Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When It's Not a "Snowden" Whistleblower

From day one Edward Snowden had the press on-board. They dutifully reported some of the excesses of the surveillance society as was allowed. Most of which was already known or suspected. Millions of words have been spoken and written about the NSA and others sucking up all our data and saving it for a rainy day.

Of course most in America are not willing to give up their 'smart' phones and assorted toys and we ourselves are not giving up our computers, despite the spying. So nothing has changed and in spite of any debate, there has been no change in policy. If the truth be known the process of grabbing and storing all electronic data is becoming more sophisticated with each passing day. 

So Snowden has had no short term effect on protecting our privacy, much less a long term one. We've accepted our plight and in the eyes of those implementing the agenda, we have reluctantly embraced another part of our slavery. That was part of the plan. Sometimes plans work for awhile.

But what about whistleblowers who get no MSM time? Where there may be something to what they blow.

Is Dr. William (“Oh my God.  I cannot believe we did what we did, but we did.") Thompson telling us something long suspected, long debated, that vaccines can cause autism and who knows what else and that the CDC and big pharma know it and covered it up? For the profit of their friends and benefactors and themselves. For the slow burn of depopulation, genocide and compromising a population's health. 

Silence is golden. 

The idea that millions of children may have been affected in a scam that has many aspects cannot be debated in the corporate media or else too many questions may be asked. "That's my child they played with." What else have they lied about? "Take a flu shot?" I don't think so.

The most noticeable alternative voices in exposing this latest treason against humanity, Jon Rappoport and Mike Adams are tied in with Alex Jones. How about Jim Stone and his warnings? Many people will not even consider anything they don't see on TV even if it may be true.

NBC News tonight had a story that in their paid propaganda world is what amounts to addressing the issue and trying to diffuse the promoting fear of those awake people who are not allowing themselves or their children to get the poison jabs. They are a threat to the entire country. They may as well say that being anti-vaccination is terrorist.

Snowden's manufactured whistleblowing gets a pass and a kiss. Dr. William Thompson's statements get dismissed. That's our world of deceit. We have to change that. It's not easy. In the meantime, perhaps never getting a vaccination will send a message that these lies don't work anymore.


  1. We were working the same street. I see Rappaport as more connected to C.A. Fitts than Jones. Do you think Rappaport is misdirecting or confabulating? But as "accountability" will show, the format statement by the whistleblower is out and he has an attorney, and Google News won't go near the subject early except to sneer at it, and -- along with the carcinogens in the toothpaste -- it's not too difficult to find "The Brotherhood of Death" lurking about.

    1. I think Rappaport is doing a good job on this one. Does his appearances on the AJ show taint the message? Probably with some folks and that's what I was trying to point at.

      I have been hesitant to link to Adams because of some of the things he has said over the last couple of years, especially his use of the 'holocaust' and the 6 million over and over, but this story needs exposure and we'll see how it works out.

    2. Thompson is being very careful in his latest statements (linked above). He needs to go further. What to make of this?

      "I want to be absolutely clear that I believe vaccines have saved and continue to save countless lives. I would never suggest that any parent avoid vaccinating children of any race. Vaccines prevent serious diseases, and the risks associated with their administration are vastly outweighed by their individual and societal benefits."

      Another limited hangout? Is there really any evidence that the vaccines of today prevent anything?

    3. Yes, we have to be ultra-careful when thinking about people and their missions and purposes and allegiances. Wayne Madsen shows up on Alex Jones and RT. Exposure for a piece of investigative insight means that sometimes the folks have to go places they wouldn't otherwise, and/or it doesn't imply endorsement of that other person or product. Rappaport and Fitts are frequently partnered. Even Jones says stuff that is 85% valid. It's a show, and we need fresh playbills for every performance.

      As for Thompson, he is still employed,probably wishes to retain something of that (at least Fed'l pensions and some credibility), and issued his statement from within his lawyer's office. I'm glad I don't have to wash everything I say through the lens of a lawyer.

