Wednesday, July 30, 2014

They Shoot Donkeys, Don't They?

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 Kill It Before It Grows.....

"It," not he or she or them or anything remotely relating to humans must the operative word that the Israeli genocidal monsters use to describe their targets. Women and children are seen as less than animals....and they kill those too. 

.....and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass." ~ jewish words of perversion attributed to their 'god' from the OT

Gazans are told to evacuate from where they are, seek shelter. They do, in schools, which are then bombed and shelled, killing scores. Apparently six times schools have already been targeted.

There are no safe places in Gaza.

Israel Strikes Gaza Power Plant & TV Studios 

 At Least 17 People Killed After Attack On Gaza Market

By any small standards of sanity, these are daily war crimes.

The American major media dutifully reports the atrocities but with a false spin without the Israelis as war criminals narrative and rarely show the protests against the murderers for fear of people getting the idea that it's OK to shout out. 

Here in the good old USA we have no government. There are only the bureaucrats and enforcers of a world wide crime syndicate.

In our so-called Christian Nation, there appears to be few Christians. Millions refuse to stand up against evil or even speak its name. Cue up the crickets chirping. It's been this way since the Vietnam War and there seems little hope of a great real religious awakening any time soon.

Sorry.....I'm being redundant. Repeating the same things over and over again. It's hard to put together any new words in any meaningful way to describe what is happening and why.  Thankfully many others are making the attempt.


We may have to bomb Bolivia next or at least hire some mercenaries to take care of Evo Morales.
Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’

No sooner than the White House condemned the shelling of a United Nations-operated school in Gaza on Wednesday did news break that the Pentagon will supply the Israeli military with new ammunition to further their campaign on the war-ravaged city.

That afternoon, CNN reported that the United States military will be honoring a request from Israel for assistance in the midst of their weeks-long campaign against militants from Hamas residing in Gaza City.

According to the network, Pentagon officials have confirmed that the US will honor a request from Israel for several types of ammunition, including 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. The exchange will not be an emergency sale, the unnamed officials said, and is coming from a stockpile of weapons maintained by the US in Israel worth more than $1 billion. more

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip aren’t sitting well with Israeli hawks, and by extension that means they aren’t sitting well with the US Congress.

That’s got Congressional officials up in arms, pushing President Obama to stop trying to negotiate a ceasefire in the conflict, and instead to endorse Israel’s war unconditionally, and irrespective of how bad it gets.

Underscoring just how far they’ll go, Sen. Mark Kirk (R – IL) insisted he was totally comfortable with Israel killing thousands of civilians in the current war if it meant wiping out Hamas, saying it was “worth it.” more

The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers  - hat tip NTS

If the Zionists win again in Gaza, similar horrors await.

You will be next.

Worldwide protests against Zionism and the horrors in Gaza must now grow exponentially with renewed realization of the true global evil manifest in Zionist Israel. These protests must swell with a demand for a return to the world humanity; a purge of the ongoing threat of Zionism.

Zionism is a madness. It attempts to rationalize, legitimize and legalize imposed inhuman conditions. Protests worldwide must now grow, besieging every Israeli and US Embassy en-mass until finally tearing the embassy's doors forever from their hinges and effecting a world-citizen's arrest on every ambassador, next depositing them gruffly in the Hague. With the cries of,"we are Gaza," the halls of every Congress and Parliament should then be flooded with the outrage of nationalism temporarily destroyed, and every Zionist controlled, treasonous politician cast out to wander the earth in rags.

On that day there will be a sudden quiet over Gaza and Palestine. An overdue quiet settling upon the world. The bombs for the first time will stop. Screams will quiet, slowly turning to smiles, then again to childish laughter. The true humanity that is at the core of all decent men and women will begin to return to the daily fabric life. War and its Zionist master will be relegated again to the dust bin of history. Peace once again important. more

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Home Remedies for Breaking Down the Taboos

Breaking down the taboos doesn't mean anything goes. It simply means that we refuse to be boxed into the status quo imposed upon us as a control mechanism. It means we are willing to take risks and speak out, not just for ourselves but for others as well.
“If a man isn't willing to take some risk for his opinions, either his opinions are no good or he's no good”
― Ezra Pound

