Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Farrakhan on Gaza and Ferguson

I'm not promoting Farrakhan and don't go along with all the religious trappings he espouses but he says some things, much of it fact, that very few ministers in this country dare to speak. The frauds Sharpton and Jackson cower and grovel to power in order to make the 'news' and grab the money. Farrakhan has been marginalized and maybe that's why he's still alive. Especially since 9/11, his Nation of Islam doesn't sit very well with a lot of folks of all colors, the programming is difficult to overcome, so they miss some very important points he makes.  Whether consciously in on it or not, Farrakhan does play a role that results in a kind of controlled opposition. He does at times strike hard at the roots of all of our repressions...corrupt government, some jews, some whites, some blacks, Israel, corporate manipulations, the 9/11 false flag. I don't agree with all he says but perhaps if the black and white communities would listen a little closer and choose well the best of his words, we could possibly move ahead in our humanity instead of all these steps backwards.

Farrakhan delivers divine guidance for a troubled world, addresses Ferguson and Gaza
The killing of Michael Brown under suspicious circumstances is one of many that has taken place in cities and towns across America. It is not that the Minister has not been saying this day was coming; it is just that many who have heard him speak have not taken heed to his warnings and guidance. He is aware of the violence in the inner cities of America, but that is an effect of that which has been caused by hidden manipulators. The Minister said he will not allow the president, both the executive and legislative branches of government, the National Security Administration, the Central Intelligence Agency nor the Federal Bureau of Investigation to escape responsibility for the environment their policies have created.

The Troubled World: What Should We Be Doing? - Farrakhan
"Leadership is afraid of our young people:  You don’t go out among them, and you don’t know what’s going on in them!  You are only seeing the repercussions of something that didn’t start with them.  Leaders, teachers, preachers:  What is your role?  Are you just to preach and entertain the people with song, music and preaching of “yesterday,” not dealing with what is happening today?"

 Coming down hard on Dwight Howard's bowing to the jewish lobby.

All the videos are from Mosque Maryam in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday, August 17, 2014.

Be sure to see Timster's take on our current 'Showtime' feature presentation.
 The Shell Game...Again.

Hat tip to Aris for the photo below and the "Us and Them" tune.

"The American public is probably the most reactive population in the world....the worst things could be going on all over the world....Gaza, Ukraine....whatever...but all the government has to do is concoct some event within the confines of the American border and the entire country is immediately caught up obsessively navel gazing...for days and weeks on end. Could this condition be terminal?"   greencrow


  1. Uh oh... it is now being called urban warfare by NBC. Opportunities abound to frame the narrative. There's more to come.

    St. Louis Cops Shoot and Kill Man Near Ferguson, Crowd Gathers

    1. What America & the World needs now is Men with STONES...to tell the Truth.

      Farrakhan does that in spades....


      Free America...Free Palestine...!!!

      Know the TRUTH about "Talmudic Judaism" and why
      bottle rockets from Gaza cannot reach "Ashkenazim " Khazar "Proselytes" in Khazaria...
      ... FOR REAL ! !.... {cue Carl @ the Nervous Hospital}

      So-called MODERN DAY so-called "Jews" are never going to be "Israel" nor will "THEY" ...
      the {Khazar} "proselytes" to the SATANIC/LUCIFERIAN "JEWISH" religion
      of the ----> "MONEY CHANGERS & PHARISEES" <---- ...
      be the Children of Israel...mentioned in the Scriptures @ Gen. 49 & Deut. 32 !


      some days it's fun to kick back and watch ANGRY WHITE WOMEN on the War Path...



  2. Another opinion froma critical thinker:
    [No PermaLink to this, therefore the whole subject before it is gone.]
    A great Ferguson mail
    I have not confirmed if the following is accurate, but mails like this so often are accurate, I am going to put this up and let people discern for themselves. This is the type of thing that usually opens a huge can of worms.
    One thing is certain, with the rioters and everyone who is doing damage being bussed in from out of town, according to the Mayor, the troopers, and everyone else involved on the law enforcement side, this is NOT and did NOT happen the way we are told and it really does not matter if the officer was rushed (I believe he was) if the man he shot had nothing to do with anything.
    And now the mail, which is intriguing but not confirmed:

    John wrote:
    Jim I found out some interesting info for you!!!

    Jim, the Store Clerk NEVER saw Mike Brown or guy in the video or made 911 call!

    The attorney for the store clerk that was shoved in the surveillance video is Jay Kanzler! The fox2now video shows his name incorrectly, but in the video near the end he says JAY not Jake. Before CNN cuts the feed in the youtube video, we see his name as "Jay Kanzler."

    He's a FILM-MAKER. He made a film called, "Close but no cigar!"
    Close... but NO CIGAR!!!!

    This is interesting because the store clerk says the cops showed up, didn't take statements, just asked if they had a surveillance system. When they said yes, they said they had a warrant & then grabbed the hard-drive & kicked everyone out the deli.

    This store would be then become VANDALIZED that night???

    Also, Dorian Johnson had a criminal record before the incident here.
    Yet he's not being arrested for the video taped robbery??

