Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Invasions, Incursions, Infections, Insanity


Those in the shadows who think they are in control do not view themselves as insane. They make plans, implement them and wait for results. Somehow they feel that anything they do is in their best interests and some of them may add the justification that they are just following orders and trying to survive. Others think they have something to gain by being a vocal extreme follower of psychopathic ideology and that they too will survive and thrive. Many times those are just useful dupes.

There is a human sickness, whatever the cause may be, that allows murderous actions against the rest of humanity to be celebrated in anticipation of greater power, control and the counting of their ill gotten gains. No, there are a few who will never see themselves or their actions as insane, imagining that they are chosen ones and anything goes.

It has to be frustrating to many of us that the United States has its bloody hands all over so many of the world's killing fields, the psyops that infect us and the greed that is tearing us apart.

Could Israel continue its carnage and land expansion without the US billions and the jewish compliant media? No, but they may have some heavy blackmail hanging over the heads of our 'leaders' that keeps the whole thing in play. Nuclear blackmail too. You'll have to decide whether we are in charge of Israel or they are in charge of us. Both work for the same criminal syndicate.

While we destroy in other lands, there is an agenda to destroy our own country. The insane think they will benefit.

Take him or leave him but Jim Stone is probably close in his immigration 'crisis' analysis. NGO's and others are being paid handsomely to get the poor kids from Central America on the bus to America. It's a diversion and also a ploy to divide us and break us down while our pockets continue to get picked. Using children, especially those living is deplorable conditions, for the purpose of a long term destructive agenda has to be considered evil beyond words. Isn't it?

On Iraq and Syria, Kevin Barrett says it as simply as anyone. Yes, it's us or to be more precise, US. And Israel. Oded Yinon or bust. 

I'm always seeing where folks have good ideas of what must happen to stop the madness. What needs to be done, what doing this, what doing that will accomplish to achieve peace and prosperity and end the rule of the few crazies. What's missing is the implementation. How we get there? We would like it to be without violence. I'll have to admit that I don't know and that is exactly the position that the powers that think they are want us in. Maybe you have some thoughts?


  1. Reading the geopolitical tea leaves...it looks like Israel has entered a "do or die" phase this summer and is going to try to eradicate Palestinians once and for all. They have set up a lot of distractions around the world in an effort to turn heads away as they bomb and destroy Gaza. Illegal immigration into the US is one such distraction. Israel can see that the clock is ticking...the world is waking up and they don't have much time left for their global dictatorship plans.

    1. I'll go with that gc. They realize that their time is running out. Bad things are going to happen but trying to stay on the positive side...the plans are not going to work out as they think.

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    US hires Israeli company to retrofit Mexico border wall
    MARCH 16, 2014

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    "An Israeli military contractor, whose surveillance technology is used along Israel’s apartheid wall constructed in the Palestinian West Bank, has been chosen by the United States to provide similar services on the southern border with Mexico, Israeli media reported on Wednesday.

    Elbit Systems announced on Sunday that the US Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection (CBP) had awarded its subsidiary a $145 million contract to deploy border surveillance technology in southern Arizona, Reuters reported.

    But according to Bloomberg analyst Brian Friel, quoted by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the one-year contract could expand to a broader $1 billion deal if the US Congress passes stringent immigration legislation.

    Elbit Systems is set to install watch towers along the border with sensors for spotting, tracking, and classifying data, along with command and control centers.

    Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona hailed the deal as a 'step in the right direction.' ” . . . [[and, after jus4months, Elbita this, Elbita that, inFFiltration system has already slowed2apres moi, leDeluge
    jus1ffull eFFin'fflood]] . . . [[[ inAddition2which+++ armed2theTeeth +++FFast'n'FFurious]]]


    9/11 WTC AND AirportSecurity

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    "One of the top occupation profiteers in Israel is the defense firm Elbit Systems. The largest non-governmental defense company in the country, its revenue stood at $2.83 billion in 2010. Using knowledge and expertise gained from assisting in the occupation of Palestine, Elbit has made millions exporting surveillance and defense materiel worldwide – and increasingly so to Latin America.
    While Israel’s role in arming dictators and oppressive regimes in Latin America during the last century is well known, Elbit is at the forefront of a new wave of Israeli arms industry involvement in countries in the region. Elbit has a presence in at least five Latin American countries, as well as along the US-Mexico border"


  3. The average American doesn't fool anyone in the wider world. Best that can be said is their motto "ignorance is strength". Still their money is better than most so if you not hurting, you got nothing to get over. I think they got you cooked. I had some fun with you, so good luck you, will need it.

  4. Some of those illegal immigrant kids entering the USA are supposed to be from Bolivia?

    We're supposed to believe that some kids hiked 4,000 miles to get to the USA border?

    Bullshit. Someone or some agency is flying those Bolivian kids up North.

  5. I suspect a southern wall will eventually serve to keep us in the US, not others out. The Mexicans aren't the vast majority of the illegals - who are being bussed or flown in courtesy of the US govt. The "solution" to the manufactured problem is always less freedom for us. JimStonefreelance.com often gets it right - I fear for Jim's life.

    Non-violent solutions? Hmmm. 1) Take over the USSA/World Zionist communication networks (and broadcast the truth); and 2) Immediate strike (non-payment of all taxes, refusal to do business with any company implicated in the current evils, federal workers, airplane workers, schools/colleges, non-essential stores, etc.) until a new gov't is in place composed of actual human beings who represent Americans; 3) immediate abolition of the Federal Reserve; 4) use the internet to aggressively disseminate the truth about those responsible for running the false-flags that led to the decade-plus year of war, genocide, theft, and chaos; 4) demand justice.

