Wednesday, July 30, 2014

They Shoot Donkeys, Don't They?

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 Kill It Before It Grows.....

"It," not he or she or them or anything remotely relating to humans must the operative word that the Israeli genocidal monsters use to describe their targets. Women and children are seen as less than animals....and they kill those too. 

.....and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass." ~ jewish words of perversion attributed to their 'god' from the OT

Gazans are told to evacuate from where they are, seek shelter. They do, in schools, which are then bombed and shelled, killing scores. Apparently six times schools have already been targeted.

There are no safe places in Gaza.

Israel Strikes Gaza Power Plant & TV Studios 

 At Least 17 People Killed After Attack On Gaza Market

By any small standards of sanity, these are daily war crimes.

The American major media dutifully reports the atrocities but with a false spin without the Israelis as war criminals narrative and rarely show the protests against the murderers for fear of people getting the idea that it's OK to shout out. 

Here in the good old USA we have no government. There are only the bureaucrats and enforcers of a world wide crime syndicate.

In our so-called Christian Nation, there appears to be few Christians. Millions refuse to stand up against evil or even speak its name. Cue up the crickets chirping. It's been this way since the Vietnam War and there seems little hope of a great real religious awakening any time soon.

Sorry.....I'm being redundant. Repeating the same things over and over again. It's hard to put together any new words in any meaningful way to describe what is happening and why.  Thankfully many others are making the attempt.


We may have to bomb Bolivia next or at least hire some mercenaries to take care of Evo Morales.
Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’

No sooner than the White House condemned the shelling of a United Nations-operated school in Gaza on Wednesday did news break that the Pentagon will supply the Israeli military with new ammunition to further their campaign on the war-ravaged city.

That afternoon, CNN reported that the United States military will be honoring a request from Israel for assistance in the midst of their weeks-long campaign against militants from Hamas residing in Gaza City.

According to the network, Pentagon officials have confirmed that the US will honor a request from Israel for several types of ammunition, including 120mm mortar rounds and 40mm ammunition for grenade launchers. The exchange will not be an emergency sale, the unnamed officials said, and is coming from a stockpile of weapons maintained by the US in Israel worth more than $1 billion. more

Efforts to negotiate a ceasefire in Israel’s ongoing invasion of the Gaza Strip aren’t sitting well with Israeli hawks, and by extension that means they aren’t sitting well with the US Congress.

That’s got Congressional officials up in arms, pushing President Obama to stop trying to negotiate a ceasefire in the conflict, and instead to endorse Israel’s war unconditionally, and irrespective of how bad it gets.

Underscoring just how far they’ll go, Sen. Mark Kirk (R – IL) insisted he was totally comfortable with Israel killing thousands of civilians in the current war if it meant wiping out Hamas, saying it was “worth it.” more

The Blood of Palestine is on the Hands of the Bribe-Takers  - hat tip NTS

If the Zionists win again in Gaza, similar horrors await.

You will be next.

Worldwide protests against Zionism and the horrors in Gaza must now grow exponentially with renewed realization of the true global evil manifest in Zionist Israel. These protests must swell with a demand for a return to the world humanity; a purge of the ongoing threat of Zionism.

Zionism is a madness. It attempts to rationalize, legitimize and legalize imposed inhuman conditions. Protests worldwide must now grow, besieging every Israeli and US Embassy en-mass until finally tearing the embassy's doors forever from their hinges and effecting a world-citizen's arrest on every ambassador, next depositing them gruffly in the Hague. With the cries of,"we are Gaza," the halls of every Congress and Parliament should then be flooded with the outrage of nationalism temporarily destroyed, and every Zionist controlled, treasonous politician cast out to wander the earth in rags.

On that day there will be a sudden quiet over Gaza and Palestine. An overdue quiet settling upon the world. The bombs for the first time will stop. Screams will quiet, slowly turning to smiles, then again to childish laughter. The true humanity that is at the core of all decent men and women will begin to return to the daily fabric life. War and its Zionist master will be relegated again to the dust bin of history. Peace once again important. more


  1. Hi Kenny:

    I was just thinking of posting this:

    on the CBC forum...with the heading "What Israel does on its summer vacation".

    Canadian "politicians" regrettably, are just as slavish in their support of Israel as fact Harper tries to outdo other politicians in the bootlicking department...he is SooooOO unpopular and will be SOOOO gone next year at election time. Problem is, the other parties are just as bad. Canadian democracy is dead.

