Sunday, June 8, 2014

Huh? This is the Revolution?

Let's see.....

Las Vegas.....

A couple, a man and a woman {?} kills two cops eating pizza for lunch and then head to Walmart to kill one more before shooting themselves dead in what is being called a suicide pact.

A man and woman walked into CiCi's Pizza and shot at point-blank range Officers Alyn Beck, 42, and Igor Soldo, 32, who were eating lunch, Las Vegas police officials said. One of the officers was able to fire back before he died, but it's unclear if he hit the suspects, Sheriff Doug Gillespie of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said at a news conference Sunday afternoon.

One of the suspects yelled, "This is a revolution," but the motive for the shooting remains under investigation, Las Vegas police spokesman Larry Hadfield told The Associated Press. He added that "we don't know anything about the suspects yet."

After shooting the officers, the suspects fled to the Wal-Mart across the street, where they fatally shot a person inside the front door and exchanged gunfire with police before killing themselves in an apparent suicide pact, police said.

The female suspect shot the male suspect before killing herself, Gillespie said. The victim's identity hasn't been confirmed, and the suspects' names haven't been released. Both officers were taken to the hospital, but it was unclear if they died there or at the scene.
Witnesses told police one of the shooters yelled “This is the start of a revolution” before shooting the officers. Gillespie later said he could not confirm the shooters said that.

The shooters then stripped the officers of their weapons and ammunition and went into the Walmart across the street at 201 North Nellis.

Witnesses at the scene reported hearing shots fired in quick succession inside the Walmart.

Domestic terrorists.....

not only a man but also a woman..... 

cops and a walmart person dead..... 

the meme of "revolution"..... 

psycho coward "revolutionary's" commit suicide rather than finish out the shootout at the OK corral.....   

This was fresh on the heels of Saturday's “sovereign citizen” event.....
So on Saturday a sovereign citizen and former Transportation Department employee (who made his money from the Federal government he hates) showed up outside a Georgia courthouse armed to the teeth with automatic weapons and other munitions and with the clear intent of taking hostages inside the courthouse. He was open carrying, you see, and standing up against big government. Or rather standing overtop it with a gun to its head.

This was a clear act of terrorism, but since it was committed by a white person, no one brought the word up.

A brave policeman confronted the sovereign shooter, trading volleys of gunfire with him. The brave deputy was shot twice in the leg but will survive. He slowed down the shooter long enough to allow SWAT to get to the scene. Dennis Marx, the shooter, was killed in the exchange of gunfire that ensued.

So is this the 'revolution' we have all been waiting for?


This all stinks to high heaven and this latest Las Vegas stunt has psyops written all over it. The gun control agenda lives and breathes, dependent on a continuous flow of perceived crazies who play right into the hands of power that be.

We'll sit this segment out. The real revolution has an air of sanity..... and it won't be televised.


  1. As we say in these parts...: "Ayuh"

  2. -
    the revolution is inside,
    the turning of the soul

    towards creation,
    instead of destruction

  3. Since the staged stunt of leaving a loaded handgun atop a super-heroes game in the toy department at Target didn't work, it was time to Manchurian out some more clones.

    Check out this link to see the 'suspect' getting further orders at the Target store.

  4. You got that right Kenny ALL these sudden acts of terrorism arre fodder for taking the public's guns so that the cowards that be ca really play bully and turn us literally into Palestinians.
    It's all MSM, Reuters, AP bullshit. Probably never happened at all or in a COMPLETELY different manner and context that protrayed on Talmud vision and paper.
    Yuck poo! Zionists and their bullshit STINK!

  5. Here we go. The Israeli press was quick to report that this could have been....wait for it....a Nazi 'revolution' shooting. Of course there were swastika symbols allegedly found at the alleged shooters apartment.

    The SPLC must be happy. They were just bragging about their influence in fighting the 'domestic terrorists.'