    After 3 hours with the Police & FBI, Dorian copped a deal to lie on Mike Brown about the cigar theft. It's not until Wednesday that Dorian begins telling a story involving cigars. Close... but NO CIGAR!!!!

    THE STORE VIDEO IS FAKED! A similar male model was used & video-shopped. There are way to many inconsistencies. There was a House of Cards episode about this.

    Interestingly also is the fact that there was NO TIME STAMP in the upper left corner of the video, so God only knows when the video was created. Perhaps during the 6 days that the police had complete control of the store?

    I know there have many instances of police being forced to do 10 stop & frisks a day, or otherwise their pay would get docked. This appears to be a routine stop & frisk that escalated quickly. Sadly there is no police dash-cam video or audio???

    Thanks Jim. Keep up the good work.

    My comment:
    Too many coincidences, especially the cigar box story, the movie, the out of towners who got violent, and let me go on a rant here:WHO SET THE BUSES UP AND SHIPPED THE OUT OF TOWNERS IN? OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE WHO KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. And who has money to pay for transport of so many rioters, all of which the police have said are from out of town? WHO ORGANIZED THIS?
    Whoever organized this wanted to create a reason for a DHS crack down, martial law, and out of control government aggression. Someone wanted a precedent set, so something phony was staged that got a man killed and once that was a verified success that provided a "reason" the buses rolled into town and released the rioters. That is what is going on here, this is no doubt a psy op launched by very powerful and evil people, and NOT JUST A STORY ABOUT A STORE ROBBERY GONE AWRY. Another "Sandy Hook" Boston bombing Batman event, BET ON IT and that makes the above mail all the more plausible.

  3. Create a crisis -- Provide the Solution, Call in the Marines! A-a-a-Amen! Amen! Amen!

    U.S. Army Releases Action Plan for Civil Unrest During Ferguson Riot
    August 18, 2014
    On Friday, as the disturbances in Missouri reached a crescendo, the Department of the Army released an innocuously titled document, ATP 3-39.33.
    Source: Kurt Nimmo | Infowars.com |
    "“The Constitution of the United States provides two exceptions for which the Posse Comitatus Act does not apply,” the ATP 3-39.33 document argues. “These exceptions are based upon the inherent right of the U.S. government to ensure the preservation of public order and to carrying out governmental operations within its territorial limits by force, if necessary.”
    According to the Army the exclusions include a “sudden and unexpected civil disturbance, disaster, or calamity may seriously endanger life and property and disrupt normal governmental functions to such an extent that local authorities cannot control the situation” and the protection of federal property."

    Army manual outlines plan to kill rioters and demonstrators in America
    “Warning shots will not be fired”
    Paul Joseph Watson
    Friday, July 6, 2012
    A newly leaked US Army Military Police training manual for “Civil Disturbance Operations” outlines how military assets are to be used domestically to quell riots, confiscate firearms and even kill Americans on U.S. soil during mass civil unrest.

    US Has been preparing to turn
    America into a military dictatorship
    From the Rodney King riots to unannounced "training" exercises over American cities, the US military is being trained to turn the United States into a dictatorship.
    By Frank Morales

    August 19, 2014
    Ferguson: Mother Of All False Flags! Proof Of A Staged Event?
    By Susan Duclos
    Is Ferguson a test run? A false flag geared for no other purpose than to implement martial law, not only in Ferguson, Missouri, where 18 year-old Michael Brown was shot and killed by police, sparking riots and the rollout of militarized police, National Guard, and the crackdown and arrest of peaceful protesters, journalists and violent offenders alike, but to inflame other states in order to declare martial law around the country?

    1. False Flag Fatigue...new illness. Symptoms: Believing every event has an alternate story...no one can be trusted....cannot examine one event thoroughly... because another one comes along so soon...feeling of being overwhelmed and manipulated....inability to sleep at night due to fear and rage....incoherent/pent up rage at authority. Feelings of hopelessness re change because the political system is entirely rigged...feelings of racism (where none had existed before) towards Zionists. Feelings of shame due to same. Feelings of being "trapped" on planet...wanting to "get off" no where to go...wishing there was a "new world to explore". Inability to enjoy watching TV or go to movies due to resentment at who controls media. Can't go to certain places like Starbucks due to anger at owners.....any other symptoms? More importantly, is there any cure????!

    2. Anonymous, can you provide more direct links to the actual video in which the picture of the Ukrainian rebel actually appeared? A photo that is allegedly a screen shot looks very photo-shopped to my untrained eye. The screen shot suggests that it was uploaded by someone in or near the Ukraine, but the language/text is difficult to use in a search engine because it is foreign and can't be captured with a standard cut-and-paste context. Crusaders2127 does have a YouTube channel but this video is not among the recent postings. Have you seen the topics he's focused on? The rest of the material seems interesting too but has holes in it big enough for a borrowed fleet of Hungarian tanks to drive through. And the Ukraine is peppered with NBO types trained in gait-prop through the social media. So while I understand the basic theme for the supposition that this is a staged event -- after all, we've been primed with our own success and work -- there are some very real issues here in terms of chain of evidence or proof in the argument. There's a lot of broad stroke stuff that is accurate -- but then it's a truism that disinformation must be 88% accurate or better --- (I like the Frank Morales touch) -- one of the things that we need to be concerned about is whether we aren't basing a lot of material that's been slowly and powerfully linked out to us in years past and running with it. Are we being played like a game fish? Are you familiar with the OODA loop and how it works on a known mindset? I like the way the proffered concept shines like a waxed car in a sales lot, but I'm not ready to buy. It might be one of those with sawdust in the rocker panels.