    Out of desperation today I started thinking out of the box....what if Putin offered a solution...Offer Israel a piece of land twice as big as Israel on lakeshore or oceanfront in the Khazar district of eastern Europe/asia where the Khazars originally came from. They would have to migrate there from Israel, leaving all their nukes behind and start "fresh" In the new land.

    I don't think it would be a permanent solution to this problem, which has been going on for thousands of years...but it would solve it for a few generations.


    1. They don't want some... they want it ALL. Giving them more is detrimental... like putting a disease laden bandaid on a deep wound.

    2. Instead, what if Putin sent a delegation to Israel whilst the daily war crimes are taking place to enter into a partnership with Israel to defeat 'terrorism'. They could hear the bombs drop as they did this deal. Sick! Worse how most people just refuse to acknowledge this fact.

      The 'what if' fantasy game is nice, reality not so much.

      The usual dirty yellow journalism in Canada does what it always does. Blame the evil KKKonservatives (so easy) while giving a free pass to the liberals and ndp. They are in on the game too, but that harsh reality makes Canadians heads explode.

  2. And, speaking of's a German pilot's theory of what happened to MH17

    1. GC

      I believe the Su-25 shoot down theory is a misdirection. That is if there really was a "shoot down". The Su-25 is a ground attack close air support "fighter". It is similar to the US A-10.

      Here are some stats via wikibullshit:
      Maximum speed: Mach 0.8 (975 km/h, 526 knots, 606 mph) at sea level
      Combat range: 750 km (405 nmi, 466 mi) at sea level, 4,400 kg (9,700 lb) weapons and two external tanks
      Service ceiling: 7,000 m[98] (22,965 ft) clean, 5,000 m (16,000 ft) with max weapons
      Rate of climb: 58 m/s (11,400 ft/min)

      You can't shadow a jumbo jet cruising at mach .84 at 31,000 ft with an unpressurized attack aircraft that can't get higher than 22,000 ft without weapons and max speed of mach .8. And hits the top of the cockpit with an air to ground 30mm cannon? Now the Su-25 can strafe a plane that is already on the ground and then spread parts around a secured "crash debris zone".

      I've seen the above Su-25 shoot down theory in a few different places and have seen very little bullshit flags being thrown. But thanks for the link. I can now add Global Research to my growing list of WTF fauxlternative sites to be weary of. Shocking analysis indeed.

      This whole thing has to be something DC and Moscow have worked out and staged together to feed the war pigs. Bodies have free fallen 31,000 feet and remain intact? There are "bodies" still out there un recovered? The stench was be pretty bad by now. Large pieces of a plane blown apart at 31,000 ft and fall all the way to the canopy of a tree and remain lodged? Malaysia Airline negotiates with Putin's ex KGB Russian bud who has declared himself emperor of east Ukraine? At least they have passports as proof. Cue Feinberg for "victim" compensation in 3,2,1.

      I aint buying, I am selling this one too.


    2. Yes to all of that.

  3. I think it would solve it o about 5 mins Greencrow. These people are thieves and have no conscience. This means they have no inhibitions about exploiting everyone else. Another thing we know about people without conscience is that they are incapable of change.

  4. Looks like the next MOSSAD False Flag carried out against the USA will be stuffed with Palestinians.

  5. good thing Palestinians can't also be self hating "Jews"...

    that truly would be a "Minority" in need of Affirmative Action...

    H/T Joe South...."Don't it make you want to go Home" . . .

    no one on Earth HAS to stay in the stool sculpture deity cult compound
    {the irony scale has been sent to the menders}


  6. Maybe what's behind the massive rush to make functional such things as warp drive and interstellar space travel is so that the Khazarian Zionists can finally find their land of milk and honey somewhere well beyond the Van Allen belt. We can tell them to "watch out for the stobor".

  7. Great post. We must continue to try to educate the public.

    - Aangirfan

  8. Since most, if not all members of Congress have pledged allegiance to the State of Israel (in writing), we could accuse them of treason. Isn't there some way in which we can throw them out, instead of letting them complete their term and have another silly election?

