Sunday, July 20, 2014

Inhumane Humans

You take my water
Burn my olive trees
Destroy my house
Take my job
Steal my land
Imprison my father
Kill my mother
Bomb my country
Starve us all
Humiliate us all
I am to blame: I shot a rocket back.


My question to a few here lately is "why are there so many humans who are so inhumane?" No one seems to have the answer and can only speculate, sometimes wildly. There are reasons though. Perhaps so deep that most of us are afraid to entertain certain thoughts of the why?

What can we do?

The Art of Peace



  2. Hi Kenny,
    The "inhumane" ones are otherwise known as psychopaths. They have no feelings of compassion or empathy for others. They have no feelings of guilt, shame or remorse. They make up approx 5% of our population and probably 50% of our 'leaders' as they are attracted to power as a moth to light.

    There is a neurological test for them and if we humane people ever get control, we can filter out the psychopaths from positions of power over others and usher in a humane world.

    Btw, psychopaths are always portraying the behaviour of their nature as human nature. It is nothing of the sort.

  3. "why are there so many humans who are so inhumane?"

    I have reluctantly reached the conclusion that there is such a thing as Satanism in this world. When you look at Satanism...what is going on fits all the criteria...greed, commercialism, materialism, pornography, sexual deviance, human trafficking, warmongering,'s all part and parcel of the force we are up against. I am a former social worker and we learned in social work school that in order to solve a situation you first have to "name" it. I would like to see some really prominent people come out and call the evil ones on being Satanists. One encouraging development is that in Britain they have finally faced up to the rampant pedophilia in the government. Maybe they will take it a step further and call them Satanists.

    I am not a religious person and see a lot of Satanic symbols in religion. I don't think a return to formalized religion is the answer. We need to come together as humans and identify, out and confront the evil doers. One thing about the Satanists...they love the shadows and hate the light (for obvious reasons). We need to drag them out of the shadows and into the light.


    1. remember the bread crumb trail...?

      how did "we" get here ...?

      recognizing that TALMUDIC JUDAISM is SATANISM will help the
      individual understand why one must ... Justifiably Homicide Talmudvision
      there are numerous FOGBANKS in we know it, and
      finding the TRUTH is a daily endeavor that is best pursued with
      vigor & enthusiasm because knowing the Truth is FUN...!
      helping others escape the swirling whirlpool of confusion is often
      a challenge on account of many wish to believe false assumptions
      that are simply NOT TRUE....
      "we" are not all the same...
      in the natural order...some are more gifted than others when it comes to stating the obvious
      and some have a greater degree of responsibility for the weak and infirm...
      Truth is Hate to those that hate the Truth...
      so why should the little people worship {and SERVE} the Money Changers & Pharisees ?
      Jesus @ John 8:44...
      {how much has the "Jewish" state cost the Non-Jews here on earth ?}
      Abraham did not have a Talmud & Hate Jesus......just sayin',



    2. what is going on fits all the criteria...greed, commercialism, materialism, pornography, sexual deviance, human trafficking, warmongering, murder...

      Why didn't you just write out the Protocols of Zion?


      Don't make me laugh.

    3. Speaking of the protocols, I ran across a site that has a short summery of them that is about as good as I've seen.

      Of course they still fit, part of the game plan, some hows of global control but they do not exactly explain the whys. As James mentioned, psychopathy is definitely a factor but may not be the end all explanation. I too tend to stay away from standard 'religious' terms because of all the trappings involved over the centuries. Still, there may be deeper aspects beyond what our limited language and intellect can comprehend and I can't pretend to know what those may be. We all speculate. It's what we do to try and understand the human condition. Most of us do recognize evil though and that may be an innate part of our human nature.