    Make the people in power fear the people. Shun anyone you know who is part of the security complex (cops, TSA, etc.) Refuse to be baited into a race war. Their divide-and-conquer tactics only work if people cannot see how they are being manipulated like puppets. Refuse to participate or face the consequences: A short, brutal life in an open-air prison that the US is becoming. No future that includes any semblance of free will. Planetary disaster. Those cooperating with the evil don't understand how ultimately expendable they are - all the way to the top. -EV

    1. Hey EV, good points and as we've both mentioned before, non-cooperation is one of the things we should and must do to the best of our ability. What spending power we still have should be focused away from corporations that abuse their right to exist and literally are working against us. Hopefully many of us have been growing all the food we can and preserving it, making a little dent in that area.

      Our numbers are increasing but we need to speed things up.

  6. -
    constitutional convention

    why change horses in mid stream ?

    because the horse is trying to drown you

    'nuff said

  7. Hey, look - same picture was posted last October here:

    1. Thanks, can't trust the photos in the MSM being portrayed as current or even from where they say. I should have tried to verify it but didn't. So...I've replaced it with one from Qatar's Aljazeera. Maybe it's real?

  8. Can't wait to tackle the question Kenny asks ... "What needs to be done, what doing this, what doing that will accomplish to achieve peace and prosperity and end the rule of the few crazies. What's missing is the implementation. How we get there? We would like it to be without violence. I'll have to admit that I don't know and that is exactly the position that the powers that think they are want us in. Maybe you have some thoughts?"...

    but I will wait.

    I am working on a major piece that asks within myself the same questions. It's far too long, and I keep finding sources and references, so Mr. Verbosity is still on the job, hopefully soon to be replaced by Mr. Succinct.

    But I don't wont to cop out here so I'll add some thoughts.

    With regard to the violence question, it's fairly obvious that we can't out violence the most violent entity; they have more tools, armaments, cash, and tricks up their sleeve, and they have multiple think tanks and venture capital firms (and drug profits) to keep them ahead of us. I'm a junior-league wanna-be aikido-ist, too late from a physical standpoint but never too late from an intellectual or spiritual standpoint, and "the art of peace" teaches us to use violence only in a way that preserves and sustains life but that it requires that we be willing to engage if and when necessary -- but not to precipitate or initiate violence. [I think there is an answer for us in terms of aikido movement but I haven't found it yet.]

    From the spiritual standpoint, the old "Golden Rule" has been expressed in virtually every major tradition, so pick one and apply it. From the perspective of the matrix and the whole 'don't feed it your cash, time, energy', what this means to me is that we must be makers/manufacturers, creative artists, but most of all leaders who can educate and "coalesce" those around us to take such steps away from evil and toward love.

    More to follow.... Look at midnight plus 120 seconds for the Wayne Madsen reports on Orange Air, the dancing israelis and the FBI agent, and more at Sullen Bell.

    We are indeed up against organized evil.

    I pray a lot (and ask guidance for direction and support), and I get ready to die while I try -- using a Buddhist monks' phrase -- "to shine one corner of the world".

    1. You included a quote in your latest 'occurrences' that seems to fit our situation..... :)

      [… in the words of Claire Wolfe, “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”]

  9. Until the 1200 Lb gorilla in the room is addressed, nothing good will happen, just further deterioration.
    If real change is to occur, change that will radically improve the world and the lot of everyone:
    Arrest every globo-zionist in government.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in the legal system.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in the communications industry.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in print, TV, and film media.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in the "entertainment" industry.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in the educational system.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in the corporate boardroom.
    Arrest every globo-zionist in Wall Street and the entire finance world.
    Arrest the top globo-zionist finance families and have returned at least $250 trillion of their stolen assets.
    Arrest every globo-zionist, pundit, propagandist and politician that dares to promote war, usury, and the destruction of the family unit through degeneracy, drugs, poisoned food, poisoned "medicine", poisoned "education", and poisoned social mores.

    How long will we allow this 2% minority to destroy our world?

    Read the unassailable evidence that is freely available proving beyond question that it is their meddling and interference that has been at the root of every war, depression, and medical calamity for the last 150 years.

    1. Sure, yes, on the one hand, but just what is the point of arresting people if the judges are all on their side? Kicking them out of one country won't work anymore - there must be a global awakening, a revelation, and then a global agreement on what to do.

    2. That's a point I was trying to make. We can make the lists of what needs to be done, we know some of the goals that need to be accomplished but within the rigged system we don't have the mechanisms that will work...yet. There are signs that point to a global awakening and it can't come too soon.

    3. Yes, Kenny, and there is also the problem that anytime anyone plans a movement, their actions get recorded, their group gets infiltrated. Action must emerge spontaneously and/or the organizers must work together in person, the old-fashioned way.

  10. They have run out of enemies so it's our turn now. After a half hearted effort it looks like they have given up on the white vs. black thing (or maybe it was a trial run) so they are going to try the north/south angle. Mex vs. White Americans. They started setting this up some 35 years ago when Reagan proposed a fence along the border. At the same time they virtually opened up the gates and the rush north began in earnest. Next thing you know we are pressing 1 for english on every call and at every ATM. Coincidence not. Now that we have roughly equal numbers (something they could never dream of in the white black scenario), they are priming the gears for their long wanted civil war. I don't think it will work though, mexicans and yankee's have always worked ok together (even nowadays when it's mexicans doing all the work and a few whites making a killing in development). ViVA rEvOluTIOn.