Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down

As we roll through life there are those times when the unconditional support of family, friends and allies are truly important, especially "when the deal goes down."

You don't have to lie for me
Cry for me or die for me
You don't have to fall down on the ground
You don't have to give me breath
Give me life or give me death
Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down  
You don't have to reach for me
Pray to me or preach to me
You don't have to make a single sound
You don't have to raise the dead
Give wine or give me bread
Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down  

You don't have to be the light
In the day or in the night
You don't have to wear no heavenly crown
You don't have to save my soul
Walk on the water, walk on hot coals
Just tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down

When the deal goes down
When the deal goes down
Tell me you'll be there when the deal goes down
                                           David Olney


"When the deal goes down" could be seen as SHTF. Let's not get too carried away but we do need to be aware and ready the best we can without wallowing in fear.

What To Expect During The Next Stage Of Collapse
 Though it is depressingly difficult to see in times like these, there is indeed good in this world.  There are ideals, and aspirations, and visions, and loves worth standing up for, worth fighting for, and worth dying for.  There is still a future worth striving for at the end of the long night.  There are dreams here, in the hearts of men, worth realizing.  We do not necessarily battle for what humanity is, but for what we have the potential to become.  The tides of society may shift and storm, the chaos may become unbearable, and the world may tear apart until it is unrecognizable.   The agents of dominion believe they are the only constant, but there is another.  In time, the dim pale of tyranny will always break in the light of freedom’s resolute.  Get ready, honorable Liberty Movement, our work has just begun.

The Mind Unleashed

California nuclear plant gets thumbs down from expert over quake fears

Interactive Earthquake Map: Get to Know Your Local Fault Lines

 The False Flag Daily

Obama Sets Stage for Syria Strikes With Surveillance Flights
Here we go.....

Islamic Extremism and the Money Trail 

Busted: Jihad John McCain Met With “ISIS” Head Caliph Ibrahim Back in 2013

Transcending the Parasitic Fear Agenda 
We need to see through the media storm and all the accompanying garbage they’re emanating, and avoid getting contaminated by it. It’s spiritual fly paper and one thing can easily lead to another if we get on the wrong track or vibration, taking in useless, toxic information or seemingly innocuous so-called entertainment. They’ve loaded it all up with hitchhiking energies so we need to be extra vigilant.
Stay free and keep the peace that comes from consciously aware knowing. A secure confidence in the rightness of all things essential. That’s where our hearts need to be centered.

Especially in these troublesome times.

For ourselves, our loved ones, and all of humanity.


  1. "Jihad John" I like it. This guy has a lot of handles, "Insane McCain" "Crazy John" "John McInsane" "Flame McCain" etc

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JBfjU3_XOaA


  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKScE19uXRM

    1. :)


  4. dig this chutzpah...

    A New York synagogue is leveled by an explosion on Yom Kippur. Hundreds are killed and maimed.
    An investigation indicates Jewish members were responsible.
    But which ones were they ? Were they the crazed liberal progressive BDS anti-Zionist "Jews" that
    side with the Palestinians in Gaza, or the Mizrahi Jews, and the
    Falasha Jews, and the ringworm Sepharvaim "Jews", or the refusniks and BDS Jews, or the Ex-Zionist formerly Judeo-Christian "Jews", or just some lone wolf Militia dressed like "Jews"..it may take six months of investigation

    Simultaneously, the threat of an organized Muslim Brotherhood attack on Israel looms on the horizon. FBI agent Lara Edmond and Mossad field agent, Uri Levin, lead characters in Winnick's debut novel,
    East Wind,
    are assigned the dangerous task of solving this new attempt to stop the U.S. from providing aid to Israel.
    kinda is In the genre of international spy thrillers from Daniel Silva and Vince Flynn,
    Jack Winnick's East Wind is a fast-paced, page-turner novel involving a credible scenario:
    ISIS Muslim terrorists have penetrated the U.S., detonated one small nuclear dirty bomb in a major U.S. city and are threatening further attacks if the U.S. does not cease its support for Israel. - Lee Bender, Only from an engineer with over 40 years of experience in nuclear and chemical engineering could an international terror plot thriller be so detailed and effective. - Gerard Casale, Jr., Shofar Magazine A riveting thriller with real world connections,
    East Wind is a serious "Jew" poo of a fine read, and highly recommended. -

    mostly for counter-intelligence purposes...Like Joel C. Rosenberg @ worldmag.com & The Emet Group

    oy vey


  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iv0WxWM_2o

    1. As a kid I was sitting in a little burger/ice cream joint on a Saturday night in Gallatin TN 1966. The cops surrounded the area after a traffic accident. It wasn't until the next day we learned that Roy and his wife were on separate motor bikes and she was killed when apparently she pulled out in front of a car.