  4. Thanks for the lnks, Kenny. Especially "The Art of Peace"

  5. N0.


    Occam..: create no more entities than are sufficient


    jews are SLAUGHTERING innocents

  6. From Merriam-Webster:

    in·hu·mane adjective
    : not kind or gentle to people or animals : not humane

    Full Definition of INHUMANE
    : not humane : inhuman 1

    Examples of INHUMANE

    - inhumane wardens who regularly ignored the crying children in their care
    - an inhumane dictator who tortured and murdered thousands of his own people

    Related to INHUMANE

    affectless, callous, case-hardened, cold-blooded, compassionless, desensitized, hard-boiled, hard-hearted, heartless, indurate, inhuman, hard, insensate, insensitive, ironhearted, merciless, obdurate, pitiless, remorseless, ruthless, slash-and-burn, soulless, stony (also stoney), stonyhearted, take-no-prisoners, thick-skinned, uncharitable, unfeeling, unmerciful, unsparing, unsympathetic

    charitable, compassionate, humane, kindhearted, kindly, merciful, sensitive, softhearted, sympathetic, tender, tenderhearted, warm, warmhearted

    Related Words
    boorish, heedless, inconsiderate, thoughtless, uncaring, unfriendly, unloving, unthinking; grim, hard-bitten, harsh, heavy-handed, ironfisted, ironhanded, jackbooted, knock-down, drag-out (or knock-down-and-drag-out), oppressive, rough, rough-and-tumble, severe, sledgehammer, stern, tough, ungentle; abusive, acrimonious, disagreeable, hateful, ill-natured, ill-tempered, malevolent, malicious, mean, rancorous, spiteful, surly, virulent; barbarous, bestial, brutal, brutish, cruel, evil-minded, savage, vicious; austere, cold, frosty

    Near Antonyms
    benevolent, benignant, gentle, kind; clement, indulgent, lenient, mild; cordial, friendly, good-natured, good-tempered, gracious; tolerant, understanding; affectionate, fond, loving

    INHUMANE used in a sentence:

    The compassionless, merciless, remorseless, ruthless, unsparing and inhuman actions recorded by the lying scribes of the Abrahamic religions and alleged by them to be ordered and sanctified by their imaginary god(s) Ehyeh-Asher-Ehyeh, Yah, Adonai, HaShem, Adoshem, Adoshem, YHWH Tzevaot, Adonai, Baali, El, Elah, Eloah, Elohim, El Roi, El Shaddai, Elyon, HaMakom, Allah, etc. have motivated their followers to treat others in an inhumane manner.

    1. That about covers it all NMM.

      Yes, the brainwashing/programming of 'religions' throughout the ages pushed the inhumane treatment of others while often claiming the opposite. It's still at work today.

    2. stepBUYstep . . .

      BUYstep . . .

      BUYstep . . .

      N0W:.. Drawing2aClose ..: C L O S E I T

      "It is clear that the preparations to attack Iraq are part of a series of attacks prepared for nations of the region including Syria, Iran, Egypt and Sudan," the voice said. "The aim of the Crusaders' campaign is to prepare the atmosphere for the establishment of the so-called greater Israel state, which includes great parts of Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and large portions of (Saudi Arabia)," it said.

      [[ AnonAgon:.. CanNot0therwiseSignIn ..:0wenr0cair0 ]]

  7. James:

    How are you/we going to implement that neurological test in today’s context or world situation? Or how are you/we going to wrest control from these psychopaths?

    NoMoreImpracticalThinkingInThe FaceofReality


    While I appreciate what you say about calling a Satanist a Satanist, I have not been unafraid to address the topic, having frequently and prominently called attention to books like Melanson’s Perfectibilists which makes the connection, or David Ray Griffin’s book “Christian Faith and the Truth Behind Reflection”, he being a top-flight expert on evil well before 9/11.

    But it may be true that people will simply shut you off if you jump past the lead-in right to Satanism and all the ills that it brings; people will close their eyes and ears, and will write you off as a nut-cake. We know that you and I aren't nut-cakes. We must develop a different method of teaching or delivering the message.