    3. to Ed(itor)

      Do with it what you will. Research details are not always obvious. Even we get to pick and choose what we think we know. We have been deceived so much, alleged truth is harder to believe than elaborate lies. Even the Bible states that speaking the truth can cause anger. These days I think it is called "cognitive dissonance." Fancy name for the same thing.

      Here you see him, there you don't: Ukrainian rebel commander appears on Ferguson video
      Published time: August 18, 2014 11:41

      "Unfortunately for conspiracy theorists and some US officials with a habit of taking whatever they find on the social media on face value, the video is a fake. The unknown authors took genuine Ruptly footage of the Ferguson riots and edited in Strelkov’s image, apparently taken from one of his media appearances.

      USA: Militarised policing clamps down on Ferguson's protesters

      RT has no exclusive information on the whereabouts of Strelkov, but no evidence exists that he is in Ferguson, or indeed anywhere in the United States."

      Published on Aug 18, 2014
      ALL LINKS CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://2127news.net/2014/08/ferguson-...

  4. Totally agree with you Kenny, Farrakan is strident but if you listen to him he is saying many things others are afraid to touch.

  5. The person who owns this web site is pro-Michael Brown was murdered, all the way. But this information posted at her site does give verification to the capability of the US government to create a totally stage-managed, chaotic, violence provoked crisis. Especially considering that the same government criminals successfully achieved 9/11.

    Strategic Urban Operations
    08 Friday Aug 2014
    Strategic Operations (ST/OPs) provides ‘Hyper Realistic Tactical Training ‘support services and products for all branches of the US Military, and security arms, the DHS including law enforcement supporting Urban Citadel Shield protect and others. With over 750,000 Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, and Coast Guard supported by STOPS. We remain flexible to end customer needs, and provide our prime teaming partners with significant value added solutions, including an agile fully staffed business support team.

    Hyper-Realistic™ Training Environments
    "STOPS creates Hyper-Realistic™ training environments and simulations based on human terrain analytics, an understanding of human geography, and the social and cultural awareness that can help our military and civilian counterparts shape the human terrain before instability morphs into threats."
    Strategic Operations, Inc. (STOPS) provides Hyper-Realistic™ training environments for military, law enforcement and other organizations, using state-of-the-art movie industry special effects, role players, proprietary techniques, training scenarios, facilities, mobile structures, sets, props, and equipment."

    "STOPS is part of Stu Segall Productions, one of the largest independent TV / movie studios in the country.
    Leader in Innovation
    STOPS introduced "The Magic of Hollywood" to live military training by employing all the techniques of film and TV production integrated with military tactics, techniques, and procedures"
    Role Players
    Battlefield Effects
    Combat Wound Special Effects
    Mobile Training Support Teams
    MOUT Construction & Enhancements
    Support for Village Stability Operation​
    Support for Mission Rehearsal

    1. Very interesting what a virtually unlimited budget will buy you.

      Thanks for the links, I have it bookmarked but rarely think to check out lisa's leaks regularly..

  6. Jim Stone Update, Critical info. He is more objective in opinion than most.
    [No Perma Link, so must post all, though long]
    August 19 2014
    Due to Furgeson turning into a Sandy Hook, it has been top posted.

    Most likely someone died in this psy op, but with the police learning about everything from the news, and the police responding to a 911 call based upon what was in the news and not from any caller who was a direct witness, and HUNDREDS OF THUGS ON BUSES, BUSSED IN AND READY TO GO FOR RIOTS, this one is IN THE BAG, it is a press perpetrated psy op all the way (you know who owns the press) and I just hope they did not murder someone innocent to make it all happen. The links below are LEGIT, yes, the store owners did not even know anything went on and never called 911.
    With witnesses saying the police said it like it was, obviously from a police perspective they believed they got it right. BUT IF the police were responding to a phony set up situation they believed was real, it is still a psy op and the police were the suckers.

    John wrote:
    Jim the plot thickens.
    I give credit to DAHBOO77 & ANONYMOUS.
    In addition to the store owner not calling the police as evidenced here:
    a href="http://fox2now.com/2014/08/15/store-owners-talk-about-surveillance-released/">http://fox2now.com/2014/08/15/store-owners-talk-about-surveillance-released/
    DAHBOO77 listens to the Police Dispatch radio.
    He says that they are first made aware of the situation from the NEWS!!! Also at 11 minutes & 30 seconds at the below link the dispatch says: "Be advised, this information came from the news"
    How the heck can the news with cameras & reporters know more about a "POLICE SHOOTING" before the cops do? Jim I found out some interesting info for you!!!
    Jim, the Store Clerk NEVER saw Mike Brown or guy in the video or made 911 call!
    More follows.