    1. AIPAC is quite practiced at the art of character assassination, shifting funds to contested districts, spying through surveillance and a legion of sayanim, so even if your or I chose to run against our Congressional rep (for example), we'd get lambasted pretty quickly. The process has to be done at the grass roots through conversations 1:1 or in small groups with voters, party leadership, etc. I'd like to think that what bloggers like the parade to your right do is to educate and inform, but most American people don't come by Kenny's to be informed, despite our best efforts. I think we need to take a lot of people by the hand and walk them through the depths of information that we know exists. This will be done at some risk. CD's, DVD's and PDF's can function at some level, but there is a concerted effort to shut up or shut down any critics. Local newspaper editors might be a good place for our focus.

    2. After 9/11 and for several years I made paper copies of website articles, many hundreds of pages, and gave them out. In 05 I got a DVD burner and handed out documentaries on all kinds of subjects. Some people were appreciative and it led to interesting conversions. But one of the phrases I heard so many times from then right up until today was/is "I don't want to know." I still believe that one on one is the way to go but it's not easy. As I've always said, most are just not hungry or desperate enough to care, yet. Still, we must continue trying.

    3. Wayne Madsen has a related article scheduled for release tomorrow:
      August 1-2, 2014 -- "The way it is" with unanimous Congressional support for Israel

    4. 5 dancing shlomosAugust 1, 2014 at 1:45 PM

      know what you mean.
      most i talk to arent interested, dont want to know.
      might cost them their job
      certainly doesnt increase the bank account

      donkeys are an existential threat to jews
      jesus rode one

  9. Since most, if not all members of Congress have pledged allegiance to the State of Israel (in writing), they are guilty of treason. Isn't there some way in which we can rid ourselves of these criminals, instead of letting them complete their term and have another silly election?

  10. In the OT, absolutely total destruction of all living things was commanded by God, because he saw them all as being contaminated by such intolerable, contagious evil. We can understand the concept of contagious evil by seeing how Israel has infected the whole US Congress, Obama, the MSM, and the Pentagon into accepting and accelerating the genocide of Gaza. If God were to judge these actions proudly done by Americans, using the same standards that he used in the OT, would it seem to be unreasonable now?

  11. Be afraid to get sick , or go all out for a war with Russia, but ignore Israel' s genocide of Gaza -- MSM news.
    Is it Ebola or is it psychological warfare?
    by Jon Rappoport
    July 31, 2014

    "Now we’re talking about the process of dying, as if that really matters.
    And, with flu, when people die, they often drown in their own mucus. Is that vivid enough to rank alongside Ebola?
    Ebola is a propaganda operation.
    Choices are being made: what to emphasize, what to ignore, what to use in order to invoke fear.
    Producing fear, one way or another, is a standard element in exerting top-down control over the population.
    When people are afraid, they’re compliant, they’re obedient to authority.
    And that’s the agenda."
    Updated: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 22:06:31 GMT
    Deadliest-Ever Ebola Outbreak Kills Hundreds

    "Genetic testing makes it clear this particular Ebola outbreak is being caused by a local strain that arose in West Africa. Ebola had only been seen in central Africa before, but the discovery suggests that the virus had been circulating undetected before. Hemorrhagic fevers are common in Africa — Garry’s team was originally in Sierra Leone to study and fight another virus, one that causes Lassa fever.
    “We’re probably finding (Ebola) now because we are looking for it,” he said."
    William Sebastian Cohen (born August 28, 1940) is an American author and politician from the U.S. state of Maine. A Republican, Cohen served as both a member of the United States House of Representatives and Senate, and as Secretary of Defense (1997–2001) under Democratic President Bill Clinton.
    The mere fear that there is a mole within an agency can set off a chain reaction and a hunt for that particular mole which can paralyze the agency for weeks and months and years even, in a search. The same thing is true about just the false scare of a threat of using some kind of a chemical weapon or a biological one. There are some reports, for example, that some countries have been trying to construct something like an Ebola Virus, and that would be a very dangerous phenomenon, to say the least. Alvin Toffler has written about this in terms of some scientists in their laboratories trying to devise certain types of pathogens that would be ethnic specific so that they could just eliminate certain ethnic groups and races; and others are designing some sort of engineering, some sort of insects that can destroy specific crops. Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.
    So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror upon other nations. It's real, and that's the reason why we have to intensify our efforts, and that's why this is so important.

    DoD News Briefing, Monday, April 28, 1997 - 8:45 a.m. EDT
    Terrorism, Weapons of Mass Destruction, and U.S. Strategy
    Sam Nunn Policy Forum
    April 28, 1997 University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia.