1. Lose the fear or at least accept that it is sometimes OK to be afraid as long as it moves us to action instead of paralysis.
“There is no illusion greater than fear.”
― Lao Tzu
"It's just a ride and we can change it any time we want. It's only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings and money, a choice, right now, between fear and love. The eyes of fear want you to put bigger locks on your door, buy guns, close yourself off. The eyes of love instead see all of us as one."
 ― Bill Hicks

2. Reject the divide and conquer techniques used against us.
The phrase is attributed to Philip II, king of Macedon (382-336 BC), describing his policy toward the Greek city-states. In politics, divide and rule (also known as divide and conquer) is referring to a strategy of gaining and maintaining power based on the fact that many smaller opponents are easier to manage than one larger one.
The strategy includes:
* breaking up power alliances into smaller chunks that are easier to subdue/manage
* preventing small power groups from linking up and becoming more powerful

Effective use of this technique allows those with limited power to control those who collectively would have had a lot more influence.

3. Political correctness is a tool intended to shut us up. Pick your battles but don't succumb to the social engineering that tries to hold us in check.
“If the first words out of your mouth are to cry ‘political correctness!’, … chances are very, very high that you are in fact part of the problem.”
― N.K. Jemisin
“Political correctness is a war on noticing.”
― Steve Sailer

4. History does repeat. History is also written by the least what goes into the textbooks for the masses. Refuse the lies portrayed as historical fact. Study and discern.
"Is it because we're having so much fun at home we've forgotten the world? Is it because we're so rich and the rest of the world's so poor and we just don't care if they are? I've heard rumors; the world is starving, but we're well fed. Is it true, the world works hard and we play? Is that why we're hated so much? I've heard the rumors about hate too, once in a long while, over the years. Do you know why? I don't, that's sure! Maybe the books can get us half out of the cave. They just might stop us from making the same damn insane mistakes!”
― Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 

5. Recognize the propaganda. If it's too absurd to be true, it probably isn't.
"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."
"The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of."
― Edward Bernays ~ from Propaganda (1928)
"Listen to your instincts: if your gut says that there's something wrong - there is!"
― Senora Roy
“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  ―Voltaire

6. Take care of yourself. Learn what keeps you healthy and what will not. Sound body, sound mind.

7. Put your money where your mouth is. One can express displeasure at all sorts of individuals, corporations and governments but every dollar fed into the matrix of their systems makes them more powerful.
"Don't tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I'll tell you what they are." ― James W. Frick
"Put your money where your love is."
― Grateful Dead

8. Don't dwell on the negatives for too long.  Know them, face them and move on to solutions. And never...never...fall into the contrived trap of saying "There's nothing I can do."
"Shared problems present you with better shared solutions and they present a better chance for revival to survive future problems."
― Frank Matobo

9. Learn, share, educate to the best of your ability.
"Those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them; for these only gave them life, those the art of living well."
― Aristotle

10. Have faith of one kind or another. It doesn't necessarily have to be a religion. It may be as simple as faith in yourself and those closest to you.
"Work hard with honesty. Life is too short to go it waste. Make your life meaningful, break your ego, forgive quickly, live truly, laugh loudly, have faith in self and never avoid anything which makes you smile."
― Anil Sinha

11. Love. Make no mistake, it is real. An open heart towards others goes a long way in righting the wrongs, in perhaps even bringing peace not only to ones self but to all.
"Take away your protective layers, and open your heart to reveal your beautiful soul. Through an open heart we can learn the art of being humble, compassionate, joyful, peaceful, creative, and loving."
― Unknown
"Love is vulnerability. Happiness is vulnerability. The risk of being vulnerable is the price of opening yourself to beauty and opportunity. Being vulnerable is not about showing the parts of you that are polished; it's about revealing the unpolished parts you would rather keep hidden from the world. It's about looking out into the world with an honest, open heart and saying, This is me."
― Unknown

Despite the efforts of a few to control the thoughts and words of populations, we are seeing a little bit of a breakdown in the effectiveness. The taboos of zionism, the jewish question, Israel, the 'holocaust,' and everything related to these are coming to the forefront like never before. The truth must never be allowed to be off limits and hidden due to the manufactured constraints that infest us. When silence is the acceptable norm, lies rule.