    4. For those of us out in reader-land, it is not wise to trust that anyone is never being deceptive in what they post, or write. Have to remember that many of us actually believed the history we were taught in school, the "news" we had access to, and the government leaders' reports. So I agree with this :" Yes, we have to be ultra-careful when thinking about people and their missions and purposes and allegiances."

    5. I wrote a little piece on an NBC show I caught a few minutes of. The stuff they were trying to push on vaccines was nothing short of amazing

      My allopath (Jewish and pretty much forced on me by Obummer care) looked startled when I told him I'm never getting another vaccination. This guy was also pushing me to get an AIDS test (not like I'm high risk or anything - far from it.) I have to wonder why they would be pushing AIDS tests on everyone now.

      The Ebola thing looks like a big opportunity to give everyone mandatory "life saving" (ha!) vaccinations.

      In the meantime, I see a naturopath, one that I can work with, for cash payment (discounted rate).

    6. andie, keep us informed on how your naturopath is working out. Hopefully it will be a positive story.

    7. Well, Kenny, since you asked:

      I use the allopath for routine testing. I nixed the AIDS test, which can go positive for a number of unrelated reasons. If it does, you are required by law to inform anyone you are intimate with or face prison time.

      I have mutated genes: MTHFR (can't easily process folate) and CBS (can't easily process sulfur). The allopath tells me there are no conclusive tests on genetic issues related to health. He didn't explain why his own hospital has a genetics consulting staff (huge) that screens for nothing but "cancer genes". Or why my blood folate levels are unusually high.

      Genetic cancer screening spokesmodel, spooky Angelina Jolie, insanely had her breasts removed because she had a "breast cancer gene".

      As Nancy Banks said, epigenetics is being ignored. Epigenetics = environmental factors which cause genes to express. Ex: all honey bees get royal jelly as larvae, however the larvae selected as queens get far more of it. The excess causes certain genes to express to create a queen.

      Cancer is environmental - genetics are secondary. Why are these medical centers putting millions into genetic cancer screening? Why were they using Jolie to advertise this?

      The naturopath attends seminars on the MTHFR and CBS issues, so she knows a few things about them. The fixes are cheap and available at any supplement store (methyl folate and molybdenum). Taking them made me feel tons better. She is one of the more competent Dr's I've been to. However, I've done a lot of my own legwork on my problems. She also treats me for my Hashimoto's disease (autoimmune attack on the thyroid).

  2. So, what Snowden said about the ISIS leader, al Baghdadi something, being trained by US and Israel agents in Jordan is BS? Why even the name BAGHDADi is suspicious, but what they hey.

    So that means that ISIS isn't a psyops backed by the world's two psychotic powers, Israel and the USA?


    So that means John 'Jihadist' McCain is believable if Snowden is a manufactured psyops?

    Fantastic, now I can sleep better.

    And if Americans are too hooked on their smart phones, that's not Snowden's fault. We're just too comfortable with the means of our imprisonment.

    1. No fake whistle blower is worth anything to the establishment UNLESS he also exposes some truthful dirty stuff to build up 'credibility'. The point is that the dirty stuff is minimal compared to the real dark stuff that gets buried.......the term is limited hangout.
      So yes, the ISIS stuff is legit, but that does not mean Snowden is. I agree with Ken, Snowden is fake.

      PS Odd that Russia and Putin are so involved in the Snowden scam. But I guess he had to get 'safe haven' somewhere for the ruse to work. Vlad was quite helpful in that regard.

    2. Although ISIS and al Baghdadi are a manufactured psyops by the usual suspects, I have found no proof that Snowden was the leak on this one, only attributed to him. Traitor McCain? Not even believable in a cartoon world.

      Limited hangout is the term for Snowden and Greenwald and like I said nothing has changed because of their limited leaks and that was by design.