    I personally have a difficult time when I see the over-arching and simplifying word “Jews” used in the context of what is going on in the world. Yes, I’ve read the Protocols and was one of the first people to notice that the meme that they were a hoax was first floated by the diplomat in Istanbul who went on to create the Mighty Wurlitzer and more [See the book Gentleman Spy, pages 60-90ish]. But a thorough reading of those times stretching back well before the beginning of World War One, as well as Gilad’s book on their wanderings, and a study on genetics, will get us clear on the fact that the Zionists and people of allegedly Jewish religion and/or ethnicity [which is it?] aren’t Jewish at all, but something else [Khazarians], and it will lend insight (starting from Perfectibilists, for example) that they are chameleons, adept at becoming or appearing whatever or whomever it is that will benefit them. They hide as people of other faiths, or no faith.

    And the destruction of belief (as in faith, or religion) stems entirely from the perfect masters of the illuminati and “the age of reason” who after all were masking their true sources: the philosophies of Marx and the cash input of the Rothschild banking/debt system (which, of course, continues widely today). If we are going to name names, then we need to add those two.

    And from a scientific POV, the book “Why Us?” demonstrates the folly of reason alone and its parallel with materialism, and notes the breakdown of the purely-scientific approach with the simple fact that science has yet to solve the five mysteries of subjective awareness, free will, the richness and accessibility of memory, of human reason and imagination, and of “the self”.

    Ranting (or catharsis) doesn’t work:

    “Brad J. Bushman published “Does Venting Anger Feed or Extinguish the Flame?” (PSPB, Vol. 28 No. 6, June 2002 724-731) which demonstrates that “catharsis” is not effective in reducing anger or aggressiveness. While expressing emotion is healthy, it does not extinguish the source of the emotion. Learning to kick, punch, or be “powerful” doesn’t deal with the issue causing negative emotion and this study demonstrates that individuals who depend on cathartic behaviors tend to be more reactive in future moments of stress, anxiety, and conflict.”

    And the best path for any of us to take as individuals is to maintain a discipline or practice in something: choose the path, and stick to it. Self-discipline is broken down etymologically to an understanding that it is a belief in one’s self… your own innate abilities. And that comes from within, as aided by whatever or whomever created the biology of your genes, your brain, its plasticity, and the total system of hormones, thought, movement and attention that is you.

    Even the advanced students of Morihei Ueshiba’s “The Art of Peace” (or aikido) will tell you that you have to “take it to the mat”, or at least the dojo that is the world.

    1. [[[[[And from a scientific POV, the book “Why Us?” demonstrates the folly of reason alone and its parallel with materialism, and notes the breakdown of the purely-scientific approach with the simple fact that science has yet to solve the five mysteries of . . . ]]]]]

      u 'r' being u.s'd

      u 'r' Being Robbed

      u 'r' Being RAPED

      u 'r' BEING EnSlaved

      u 'r' BEING MURDERED

      N O W

      1000s-of-milesAway . . . blind/in\gaza



      0NT0L0GICAL..: as if, perhaps2outthink, mind. body. and

      to an understanding that it is a belief in one’s self… your own innate abilities. And that comes from within, as aided by whatever or whomever created the biology of your genes, your brain, its plasticity, and the total system of hormones, thought, movement and . . . ]]]]]


      . . . ffilosoffical lifelong ArsPaxPractitioner
      u . . . near2theIdea
      while a1000k ffrom B L O O D

    2. I am not anonymous, and I converse with plain and straight-forward American English prose.

      And I am just one.

      It is true that I am distant from the war zones, but I left militarism behind when I quit ROTC and embraced a different way of life when I went into the practice and doing of advanced emergency care. And I've fallen in love a few times, and raised two children. I am not in Palestine, or Russia, or the Ukraine. I am elderly, legally disabled, having survived multiple near-death events and a left-sided motor stroke. I am just me. We each are the result of our nurture and nature.

      I also have a difficult time understanding how we can ever improve any situation if we select one another as colleagues only when virtually all perspectives are identical.

      'If we're all thinking alike, someone isn't thinking.'

      I think it was John Boyd who said that, the author of the OODA loop and the thesis "destruction and creation.

    3. Agreed.

      anon, please spell out your points straight up without the gymnastics. It's distracting and comes across as being so on purpose.