What's wrong with telling the truth? Absolutely nothing.

Maybe you have some 'home remedies' for breaking the taboos and the silence? We would love to hear them.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inhumane Humans

You take my water
Burn my olive trees
Destroy my house
Take my job
Steal my land
Imprison my father
Kill my mother
Bomb my country
Starve us all
Humiliate us all
I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.


My question to a few here lately is "why are there so many humans who are so inhumane?" No one seems to have the answer and can only speculate, sometimes wildly. There are reasons though. Perhaps so deep that most of us are afraid to entertain certain thoughts of the why?

What can we do?

The Art of Peace

Thursday, July 17, 2014

False Flag Over Ukraine and Israel's Ground Invasion of Gaza

Shot down or blown up with a bomb or whatever, the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 has all the fingerprints of a false flag. Maybe a multifaceted one including a diversion from Israel's ground invasion into Gaza.

We may get distracted but we're not being fooled. Very little the controlled media will tell us about the downed flight will be even close to the truth but they are working overtime to convince us.

Israel Invades Gaza
Initially I assumed Israel would time their ground invasion portion of the Palestinian genocide in Gaza to coincide with the Final match of the World Cup.  It appears the apartheid, rogue, nuclear armed, terror State has instead chose to step up aggression under the cover of the shoot down of a Malaysia Airlines 777 over the Ukraine.  Whether the shoot down was a false flag to be blamed on Russia in order to push us ever closer to another Rothschild bankster World War remains to be seen; But the timing seems rather convenient for the Zionist regime.

Israel orders ground offensive in Gaza; heavy shelling on border - Reuters

Israel starts Gaza ground offensive -

Israel Begins Ground Assault of Gaza Strip- NY Times

Israel launches ground incursion in Gaza Strip LIVE UPDATES - RT

6 Palestinian kids, 4 men killed in fresh Israeli attacks - Press TV

Israeli strike kills three children playing on Gaza roof

Jim Stone's take on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 including this point.
"Sure a lot of debris from this Malaysian airlines flight. Why so little for flight 93 in Pennsylvania?"
ABC News tonight did do a feature on the Israelis entering Gaza. Gotta get the tunnels they said .So the MSM is not totally ignoring this as Jim was saying. They can't. It would be too obvious. Gaza is definitely playing second fiddle though. A Nashville NBC affiliate is preempting their last half hour of local news to focus exclusively on the Malaysian flight.
911InvestigationVids  I hope nobody that subscribes to my channel believes a word of ABC News ever (or any other without verifying). ABC is at the very heart of the 9/11 lie. The reporter here is exaggerating his own experience and overdramatizing, like he was an actor. Most here don't fall for the ABC lies anymore. I would not have even posted this, except for Flight 93.

JEW BUTCHERS, Malaysian Air Flight 17 and 370 and a Sharp Dressed Man- Greg Bacon

Getting Past the Lies? Unconfirmed:  Malaysian plane mistaken for Putin’s private jet which had flown over the area only moments before, leaving Israel and the Kiev junta as prime suspects.  This may well have been an assassination attempt on Putin. Gordon Duff and Jim Dean

I noticed on one picture from this source there are bodies lying on the right side of the debris field and that the debris field is charred as if there were a rather large fire, yet the bodies and the clothes they are wearing are not. And they are all on the same side, in a row. -  Scott Creighton

Jody has doubts too. 

Strange things can happen in a shot down/bombed crash but I'd like to see an explanation for what appears to be an anomaly.

Penny has been updating on the event. Lots of comments. 

Many links at WRH if you're OK with going there. Zero Hedge has coverage also.

MH17 Crash Conspiracy Theories: Strange Coincidence Of First, Last Flight Dates

Kiev deployed powerful surface-to-air missile systems to E. Ukraine ahead of the Malaysian plane crash - RT


Hot times a-coming......


Sad the see the passing of Johnny Winter. The blues seems appropriate today.