  12. Speaking of donkeys and biblical asininity:

    Absurdity At Its Finest

    No reader can truthfully deny that multitudes of curious occurrences are readily observable in the Bible. To a Christian believer, these strange events are nothing more than the mysterious ways of God. To a freethinker, the alleged phenomena are an indicative subset of the widespread superstitious beliefs held by our ancestors. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of ridiculous statements made by the authors of the Bible. Whether you enjoy reading about plumb lines or talking donkeys, the Christian religion carries more than its fair share of absurdities. In fact, some of the biblical reports are illogical enough to disqualify explanations through supernatural means! As was the case for contradictions in the previous chapter, I forced myself to limit this overview to a small fraction of those eligible for this frank discussion. It’s my hope that this chapter will provide additional fuel for thought in the fight against religious conditioning.
    Like mutated locusts, talking animals aren’t uncommon in the Bible. Everyone should remember the talking serpent tempting Eve in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:1), but there’s an even more hilarious example of an atypical animal. In this instance, a man named Balaam is riding along on his donkey. When the donkey sits down on him twice, Balaam gives it a beating for its rebellion. When the donkey notices a murderous angel in their path, it sits down for a third time. Of course, Balaam delivers an additional flogging upon the donkey’s body. The donkey then asks Balaam, “What have I done unto thee, that thou hast smitten me these three times?” Yes, the donkey argues with its master! Then, Balaam, who does not appear to be the least bit surprised that his ride is questioning his motives, decides to engage in a debate with the donkey by claiming that it mocked him by sitting down. Furthermore, he informs his donkey that it would have already been dead if he had a sword nearby. The donkey then outsmarts him by pointing out that he has always let his master ride him but never asked to ride his master. Thoroughly outsmarted and outclassed, Balaam then concedes defeat in his debate with the donkey (Numbers 22:27-30). Seeing as how no concluding comment that I could make here would do this outdated and obtuse blunder justice, we’ll move on.

    1. Biblical asininity continued:

      Balaam's talking donkey
      Balaam and his donkey have a nice little chat. Apparently, they do this often, since Balaam isn't the least bit surprised when his donkey starts talking to him.

      Talking Animals?!

      In the bible the appearance of talking animals occasionally takes place. Probably the most famous of examples is the snake in the Garden of Eden that tempts Eve to eat from the Tree of Knowledge (Genesis 3:1-5). Another example is Numbers 22:28-30 when Balaam talks to his donkey.

      These stories are unbelievable, and yet for so long I had always heard that everything in the bible is said to have actually taken place, but the more I read it the less I took it seriously.

      The story of "Balaam And His Talking Ass" is one of the weirdest and stupidest stories ever put to paper.

      But it has a great title. When you mention Balaam's talking ass, grade school kids all start to snicker.

      The story appears in the 22nd chapter of Numbers.

      The story starts with the King of the Moabites sending messengers to Balaam, asking Balaam to curse the Israelites. Apparently Balaam was pretty good at cursing, so if Balaam chose to curse the Israelites, the curse could actually do some damage. But Balaam said, "Let me talk to the Lord about it."

      God told Balaam, "Do NOT go with these men, and do not curse the Israelites." Balaam then told the messengers what the Lord had said.

      So the king of the Moabites, thinking that the matter was negotiable, sent even more prestigious messsengers to Balaam, and promised him anything if he would just give one little curse. Balaam said, "I've already told you, the Lord says no. But ... let me take it up with the Lord again."

      This time, God gave Balaam a different command: "GO with these guys, and give them my message." So Balaam, in obedience to the word of the Lord, saddled his ass (snicker) and went with the messengers.

      And as a result, the Lord got mad!

      The Lord sent an angel to stand in Balaam's way. Balaam couldn't see the angel, but the ass could, and the ass refused to stay on the road. Now it was Balaam's turn to get mad, and he beat his own ass (giggle).

      "What's the big idea?" demanded the ass. "Haven't I always been a really good ass??" (guffaw) Balaam, instead of being astonished that the beast of burden spoke, got into a little argument with his ass.

      The Lord decided to let Balaam see the angel, and Balaam said to the angel, "Oh, now I see! You DIDN'T want me to go! I have sinned! I should not have come! Obviously, I have angered the Lord by going with these men, so I will turn around and go home."

      But the angel of the Lord said, "GO with the men: and give them my message."

