Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Remembering Stephen Gaskin

Stephen and Ina May Gaskin

The most famous "hippie" commune in America has lost its founding father.

Stephen Gaskin, who led a caravan of psychedelic buses to a "promised land" in Summertown, Tennessee, died Tuesday at the age of 79.

 Stephen Gaskin, founder of The Farm, dies at 79

The Farm in Summertown: a historical timeline

The Farm Community 

The Farm 

Yes, many years ago I was influenced by Stephen and his merry band of hippies, especially in the areas of nutrition, vegitarianism and organic gardening.  I will raise a big organic tomato in his honor today and remember. 

An excerpt from a 2011 article of mine.
Almost 40 years ago Gaskin and his band of 'hippies' came to Tennessee to escape the craziness of San Francisco and begin an experiment in community and sustainability that continues to today.

1971 and their bus caravan stopped and camped on Old Hickory Lake in Sumner County not far from my hometown. The area quickly became a tourist attraction and the road became jammed for a few days with the locals wanting to get a glimpse of real life hippies. Of course we went and talked with some of them and left with the idea that this may be something big. It was but maybe not on the scale that we envisioned.

They soon found land near Summertown and the infamous tale began.

Would I have become a vegetarian and organic gardener 38 years ago without the influence of Gaskin and crew's writings and lifestyle? Who knows? Maybe, the ideas were becoming more acceptable but it was evident even then that their presence did help jump start a lot of folks around here to pursue different forms of alternative living. Small natural food stores began opening up all over and I had the opportunity to work in a couple of them. The deliveries of their products by the Farm folks became an opportunity to discuss food and life. Over time even the locals were won over with their hard work and innovation.

Stephen's wife, Ina May, wrote the modern manual on natural child birth, Spiritual Midwifery.  Her teachings still remain invaluable and will be for many years to come. I knew a number of couples who went to the farm to have Ina May and other Farm midwives deliver their babies. Everything always turned out fine.

We would go see the Farm Band with Stephen as the drummer every chance we could. They weren't the best around but they helped to form a philosophy I like ... "What you lack in talent, make up for in intensity."

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  1. God Bless Stephen! He taught me alot. Mark

  2. ken kesey brought his colorful "merry band busload " of hippie druggies to my area in Oregon. They contributed nothing of moral value to this community, but the drug counter-culture Kesey initiated here has remained through several generations. So much so that there is now a druggie dedicated county "fair" that law enforcers of drug control will not touch, so much is the power to control given to these "valued" criminals. Supposedly this fair attracts money to the area, but truthfully, the out-of-towners come in and bleed charities and welfare for freebies. The area is so much of a time warp for hippies that Eugene is known nationally for it. Ken Kesey wrote a novel that became a movie so the scum he really was is "honored" here for that. Some of his druggie followers came to be genuine Christians which changed their lives around into being clean, good, loving, and caring people. There was a major movement going on then which was transforming many lost, counter-culture drop-outs into morally and ethically responsible persons in spite of the drug culture pushers. Sadly, it didn't last. Jewish media power of destructive influence is just too pervasive.

    1. It was all an experiment. There were causalities. Much of it scripted psyops but it never worked exactly the way planned. I've always felt we should try and decipher the best aspects of the 'hippie' era and carry them forward. The good food movement in opposition to the degradation of the American diet is one and has become fairly mainstream...which has led to to corporate interests trying to dominate the industry.

      Marijuana being legal and free has always been a no-brainer and a non-issue in a sane world. Rumors are George Soros funds much of the legalization efforts and agendas overlap. Notice the picture here.

      Good ideas getting hijacked is what we should expect. When there's big gov and big money involved, the possibilities are endless.

      Some good ideas came out of the 'hippie' culture. Pick and choose.

    2. "There was a major movement going on then which was transforming many lost, counter-culture drop-outs into morally and ethically responsible persons in spite of the drug culture pushers."

      Ah, yes, like the Children of God, a.k.a. The Family International, founded by David Brandt Berg, a.k.a. Moses David, Mo, King David, Father David, Chairman Mo.

      Do you remember them?

      The Family International

      Ricky Rodriguez was raised in the home of David Berg, the founder of THE CHILDREN OF GOD, now known as THE FAMILY INTERNATIONAL. Rodriguez committed murder and suicide. His story and evidence he left behind provides insights into the evils of the cult.


    3. "Some of his druggie followers came to be genuine Christians..."

      Define "genuine Christian".

      What DID the Early Christians Believe?

      Christians today, who affect such certainty over what their godman said and did, might be well served to pause and reflect that Christians who lived within a generation or two of their supposed saviour had no such certainty, that they speculated wildly, disagreed with each other to the point of violence, and organised rival churches.

      For more than two hundred and fifty years the enthusiasts of Christ concocted astonishing fairy tales drawn from Pagan and Jewish antecedents and their own imagination.


    4. More on David Berg:

      The Christianizing of America - 1950-2006
      Jesus loves a winner!
      Shaking Down the Sheep

      “So any adroit, unscrupulous fellow, who knows the world, has only to get among these simple souls and his fortune is quickly made; he plays with them.”

      – Lucian of Samosata, "The Passing of Peregrinus." (2nd century AD).
      David Berg: Path to enlightenment – "sex with hot chicks"

      'Moses' Berg, himself the son of old time revivalists, moved about the world with his Family of Love, maintaining his keen interest in pedophilia.

      David ('Moses') Berg was more interested in the sexual rather than the monetary rewards of selling Jesus.

      Early in the 1970s this run-of-the-mill apocalyptic evangelical and TV preacher received the call to be God's "last prophet". 'Mo' set up the "Children of God" with a strong emphasis on sex. Recruitment was by "flirty fishing", earning his cult the name "Hookers for Jesus."

      Berg anticipated much later evangelicals by predicted apocalyptic events and ultimately the "tribulation" that would begin in 1989 followed soon after by the second coming of Jesus. The poor old pervert died in 1994.

  3. The drug culture cannot be talked about without the mention of government supplied products. Here's an example of the Afghan connection. Coming to a community near you... if it's not there already.

  4. Many years ago we put our two kids into a private Christian school so they would have an opportunity to have a better educational environment. I confess that as parents we were not as involved in this school as we should have been. Only in later years did we learn that there were kid(s) into drugs there, also. In true ignorance the school directors were actually admitting kids the parents couldn't control. They all believed that by just being in the Christian-oriented environment would "cure" the kids --using love , kindness, and prayer. It didn't for some, anyway. Our own kids didn't tell us, but just endured the reality in silence. Since we lived in the country, our kids didn't have contact out of school with most of the other kids . We can be thankful for that now. The high standards of their dad were very influential on our kids' own choices. They knew they were loved in kindness and concern. Parental values, behavior, and lifestyle choices are definitely absorbed by "sponge kids." There is no substitute for personal time and sincerity; the human touch, eye-to-eye contact, and the listening ear. Kids do have hard times and do need parents to be there for them, not off somewhere with friends, or tied to TV, or computer, or foggy-minded with alcohol (another type of drug).

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