  7. http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/ Part 2
    August 19 2014
    He uses hood talk, but HAS THE MESSAGE, RED ALERT! if anyone can rip this off of facebook, it needs to be preserv

    My comment:
    Too many coincidences, especially the cigar box story, the movie, the out of towners who got violent, and let me go on a rant here:WHO SET THE BUSES UP AND SHIPPED THE OUT OF TOWNERS IN? OBVIOUSLY SOMEONE WHO KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. And who has money to pay for transport of so many rioters, all of which the police have said are from out of town? WHO ORGANIZED THIS?
    Whoever organized this wanted to create a reason for a DHS crack down, martial law, and out of control government aggression. Someone wanted a precedent set, so something phony was staged that got a man killed and once that was a verified success that provided a "reason" the buses rolled into town and released the rioters. That is what is going on here, this is no doubt a psy op launched by very powerful and evil people, and NOT JUST A STORY ABOUT A STORE ROBBERY GONE AWRY. Another "Sandy Hook" Boston bombing Batman event, BET ON IT and that makes the above mail all the more plausible.

    These protests are being organized, staged and planned by the radical leftist marxists in the WH and the Justice Dept. The bankers are of course behind the scenes allowing all of this. The goals are simple:

    1. Racial division and class warfare
    2. Acclimation of police state
    3. Massive unrest, chaos and violence
    4. TRIGGER Martial Law nationwide
    5. Distract we the people away from Obama destroying the US
    6. Distract away from the scandals
    7. Rally the leftist base before the midterms
    8. Start a race war

    1. Start a race war. Racial division and class warfare. Massive unrest, chaos and violence. The re-newed version 2014 agenda of Obama/Holder.

      Anarchy U.S.A.: In the Name of Civil Rights

      This amazing documentary was forgotten for many years. Although it was produced in 1965 at the height of the civil-rights movement, it is far from being out of date. It provides lessons and insights that could not have been appreciated almost five decades ago.

  8. In case you were wondering about the video allegedly showing the beheading of American journalist James Foley, here is a link to what is supposed to be a mirror of it. I'm calling it fake/staged.


    1. Hi Kenny:

      I cannot view most of the videos that are posted here for whatever reason. I am glad to hear you are calling this latest FF re Foley (hereinafter referred to as the FFF or "Foley False Flag") as a Fake. Gawd I am tired of the US/Israel whipsawing the American population around at will. How many "beheading" false flags have they perpetrated now? I can remember an almost identical one just a few years ago.

      I guess it's better for them than the alternative...giving Americans a chance to reflect on the current situation they have been placed in.... where they are hated around the world... and being pushed into world war III with the Rooskies. See a video of an interview with a top Putin adviser that I posted yesterday showing that Russia is running out of patience...IMO.


    2. hey kenny

      I have one up at my place, from youtube
      I couldn't get the first one you had up to work, (though I linked back here for others, maybe that would have better luck?) the live leak ones works though
      Clearly the vid is on youtube still
      It doesn't show anything anyway- interesting that the live leak vid (report from Euronews) says 'don't watch the video? Why?

      oh yah, interesting that his brother is military- as I am certain he is also- military, special ops, spook, whichever

    3. Good find, Kenny. You have to wonder why they're making it so hard to watch this anymore!

      Go to 4:26 on the video. I'm thinking the actual body is a dummy. The head could have easily been digitally added. But look at the neck "stump" ... when you sever the carotid artery, blood *spurts,* but in the *fake* video, it just pools. Someone else pointed out they show a different while "sawing" and the aftermath. And when terrorist shows the next guy, his hands are clean, no blood on his person. I wrote about Nick Berg in my most recent post, that's what this reminds me of. http://jpaulson.blogspot.com/2014/08/is-beheading-of-james-wright-foley-fake.html

    4. Hey Penny and Jody,

      Don't watch the video because it may bring up questions.

      I saved it and watched in slo-mo. The initial slicing doesn't show blood the best I can tell. As I mentioned at Penny's, take a look at the knife, does it have a sharp edge?

    5. The dummy has no hair anywhere! Very large pics, gruesome. Very Hollywood!
      Video Banned in Britain!
      UPDATE: Foley Beheading done with CPR DOLL
      Isis beheading a psy op - I waited to say anything about this because the Nick Berg video was fake. And this beheading is fake too, COUNT ON IT. The man doing the beheading is speaking with a British accent. That means no journalist lost his head and it is all a show. The related article is linked above, and this would explain why Britian says viewing the video is a terrorist act, because it is FREAKING FAKE. No kidding, British police say watching the video is an act of terrorism and you want to know why? Because it is FAKE AS FRUIT LOOPS.

      The blown up victims in Gaza, slaughtered by Israel/US, are so much more horrifying, because they are real

    6. Here is a screen shot from the HD liveleak video. Put it in a image processor (Irfanview is what I use) and keep increasing the size and tell me how it looks. He's certainly a hairless guy at least on his arms and they must have kept him in a hole cause he looks so pale.