  6. I give two thumbs up to the choreographers, and wardrobe, and central casting...
    even the scriptwriters performed well...

    unfortunately for the willing dupes in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    this ploy is wearing thin with the now wide awake goy...

    won't be long now.


  7. Kenny

    It is not like the corparrot news actually coordinate on their "story".

    This reminds of those Conan O'Brien skits where he splices all the different local news saying the exact same thing with a different delivery.


  8. Sitting this one out makes perfect sense.
    Governments don't provide good things, so people oppose them.........then the government creates the spokespeople, and idiots who are chosen to represent whatever peoples movement stands in opposition.
    Defining the opposition with hand picked idiots and giving them all the media play instead of showing regular people and their views. That is the method, and it is tragic to see how well it works.

    Most here know about Dave McGowan writing about how the hippie movement was set up and promoted to get middle Americans to support war in Vietnam..........simply because they loathed the government supplied opposition.

    PETA does many dumb things, many. They provide the perfect idiot poster child to counter very legitimate concerns about farming and cruelty to animals.

    Democrats and Republicans only exist by getting their people to hate the other side. Nobody stands FOR anything, just opposed to what we hate. Hate serves their agenda on many levels.

    The rash of shootings (even Canada got one) and the orchestrated media responses reek of some sort of new Gladio style operation, though some may be real??
    Any way you slice it, it is a mess.

    The revolution will involve a critical mass of enlightened people in non violent resistance. We can still dream.

  9. I saw a very interesting picture of these "Jokers" here ...
    What's with this "Joker" mofif??? It's like, there's "Dzhokhar" Tsarnaev, the guy from the Aurora Batman Movie shooting who dressed up with dyed orange hair and identified with the Joker, "Sandy Hook" on the map in the Batman movie, etc ...

    1. Yes, very strange. Over 2100 comments at the Raw Story story you linked. They all stirred up over there.

  10. Replies
    1. Was that the Bundy Ranch or the 'Bunny Ranch,' an infamous Nevada brothel?

      Or does it matter, since someone's getting fucked in the end?

    2. Close about joo-polidicks in the Lone Star of David State.....

  11. Youse peoples are on top of things.

    "... the only revolution available is the one within yourself, with carefully-selected guides and instructors. ...."

  12. Seeing RT America and Al Jazeera (and a lesser extent Press TV) news reports you can't help but feel helpless. Everyone seems to be in on it. There really is no where to go. I guess you just take it all in and laugh and say to yourself "whatya gonna do, oh well".

    I stumbled across a Zero Hedge article, (pro tip: you get more from the commenters than you do the articles) A video of the Jerad Miller (latest white terrorist with a gun) rant. It was posted by Business Insider, more specifically, Aaron Gell, (You and google and can look him up if you need to, add Jew in the search field, to narrow it down a bit. Mr Gell only has the one video posted on Daily Motion. Interesting for someone who has been in the business awhile. They never say where he got the "rant". I always thought is was OK to steal as long as you give attribution. Maybe Gell has a direct line to other gun toting, Gadsen flag waving, liberty inclined, sovereign citizen influenced, marijuana aficionado, Batman/Joker obsessed, white terrorists who may shoah up in the future. This guy even had a mullet. He probably even purchased the gun "legally".

    Why do these terrorist/supremacists cross state lines to do their "jihad"? Is it because the feds can't get involved unless it is so.


    Kenny, I am glad your back and feel bad about the reason for your temporary absence.


    1. Thanks Aris. Same thing here, the commenters add much more than I do.

      Here's some more of the official story as of now.

  13. LiveLeak has related videos and a short story: Maybe they are the same ones noted by Aris. It would be interesting to know more about where he went to jail, since there's a record of jails being mind-control incubation zones. Or maybe this is "blowback" from a world heavy with information about the topics he rants about. The telling thing is -- until proven otherwise -- that the media won't touch those topics without pre-and-post "spin".