    4. Thanks very much all for your comments on my post. I wish I could find a word other than the heavily baggaged "Satanists" to describe the evil ones. But that word would have to connote an organized, fanatical, goal-oriented group dedicated to the negative values I listed. Kenny, I still can't open any of the videos that are posted here. Is it me?

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.


      "If you want to know my strategy, look at a map."
      - - - ffiat

    7. My suggestion to the Malaysian government would be to bundle both the MH17 and MH370 investigations into one. That way, they can have the same team of experts look at both disasters and come up with probable causes. The truly international team of investigators will have the right of subpoena and can subpoena all documents from Kiev, Russia, Thailand and The United States.

      MH370 was never investigated and, IMO, this will be the last opportunity to do justice to the victims of that disaster

  8. No glitch, per se, just the usual Zionist meddling to protect the Jew from the truth. Ever since Israel has went on its latest homicidal rampage in Gaza, I've been having trouble accessing sites, mostly run by Blogger, that are speaking the truth.

    Satanists? Right, the kind that worship the Star of David.

    1. You may be right. The glitches may be automatically triggered by key words but I'm not sure. I've lost a few comments lately and had to re-do them.

    2. Kenny, did you know that MH17 was attacked on the anniversary of the assassination of the Russian Romanov royal family on July 17, 1918? Do you think this might have been a subliminal warning to Putin?

    3. I had not seen that. Good find. Another 'coincidence' to add to the list.

  9. Kenny, Morris Herman just threatened to ban me from his YouTube channel because I asked whether Hamas was the equivalent of Israel's "al queda", in other words, a construct of Israel to act as a pretext for war against an otherwise defenseless people. Do you think there is any merit in this thought? Or was I totally off base in even mentioning it?

    1. Off the top of my head it seems as if Israel created or helped create Hamas as a counter to Arafat and the PLO. Most likely there are still traitors in the Palestinian camp working with Israel. To what extent or how many in the rank and file are in on it for the money or how many may have gone off script, I'll leave it others to figure that out, I don't know.

      It's a legitimate question gc and should be asked. Some people may not want to talk publicly about it for fear of sowing more mistrust in an already tragic situation which works in Israel's favor. Some may be working to keep it covered it. The jewish press sometimes exploits the charge of the many millionaires in Gaza whether true, semi-true or just made up as they go along.

      All I know is that the truth is all that matters, no matter what that is and if we can find it. I've been banned from several websites for asking questions courteously and sincerely, it happens.

    2. I did ask courteously, Kenny. I really don't know that much about Hamas/Hesbollah. It was a sincere question. Thanks for your answer.

    3. This was posted at Cryptogon recently:

      "By Hassane Zerrouky | Global Research via Conspiracy Planet 12,026 VIEWS
      December 29, 2008
      [The article below originally appeared in the French daily L'Humanité on December 14, 2001, translated to English by Global Outlook in 2002, and published by Global Research in March 2004. It shows how the so-called Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) was founded by Israel's Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks (Mossad) with the strategic purpose to prevent the creation of a Palestinian State.

      Notice the striking similarity with the creation over 50 years ago by the British MI5, the CIA and the same Mossad of what is now known as the "global terror" (based on the real Arab terrorist groups founded earlier by the German Nazis). Trained, armed and funded by the Global Elite, the fabled enemies are used as a smokescreen to hide who all these wars are really against: wherever you live, these wars are against your freedom, they are against you. — War Is Crime.]...."

      More at the link...

    4. Thanks VERY much for this link, Ed. It is right on point and seems to support my suspicion. I sent it in an e-mail to he probably WILL ban me : )....funny thing is...I gave him a donation just two weeks ago : (

    5. That's how it works in the world today, GC. You think maybe there's a place "over there" that will engage in a serious conversation but find an intolerance if you make anyone feel uncomfortable. “The truth must penetrate like an arrow — and that is likely to hurt.”

    6. Good quote, I will remember that, at this experience. Morris wrote back and said he didn't have to read the link...he already knew what it said.