  3. This year’s RANDy Award for Best Performance in a Bernaysian docudrama goes to ….
    Shirley Goldie Pulwer Sotloff of Miami and Hollywood, both in Florida.

  4. in Denver there is a blood bank right next to a "Jewish" hospital...coinky-dinky ?

    The international clothing chain Zara has apologized for offering for sale a blue and white striped shirt with a
    six –pointed yellow star on the chest.....OMG !!
    The shirt, for little boys, is identified on the Zara TALMUDIA website as a “striped sheriff t-shirt,”
    but psychopathic ASSHOLES called Israelis have called it everything from poor taste to anti-Semitic,
    even though the so-called 'Israeli's' aren't actually Semitic....or Hebrews, but Gog & Magog{s}.

    The yellow star has the word sheriff cut out in small letters....but not in Hebrew, or Yiddish....cause there
    isn't a word "Sheriff" in Yiddish...

    The company has allegedly removed the stock from its warehouses and plans to destroy it, The shirt also was available on Zara’s French, Albanian and Swedish websites.

    “We express our sincere apologies for any hurt to our customers’ feelings,” the company said in a statement.

    The shirt remained on the Zara TALMUDIA internet site as of Wednesday afternoon.

    In September 2007, Zara removed a handbag with swastikas embroidered in it. The handbags were manufactured in India and inspired by commonly used Hindu symbols, which include the swastika...
    so much for ?

    In 2009, the Spanish retailer removed Christmas trees from the windows of its stores in PSYCHOPATHIC ASSHOLE TALMUDIA after some virulent ANTI-CHRIST complaints from "JEWISH" customers.

    On Wednesday afternoon, the hyper sensitive ASSHOLE Anti-Defamation League made a statement
    about the "OFFENSIVE" to OFFENSIVE "JEWS" shirt....for little boys.

    “The shirt emblazoned with the yellow star is in poor taste and is deeply offensive to so-called "Jews" who are "PROSELYTES" to the Luciferian religion of Bad faith called Talmudic Judaism and all HoloHoax survivors.
    To anyone who knows their pretend "JEWISH" history, this kind of imagery should be off-limits.
    We welcome Zara’s recognition of the shirt’s potentially offensive imagery and removal from sale,”
    hissed psychopathic overpaid asshole"JEW" ADL National Director and HoloHoax survivor, Abe Foxman.

    MURDER BY INJECTION by Eustace Mullins....

    Peace to all who love truth & justice...



    1. The shirt story has filtered down to the local news. Ordered to report on it I suppose.

  5. I can only imagine what "The Gates Foundation" has done/is doing to an entire generation in Africa. A generation that will NEVER understand what is being done to them in the name of health. They are about to inherit a continent rich in natural resources, etc... They will also inherit god knows what via their vaccines . I'm pretty sure none of the adjuvants that were used increase IQ. I sure hope when it comes to giving these children the MMR in africa, they spread them out - you know - like they did back in our day. There is absolutely no reason for the 3 in 1 - unlike here in the US - I can't imagine there are a lot of daycare centers in Africa.


  6. Perhaps it is synchronicity but I am working up a post now along these lines.

    1. are you going to tie it in with all the hoopla surrounding the timely announcement of a vaccine to prevent (not cure) the (soon to be pandemic) ebola virus? I think I saw a movie just like this!! It should be available "just in time" and any msm coverage of THE OTHER vaccine/whistleblower/autism/INSERT BUZZ WORD, etc.... will quietly go away as just another conspiracy

      is this so obvious, or is it just me??

    2. It seems obvious to me too.

    3. We now interrupt your regularly scheduled programming -- WHAT'S THAT ODOR? Henry (omg he's still alive) Kissmyarse is canceling the New World ORDER (lol got that one from one of the paid commenteurs online @ the wsj)
      The concept of order that has underpinned the modern era is in crisis, writes Henry Kissinger.

      (he likes the word SUSTAIN!)

      word.... word....