  14. I was doing my regular job when we got a message on the two way radio about the Seattle Pacific University incident. I live about 5 minutes away from there and drive by SPU daily. I cannot find much on Aaron Ybarra except a record of 3 court incidents where he was a defendant. He did have major addiction issues and had been suffering from mental illness, no doubt due to the heavy drinking, for a considerable amount of time. It is strange how many of these shootings are happening. Perhaps like the movie "Telefon" the actors have been activated:

    1. ... which is why my eyebrows went up when I read the NBC story about the children immigrants in the Southwest being housed at the same air bases where "Jolly" West plied his mind control trade. The same thing has been done in prisons, in the "black" prisons, in Gitmo, and elsewhere. Today they have direct microwave-to-skull technology, the SSSS of HDTV, and more.

    2. It is interesting and informative to delve into the past via movies and TV.
      Fictional TV designed to ridicule that which is actually possible and true. Hypnotic suggestion/commands. Actions done, but not remembered, and which actually can go against one's conscious values and inhibitions. This does not have to be a direct result of just SSRIs, but can very well be the result of psychiatrist induced hypnotic programming. The same "doctor" who also prescribes mind-altering drugs.
      Petrocelli Season 1 Episode 13 The Sleep Of Reason

      I have read that a mind-controlled person, programmed to kill is also programmed to kill himself to silence himself.

  15. I just scrolled through the story and the comments at the Raw Story link provided by Jody, grabbing a copy of the "Joker" graphic for future use, and perhaps I am showing my age but what came to mind was the whole social engineering scene of the Nixon administration including the "silent majority" and the "nattering nabobs of nihilism".

  16. Alleged shooters with alleged guns shoot alleged victims, so we are told by witnesses, officials and the media. As in the Petrocelli episode, the shooter was intended to use blanks in the gun in the staged shooting of a professor on a college campus. So shocked witnesses saw the gun, heard shots, saw the victim fall, then fled. So in these alleged real shootings, who ever saw the blood splattered victims? Only officials who we know tell lies almost always and they are now racing to grab guns ASAP what with all their staged shootings. There have to be planned seizure forces in place locally everywhere waiting for the cue. Would there be such a rush if there weren't? What are we not supposed to be aware of at this critical time?

  17. I was just listening to this Dennis Cimino on Fetzer's broadcast at 1:33:45 he claims the Seattle Pacific had a lockdown and drill before the shooting started, etc. I don't buy any of this. He has NO references except "another researcher" whom he does not name. I can easily go over there and ask 10 people at random if there was such a lockdown - I don't know if I'll have the time, but I can give it a shot. I don't buy the "everything is a hoax" any more than I believe the MSM without question. I've had my doubts about the VT site - this is not professional research - there needs to be some evidence and he hasn't got it.

    1. Your skepticism is warranted. Please keep us informed if you find out anything.

  18. From the Niqnaq site:

    Yesterday, I had an intriguing NYT article about how tiny police depts in peaceful one-horse towns are getting huge APCs and even tanks practically free for no clear reason, and I headlined it “Normalising ahead of false-flag “white rage” incidents.” Now, lo & behold, here is the incident to fit the bill. This is a Jewish dialectical scheme, orchestrated by Jewish media and increasingly Jewish law enforcement, plus Jewish-infiltrated domestic intelligence services like the FBI. They created their leverage by ranting on about anti-Semitism while covertly creating phony neo-Nazi groups; they funded right-wing anti-gay churches (ostensibly because they supported Zionism) while simultaneously funding radical gay groups; they play both ends against the middle, inside Usaia, just as the CIA does all over the world, when it funds and organises left and right-wing groups simultaneously and uses them to subvert & destabilise target countries. The Jewish strategy inside Usaia is subtler, because it is more focused on making cultural and subcultural groups attack each other, not ethnic war but culture war. And they did it to interwar Germany as well, e.g. by promoting openly paedophiliac Jewish gay organisations during the period of the Nazi rise to power. It’s clearly the same strategy, of playing artificially hyped and strengthened extremes off against each other, and it’s hyped by Jewish media and increasingly Jewish law enforcement. So I rest my case – RB


  19. Good news! On the surface the defeat of Israel firster Eric Canter in his VA primary certainly is. Whoever this David Brat is, removing all incumbents is better than leaving them in office. I'm a little surprised that with all the money Canter has raised, he didn't buy a fix. Maybe he didn't think he had to?