      Back to is an interesting find by Jim Stone:

    7. GC, I looked at that, and I've been an agnostic about this fellow Jim Stone for a while. Lots of people are discovering him. I dropped the question as to the perceived veracity of his photographic work looking at the airplanes in question over at Wayne Madsen's site,but no responses thus far. When you google his name, if you hadn't bookmarked his site, a scan farther down the page will bring you to this:

    8. Yes, I see that even Jim Stone has backed off some of his earlier assertions about MH17.

  10. Re: Greg Bacon's "Satanists? Right, the kind that worship the Star of David." Meaning the whole of the US Congress, of course! Including Rand Paul, apple from the tree fraud.

  11. Being humane, or not being so, is a choice made by each person born, but the choice is based on teaching learned from birth done by adults. Behavioral teaching is not the same for everyone in the world. For instance during WWII, POW's generally had very different treatment from the Germans than from the Japanese. Their cultural and religious societies were quite different, remembering that Germany basically had Christian ethics as a society, but Japan did not (even though there were Christians in Japan, but who did not influence societal behavior and thought. Same as is in the Korean War and Vietnam War. Christians tend to superimpose their religious societal norms of compassion, mercy, and moral behavior on those without them, including those in America, even religious frauds. There is an explanation for man's inhumanity to man, like it or not.

    Genesis 8:21
    The LORD smelled the pleasing aroma and said in his heart: "Never again will I curse the ground because of humans, even though every inclination of the human heart is evil from childhood. And never again will I destroy all living creatures, as I have done.

    Jeremiah 17:9
    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    Psalm 53:1
    . . . The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God," They are corrupt, and have committed abominable injustice; There is no one who does good. 2God has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men To see if there is anyone who understands, Who seeks after God.…

    Psalm 10:4
    In his pride the wicked man does not seek him; in all his thoughts there is no room for God.

    1. It's odd that you should mention the biblical flood myth:

      (8:20-21) "And the Lord smelled a sweet savor."
      Noah kills the "clean beasts" and burns their dead bodies for God. According to 7:8-9 this would have caused the extinction of all "clean" animals since only two of each were taken onto the ark.

      (8:21) "I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth."
      God killed all living things (6:5) because humans are evil, and then promised not to do it again (8:21) because humans are evil. The mind of God is a frightening thing.

      The biblical story was derived from Babylonian myth. You can learn about it from Kenny's article Banning the film "Noah" for all the wrong reasons and my comments on that article:

    2. Bible history is myths only to those who don't chose to believe the Bible, but they also believe just what they want. So belief is a personal choice for anyone, even the belief of not believing. If God were not an entity to fear, why not be as evil as one wants to be? No authoritative, just God, no judgment and no right or wrong. So if one believes there is such a position as humane action, how can one make such a claim without having a defined, exact, unchangeable basis for what humane is? It cannot be human based, because not all humans have the same exact standards of existence, and never have. It is more odd that there is a belief that Satan exists as a power for evil in the world and is not mythical, but that there can be no God for the existence of good in the world and he is mythical. If one discards the Bible as a compilation of mythical history, then one must also discard Satan's existence as mythical also. What hopelessness to acknowledge being vulnerable to the power evil in the world, but to have absolutely no hope for compassionate help, except perhaps coming from another ordinary human who is just as vulnerable. Each to his own beliefs, as long as one person does not tread on another's. What purpose is there to gain in claiming to have one's beliefs to be more valid than another's, especially if there is no evidence given for having a better life existence, and eventually a better death, for that is a reality to face at the end of life.

    3. Anonymous July 25, 2014 at 6:51 PM: If one discards the Bible as a compilation of mythical history, then one must also discard Satan's existence as mythical also.