      Roy had a house on the same road as Johnny Cash. We often rode out by there and partied at the end of the dead end road before it was over-developed. It overlooked the lake near Hendersonville.

      Roy's house burned with 2 of his 3 children dying there later on. He died at 52. Much tragedy mixed with a unique talent.

      Pardon the Dylan but I always thought this song was very fitting as Roy died soon after recording it.


  6. "... what is the responsibility of a citizen in a society in which the majority is ruled by a small minority? By living passively within this system has a citizen de facto given his or her consent to the minority? If so, is that citizen therefore ultimately responsible for the fate of the society as a whole?...."


    YouTube audio at link

    "... I believe that without a doubt “the powers that be” do adhere to this philosophy. They think that any population so apathetic about its collective condition deserves what they get. So they will continue to pillage everything in sight until enough people get together to stop them. Equally important, history does demonstrate that when enough people rebel the status quo always falls."

  7. Kenny, nice post as always.

    I've been working around Boston. I see a lot of 3rd World citizens in brand new or newly renovated houses with no apparent source of income. Some of these South Americans and Africans seem to be very English language challenged and many seem to be borderline mentally retarded. Why should these citizens come to the US in 100's of thousands to eventually millions to be handed everything at taxpayers' expense?

    Habitat for Humanity and others are turning these houses over to people who don't pick up their trash, don't keep their living areas sanitary, and just hang out all day and drink, do drugs, and/or have sex as much as possible. Some of them do not even see the necessity in regular bathing.

    Connecticut State Police arrested me, railroaded me to prison, and made me lose the house I owned after they wrecked my marriage and estranged me from my daughter because I was self-employed and vocal. Cops spied on me pre-9/11 for being self-employed. Having to work in houses as a virtual servant to these newcomers who are just milking the system is burning my brain to the point I want to scream ...

    -Steven G. Erickson

    1. Obama and the AIPAC/Jewish run US Congress have purposely passed legislation to recruit black Islamic Africans, bring them into America for immigrant color and religious diversity, and forcibly situate them into white communities which have now become overwhelmed by their very uncivil behavior and local cost These "refugees" are equivalent to EBT, housing subsidized, illiterate, unemployed, gutteral languaged, gimme dats, crime committing, Holder's "my people and Obama's "sons."
      Thursday, February 17, 2011
      By Paul L. Williams, Ph.D.

      Wednesday, 10 October 2012 15:09
      Lewiston, Maine, Mayor Rebuked for Advising Somalis to Assimilate
      Written by R. Cort Kirkwood
      In the last 10 years, Somalis have flooded the city thanks to the resettlement efforts of the religious left, and they are draining the city’s welfare resources.
      "Moreover, Somalis soon learned that welfare benefits and public housing were more generous and better elsewhere, especially in New England. By February 2001, they had discovered Lewiston, and the influx began. The numbers of those arriving accelerated last summer, exceeding 100 a month. Although it is difficult to get an exact fix on the figures, it seems that more than half of all Somalis in Lewiston are on the dole. Welfare spending has more than doubled since their arrival."

  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUDBa2aCfsA

  9. 19 Facts About American Earthquakes And The Iceland Volcanoes
    Posted on August 27, 2014


  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cufWYp4D28Y

  11. There is much to be made aware of as we are being inundated with current criminal actions and multiple threats. Checking out Jim Stone is worthwhile ASAP for there are not PermLinks to much of his info.
    August 27 2014
    [No PermaLink]
    Napa (california) quake man made
    The computer started giving huge problems when writing this, it is probably bang on.