    1. The Cantor-Slayer: Meet David Brat

      From his CV:

      Sabbatical Book Project - Ethics as Leading Economic Indicator? What went Wrong? Notes on the Judeo-Christian Tradition and Human Reason

  20. oxymorons always lose in the end...

    mene mene tekel...


  21. I did manage to get over to Seattle Pacific and asked about 7-8 people who worked or went to school there if they were there on Thursday when the shooting occurred. If so, I asked them if there was a drill or lockdown prior to the shooting. They all said no. I wanted to get there before the graduation, which I think is this week. In any case, my opinion of Dennis Cimino is not good at this point. If anyone wants to who is in this area, show up at the graduation, try not to be too obnoxious and ask about a 2nd drill.

    1. I did listen to a news clip, I don't recall what station, that was interviewing one of the students who was there. He said the "authorities" were yelling at everyone to run and take cover, and this is not a drill, during the "active shooter" part. That was enough for me to have doubts. Maybe it happened the way the news said it did. Or maybe the "authorities" weren't convincing enough in their role. I've seen people running in a panic from real danger and I've seen people running during a drill. When you are flush with adrenalin, no one has to say this is not a drill.

      I am not defending Dennis Cimino. I don't really know who he is or know of anything he has put out.

      Fetzer on the other hand seems to me to be playing a character or a personality. I just don't get the feeling that he is the real deal. I have listened to him and agree with many things. But the Sandy Hook Hoax "debates" between him/Friend and Piper were so over the top, I have doubts about all concerned. And that was probably the whole point. Halbig is/was an operation.

      I will readily admit I don't believe anything put out on MSM. Occasionally, local news messes up and reports the truth accidentally, but once Big News catches wind of it, it will be easily forgotten and sent down the memory hole.

      The only "incident" that I can recall that actually probably happened the way they said it did was the Theater Shooting In Pasco county FL. Both the victim and the shooter were real. Retired cop shooter and real father victim who probably should have been a little less cocky and little more respectful of other patrons around them. But since that is not debate the controllers want the proles to be having, it doesn't get much traction. Maybe if the retired cop threw skittles and iced tea, and the victim father was simply wearing a hoody, it would. No stand your ground debate will be talked about when it is a retired cop who actually snapped. And yes, there was actually a video released, but the angle did seem a little iffy.


    2. Mentioning that something "is not a drill" is not enough evidence to assume a "hoax". This is a common phrase, I've heard it many times in different scenarios that had nothing to do with a shootout. It is a popular trope that has been in the media for a long time: The phrase was used again recently in Va at a Naval Base due to a stabbing occurring on the base It's designed to get people to take the situation seriously.

      Aaron Rey Ybarra was booked into the King County Jail at around 11 pm on June 5th.

      He has had issues in the past concerning his behavior while under the influence (so I've read) cases are here - Edmonds court is close to where he lives in Mountlake Terrace

      So as far as I'm concerned, the guy is real, and also troubled. The question is why he drove 20 minutes on the freeway to come all the way down to this particular school.

      Cimino writes for Veterans Today like Fetzer - I'm not completely sure, but he seems to be the main force behind the "no planes" "fake planes" "fake video" crap re: 9-11

      I agree that there have been some very staged incidents- Dave McGowan did some good work on the Boston Bombing - However, on Sandy Hook as a hoax, Spingola brought up some good points that counter the so called hoax story.

      My issue is with Cimino - he needs to clarify where he got this "information" or I will rightfully assume that he pulls stuff like this out of his ass on a regular basis.