      NMM: Absolutely. You should read A FEW WORDS ABOUT THE DEVIL,
      by Charles Bradlaugh



      To have written under this head in the reign of James Rex, of pious memory, would have, probably, procured for me, without even the perusal of my pamphlet, the reputation of Dr. Faustus, and a too intimate acquaintance with some of the pleasant plans of torturing to death practiced by the clever witch-finders of that day. I profess, however, no knowledge of the black art, and am entirely unskilled in diablerie, and feel quite convinced that the few words I shall say about his Satanic Majesty will not be cause of any unholy compacts in which bodies or souls are signed away in ink suspiciously red.
      For myself, the only Devil I know is that black Devil ignorance, fostered by knavery and tyranny; a Devil personified by the credulous many, and kept up in the past by the learned but treacherous few, who preferred to rule the masses by their fears, rather than to guide them through their love. This devil has, indeed, not been a roaring lion, but a cowardly and treacherous boa constrictor; it has enveloped in its massive folds glorious truths, and in the fierceness of its brute power has crushed them in its writhings. But oh! a glorious day is coming: amid the heretofore gloom of night the bright rays of the rising sun are piercing, the light of truth dispels the mists of ignorance. Bright facts drive out dark delusions; mighty truths triumph over pious frauds, and no longer need men be affrighted by the notion of an omnipotent fiend, wandering through the earth, ever seeking their damnation.

      Yes—to partially adopt the phraseology of a writer in "Macmillan's Magazine"—I do refuse to see in God a being omniscient as omnipotent, who puts us into this world without our volition, leaves us to struggle through it as we can, unequally pitted against an almost omnipotent and supersubtile Devil, and then, if we fail, finally drops us out of this world into Hell-fire, where a legion of inferior Devils find constant and never-ending employment in inventing fresh tortures for us; our crime being that we have not succeeded where success was rendered impossible. No high, no manly, no humane thinkings are developed in the doctrine of Devils and damnation. If a potent faith, it degrades alike the teacher and the taught, by its abhorrent mercilessness; and if a form, instead of a faith, then is the Devil doctrine a misleading sham, which frightens weak minds and never developes strong men.

  12. essentially the issue is Truth...!

    which is why Talmudic Judaism is BAD FAITH . . . {a religion based on Lies}
    {who are the Pharisees & Money Changers?}...what do "THEY" do..[John 8:44]

    No one on Earth HAS to stay in the STOOL SCULPTURE DEITY CULT COMPOUND.
    Knowing the Truth is the exit strategy...
    H/T Kevin Barrett...!
    "always with humor, comrade Zhilkov..." - Manchurian Candidate



  13. Surprise, surprise, surprise. NATO was holding "Operation Sea Breeze" in the Black Sea and was winding down the op the day of the Flight 17 disaster.

    Too damn many coincidences here, this is screaming FALSE FLAG.

  14. What happened to MH17?

    Today (July 23), Anna-News published an interview with a Russian Air Force retired colonel Aleksand Zhilin, who is a frequent military commentator on the conflict in Ukraine. The most important information is stated at 2:00-5:00 in the interview.

    According to the colonel, at 16:19:45, a Ukrainian jet fighter targeted the Boeing with an air-to-air missile R-60. The missile damaged the right engine of the Boeing. The Boeing was hit, but still managed to stay in the air. However, in doing so, the Boeing turned 180 degrees to the left. It was at this moment that the false flag attack started falling apart. According to Zhilin, part of the plan controlled by the US with Ukrainian hands executing it was to have the Boeing crash past the southern frontline by the Ukrainian-Russian border. Had the Boeing fallen there, securing the crash sites with the troops in response to international pressure would, on top of all else, effectively allow Kiev to lift the encirclement of its brigades in the southern pocket by the Russian border.

    When, however, the Boeing started to turn in the opposite direction and was still apparently manageable, “the US-Ukrainian headquarters of the special operation panicked and ordered the Buk battery to destroy the plane in the air in order to pre-empt the possibility of the Boeing’s emergency landing.” A Buk missile was fired and the plane was then finally destroyed.« less

    1. If they were in damage control mode and the immediate goal was to prevent the plane from making an emergency landing, why not have the fighter jet finish it off with another missile?

