Sunday, July 6, 2014

Visualization, Guided Imagery and Healing

Throughout the ages man has used his focused thoughts in attempts to better improve his plight, to affect change in the world, for healing purposes, to gain insight, to seemingly enter into realms outside of our limited physical experiences, to get closer to one's concept of God. In religious terms it is often called prayer. But traditional religious beliefs are not a prerequisite for the use of guided thoughts. Even psychopaths visualize their goals. Visualization can be used both positively and negatively, and it is and always has been.

Just as we accept gravity as a law without really understanding it, so may we accept or at least consider other universal concepts without completely understanding them. The transference of thoughts and energies from ourselves to others, even at a distance, may be seen as such. The idea that we are all connected, that we are all one in some way may be considered by some as an exercise in futility or self-deception but to dismiss our interconnectedness may be an exercise in self-deception in and of itself.   Do we live in a multidimensional world where the laws of existence may be beyond our limited grasp? It does seem so.

In occult (meaning hidden) and esoteric philosophies, creative visualization and guided imagery are often called 'magic.' Since our language is so limited, that may as good a term as any even if the connotations are often misunderstood.

Having read and studied and practiced different forms of visualization and projection for many years I will say that in many instances the practices can work and can be confirmed. Still, I remain very ignorant and will not try to guide anyone in the hows. That is up to each individual and their inclinations towards these areas. Perhaps 'seek and you shall find' applies....with a healthy dose of focused discernment.

Anyway, what brought all this up was the report that Les Visible has had an accident, broken his hip and is in the hospital. In my own way I have been sending positive visualizations of healing to him and hope that others will do the same.

Not to stop there though. A daily ritual of good thoughts towards others in need and humanity as a whole perhaps may be one of the few things we all can do to affect positive change. It can't hurt if coming from an open heart.

Strive by Visible.


  1. verily, verily our language is progressing thanks to the concerted efforts like yours & Visible,
    and well perhaps millions of friends we just haven't met yet..

    Thanks Kenny, for helping to focus positive energy for good



  2. "Walk with me pilgrims ... behind the scenery into the varying degrees of darkness that we call the mind. Regardless of personal opinion to the contrary there is only one mind and we all share it. You might compare it to an ocean and the thoughts within it to fish. You might compare it to an airport where planes take off and land each day. You could compare it to email. It is a medium of perception and understanding through and across which vibrations travel. Looking out into the world with the sense feelers of the eyes you can see all of the objects designed from the mind stuff. You can see the raw elements of nature and you can see the compounds formed from them."

    Despite of, what I perceive as a life full of obstacles, his sometimes outrageous rants capture the imagination of his readers and also produce some controversy. So, a lot of good vibes from my side are directed his way.

    If this post shows up in a slightly different version, Kenny, I apologize. Google needs to smarten up.

  3. This is a local healer I've been to many times. Her talent as a healer is amazing- in person and at a distance. She used to be an atheist - I've noticed that many who've had very profound spiritual experiences are former atheists.

    1. My favorite 'healer' was an old guy I once knew who made herbal tinctures, mostly from plants he collected himself. They worked including one that knocked out a bad case of the flu overnight. He died a long time ago and although he listed the herbs he used, the exact proportions which he claimed were very important, he took with him.

    2. Excellent video, Andie. Many thanks.

  4. Thanks for letting us know, Kenny. I was wondering why Visible hadn't written for a while. Will send positive thoughts his way.

    1. Here's the latest from mouser at Petri Dish...

      Anaughty Mouser has left a new comment on the post "Gunsights on the OK Per Se":

      I have spoken with Les Visble earlier this evening (7/7-14). He is recovering in a German hospital after a left hip replacement operation following a fracture due to falling on Wednesday evening July 2, 2014.

      When I spoke with him, he was in good spirits and receiving opiate derivatives as analgetics. He asked to convey to you the readers that he is using the time in the hospital to catch up on his (new) book writing which subjectively is going very well.
      He also asked me to ask the third-elf to audit suspect troll comments in his temporary hiatus from his three blogs.

      Peace and love

  5. This is way off topic but watching ABC news with Diane Sawyer in the lead in feature on 'Severe Storms' she said and I quote...

    "At least a dozen tornadoes already deployed against Iowa yesterday with a kind of savage beauty."

    "Deployed?" That seems a strange term to use. Rubbing it in our faces again?

    1. Before that she says a new stretch of storms targeting 65 million people. Targeting? The url says "build" super storms.

      Japan was targeted too. Read the comments as well.



    3. The choice of words for the news 'readers' seems blatant to me.

      I saw this from Clif High about the increase in chatter on respiratory and related problems and I don't doubt it. These issues seem to be increasing where I live, including in myself. "from the chemies" as he says.