      This is the video of the alleged beheading of bishop François Murad in Syria. It does look a little more believable and with the ISIS high quality productions you might think they would have shown the entire Foley thing in all its HD glory. The shock value would have much better and maybe we wouldn't have any doubts.


      Oh but we tried so hard to rescue Foley before the worst nightmares were realized.

      In Raid to Save Foley and Other Hostages, U.S. Found None

      If it makes any difference, I haven't found that Foley was jewish. But the guy at the end of the Foley beheading video, Freelance journalist Steven Joel Sotloff, who will be next to lose his head if Obama doesn't leave ISIS alone, is jewish and the grandson of 'holocaust' survivors. Small world with the 'victims'....


    7. Kenny, I just get a totally blank page at your link http://i676.photobucket.com/albums/vv126/kennyrk2/beheaded2_zpsb774fd66.jpg

    8. From my end it works, whether logged into the account or not. ???

    9. I turned off the Bluhell Firewall which I use with Firefox and the link worked. The firewall must be treating Photobucket as if it were advertising.

    10. ISIS jihadist who beheaded James Foley may be Londoner named John

      "Hostages of three ISIS British-accented militants came to call the trio 'The Beatles' — and the militants' ringleader called himself John."

      'Coo coo cuchoo' or is it 'Goo goo g'joob'

    11. OH, now we have an appeal to the Brits, I love it
      Just suckin everyone up into the big war vacuum

      btw kenny I used your photobucket pic- with a hat tip your way

      He must have had his 'NO NO" with him


      he is smooth as a baby's butt

    12. Hey Kenny

      did you see the parents
      link to vid at my blog
      cripes they sound like they are in an Obama campaign commercial
      "hope" "believe" "pray"

  9. Thanks for posting the Farrakhan video links. Yes, many hate & despise the man, but I think it's because they fear the TRUTH and they continuosly cower in FEAR to Evil Lords of destruction who rule by the motto "Ordo Ab Chao". He touches on topics & speaks on taboo things that many wouldn't DARE do.. As many of the other commenters feel, I believe there is a hidden provaction going on to start major chaos in the US and a race war. I'm glad than you are aware and shedding light on the many forces at play in Ferguson.. And the Governor, Mayor, and Police Chief needs to be fired & removed immediately.. It won't happen but it needs to.. MRAPS and heavily armed cops are not what's needed for civil protestors. But just like the Boston situation, this too is a trial run for what's coming down the road. Thanks for waking people up!!

    1. I'm not sure about the waking people up part. This may be a preaching to the choir area here. From my conversations with local folks the last few days, too many don't/can't see past the superficial aspects and the media hype.

  10. Thanks for sharing the videos of Farrakhan, Kenny. Especially enjoyed hearing about Muhammad Ali in the second clip. There's something so beautiful about those with courage and ability to stand up for the truth.

    1. Hi Salina, good to hear from you. Yes, Farrakhan is a rare one with much of what he says.

    2. Dr. James David Manning : "I don't go along with all the religious trappings he espouses, but. . .."
      ....A man who loves his own people has respect for others . . . who tells the truth, even when it is offensive to the hearers; and is despised for doing so. Jesus did it as recorded in the Bible, whether believed or not. The Jews hated him so much for his truthful teaching and his influence, they had him crucified as a criminal to get rid of him forever. Didn't go according to their deluded hopes!

      The Handbook on how to be Black
      Recorded on 13 April 2012.
      Reverend, you ask: "'Am I missing something here?"' Yes, you are missing something. You sir, are a moral man, and these others, Farrakhan,Jackson,Sharpton, et al are simply devoid of genuine morality. Theirs is a situational morality that makes chasing whatever raises their bottom line the highest goal they can attain. Being part of, or caring about their own community, which they have asked to be seen as heading, well that's beyond them. You have character, so you can't do this.Sorry, reverend.

  11. Farrakhan is honest. One doesn't have to agree with everything he says to respect the man. A man who loves his own people has respect for others and it is time that White people had such a leader.

    1. That's a good observation. But I'm hard pressed to think of who that white leader might be. Maybe he's yet to come, maybe not. ?

    2. E for Satire effort?
      Do Whites need a leader who only loves Whites? That is a racist viewpoint, you know? White privilege is not acceptable. Be careful, or Eric Holder will be in a fury fit! Only a Black Caucus has a legal right to exist. .Only Blacks can publicize having a leader who only loves Blacks! Farrakhan!

    3. Jesus is the "White" leader.

      remember the words...'Ye make My Fathers Law of no effect' ?

      white people "Jew" worshipping is how "we" got into this mess.


      eventually the LANGUAGE must be made PURE.



    4. This is strident expression of both a black and a white who are not afraid to speak the truth, in spite of threats to them for doing so.