  15. The survivors from the USS Liberty and their families were severely threatened with retaliation should they ever tell what happened to them and their ship. They were silent for 40 years in order to remain survivors. How many military and civilian personnel have been deeply involved in, or acutely aware of the MH370 hi-jacking to Diego Garcia and the ultimate murdering of almost 300 persons on that plane? The logistics of the actual murdering process, refrigeration storage, and plane insertion of those 300 bodies for use in the MH17 false flag would require real personnel, willing or not. Very likely most were CIA, Mossad/IDF, or mercenaries--those without any conscience who enjoyed the job. But there must have been some who didn't know what was being done and who only obeyed orders, especially the military personnel at Diego Garcia. They could also become murdered victims themselves in order to silence them, if the truth has hit home, like with Pat Tillman. To be sure, any witness will be carefully watched at all times to ensure complete silence. Having knowledge can mean death, not just to one person, but to however many happen to be with him/her. Just like the passengers on MH370.

  16. Here's a good compilation of information about MH17:

    MH17 Verdict: Real Evidence Points to US-Kiev Cover-up of Failed False Flag
    July 25, 2014
    21st Century Wire

    Saturday, 26 July 2014

  18. I stand by what I said in a comment from 27 March
    "I like that one comment "What do they do after dismantling?" I'm thinking perhaps take a few parts and drop them off in the Indian Ocean or spread them around the grounds after a missile strike. Which ever way this thing is going."

    Why would a Sharia based aircraft leasing company store an aircraft in Tel Aviv?

    I calling BS on this whole thing. Russia is coordinating with the US/NATO/ISR to beat the war drums.

    Check out some of the media releases from Malaysia Airline concerning MH17
    Speaking today, Prime Minister Najib Razak said:

    “Last night, I reached an agreement with Alexander Borodai to bring an end to the standoff over the MH17 crash site. Our agreement rested on three conditions: the return of the remains of those who lost their lives;
    the handover of the black boxes; and full access to the crash site so that the investigation may begin.

    "Alexander Borodai"? Google that name and see where it takes you.

    Of course the black boxes are then turned over to the UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch for forensic analysis. Too funny. These guys did a bang up job on the the other Malaysian Air 777-200.

    Even the RT clips with the State Department looked hollywoodized, slick, and scripted. How many cameras do RT have there to have the switchbacks between the RT reporter and the spokesperson.

    If it is on corparrot news it is bullshit. The big alternative news sites just give another flavor of the same old bullshit. Rogue missileer my ass. Old Soviet style Air Defense is extremely centrally commanded and controlled. I don't know if there ever really were a MH370 or MH17 but it keeps some folks busy and employed.
    "Lets give them something to talk about, a little mystery to figure out"


  19. Ah, Aris... 'tis good to see another perspective on the Russian leg of the one-world-government movement which I have suspected since I was asked to look into the book "Mary's Mosaic", which resulted in my very long serial set of posts I called the Mosaica, reprised here:

  20. "A source within the Ukrainian defense department claims that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was accidentally shot down by Ukrainian troops during a military exercise in near Donetsk which took place on July 17.

    “On July 17 the commanding officer of 156th Anti-Aircraft Regiment was instructed to conduct a training exercise of ground troops stationed near Donetsk, which involved deploying the troops, and carrying out a routine tracking and destroying of targets with the Buk-M1 missile,” the source told RIA Novosti.

    Although actual use of the rockets was not intended, they were accidentally fired off when two Sukhoi Su-25 combat aircraft flew parallel with but at a different altitude than the Boeing 777, claims the source. When the three aircraft merged and became a single dot on the missile ‘s radar system, the Buk-M1 automatically chose the larger target, leading to the demise of MH17.

    It is worth noting that RIA Novosti is Russian state media, although the veracity of the story is no less credible than YouTube videos uploaded by the Ukrainian government, which have been relied upon by both Kiev and Washington as the main source of evidence for the contention that separatist rebels were responsible for downing the airliner....."

    But I saw something the other day that suggested that RIA Novosti was "merging" with Voice of America...

    There needs to be a collaborative wiki system for tracking ownership, history, veracity and track records for all types of media.