  6. I'm not buying into the notion that Les Visible "fell off a ladder and broke his hip". There is way too much conspicuously circumstantial evidence to the contrary. What I do believe, is that he is trolling for PayPal donations. And boosting the demand for his next "novel".

    I realize many of you will jump up and scream at me for writing this; however, I am the kind of person who doesn't open his mouth unless he's 99% sure of what he is talking about.

    Here is why I am making this claim. Claims are cheap, so let's spell it out.

    I recently made several posts at Visible's blogs, over the last few days, for Visible's assistants to post the name and address of the hospital where Visible is allegedly recuperating. It seemed quite odd to me, that the hospital's name and address had not been made public knowledge up to this point. (This seemed beyond odd, as it should to anyone who can think critically, because given a tragic accident like the one Visible allegedly suffered, it would make sense for all of his regular posters, not to mention friends and family, to have READY access to the name of the hospital where he is recuperating, so that they might send flowers, cards, and well-wishes. And I'm sure anybody with a working brain cell will agree with me here.)

    So I figured that Visible would respond to my repeated requests for the hospital's name and address, by making a post wherein he would scream and deride me (his usual modus operandi), and then request that I email him for the information. Well, if you are running a scam, and you are pretending you broke your hip, so you can fleece the sheeple via PayPal donations, that's exactly what you would do. There's no way you would risk being outed, by posting the name of a fictitious hospital, or an actual hospital. You would tell people to email you. That way, you can ignore the emails they send, requesting the information, and nobody knows but yourself and the person who sends the email. None of the evidence makes it to the actual blogs. So it's child's play.

    (Part 2 is next...)

  7. Part 2

    In addition, Visible made a cryptic comment back on July 1st, at Reflections in a Petri Dish, in which he basically hinted that he was depressed and death sounded like a good idea to him. Many of his regulars became concerned at his comments. Some poster (probably Visible himself; he uses several fictitious characters on his own blogs, as anybody knows, if they've spent enough time there), suggested that if anybody lived close to Visible, that they should make an effort to go and see him, because he was obviously in a bad state.

    And then, allegedly, only two days later, he falls from a ladder, breaks his hip, lies on the floor of his attic dwelling for a full day - and then ends up getting hip surgery.

    What a coincidence. What an amazing coincidence, to say the least.

    I'll be glad to eat these words, if I am given full proof that I am wrong. But short of getting the actual name of the hospital (which his assistants refuse to post at this point), so that I might be able to send him a "Get Well" card, which I can then verify has been delivered to him by the hospital staff, I'm not buying it.

    The kicker for me, was, over at Reflections in a Petri Dish, a post made by one of Visible's alleged helpers (who goes by the name, The 3rd Elf, and whom I believe is one of Visible's aliases), was the following - "I hope between us (and we are many) that we can do something to show Vis how much we care."

    That's a direct call for PayPal donations and book purchases. Not flowers, candy, presents, or "Get Well" cards (some of which might be stuffed with cash), which is the normal conduit for such tragic accidents - nope, none of those was requested, and none of those can be sent, because neither Visible nor his "helpers" are supplying the hospital information. (Oh...unless you politely email Visible, and ask him for the name of the hospital. Wink-wink.)

    But you can bet your ass that PayPal donations will be heartily accepted.

    Visible is a gate-keeping shill. Always has been. Always will be. And what I divulged here just proves it.

    If anybody out there cares you to prove me wrong, there is only one way that you can do it. Post the name of the hospital where Les Visible is recuperating. Otherwise, anything you have to say, is just obfuscational white noise.

    And I believe that's checkmate.

    1. I'll let this comment stand but with the caveat that since you have no name and of course no proof that you may be the shill.

      This is not the place to spread your suspicions. I'm really tired of all that.

    2. Kenny, thank you for being a friend to Visible.

      Troll; here is some more "obfuscational white noise" - and I write this, even though you're not really worth "proving wrong".

      When I posted a comment at Petri Dish mooting we try to help Visible, I was referring to nothing more than maybe getting some of his more local readers to visit him, take him in a laptop should he need one, some books, toiletries, some clean clothes, all the sort of stuff that people who are suddenly and unexpectedly hospitalized might appreciate.

      Now that I have banned your IP at Visible's blogs you will probably find yourself at a loose end so - may I suggest that you start your own blog, and present your proof that Visible ISN'T in hospital there?

      Good luck with that.

      Thanks again Kenny.

    3. Thanks Elf. There's too much very negative drama in the world and we don't need it here in our little space and time.

    4. Sheesh, this troll is so full of shit his eyes are brown.
      Fact Visible broke his left hip and is in hospital in Germany.