Monday, July 14, 2014

There is no darkness but ignorance

Israel supporter in LA all "dolled up in war paint."

It's the demolition derby
It's the sport of the hunt
Proud tribe in full war-dance
It's the slow smile that the bully gives the runt
It's the force of inertia
It's the lack of constraint
It's the children out playing in the rock garden
All dolled-up in black hats and war paint

Hamas truce conditions?
Those include the lifting of Israel's blockade on the Gaza Strip, the opening of the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and the release of Palestinian prisoners Israel has rearrested after freeing them in exchange for kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit.
Sounds fair enough but the Israeli blood thirst hasn't yet been quenched. Nor the other goals.
Israeli Interior Minister: “The Goal of the Operation Is to Send Gaza Back to the Middle Ages”, “Destroying All the Infrastructure Including Roads and Water”

Israel shoots down Hamas drone with a US supplied Patriot missile? Still looking for wreckage?  More propaganda along the same lines as the fabulous Iron Dome system I'm thinking. US contractors smile as they anticipate restocking the Israelis at our expense.

What's frustrating in all this, at least where I live, is that very very few people know enough about the Israeli/Palestinian situation to even carry on a decent conversation about it. They don't know the history of zionism or Israel. They don't even know the physical size of Gaza or its population. So many only carry around the buzz words of 'chosen ones' and 'promised land' in a weird belief system that defies logic and common sense.

I'm ignorant too so many times but I'm trying to learn. And I'm oh so thankful for all of you out there who are trying also and willing to share knowledge and maybe...just maybe help us come out of the darkness.

There is no darkness but ignorance.
           William Shakespeare

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Using the Tools We Have

News Dummy

It has been said that criticisms of the powers that kill, destroy, steal and lie often roll right off their backs but that satire and heavy sarcasm is a different subject. They think they own the right to make fun of we the common people but are not particularly amused when we turn the tables.

al-Baghdadi criticized for Disney wristwatch
It's no laughing matter but satire is a tool that often cuts the deepest. Here are a few examples.
Thank You, President Obama. Love, Israel

Israel to Commemorate WW I by Starting WW 3
 Tony Blair steps in to solve Gaza crisis

Last week, in an interview with Iran’s Press TV, Gilad Atzmon claimed that the abduction and killing of three Jew settlers was an Israeli false flag operation to invade Gaza. ...........Oh Wait! That's not satire. I've got that in the wrong section. I'll leave it here anyway.

BDS is definitely a tool we can use. A commenter, EV, let this link
STOP FUNDING ISRAEL ~ (These are the companies assisting the funding of the Palestinian genocide)

It's a good list but barely scratches the surface.  Here is a PDF from 2009,
Companies Supporting the Israeli Occupation of Palestinian Land 

It's not totally up to date but at 129 pages I'm sure it is still relevant and if one wants to expand his boycotting horizons, it's worth a look. .

I know it's hard to totally boycott the controlled media, especially for those of us who like to keep an eye on their propaganda and disinformation, but there's no excuse for not knowing who runs the show, which gives us an idea of why they do what they do.

Another tool is the ballot initiative. It worked in Colorado and Washington state with marijuana, sort of.  The GMO labeling initiative in California and Washington did not. Of course it all depends on who may have access to the electronic voting machines and how much money is thrown at deceiving the public.

A cleaver attempt, at least at a glancing look, to initiate getting at the truth is the High Rise Safety Initiative in New York city which is a ballot measure that will require the NYC Department of Buildings to investigate the causes of high-rise building collapses in New York City. They must be on to something because Mayor Bill de Blasio felt the need to publicly blast the 9/11 truther initiative. Could he be a little worried that their house of cards may fall? de Blasio holds the reins to the New York side of the cover up now and it's a part of his job description.

 A complete exposure of 9/11 would lead to Israel's involvement and in turn call out the US support of Israel as our 'best friend' and their genocidal activities in Gaza and the rest of the Middle East. Among many other things that would happen.  And that's not satire.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Stranded In Babylon

Photo Op in Weed World
Gaza burns, and Obama dances with a horse....