      So to summarize:
      Balaam asks the Lord: "Should I go?"
      The Lord says: "Don't go."
      Balaam doesn't go.
      Balaam asks the Lord again: "Should I go?"
      This time the Lord says: "Go."
      Balaam goes.
      The Lord gets mad because Balaam goes, and sends an angel to stop him.
      Balaam says, "Oh, you didn't want me to go."
      The Lord says, "No, I want you to go."
      Balaam eventually disappoints the king of the Moabites by refusing to curse the Israelites. The Lord is pleased, for the moment anyway. Later, Moses made war against the Midianites, and the Israelites slew Balaam in the process, apparently intentionally (Numbers 31:8). And now you know... the rest of the story.

    2. Absurdity in the Bible


      "And the ass saw the angel of the LORD." 22:23

      God asks Balaam the non-rhetorical question, "What men are these with thee?" 22:9

      God says to Balaam, "If men come to call thee, rise up, and go with them." Men come, and Balaam goes with them, just as God had commanded. "And God's anger was kindled because he went" -- but he was just following God's instructions! 22:20-22

      Balaam has a nice little chat with his ass. 22:28-30

      "Then the LORD opened the eyes of Balaam, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the way, and his sword drawn in his hand: and he ... fell flat on his face." 22:31

      God meets Balaam and "put a word in his mouth." 23:15-16

      God has "the strength of a unicorn." Oh heck, I bet he's even stronger than a unicorn. 23:22

      Balaam says "his king shall be higher than Agag." But Balaam couldn't have known about Agag since Agag didn't live until the time of King Saul. (See 1Samuel 15:33 where Samuel hacks king Agag into pieces.) 24:7

      God, who is as strong as a unicorn, will eat up the nations, break their bones, and then pierce them through with his arrows. What a guy! 24:8

      By G. W. Foote

      Satan's visit to Eve was paid in the form of a serpent. She manifested no astonishment at being accosted by such a creature. It may be that the whole menagerie of Eden spoke in the human tongue, and that Balaam's ass was only what the biologists would call "a case of reversion" to the primitive type. Josephus and most of the Fathers conceived of the serpent as having had originally a human voice and legs; so that if he could not have walked about with Eve arm in arm, he might at least have accompanied her in a dance.

      Read more:

    3. If there is a over-all powerful God, I wouldn't want to challenge his ways of doing business, or his position. As you must know, Satan was an egocentric angel who did just that, got kicked out of heaven, and fell to earth which came to be his realm to rule. He chose his personal agents (the Rothchilds) and acquired fraudulent followers claiming to be the Chosen Jews, which they are not. Israel was re-established to be the center of Satan's illegitimate, evil kingdom. The Star of David on Israel's flag is representative of Satan as it is an occult symbol. The true Star of David is the Morning Star, who is Jesus Christ, the genuine, good Messiah who was rejected by the Jews. So even Satan mocks his deceived followers that have become as vile as he is. No human has ever been able to get the earth into a peaceful state of good will, and harmony, ever. Satan has seen to that, believe it, or not. Satan's evil is just too irresistible for TPTBs.

    4. Anonymous August 1, 2014 at 9:37 PM: If there is a over-all powerful God, I wouldn't want to challenge his ways of doing business, or his position.

      NMM: You should find THE STORY OF A FAMOUS OLD JEWISH FIRM by James Thomson to be of interest.


      Many thousand years ago, when the Jews first started in business, the chief of their merchants was a venerable and irascible old gentleman named Jah. The Jews have always been excellent traders, keen to scent wealth, subtle to track it, unweary to pursue it, strong to seize it, tenacious to hold it; and the most keen, subtle, untiring, strong, tenacious of them all, was this Jah. The patriarchs of his people paid him full measure of the homage which Jews have always eagerly paid to wealth and power, and all their most important transactions were carried out through him...

      Continues at the link.

  13. I started writing an article on the Jesse Trentadue lawsuit on the OK City bombing but probably won't have the time to finish it today or anytime soon. Maybe someone else will delve into it. It's an important topic still and although some in the MSM are covering it, nationally I haven't seen a thing.

    1. One more reason we need to coordinate among people, so we can funnel data, links etc. to one individual or a small team of them while we work on something else, take a needed break, continue with our own personal lives, or do some of that important one-on-one you spoke of. I have gobs of material on how to create and maintain a team, but I'm not lobbying to be its leader or chairman or captain. And Rosabeth Moss Kanter wrote "Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End", which is about the up-and-down cycles and "provides people in leadership positions with a prescriptive program for maintaining a winning streak or turning around a downward spiral".