    5. And which gate(s) has Visible been keeping, Cleverboots? Not the 9/11 gate, not the Jew media gate, not the Jew banking gate, not the Holocrock gate. Speak up you shit brown kosher homunculus.

  8. I appreciate you posting what I wrote. Freedom is speech is very important to everyone's well-being, and the truth always comes out in the end. One way or another. But if we can only read things on one side of the fence, instead of both sides, then our minds have been made up for us. So once again, I appreciate the fact that you posted what I wrote. (And as of right now, I continue to stand by my assertions. I'd love to see the name of the hospital where Visible is allegedly recuperating. So please, anybody who knows its name, please post it here, and after I check things out, and verify that it's all true, with the hospital, I will immediately offer my most sincere apologies to Mr. Visible. Thank you.)

  9. The bad news is any time Cheney or Bush Sr goes in the hospital they probably need a 5 ton dump truck to deliver all the cards, flowers, etc. from all the sycophants in their respective camps. The good news is that the volume of crap they receive is just that and is expected, while best wishes and hopes for a full and speedy recovery for Mr Visible may not approach the gross tonnage of the priors, all that flow to him are to the item heartfelt, sincere and truly genuine from people that love him not fear him. Get well Mr Visible and you are going to have a bitch of a time getting through airport security after you recover. 0_o

    1. Hey Fred, thanks for the positive observations.

    2. You are most welcome Kenny. I just hope if Les reads my comment he gets a little smile from my sideways reference to his new metal hip and and the airport security metal scanners. After all he has made many of us shake our heads as we laugh and wonder how does he continually come up with such descriptive analogies and insightful columns that cut right to the heart of the matter while writing in a style that the world has never seen before and will never be replicated.

  10. Wow! Well,I missed this too when I was in the hospital (I'm out now and still kickinandtickin...) but the anonymous individual (who conducted long-distance psychoanalysis on a fellow who doesn't post the address where he, the fellow who calls himself Les Visible -- is unable to move and is under the influence of opiates and is the author of -- among other things -- the 9/11 litmus test ) needs to read more news, more of everything in general, and go back to school so he can get shrink-wrapped-more-tightly.

    As for the effectiveness of visualization and such like, I have proofs and I've studied it but, like Kenny, am not suggesting I now any real secrets. I fail at it infinitely more than I succeed at it.

  11. Ed(itor)

    Glad to see you back as well. Visible has a new Origami . The links to the side still has the previous Origami, at least on my page.


  12. Hi Kenny,

    The world we inhabit is certainly a strange place. It is a conceptual and spiritual continuum, something evolving. As are we. Evolving, being guided, gently and not-so-gently, to shed the worst of our animal nature. To ascend, beyond this world of illusions. To become what we were destined to become. Beings worthy of eternity.

    However we pay too much attention to our outer senses. We assiduously decode the background radiation of our cosmos to peer into our past. And we gain a certain truth. We too often ignore those things we feel in our hearts. Intuition, strangely instructive coincidences. Traces of the worlds beyond this world. Things that arise from the stillness of our souls, currents in the quiet of meditation and prayer. Signs from the One God, origin of all that is.


    Yes, it is clear to the eye and the mind this world is rapidly evolving.

    People like the prophet of the Singularity, Ray Kurzweil, even make plausible predictions as to where we will soon be.

    But he failed to have the one simple epiphany. The Singularity is not singular, is not unique. This is just a re-run of the last days of the age of mortality. Re-run untold countless times. Just a tiny proving ground for our souls.

    He hopes to virtualize himself and escape death. He may even succeed in transcending his animal shell. He may live a thousand years. But he will surely die. As will we all. This world will be brought to a close. And we will answer for our actions. From pharaoh to pauper.

    Maybe one day Ray Kurzweil will have a choice. The ultimate test of one's faith.

    To commit to false technological immortality, built of one's own hand. To dive into a dream within a dream. Where he may even have a pale simulacrum of his beloved, now deceased father.

    Or to commit to real immortality, a mercy of our Creator. Wake up from this world. Where he will meet his father again.

    "When he rode past I seen he was carryin fire in a horn the way people used to do,
    and I could see the horn from the light inside of it, bout the color of the moon.
    And in the dream I knew he was goin on ahead.
    And he was fixin to make a fire somewhere, in all that dark and all that cold.
    And I knew that whenever I got there, he'd be there."

  13. And, Les Visible, I'm just starting to read your website now.

    Being out of action is never fun, but it can be a good chance for some peace and quiet reflection.

    It's too easy to see only the bad. But look around: the world just keeps getting better.

    Gute Besserung!

    "Julius Caesar and the Roman Empire couldn't conquer the blue sky."