It's typical in the stage show of imagined realism.....

The programming...

Barely effective but good enough so far in this land of the perpetually deceived...

It's too absurd!

The walk in the park for the social engineers

is becoming a little more difficult...

Every now and then I have to bring out 'the children of Gaza' and the metaphor of Babylon. Things repeat. The awakening is not happening fast enough...or maybe it will in its own time.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Invasions, Incursions, Infections, Insanity


Those in the shadows who think they are in control do not view themselves as insane. They make plans, implement them and wait for results. Somehow they feel that anything they do is in their best interests and some of them may add the justification that they are just following orders and trying to survive. Others think they have something to gain by being a vocal extreme follower of psychopathic ideology and that they too will survive and thrive. Many times those are just useful dupes.

There is a human sickness, whatever the cause may be, that allows murderous actions against the rest of humanity to be celebrated in anticipation of greater power, control and the counting of their ill gotten gains. No, there are a few who will never see themselves or their actions as insane, imagining that they are chosen ones and anything goes.

It has to be frustrating to many of us that the United States has its bloody hands all over so many of the world's killing fields, the psyops that infect us and the greed that is tearing us apart.

Could Israel continue its carnage and land expansion without the US billions and the jewish compliant media? No, but they may have some heavy blackmail hanging over the heads of our 'leaders' that keeps the whole thing in play. Nuclear blackmail too. You'll have to decide whether we are in charge of Israel or they are in charge of us. Both work for the same criminal syndicate.

While we destroy in other lands, there is an agenda to destroy our own country. The insane think they will benefit.

Take him or leave him but Jim Stone is probably close in his immigration 'crisis' analysis. NGO's and others are being paid handsomely to get the poor kids from Central America on the bus to America. It's a diversion and also a ploy to divide us and break us down while our pockets continue to get picked. Using children, especially those living is deplorable conditions, for the purpose of a long term destructive agenda has to be considered evil beyond words. Isn't it?

On Iraq and Syria, Kevin Barrett says it as simply as anyone. Yes, it's us or to be more precise, US. And Israel. Oded Yinon or bust. 

I'm always seeing where folks have good ideas of what must happen to stop the madness. What needs to be done, what doing this, what doing that will accomplish to achieve peace and prosperity and end the rule of the few crazies. What's missing is the implementation. How we get there? We would like it to be without violence. I'll have to admit that I don't know and that is exactly the position that the powers that think they are want us in. Maybe you have some thoughts?

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Visualization, Guided Imagery and Healing

Throughout the ages man has used his focused thoughts in attempts to better improve his plight, to affect change in the world, for healing purposes, to gain insight, to seemingly enter into realms outside of our limited physical experiences, to get closer to one's concept of God. In religious terms it is often called prayer. But traditional religious beliefs are not a prerequisite for the use of guided thoughts. Even psychopaths visualize their goals. Visualization can be used both positively and negatively, and it is and always has been.

Just as we accept gravity as a law without really understanding it, so may we accept or at least consider other universal concepts without completely understanding them. The transference of thoughts and energies from ourselves to others, even at a distance, may be seen as such. The idea that we are all connected, that we are all one in some way may be considered by some as an exercise in futility or self-deception but to dismiss our interconnectedness may be an exercise in self-deception in and of itself.   Do we live in a multidimensional world where the laws of existence may be beyond our limited grasp? It does seem so.

In occult (meaning hidden) and esoteric philosophies, creative visualization and guided imagery are often called 'magic.' Since our language is so limited, that may as good a term as any even if the connotations are often misunderstood.

Having read and studied and practiced different forms of visualization and projection for many years I will say that in many instances the practices can work and can be confirmed. Still, I remain very ignorant and will not try to guide anyone in the hows. That is up to each individual and their inclinations towards these areas. Perhaps 'seek and you shall find' applies....with a healthy dose of focused discernment.

Anyway, what brought all this up was the report that Les Visible has had an accident, broken his hip and is in the hospital. In my own way I have been sending positive visualizations of healing to him and hope that others will do the same.

Not to stop there though. A daily ritual of good thoughts towards others in need and humanity as a whole perhaps may be one of the few things we all can do to affect positive change. It can't hurt if coming from an open heart.