  14. Kenny

    I think it is all just more BS. Perhaps Chandra Levy was killed because she inadvertently found out the guy starring as McVeigh wasn't really going to be executed. She was responsible (as an intern) for handling media matters about his "execution". Terry Nichols brother in law of Jose Padilla, the dirty bomb guy? Ex-wife Padilla (sister of Jose) writes a book about their life, McVeigh and Nichols that is. By Blood Betrayed

    Maybe they feel its time to dust off the Osama Bin Laden did OKC afterall: Connect Tea Party/anarchist gun lovers (militia dupes) to Al Queda?

    Check out who endorses Jayna Davis's book Where else where can you see Terry Nichols/bomb maker and Woolsey/CIA endorsing the same book.

    Trentadue may be legit or duped but I see this coming back as something along the lines as "they let it happen on purpose" and third guy in the van comes back as some middle east terror boogeyman guy. Throw in a Philippine terrorist connection as well.

    Once again, I aint buying it. Throw someone under the bus if you absolutely have to but don't let anything threaten the control system. It will never come out as an inside job. Just some rogue guys on the inside maybe.


    1. Oh, I agree Aris. No illusions that anything is going to come of the trial other than just a reminder to us that OK City was a false flag inside job. In looking over several sites reporting it I have noticed a number of comments that directly come out and say it was a government conspiracy and also the talk about the unexploded bombs found inside the building. Then there are those who are throwing in the Iranian angle as a total diversion.

      I don't know but Trentadue has struck me as honest and wanting to clear his brother's name and that he was murdered. Unfortunately he won't even get that and we all know there will be no worthwhile surveillance tapes forthcoming.

  15. "Genocide Is Permissible" Muses Times Of Israel, Promptly Retracts

    1. Off topic but I now see the Zero Hedge and Tyler Durden thing because we watched the 1999 movie "Fight Club" for the first time last night. A strange film, somewhat interesting, but I did like the building demolitions at the end.

    2. Gaza Genocide and Arab Fratricide
      Friday, August 1st, 2014 | Posted by Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich

      While many have not been shy about calling these crimes genocide, they have come under attack for using the “G” word. Is genocide an appropriate term to use? Well, it is if one has respect for international law and the rules of the genocide convention.


  16. Kenny:

    Thought you and your readers might be interested in this update on MH17:
    9/11 author and investigator Christopher Bollyn is the sleuth who tracked down the MH370 double Boeing 777 that was located in a hangar in Tel Aviv after MH370 plane went missing. So, with that in mind I again visited his website today to see what he had for MH17. Sure enough, he has something and it is very intriguing here is a sample:

    “There is a great deal of mystery about what caused the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 to come down in eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014. One of the mysteries is why an Israeli named Yaron Mofaz took a photo of the plane before it left the airport in Amsterdam and then sold the photo to Reuters who published it shortly after the plane went down.
    To confirm that Yaron Mofaz was indeed the name of the photographer, I called Reuters in Amsterdam and London. Peter Biggs in the London office confirmed that Yaron Mofaz was indeed the real name of the photographer.
    “….Because I knew the answer beforehand, I then asked Yossi Mofaz if his company, Pentagon 2000, had done business with Aviv Tzur and Avborne Heavy Maintenance, Inc. in south Florida. He confirmed that they did work together so I then asked if they also did business with GA Telesis, another company headed by Aviv Tzur. Yossi Mofaz confirmed that they did work with GA Telesis, which was the key confirmation I needed.
    The fact that the Mofaz company works with GA Telesis is important because this is the aircraft disassembly company that owned a twin of the Malaysia Airlines plane that disappeared in March 2014. The GA Telesis twin Boeing 777 was a former Malaysia Airlines aircraft that the company sent to Israel in November 2013 although they had previously said that the aircraft would be disassembled in the United States…”.

    So folks, as they say, “the plot thickens”…as we continue to wait for the MH17 ATC communications data to be released.