  22. They are already backtracking on the girl shoots husband then self scenario. It is possible there are real bodies and the coroner who did the autopsy reported the truth. Joker had no bullets in him from wifey, only rifle rounds. Now lets talk about who is shooting a rifle inside a Walmart.

    So across this video;
    I even downloaded it and played it back on Quicktime so I could advance it frame by frame. It is so doctored and low quality you have to take their word for what it is that you are seeing. And then there is what looks like a subliminal ghost face flash in 3 or 4 of the frames. But they are saying it shows, wifey missed Joker and that is why the cops said she shot him before herself.

    As I usually do, I looked at the uploaders page, comments, and other videos. Harper Poppy is a very prolific uploader. And surprisingly knowledgeable about what each video is about. I've noticed there is only a few minutes between some uploads. For those that upload videos, that is some pretty impressive capabilities.

    So I started looking back at other uploads since inception.
    I stumbled into this gem from Feb. It is about Obama wanting to trade five talibannie terrorists for one US POW, according to reports that is. Now I thought the narrative was it happened quickly on a weekend and health matters caused Obama to not be able to consult Feinstein and company.

    As a bonus I will include this signing statement from last December, when Obama said he is going to do what he just did, if he feels like it.
    " In the event that the restrictions on the transfer of Guantanamo detainees in sections 1034 and 1035 operate in a manner that violates constitutional separation of powers principles, my Administration will implement them in a manner that avoids the constitutional conflict."

    From the first time I saw that smirky smile on Birddog's US Flag Background picture, I thought something was up.

    On that video from Feb, freeze frame at 2:45 and notice it was inputted when the the Gen mentions Birddog probably being in Pakistan. That is the first time I seen that picture of Birddog with a shaved head, fancy sunglasses, leaning on a late model vehicle.

    The whole Bird Dog, dad is a muslim, POW/Deserter/Sympathiser for 5 taliterrorists living it up in Qatar is a set up. Setup for something big. Presidential crisis maybe, talliterrorists doing something big, bird dog is like the Showtime Homeland bad guy. It just stinks.


    1. Excellent work Aris, I'll entertain the thought that the Miller's were on the payroll and got the patsy treatment. Who did shoot the rifles and did the girl really off herself? The video sure seems faked.

      The Fox narrative sure changed since Feb. on the bird dog. I'm thinking/hoping it's more of a diversion from many other things going on rather than a setup. We'll see.

  23. I live in Eugene, Oregon so today's paper headlines -- the Oregon school shooting. Only one major paper here and the editorial cry is "get the guns from the people." Oregon liberals will oblige! Look for quick enforcement to take away the guns from the law-abiding, but not the criminals. A side note is that the Oregon National Guard fools are set to go to Afghanistan to control the opium heroin output. They won't be here for the Governor to call out to protect Oregonians from any riots, Blackwater-like, federal, or illegal US Military operations.

    1. "control the opium heroin output" .What, is the market saturated and they need to solidify their own pipelines and keep the profits up?

      The rhetoric of disarming the good people is ratcheting up with every event and the frequency is increasing, whether it is staged or real.disturbed individuals. Oregon could be a test but remember that many in Connecticut did not bow down to their new laws. It will be a slow process to disarm most Americans and is unlikely to happen in the short term.

  24. Problem-Reaction-Solution all run by the US government urgently planning to seize guns from Americans. Will night raids, or house by house SWAT/armed vehicle forces swarm neighborhoods just as they did in Boston, forcefully evicting residents and searching each residence.? Will a unified defense be available to counter such martial law tactics? Restrained submission to force may keep innocent victims alive, possibly unharmed, but not necessarily unarrested since FEMA prisons are awaiting to be filled with usable bodies. Time is short for the DHS criminals and the doomed dollar.
    ALERT: America Under Attack — Massive Coordinated Staged Shooting Gun Control Operation Underway
    June 10th, 2014

  25. From the WTF Department: Virus scan result

    Last Used 6/12/2014 at 8:32:26 AM

    This file release is currently not known.