  7. I used to link some Natural News pieces but gave it up after his link to Jones and some of his outrageous pronunciations.

    1. Years ago the owner of Rumormill News stated that she was told that if she posted really absurd information interspersed with legitimate information that her site would be left alone to stay up. Now, that was quite possible as her husband had been active CIA, and she was involved with the US Military herself. She also at times showed signs of probable mind control programming. When G.W. Bush was installed as President, she was claiming that he was put into officer to be a "savior" for America. And she meant it! There are various alternative bloggers who are obviously being used to control information, even outright lie, but who still publish enough apparent truth that they are still linked to as often being legit. Propaganda can be more easily believed based on the cult popularity of its perpetrator.

    2. Ray Ray banned me back in the late 90s when she started with the Iraq was was going to be peachy and torture we could live with if it saved lives. When I of course reacted with ridicule I was banned.

      She erases everything about once a year also, great move if you don't stand behind the bullshit you are putting out and want it gone after a time period.

      "Hey Ray, Gunter here, I have the Austrian gold, lets go on a trip to mars!

    3. I got banned at RMN during the same time period, too, after I got too aggressive in my questioning of her version of events. But I got banned at WRH for doing the same thing a few years ago. Even using decent language, although very bluntly so, is not appreciated. As Rivero wrote me personally, he was getting complaints about me. He has a cult following of persons who don't question, just echo. One exception is Tom Joad, whoever he is. I am wondering when he will be thrown out for his independent opinions. So go the variety of blogs -- pick and choose!

    4. Anon 10:03
      That is interesting, I started my own wordpress so I can now say I didn't think the Iraq war was such a good idea without being banned. Of course I suppose the blog could be blocked but that is a little more difficult. :)

      I used to wield the keyboard under the banner of "Robinhood"! over there. Do you remember Esclarmonde? That is another one that disappeared.

      There is no rapport among those who post there, almost as if every comment is weighed and you are dealing with software. I think one of my last comments was Lady-M should get a gun and drag her arse to Iraq if she thinks it is such a good idea!

    5. Commenting on RMN was done to equate RayeAllen to VT and NNews bloggers. Partially truthful, but a lot not so. The owners/moderators are very likely mind controlled and programmed to do just what they are doing. Anyone with a military and/or intelligence connection (even their parents) can be suspect. It isn't just what they write, or say, it's also what they don't . That is also my opinion of Michael Rivero. During his childhood, his father was a grad student at MIT (I think) when the CIA was there doing "behavioral research" on children. Now being in residence in a very military-based Hawaii, Rivero's programming could be refreshed as needed. His wife could be his always present handler, which is required. Such as Yoko Ono was for John Lennon. As Brad is for Angelina. There are topics which Rivero harshly ridicules, but which have been factually proven. He claims to be so knowledgeable, but refutes facts and posts disinfo as truth. Currently he is avidly posting anarchy propaganda. During the Libya overthrow he did the same by demanding US/NATO intervention to oust Gadhafi. Never apologized for anything he falsely supported after all the truth was known. He is no more to be respected than any of the others who are compromised "news" bloggers. BTW I was known as "mytrueword" at WRH before I was banned. I never did get a refund of my $60 membership fee that allowed me to post comments. I had just paid it, too! I tend to wonder just how WRH is actually funded. It doesn't get taken down. And neither does he for being a "good ol' boy."

      So from now on here, I'll be MTW . And for now, Kenny, thanks for not charging a membership fee. Hope you don't ever have to do it, although I would understand if you did.

    6. Kenny, about this article. I think its intention is to demonize Russia as a threatening villain. Right in line with the US and MSM propaganda agenda to start the war with Russia.

      I know that I can't understand all the detail in this article. It could all be completely right in how wtc 9/11 was done.. What seems to be partly the case presented is "what is Not being stated, not just what IS being stated."
      Here, this statement is implying that he knows who did it, but won't say. But neither will Duff. Dmitry is Russian, so the inference is that it must be Russia, because Dmitry can't say.
      "Fukushima was probably done by the same people too, as Dmitry states in his book."