      Star Parker: Welfare dependency destroys black families

      by AWD | 8-16-14
      "Ghetto black America is made possible by the poison of welfare. You can rest assured that none of the protesters in Ferguson missed work over the last week. Welfare breeds laziness, government dependency, ignorance, and hatred. Pay a man not to work and he won’t work. Feed a man with earnings taken from another and he’ll never learn the principles of responsibility and ambition. And that is what has happened in ghetto black America. Instead of giving them a head start with handouts, welfare and social programs have created a legacy of dependence, violence, failure, hatred, and problems for America. Political correctness has taught violent blacks that they cannot be criticized for anything they do. Dependency on social programs is so prevalent in ghetto black America that tremendous rioting and violence will take place when the government is no longer capable of paying it out."

    5. If they were speaking the truth, FOXNews would not allow them on, nor would any other corporate media outlet.
      A quick perusal of the CURE organization shows them to be made up of bankers, and associated corporate pigs and one of their more ridiculous claims is that globalization will cure poverty.
      Sick stuff. I feel sorry for you if you actually believe their lies.

      PS are you as upset with handouts and welfare to oil companies as you are about handouts to black Americans? Are the millions of poor white people on welfare not a problem? Should they be treated differently than black people on welfare. Seriously, you racist rednecks are so bat shit crazy that you don't even realize how you do the bidding of the rich scum who control all of us.

  12. Yes, Farrarkhan is strident, too much so for many Americans, who have been brainwashed into automatons, content to sit on the sidelines and issue shrieks now and then, to let the gangsters in charge know they disapprove.

    If our ancestors had been as pussified as we are today, they'd never revolted against the Rothschild Empire, they'd would just let their knickers get in a twist and faint.

    Enjoy the coming police state.

  13. Ferguson questions and possible answers:

    Why were the Ferguson police ordered to stand down and let the looting and burning continue?
    A busload of instigators had already been brought into Ferguson from Chicago to organize and provoke the protesters. The Holder hired goons were mixed in among the people to loot and burn, so they could not be harmed. Who among the cops knew this? Were they threatened with arrest or be shot themselves by the Feds, if they didn't obey stand-down orders?
    (Odd that this would not be obvious to the detail observant.) Old movie plot insert here: "One Little Indian" with James Garner. Frontier soldier sentenced to hang for "mutiny and desertrion," because he intervened ( no gun, just fists)to stop other soldiers from killing innocent Indian women and children during a US cavalry raid. Real bravery is not rewarded, is so often rare, and usually not reported as such. Think Pat Tillman.

    Why are journalists and reporters being harassed and arrested?
    Probably only the selected MSM reporters who are in on this government created ops are allowed to record and report.

    Why were/are burning of buildings part of the script?
    Possible insurance collection by the owners, like Silverstein has done. Busness owners in buildings are usually leasees, not owners. Also possible is that this area was going to be razed for urban renewal by the city. Owners rush to get a better deal. Maybe Jewish owners, too.

    How many of the persons involved were/are actors?
    If Michael Brown was an actor, then so is Darrian Johnson. And if they are, then maybe Darren Wilson is, too. Maybe all the interviewed witnesses are. Was the alleged MB body in the street real, or a dummy replica. Was what witnesses claim to have seen real, or staged. Videos and witnesses are unreliable as has been proven about 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston bombing. The expertise of the government criminals to stage events has no restraints, either physically or monetarily.

    1. Holder's hired goons are protected, while cop justly wanting to stop the law-breakers, gets suspended. "One Little Indian"

      VIDEO: Officer suspended for pointing gun at protesters in Ferguson, Mo., threatening to kill
      WARNING: YouTube videos, title contain profanity
      Modified by Alan Gathright
      4:40 PM, Aug 20, 2014
      11:13 AM, Aug 21, 2014
      national | news
      "Officials say a police officer who was part of the effort to keep peace during protests in Ferguson, Missouri, has been suspended for pointing a semi-automatic assault rifle at demonstrators, then cursing and threatening to kill one of them.
      A protester captured the exchange on video that has been posted to YouTube and several other websites."

      "Schellman says the county police sergeant took immediate action, telling the officer to lower the weapon and escorting him from the area. The officer was suspended indefinitely."

  14. Damn Farrakhan speaks beautifully. I love his power and assurance and the fact that he speaks like a MAN. I could listen to him for hours although, Kenny, our opinion on him generally seems to be pretty well identical; but when he speaks on the Jew, he is impeccable. I also really enjoy the vocals from the audience. The first tape has whet my whistle for more so I plan on being back later to do something rare for me ~ watch all the videos and read the what looks to be a most interesting set of commentaries.

  15. I don't know of any leaders Kenny, not yet anyway but the 68er are passing and the new generation who actually had to live with the lie (multiculturalism) are coming on, so we'll see. We just have to make sure we don't fall for any government sponsored ones. Maybe the answer is in millions of local leaders.

  16. As a public service, KWMU provides the following training videos on how to cooperate with the popo. Failure to comply will result in...well just watch the videos to learn your place as a citizen.



    He should have the learned "Hands Up" from White Cop Shoot Black Youth in St Louis 1.0

    Here is a bonus video to help you evaluate whether White Cop Shoot Black Youth in St Louis 2.0 is or is not a bit stagey.


    Cop say overhand wielding knife closing in, video say hmm not so much.