Strive by Visible.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ready, Set.....

Reports are Israel Amassing Forces Around Gaza. Besides the ongoing airstrikes, there may be more to come.

The Israeli goal is never a one state, two state or any state for Palestinians. Any movement that could possibly solidify Palestinian interests will be turned against them and using the standard procedure of a false flag is nothing new.

From aangirfan:
In recent weeks, Israel has kidnapped over 570 Palestinians and carried out a number of extrajudicial executions of Palestinians, including children.
On 12 June 2014, three Israeli teens reportedly went missing from a Jewish-only colony in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

There is a suspicion that the Israel government organised the 'kidnapping', in order to disrupt the alliance between the two main Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah.

Just days before this 'kidnapping' of the three Israeli teens, Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo said to the Israeli cabinet: "What will you do if, in a week, three 14-year-old girls will be kidnapped from one of the settlements?"
Reportedly, the three Israeli teens were happy to get into the 'kidnap vehicle'.

The 'kidnap car' had yellow Israeli number plates.
The driver must have spoken Hebrew.
One Palestinian Child has been Killed by Israel Every 3 Days for the Past 13 Years.

Escalation of violence in the West Bank and Gaza will be a good diversion from events in Ukraine, Iraq and Syria. The 4th of July could be a day of carnage. 'Bombs bursting in air' and all. Many Americans will not only salute the American flag but also that of Israel.


Homeland Security is never one to miss an opportunity. New types of bombs coming, new security measures, same old same old. Deception remains the way of war against us.


I watched the highlights of the Megan Kelly interview with Bill Ayers. It's here and here in two parts.  My question has always been 'did Ayers work for the CIA or another agency?' The SDS and Weather Underground were infiltrated. The game of 'spot the spook' was in play during that time just as much as today. Ayers and his wife Bernardine Dohrn hid out for years but never served any prison time and went on to successful careers in teaching. On the payroll, useful tools for a bigger long term agenda or what?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Remembering Stephen Gaskin

Stephen and Ina May Gaskin

The most famous "hippie" commune in America has lost its founding father.

Stephen Gaskin, who led a caravan of psychedelic buses to a "promised land" in Summertown, Tennessee, died Tuesday at the age of 79.

 Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm, dies at 79

The Farm in Summertown: a historical timeline

The Farm Community 

The Farm 

Yes, many years ago I was influenced by Stephen and his merry band of hippies, especially in the areas of nutrition, vegitarianism and organic gardening.  I will raise a big organic tomato in his honor today and remember. 

An excerpt from a 2011 article of mine.
Almost 40 years ago Gaskin and his band of 'hippies' came to Tennessee to escape the craziness of San Francisco and begin an experiment in community and sustainability that continues to today.

1971 and their bus caravan stopped and camped on Old Hickory Lake in Sumner County not far from my hometown. The area quickly became a tourist attraction and the road became jammed for a few days with the locals wanting to get a glimpse of real life hippies. Of course we went and talked with some of them and left with the idea that this may be something big. It was but maybe not on the scale that we envisioned.

They soon found land near Summertown and the infamous tale began.

Would I have become a vegetarian and organic gardener 38 years ago without the influence of Gaskin and crew's writings and lifestyle? Who knows? Maybe, the ideas were becoming more acceptable but it was evident even then that their presence did help jump start a lot of folks around here to pursue different forms of alternative living. Small natural food stores began opening up all over and I had the opportunity to work in a couple of them. The deliveries of their products by the Farm folks became an opportunity to discuss food and life. Over time even the locals were won over with their hard work and innovation.

Stephen's wife, Ina May, wrote the modern manual on natural child birth, Spiritual Midwifery.  Her teachings still remain invaluable and will be for many years to come. I knew a number of couples who went to the farm to have Ina May and other Farm midwives deliver their babies. Everything always turned out fine.

We would go see the Farm Band with Stephen as the drummer every chance we could. They weren't the best around but they helped to form a philosophy I like ... "What you lack in talent, make up for in intensity."

 Also: The Farm is at a Crossroads