      S-u-u-u-re. We only tell the truth for your own peace of mind, just trust us!
      "We are not here to push a false agenda. We only want to educate the world in the use of nuclear weapons so this can never happen again."

      The US had plans for the Congo( on-going , now, AFRICOM. Bout was getting in the way to hinder those plans. Duff: Bout was responsible for the state-sponsored terrorists (Russian) of 9/11 that only benefitted Israel ( hint of truth to cover his backside ) No one else benefitted? Lots Not said!
      "Since 1992, over 50 micro nukes have been detonated around the world, and the same group of state-sponsored terrorists that did 911 did them all. Victor Bout was a key player in this false flag movement that only benefitted Israel and no one else. Since VT Today has disclosed this information and V. Bout is now in permanent US custody, the bombings have stopped."
      Victor Bout's extradition unsafe for the world?
      "It all started in the late-1990s, when the U.S. government launched an investigation into the activities of the Russian businessman Victor Bout. George W. Bush in 2006 froze Bout's assets, arguing that the activities of the Russian businessman threatened the implementation of the American foreign policy in the Congo.'

    7. MTW, I remember you from WRH although not any specifics. I have doubts that Mike actually got complaints about you. Saladin was a long time friend who was a member there but I haven't heard anything from her for a long while.

      I have a question I've been meaning to ask, for anyone here. Is there a notify via email for follow up comments button in the comments box? From my end there isn't one showing whether I'm logged in or not. There doesn't seem to be anything in the setting to activate or de-activate it. Also on my end, the blogroll often disappears, especially when refreshing the page. Is this happening to anyone else?

    8. There is no notify via email for follow up comments button in the comments box. At the bottom of the blogroll there are Follow by Email, Subscribe To, Search This Blog and Translate options. And yes, the blogroll often disappears, either completely or just the blurbs, with only the hyperlinked blog names showing.


    9. Thanks for the feedback NMM. I know many blogger pages have that notify button. It could be it doesn't show in what is called embedded comments which I use here. At Penny's place the notify does not work either. When I get time I may address this at the blogger forum. It's a handy feature that should be activated for all to use when they want to when commenting.

      As far as the disappearing blogroll, I don't know. Maybe just glitches in blogger? It's good to know it's not just on my end but it's still frustrating.

      Also posting is often difficult. Images disappear and have to be reloaded, often several times. Just disadvantages in a free platform perhaps?

  8. here's a press conference from 2007 with dr. thompson

    Press Briefing Transcripts
    Early Thimerosal Exposure and Neuropsychological Outcomes at 7 to 10 Years
    CDC, New England Journal of Medicine Telebriefing

    I need to get my illogical side up and running for this one - let's see causation -- correlation

    this really hurts my brain for some reason

  9. My favourite whistleblower is John Perkins of "Confessions of an Economic Hitman". His revelations changed a lot of paradigms. As for Snowden...I do believe he would be arrested and held forever if he showed his face in he is legit to that extent. As for the link between autism and vaccinations...the first I learned about it was from Robert F Kennedy Jr. He was going around the country about 10 years speaking about it.

    1. John Perkins Aug 21, 2014.....

    2. Assange, Perkins, Snowden, Thompson. What have they told us that an interested person didn't know or at least suspected.? I bought Perkins' book back when, read it and was impressed by the information it contained. Gave it away later, should've kept it for reference. You never know when you need a hard copy.

      According to Perkins offers several ways to help stop "the corporatocracy and to end this insane and self-destructive march to global empire."

      And this is an excerpt for the plebs:
      cut back on oil consumption and shopping
      downsize your personal possessions, including your home, your car and your office

      Sage advice from a guy who helped to bankrupt 3rd world countries, then had a change of heart and now promotes plant consciousness. How come I just don't buy it? The tribal fingerprint on his narrative is so obvious, especially because he never mentions the real culprits.