    More stuff to polarize and divide. They will get their class war, fluoride be damned.


  17. A very important question is, how will the murder of Michael Brown galvanize citizens? Furthermore what are the implications of realizing the very real fact that within our society a free unarmed citizen can be stopped, gunned down and murdered in the streets of America by an officer of the “Law”. Will this criminal act of violence be a call to citizens throughout the nation that our government and the system of laws we are under no longer and possibly have never served our true interest? Citizens may begin to ask, how did such a environment come into existence. Revolution may be required.
    Read more at http://damonbell.info/blog_post_0274.php#hRlYSmO7TZBeyZQm.99

    1. A very important question is, how will the murder of white, Dillon Taylor galvanize citizens?

      Unarmed White Man Killed By Black Cop; Here’s How The Media Reacted

      "While national news media continue to focus on race in Ferguson, Missouri, where a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, they apparently don’t think a similar case in Utah with the races reversed is that newsworthy.

      Police in Salt Lake City are continuing their probe into an Aug. 11 shooting outside a 7-Eleven convenience store, when a black police officer, whom local media are referring to as “not white,” shot and killed 20-year-old Dillon Taylor, who was unarmed at the time, according to his supporters."

  18. Ferguson is so "last week" in terms of M$M hysteria...now it is the beheading of James Foley....dare to watch the video! Dare to be traumatized and/or inured to the violence which is the new form of entertainment...play the next video game and behead your own victim!

    When will Americans get off this rollercoaster to hell!???

  19. "Ferguson is so "last week" in terms of M$M hysteria.," but not for Holder/Obama's agenda of black anarchy. It has just begun. When will black criminal acts of violence on non-white victims be dealt with by the black community? When will moral and ethical accountability by blacks be what black leaders preach to their followers. Black entertainers promote violent aggression and degenerate behavior in their performances. Repetitive vulgar, sound noises constantly blaring out "rob, rape, kill whitey" into listeners minds, so they act on what they hear, even attacking other blacks. JewMedia/Obama/Holder want out-of-control, angry, violent blacks to feel accepted as being okay, which they are not. So let's not "move on, nothing to see here." It isn't a Constitutional government that is creating the hell in America. It is a JEW-POWER government coup that is doing it. Russia had a Revolution and the Jewish Communists who overthrew the "bad" government, then slaughtered 60 million people (20 million being Christians). Marxist/Communism is the real meaning of "Revolution may be required." The Black population is the key factor for achieving this "Revolution." Promise them anything to get them to fight for the Jews' purpose. They have already been set up for just that by having become totally dependent on the government for subsistence.

  20. No Equal Rights to protest in Holder's "My own people" Ferguson?

    Friday, August 22, 2014
    Chuck and Dawn of St. Louis: "What daring! What outrageousness! What insolence! What arrogance! ... I salute you."
    Lost in the madness of the Ferguson black insurrection is the story of two people, who dared stand against the tide of lies, expose true hatred, and then require police protection to survive a mob violence/lynching.

    [Many photos]
    Darren Wilson defender 'attacked' in clash with Michael Brown supporters on streets of Ferguson amid claims cop was beaten by teen and had his eye socket broken before firing
    "It appears another woman came to the protest in defense of Wilson, according to the Washington Post which reported she was hit over the head while waving a 'I support Darren Wilson' sign and shouting, 'Y'all need to get your facts straight'.
    Police to rush to her side after she was hit, put her in a truck and drove her away."

  21. Please spread wide
    RE: James Foley - His Secret Life and the CIA

    James Foley was a key propagandist in sparking the U.S. air invasion of Libya, in 2011. The proof is here. Believe it or not, it was through his kidnapping then ALSO... part of it spent on a posh resort island! Just about a year after his 'release' from that, he's kidnapped AGAIN! This time, he's calling us to attack Assad... apparently.

    There seems to be plenty of evidence, that we have NOT been told the truth about Foley's life at all - AND, perhaps not surprisingly, that he works for the CIA... under "press" cover. Does he have a second, secret life that is udeful for these warmongering exercises?

    The Corporate Media skunked AGAIN. Or are they the skunks? The 'beheading of James Foley, 'reporter', revealed for what it really is - another cheezy propaganda FAKE meant to somehow justify a new mindless war against Syria. AGAIN!

    The following have been dead since this morning




    Watch Video here:

    Thank you
    From someone unable to post in his own blogs for now

    also see:


    Enough said for today

  22. You may not be too far off. Many of these 'journalists' have multiple bosses.

  23. The implications that Foley was CIA-connected have substance. A review of the board that runs the global digital medium outlet he purportedly works for reveals much. Wayne Madsen has a report on the matter, currently in the "embargo" penumbra.

  24. When ‘Anti-Government’ Violence Erupts, Who Is Really At Fault?
    Friday, 22 August 2014 02:26 Brandon Smith


  25. Why Ferguson, Boston bombing, OKC, and 9/11 are part of the same plan for domestic control
    August 20, 2014 / Craig McKee

    The sight of police in camouflage uniforms with assault rifles, grenade launchers, and mine-resistant armored vehicles advancing on protesters in Ferguson, Missouri has shocked a lot of people.

