    The CBC opened a forum for a couple of days on 9/11 around the time of the dedication to the NYC memorial. That forum was very active and hundreds of 9/11 truthers posted valuable information and links on it. We outnumbered the deniers by about 10 to 1. You would think that, in and of itself, would be "news". In days gone by when public opinion meant would have caused a scandal and perhaps warranted some kind of investigation at the political level. Not any more. The elite have hermetically sealed themselves off from the population...they control us like the NSA...through a "virtual and impermeable" surveillance system that totally ignores any public outcry. Like a pundit said today...the only thing that will change anything is a total collapse of the financial system...when the perps flea like rats from a sinking ship.

  17. First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for the Blacks, and I did not speak out because I was not a Black.
    Then they came for the Latinos, and I did not speak out because I was not a Latino.
    Then they came to my door and told me taxes were down, the streets were secure and ninety percent of conflict in society was over.

  18. some delusionalists "believe" the word "christian" is defined as "JEW" worshipper
    not knowing that Jesus admonished to KNOW THE TRUTH...

    only one "religion" HATES the Truth & Jesus. simply cannot delegitimize that which is not legitimate in the first place....
    you know like cogito ergo sum...

    anti-christ and anti-Jesus and anti-truth only ooozes from one source...

    Omnium rerum quarum usus est, potest esse abusus, virtute sola excepta -

    There may be an abuse of everything of which there is a use, virtue only excepted.

    Abraham did not have a Talmud, and the "HATE TRUTH" religion of the Talmud is not
    an "Abrahamic" faith...despite the ignorance and stupidity of the braindeadgoy
    who watch TALMUDVISION and cannot THINK !!!

    No one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound

    knowing the TRUTH is the exit strategy...



    1. From Davy's link above, Torah Scholars Seek Original Version of Bible — But Does It Exist?:

      (JTA) — According to Jewish tradition, the Torah is so sacred that even a single error made on a single letter renders the entire scroll unusable.

      And yet the Hebrew Bible — including the Torah, its first five books — is riddled with corruptions and alterations that have accrued and been passed down over the millennia.
      The text of the Hebrew Bible now being used descends from what is called the Masoretic text, which was assembled between the sixth and 10th centuries by Jewish scribes and scholars in present-day Israel and Iraq. But even among the various versions of the Masoretic text there are subtle differences.
      Contemporary scholars seeking to understand the history of the Hebrew Bible’s text utilize a range of other sources, including ancient Greek and Syriac translations, quotations from rabbinic manuscripts, the Samaritan Pentateuch and others. Many of these are older than the Masoretic text and often contradict it, in ways small and large.
      ...The book of Jeremiah in the Septuagint is approximately 15-20 percent shorter than the version in the Masoretic text, and the text appears in a different order. In this case, editors are not just dealing with glitches but with entirely different versions of the same text.

      So much for the Truth of "God's inerrant Word"...

      And the New Testament?

      FAQ: Constantine’s 4th century Invention of the Christian Religion

      The canonical books were fabricated under the commission of Constantine, with Eusebius as their editor-in-chief, between 312 and 324 CE. The non canonical books were authored between 325 and 336 CE as a Alexandrian Greek reaction to the status and integrity of the Constantine Bible, perhaps by Arius of Alexandria, but were the subject of censorship, military search and destroy missions, destruction, burning, prohibition and imperial damnatio memoriae.
      Is religion seen by leaders as a method of social control?

      Seneca is reported to have written that “Religion is true for the common people, false for the wise and useful for the ruler.” The more power the ruler has the more useful the religion becomes. When the ruler has absolute and supreme power, the religion becomes absolutely and supremely useful to the ruler.

    2. please don't overlook the irony of the letter from Oded Weiner to the
      highest "authorities" at the

      "HOLY SEE"...
      Israel & "Jew" are antonyms...FACT.
      being tone deaf doesn't mean the rocks & trees aren't screaming

      eventually the LANGUAGE must be pure - !!!

      HINT ----> [Elephants are not Giraffes]

      riddle this, how to reach a true conclusion using false information....?
      religion : an emotional attachment to a false belief.
      oh, and by the by old boy.....what day is it...anyway ?


  19. What we have is a mythic {Judeo-Chri$tian Zioni$t Federal Re$erve Note (In Thi$ God We Tru$t) 9/11 Holocau$t™} religion. Hallelujah (or else)! Amen-Ra!