      Same with Thompson, what is he going to tell us that Dr. Andrew Wakefield hasn't already? 'They' destroyed his career for making the connection between autism and vaccinations. Maybe Thompson is good enough for Wakefield's vindication.

      Beware the whistleblowers, pulling the wool over your eyes, making you participate in the Talmudic games one more time and one more, and then one more. Until we had enough and call it quits.

      I am going first. :-)

    3. Wowza. Many, many thanks, Kenny, for the link to the interview with John Perkins.

      I wasn't familiar with Perkins' intimate knowledge and study of shamanism in South America.

      His views as brilliant as they are inspiring. Yes, plants. I, too, am convinced that focus on plant life could go a long way towards helping alienated inhabitants of industrial societies to regain their senses. Cultivation of plants, even on a windowsill or in an urban courtyard, can provide a significant source of mental / psychological liberation from the insanity of modern 'western culture'. [this is said from personal experience].

      Very encouraging to learn that Perkins is passing this message on to a broad audience.

      Again, many thanks.

  10. The Time Is Ripe For A False-Flag Attack On American Soil
    Thursday, 28 August 2014 Brandon Smith


    If an attack does take place in the name of ISIS, it is vital that Americans remember that this is not the violent invasion of a foreign army, that there is no Islamic enemy except that which our government created, that this is not some unexpected form of “blowback” from terrorists who used to be our allies, that this is an engineered attack by contracted employees of our own defense and intelligence apparatus leading a horde of useful psychopaths, and just like during Operation Gladio, the goal will be to terrify you and those around you into seeking out a more powerful, more centralized government authority to protect your security, to provide cover for the continued planned collapse of American society into third world status, and out of these ashes, the centralization of the political and financial foundations of our world into the hands of an elite few.

    1. Unfortunately, recent history has shown that it doesn't matter if the majority (or all) of Americans don't believe the official version of false flags....the whole false flag meme is to remind Americans over and over again that they are occupied by a brutal and tyrannical force. This force keeps its personnel hidden and operates through "frontmen and women" who have been blackmailed into doing its bidding.

    2. Brandon Smith always puts things simply. Another excellent article from him.


    Ex CIA adviser to Reagan proposes assassination of Putin as solution to Ukraine problem.

  12. Didn't they just try that, or was that one of those plausibly deniable ruses or a piece of disinfo? Since assassination is obviously now a major tool of choice by governments, intel services, mercenary groups, and other non-state power brokers, it's quite likely we'll see a lot more people dropping like flies. I wonder if the claim -- I haven't read the article -- isn't itself a set-up for an assassination of someone here so they can blame it on Putin (echoes of JFK??). And today John Walker died in prison.

    Well, I am amused by the posts here in the "neighborhood" to the right, now about six-plus hours old starting with aanirfan and echoing forward, with comparative pictures of actors and actresses. Do these Stanislavskians think this is all a game and that they will quickly re-incarnate back to toddlerhood so they can learn to improve as actors? that there aren't consequences and sequelae to them and their families?

    1. Everywhere you turn the actors are poor. They fall apart under stress and the re-makes are even worse.

  13. Back in Michigan 34 years ago I told them my kids could not be vaccinated, it was against our religion as we practiced Yoga! :) They didn't get vaccinated either.

    In fact leaving Germany in the army, I left first and my wife was to come afterwards. It turns out that even being pregnant they told her she needed 8 different shots. I told her to stay there until we work this out. She went through the German government and German doctors who told the idiots murdering killers running the army you can't give those to a pregnant woman there is no telling what effect it would have on the child. I am sure I would have at least one autistic daughter now if we had listened to these lying savages.