    [By the way, Kenny and everyone else here... (I think Kenny knows but everyone else should) so there is no confusion or perception of intended deception, "Boy", "Sullen Bell" and "Ed(itor)" all sleep together in the same house and eat the same meals.]

  21. I really appreciate all the comments, the extended narrative. I've had a hectic week, in and out of the house, over 500 miles on the road with work and visiting family. Over 10 hours putting up the garden bounty.

    Thanks to everyone for the input. Stay safe.

    1. What is a "garden bounty"? Kenny, I'm a city folk and never heard the term.

    2. In our case bounty means abundance. Beyond what we can now eat or give away so we save it for later by canning and freezing.

    3. Thanks, that certainly makes sense.

  22. Hi Kenny,

    Some guy once said that in the final days, the first would be last and the last would be first.

    Who are the first? The Jews, of course. The first true monotheists.

    Another guy said that in the final days the Jews would hold the wealth and power of the world.

    Two guys like many of us. Not perfect, but trying to do the right thing in difficult times. Peace by upon them.

    So let's see then...

    Who controls the lying Western media? Who controls the central banking cartel?
    Who is profiteering from global war? Who is behind much of the false flag terrorism of the last few decades?
    Killing children in Gaza. Murdering Iraqis. Libyans. New Yorkers even. Threatening the Russians and the Chinese with nuclear war. The ending of human existence in this world.

    Why, yes, it's our goodly Jewish friends. Or more specifically, the atheist materialist anti-Jew Zionists.
    And their easily-misled confederates, the Talmudist Ashkenazim.

    No point asking most Christians or Muslims about such things. Mostly they are ignorant even of the basics of their own religions. Many are infinitely gullible useful idiots of the Zionist plutocracy.

    Yes, they carry Bibles and Qurans. And read them even. Blindly, unimpinged by reason or critical thought.
    They are like asses carrying heavy tomes, utterly ignorant of their contents.

    But, Kenny, you, like most of us, are also missing something.

    The war you see with your eyes is only the lesser war. You see Israelis killing children, gloating about it.
    You see the Takfiri cannibals in Syria, led by the nose by their Zionist puppetmasters.
    You see these snakes, like the outwardly beautiful but inwardly putrescent Ayelet Shaked.

    "ὄφεις γεννήματα ἐχιδνῶν, πῶς φύγητε ἀπὸ τῆς κρίσεως τῆς γεέννης;"

    And this is a war that must be fought. And won. And it is being fought. And prophecy foresees victory to the righteous. Hezbollah, Iran, even Russia and China, are fighting the war that should be fought by the ragged vestiges of Christendom and the Muslim Ummah. As are you, Kenny. Your weapon the sword of Truth.

    Now you don't have to believe this. Even though every single day I become more, not less, right.

    But there is greater war you do not see.

    A war fought not on our insignificant ephemeral and temporal plane but in a vast and eternal realm.
    A war against an insidious enemy invisible to all mankind.
    For those who lose, it is a war whose outcome is horrifying beyond all human imagination.

    It is a war for their Jewish souls.

    "εὐφρανθῆναι δὲ καὶ χαρῆναι ἔδει, ὅτι ὁ ἀδελφός σου οὗτος νεκρὸς ἦν καὶ ἔζησεν, καὶ ἀπολωλὼς καὶ εὑρέθη."

    1. that's the funniest cartoon I've seen all day..."Jews" with souls...!
      {freaking Knee slapper!}

      the story of the Children of Israel is not about any so-called ..."Jews".!
      "Jews" {100%} of all modern day so-called "Jews" are merely
      " PROSELYTES " ...{converts} to Talmudic Judaism,
      and can stop being "Jewish" by knowing the truth...John 8:44 !

      as an aside...did anyone else notice the celestial event..
      of the waning moon wodensday morning...approx. 5:30AM
      in the SE horizon before Sunrise...



    2. Interesting...earlier in the week I was wondering whether Hamas was created by Israel. Here Ron Paul says it was in a speech to Congress. Proof that my intuition was again correct.