    But it shouldn’t have.

    Those paying attention know that law enforcement across America has been undergoing a transformation over the past two decades with the process accelerating noticeably since 9/11. This is thanks to the Pentagon and its “1033 program” (section 1033 of the National Defense Authorization Act), which allows it to transfer surplus military equipment to law enforcement agencies across the country.

    The result is police forces being turned into small armies, officers into soldiers, and citizens into potential enemy combatants. The emphasis is no longer on protecting and serving – it’s now about controlling and intimidating. Meanwhile, dozens of movies and television shows in recent years have depicted this new style of law enforcement as being absolutely normal. Viewers, as a result, are coming to see it that way, too. And they see the continuing of this trend as being inevitable.



  26. Hi Kenny:

    Did you see this post about "trolls' and how they operate? It is a real eye-opener


    I often wondered what was going on inside the heads of some of the commenters I come across on the CBC and other forums....

    1. CBC forums?? You seem to think a small posse of internet trolls is infiltrating the cbc comments boards?
      If only that was all we had to fret about.

      CBC outsourced its comment board management and MODERATION several years ago to a private corporation. That corporation at the time had 60% of its staff working offshore.
      That private corporation manages bad news and public perception for many large companies. Big oil, big banks, big communications companies all use ICUC Moderation to control public perception with professional troll services. Highly advanced and organized, they don't show up and comment. They run the show from inside (paid with your tax dollars to censor you and others on CBC) to control comments, editing, delaying, censoring, voting up or down, replies, all of it.


      PS, If you have not been banned by cbc or heavily censored, you mustn't be saying much of anything the establishment disapproves of.

    2. Thanks for these details...I fathomed as much. They are getting very good at it...there used to be a few well known trolls you could easily identify...now, as you say, there are trolls who double as "moderators". It is a joke, but unfortunately.... the only joke in town.

    3. Trolls of many colors! Specific ones can usually be identified by what they say, even bloggers for "truth." "They run the show from inside..." The Media/Government know how to manipulate hate among the masses for their own purposes. It is ironic, that the hatred for cops that has been rampantly raging among news bloggers, has now been successfully used to dupe them into promoting the Holder/Obama Ferguson scripted agenda. They agree with Holder's demand that Darren Wilson be condemned as guilty for murder, no matter what the evidence is. Damn the truth, kill him. Crucify! Crucify! Barabas Brown, the new black hero. And the hate-blinded fools have fallen for it! The devious Jews are winning this round, suckers!

  27. I always like being proved wrong.

    Many years ago, I thought Farrakhan was some sort of racist quasi-Muslim with a dislike for whites.
    This was of course an opinion based on my own ignorance.

    Islam is inherently an egalitarian, universalist and absolutely non-racist religion, hence a black Islamic organization is in a sense a contradiction in terms. The religion is not black, not white, not yellow, not brown. It is for all people fairly and equally.

    Therefore I had an immediate negative impression of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. However...

    I listened to Farrakhan and found he spoke truth, obvious and clear truth, that no-one else was prepared to speak. About "Jewish" control of media and opinion. About the poisoning of Afroamerican culture by US media.

    Farrakhan saw through Obama, saw him as an enemy of the American people. Judged him by the (lack of) content of his character, not the colour of his skin. When most black Americans and the liberal left thought Obama was going to liberate them from male, white, corporate oppression, Farrakhan saw the simple truth. As did the likes of Cornel West, Margaret Kimberley, Glen Ford, Cynthia McKinney, by the way.

    Obama is a smooth-talking traitor in a well-tailored suit, obediently doing the bidding of his thieving, idiot, racist-as-all-hell "Jewish" paymasters.

    "Meeting is adjourned."
    "It is?"
    "No, you say that, governor."

    Farrakhan is not bought, is not controlled, does his own thinking. Encourages the education, economic independence and self-sufficiency of black Americans, feels for the poor and downtrodden of America and the world, whatever their colour.

    I don't necessarily agree with him on all matters of religion, but he makes a lot more sense than most traditional Muslims and Christians, who follow their religious leadership unthinkingly and absent simple human compassion. But then I don't always even agree with myself: a rational person changes their opinions in light of new information, and everyone's knowledge and experience are different, so we must expect disagreement and discourse on the path to greater understanding.

    Even you, Kenny, have trouble overcoming the programming, it seems.

    Farrakhan speaks a lot of sense that others are too dumb or too afraid to speak. Including, apparently, the gutless Dwight Howard. Some people are willing to sacrifice their worldly wealth, even their lives, for truth and justice. When Mr Howard is judged, will he answer that he was unwilling to sacrifice even a stupid basketball?

    How much is your soul worth?

    Yet Farrakhan is unafraid to challenge the rich and the powerful. And knows that the only wealth you take from this absurd world is the good you do. By this measure, the plutocracy are miserably impoverished and destined for hell.

    What does it profit a man...

    "Oh, see I made a bet with Louis here that we couldn't both get rich and put you all in the poorhouse at the same time."