  14. Another post on vaccinations


  15. About actors, "spooky Angelina Jolie" how right you are! I imagine she has been well-used by now for many purposes by many perverts. Breasts removed? I doubt it, for that would definitely make her physically undesirable for other CFR members. If she really had genetic cancer in her DNA, TPTB that own her would keep her intact by treating her, or eliminate her. They don't tolerate "value lost" on any "celebrity" investment. Think Marilyn Monroe's short, tragic life.

    Doctors Caught Red Handed Hiding Simple Ebola Cure From 20 Years Ago!
    Saturday, August 30, 2014 12:28

    "You’re going to be shocked when you hear the simple cure that cured 88% of the people they tested it on about 30 years ago! Doctors in Africa were desperate to find anything that would work so they discussed taking blood from people that recovered from Ebola and transfuse it to people dying of Ebola. They made sure to match the blood and went ahead and tried their cure when they had the permission form the patients! All the American doctors there told them not to do it and it wouldn’t work but they did it anyway! They ended up curing 8 of 9 people or 88% using their treatment. Even after the success, the American doctors did everything they could to say it didn’t work! "

    "Dr. Dunegan was told by Dr. Day (Head of Planned Parenthood) that they could already cure 98% of all cancers in 1969 and these cures were in the Rockefeller Institute but they would not be released to the public because there were too many people in the world and they had to die of something!"

    Another very recent acting deception that has apparently hood-winked some bloggers:
    9 Year Old Girl Kills Instructor With Uzi – Complete Hoax- Plot To Further Gun Grab (Video)
    Saturday, August 30, 2014 14:56

    1.) The gun (without even comparing clips) sounds ABSOLUTELY 100% like a airsoft/toy gun. Definitely not a real gun.

    2.) Wife deleting her digital life in hours by morning because of “media coverage”, which didn’t even start yet. Liars and no one would be worried about shutting your internet life down hours after your husband got blasted.

    3.) The bombardment of trolls, their relentless attack and blatant lies on my first video which went viral on this, proves I am right here and this story is bull. Vacca had no kids. There’s many other trolls I could show you guys I took screen shots, but you guys get the point.

    -- mtw--

    1. I always thought that the Jolie breast removal psyops was really stupid. No way it happened.

      I saw the video on the staged Uzi girl killer. I can't say for sure but the guy may be on to something. The gun control agenda needs constant reinforcement.

  16. Since there is a temporary focus on breasts, let me say that I know someone -- a nurse -- who electively (i.e., her choice) underwent bilateral mastectomy without reconstruction after she was diagnosed with a new and different type of breast cancer after having already "beaten the reaper" with radiation and biopsy seventeen years ago.

    The second diagnosis was a race "triple-receptor-negative" breast cancer.

    She chose to have no breasts because when you have no breasts, you can't get breast cancer.

    Yes, you can get other cancers. or die by stepping out from between parked cars and getting hit by a bus.

    The psychological stress, to say nothing of the chemotherapy side-effects and radiation sequelae -- in her case, second-degree burns -- , are heavy duty.

    She said -- and I know this because I am talking about my wife -- 'I'm not putting myself through that a third time'.

    I would guess that a lot of men have nothing to compare it to except perhaps testicular cancer in which they might elect to have their nuts surgically removed.

    The females can't tell if you're dressed, and orchiectomy doesn't result in an inability to love someone. But you get to hang around a little longer. (Pardon the pun)

    Women don't ogle men because they have big nuts the same way men ogle women because they have big breasts.

    Okay, now that I have that off my chest (pun intended), I really came here to post a follow-up about the whistle-blower on the CDC vaccination/autism issue from which reads in part "... Everything else in Thompson’s statement is backfill and back-pedaling and legal positioning and self-protection.

    But this part [the part he quoted but I didn't], this is big. Within Thompson’s community of researchers and the general world of medical research and publishing, people know what it means.

    It means major fraud.

    Thompson, a co-author of the 2004 study, published in the prestigious journal Pediatrics, is admitting to egregious fraud. Cooking the data....."