    August 27 2014
    [No PermaLink]
    Iranian sail boat defended itself against U.S. Coast Guard
    The U.S. Coast Guard has a policy of burning private boats anywhere in the world and a small fishing sailboat from Iran did not go along with the policy

    August 27 2014
    [No PermaLink]
    "CDC BUSTED for Burying Vaccine Related Autism Link
    NaturalNews did a report about an intercepted CDC e-mail which blew the lid off the vaccine autism scam, which proves the CDC covered up the vaccine autism link. Sure enough, the report the CDC mail referred to got censored practically instantly after NaturalNews published it, but I have it here below. Perhaps this will put pressure on the censors to make this available again."

    "This article has been removed from the public domain because of serious concerns about the validity of its conclusions. The journal and publisher believe that its continued availability may not be in the public interest. Definitive editorial action will be pending further investigation.
    NO MATTER WHAT the story, DO NOT get vaccinated, a new bioweapon is being distributed via vaccines"

  12. Truthful opinions can come from all kinds of thinkers, like them, or not, but don't expect it from the MSM.
    "We need to see through the media storm and all the accompanying garbage they’re emanating,"

    Media Hides Race in Mob Attack of White Guy
    Posted on August 27, 2014 by INCOG MAN
    "CBS Atlanta used a stock picture to falsely depict the racially motivated black on white mob attack as being perpetrated by a racially mixed group. In the bottom half of the article CBS Atlanta quotes from the police press release saying all the attackers are black. However, they know that 90% of readers will not get that far. They know that most readers will only read their headline “Miss. Police: Beating Of Marine ‘Does Not Appear To Be A Hate Crime,’” look at the picture, and read the first few lines."

    "Just read up on how badly beaten that guy was. It was so bad they had to put him in a medically-induced coma so they could operate on him. The poor guy may in fact be brain dead, even though the lying media had reported him in “fair condition.”
    Hate crime? Of course it was."

    How many white victims does it take to equal one black victim?
    If Whites Were Black Their Murders Would Matter
    by Mychal Massie on August 22, 2014 in Daily Rant
    "Where are the race mongers and melanin pimps pursuant to the following occurrences over the past few days?:"
    Then there were these murders:[These are JUST the murders. There is also a list of brutal attacks that didn't kill.
    Long list here dating from 6/1 to 7/18]

    1. I am sure many are tired of the subject here, but the powers and purposes of government and media are not. The racial demands being made to Holder/Obama are meant to be restrictive of rights. It's a safe bet they will be black favored for Holder's My People. Just as he vowed to run the DOJ that way..

      [Note the deceptive difference between the URL and the article title]
      Ferguson-like attack in Utah escapes media notice; race bias seen
      By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Monday, August 25, 2014

      "On the surface, the cases appear nearly identical: Michael Brown and Dillon Taylor, two young, unarmed men with sketchy criminal pasts shot to death by police officers two days apart.

      But while the world knows of the highly publicized situation involving 18-year-old Mr. Brown, whose Aug. 9 death in Ferguson, Missouri touched off violence, protests and an angry national debate, most people outside Utah have never heard of 20-year-old Mr. Taylor.

      Critics say there’s a reason for the discrepancy in media coverage: race. Mr. Brown was black and the officer who shot him was white. Mr. Taylor wasn’t black — he’s been described as white and Hispanic [Note: not White enough] — and the officer who shot him Aug. 11 outside a 7-Eleven in South Salt Lake wasn’t white." [Note: officer was white vs. officer wasn't white (NOT, officer was black)

      Black Man Shoots White Teen, Jury says Self Defense. And Nobody Cares
      By Tim McNabb on July 18, 2013
      Huh. Roderick Scott went out of his house to confront a trio of punks breaking into cars in his Greece, New York neighborhood. Scott’s story was that he fired two rounds at one of them when the young man charged him after being told to freeze and wait for the cops. So, we largely have an inverse image of the incident in which Trayvon Martin perished, complete with the kinfolk weeping thusly . . .

      “The message is that we can all go out and get guns and feel anybody that we feel is threatening us and lie about the fact,” said Jim Cervini, Christopher’s father. “My son never threatened anybody. He was a gentle child, his nature was gentle, he was a good person and he was never, ever arrested for anything, and has never been in trouble. He was 16 years and four months old, and he was slaughtered.”

      Alas, for the future value of the Christopher Cervini trademark and subsequent merchandise sales, young Chris didn’t really look like the son of anyone famous or influential. If they’d had one.