  17. I am angry at the liars, or just dummies, who are posting invalid info, or in reality, intentional disinformation. What say you, WRH and SherrieQ? So is it a toss-up as to whom should be believed? Maybe medical experts could interject objective opinions?
    August 1 2014
    The treatment for ebola, along with accompanying MOA has been sent to this web site.
    Jim Stone, August 1, 2014
    "This is a lengthy article, DO NOT SURFACE READ. The actual treatment for ebola which will virtually eliminate fatalities, as revealed by a doctor who has worked with ebola, is below.
    Consider this: The elite would never release a plague without an easy cure, and along with this ebola outbreak an American biowarfare firm has been working in Sierra Leon for the last five years. Google that. Sierra Leon has actually identified them as the perpetrators of this outbreak and kicked them out of the country. There is absolutely no doubt this outbreak was intentionally caused by the U.S. war department.
    And if it is intentional, a cure is known. There would simply be no other way to do business."

    "Here is how colloidal silver actually works (its MOA), with first an example: Colloidal silver is to bacteria what cyanide is for all red blooded organisms. In red blooded organisms, cyanide binds with hemoglobin in place of oxygen, and makes it impossible for blood to carry oxygen. With enough cyanide, oxygen starvation via cyanide bonded hemoglobin causes death.

    Colloidal silver does the same for bacteria, it binds with the oxygen carriers in bacteria permanently, causing bacteria to quickly die from oxygen starvation. This is the MOA for colloidal silver, which has been clearly known practically forever.

    VIRUSES HAVE NO METABOLIC PROCESSES WHICH REQUIRE AN OXYGEN CARRIER, AND THEREFORE COLLOIDAL SILVER WILL BE COMPLETELY INEFFECTIVE AGAINST EBOLA, do not let the misinformed in the alternative media fool you by saying colloidal silver is effective against viruses in any way, colloidal silver is only useful for treating secondary bacterial infections that move in after a preceeding viral infection and in the case of ebola, there is not enough time for that to make a difference.

    It is extremely important to note that a HUGE psy op is underway to fake colloidal silver as a cure for viruses and there HAS TO BE A REASON, DO NOT FALL FOR IT."

  18. OMG! OMG! There's an IDF soldier missing!!!!!!

    OMG! OMG!!!

    Jesus Fucking Christ. The Israeli BTUCHERS are mass-murdering Gazan women and children by the thousands, and laying waste to vast parts of the Gaza Strip, making it look like German cites after a WWII carpet bombing, and hardly a fucking peep out of the Zionist MSM.

    Let one Khazar 'GI YOE' go missing and it's a god damn planet-wide catastrophe.

    HAMAS claims they didn't catch that Zionist war monger, but it gives Insanereal the excuse to continue on with their genocide while the western world says nothing, unless it's to berate Gazans and supplies the ZOF with more arms.

    Where's the escape hatch, I want out.


    And the Israelites never were a pure, special people chosen by god, despite their agitprop.

  20. Looks like the Khazar vampires are starting to pull out.

    Check this out, the latest figure found on the number of dead land thieves was 66.

    Besides having something to do with the Jews black magick kabbalah thing, does anyone else know the significance of the number 6 to the blood libel gang?

  21. apparently that is why they have to Hate Jesus...

    so why does the Talmudic proselytes - Ashkenazim [Khazar] "Jewish" Zionist terrorist

    so-called state call itself Israel...?

    mocking, scoffing, and blaspheming...hasn't made the Truth go away
    Was Jesus lying about the Money Changers & Pharisees & their "Proselytes"...?



  22. " Kill It Before It Grows....." US home grown bio-weapons, or Israeli variety, via import from Africa? Also needed, the mandatory, Immediate cleansing from the US of diseased illegals being forced onto Americans by the Obama gang of DHS Israeli/US Jewish traitors.
    Black Death (1992)
    "Quiet Killer" (original title)
    TV Movie - 90 min - Sci-Fi | Thriller - 24 March 1992 (USA)
    Published on Jun 25, 2014
    In the made-for-TV movie "Quiet Killer" (also known as "Black Death"), a teenage girl named Sarah (Kathleen Robertson) is flying home to see her parents when she falls ill. While Sarah is convinced that she has simply come down with a bad cold, when she keels over and dies while crossing a street, an autopsy reveals that Sarah had in fact contracted the pneumonic plague.[ hacking up gobs of blood] Dr. Nora Hart (Kate Jackson), the hospital's authority on epidemics and highly contagious diseases, now must track down as many people as possible who came in contact with the girl before the plague begins to spread -- including Calvin Phillips (Howard Hesseman), a congressman Sarah met on her flight.