    This file risk is low.

    Threat type: Tracking Cookies. A tracking cookie is a file that can track your computing activities and report them to a third party.

    Source: External Media

    Tracking cookie:

    Are there any dues-paying Rivero Rangers who can ask Mike "why that really happened"?

    1. I use the Bluhell Firewall add-on for Firefox which blocks a lot of advertisements, but it can't block ads which are hosted by the site itself which you are visiting. There are so many ad scripts on Zerohedge, for example, that my poor old computer would slow to a crawl and sometimes hang when I used to visit it before I installed Bluhell, which blocks most of their ads.

      What Really Happened has some good material along with a lot of crap. One of the main posters is Alexmark, who links to a site with embedded YouTube videos plus ads, instead of linking directly to the videos, no doubt getting a kickback from the ad revenue. I stopped clicking on anything he posts, and if Rivero is going to be installing tracking cookies on my computer, I'll stop visiting his site.

    2. I use the add-on for Firefox 'Adbock Plus' which eliminates many ads. You can also manually remove ads with it. Rumor Mill News had so many scripts in ads that it was freezing my computer but manually removing them solved that problem. Zerohedge is clean with it as is one of the most jumbled sites with ads-Before Its News.

      But..... sites like WRH and Rense have a work around that if Adblock is enabled it won't even display the pages right and you have to allow the ads or not visit the sites.

      Still, I recommend Adblock. It works wonders on most sites. I never, and I mean never, click on any ads intentionally anyway so why not have a better experience without them even visible.

  26. A Second American Revolution Is Now Inevitable

  27. A little off topic but something I came across I thought you might find interesting:

    "GM has hired attorney Kenneth Feinberg to come up with a way to compensate families of those killed and people injured in crashes caused by the faulty switches."

    Let's see 9/11, BP, the Marathon.... something more under the GM hood than faulty switches?

    Wonderful work here as usual. Hope you are doing well.

    1. Hey Rocker, good to hear from you. I'm doing well and hope you are too.

      Yeah, Feinberg has really gotten around. He's a cover up artist par excellence for the oligarchs and their minions.
      A traitor of the highest order, zionist all the way. Paid very well, mostly unofficial I would guess.

  28. That Feinberg fact is troubling. The Hegelian dialectic argument is still extremely on point. I'm no IT expert, but it's my sense that tracking cookies are routine for almost anyone on the 'net, they are harmless or benign, and they can be cleaned off easily at the end of your session. There is a ton of malware being used by lots of people, some state affiliated, some for the purpose of phishing or scamming. My OS got hacked today in a method that has been identified by an authoritative source as an attempt at a scam. Major damage was averted by desktop documents are unusable and missing .xml files, particularly those associated with my blog. It appears that there' s a major cyber-offensive underway around related topics and perhaps those who speak out about them.

    1. CCleaner is a mainstay. It can eliminate most of the cookies and trash better than most browser's cleaners do and should be used often. As careful as we might think we are, things happen. I got hit hard a couple of weeks ago with a browser hijacker with a built in scam but it wasn't that sophisticated and fairly easy to figure out and remove. Next time I might not be so lucky. It's what we have to deal with.

    2. When I came back from dinner, all my missing .xml files had been restored. Apple says the OS self-cleans and self-heals. That's why I have it. The blogs appear intact as well, though I've shut off comments as a precaution and will change my passwords to them.

    3. And I see Kevin @ Cryptogon -- who has been educating me for years -- shows us that cookies aren't all that benign after all....

  29. New Web Tech Would Let You Track Who Is Using Your Data Online

    Activist Post

    "... they’re developing a protocol they call “HTTP with Accountability,” or HTTPA, which will automatically monitor the transmission of private data and allow the data owner to examine how it’s being used....."