Monday, September 1, 2014

Re-Education Programs

Someone has to get the ball rolling. It may as well be the Brits and then why not America also. Programming, de-programming and re-programming have mostly been volunteer. In our TV dens, churches etc., schools not so much, but now it looks like we may be in for a whole new era of not so volunteer re-education. 
British jihadists returning from Iraq and Syria will be forced to attend “deradicalisation” programmes to reverse their warped brainwashing, David Cameron announced.

Deradicalisation of the previous 'radicalism' sanctioned and funded by the UK government and others to begin with. In combination with Cameron's proclamation we get the lovely Sally "we will behead you" Jones, a 45 year old ex-rocker witch who became a Muslim and with her 20 year old Islamic terrorist hacker husband now plays for ISIS. They need some re-programming. The 'intelligence' services and media must think the general population is too stupid and/or distracted to not see through this. They may be right?

Setting a precedent that gets few complaints at first is always a goal. After that the possibilities in forced re-education are endless. There are probably some wild eyed psychiatrists and mind control specialists and sadists eager to take on the job. Subjects are needed for the mind/memory erasure techniques we hear so much about. "Eternal sunshine." Of course this has been done before in a little less technological time. Just ask Solzhenitsyn.

Now I'm not suggesting our governments would go any further than just targeting the brainwashed jihadist terrorists for re-education.  No, beyond that would be crazy and a conspiracy theory. Even thinking something like that may necessitate that you need new education and re-adjustment of previous mental meanderings in the name of order. For the good of everyone.


  1. A little OT, but interesting:

    "In 2008, in order to avoid losing a £280,000 rebate from Norwich Airport, Flybe hired 172 actors as "fake passengers" on 11 flights to Dublin."

    I was wondering why they didn't just give away free flights to Dublin.

    I suppose actors would be required to stay in character for the job.

  2. America's brain-washed, primed to erupt jihadists. They " need new education and re-adjustment of previous mental meanderings in the name of order. For the good of everyone." I don't think they will agree to that.

    Victimhood Mentality: James Cone, Black Liberation Theology & Critical Race Theory
    David Risselada January 9, 2014

    "In the early years of Obama's presidency the roots of his belief in this type of radical thinking became apparent when he claimed that America was in need of a "collective salvation." This is very indicative of two things, one a heavy influence of Marxist indoctrination as the word "collective" indicates and two, a deep rooted belief that the slave past of Americas history has so damaged the black race and was so inherently evil, that only by a willing commitment to its liberation from the crushing boot of white supremacy can America have any chance of being saved. America, this is the core of what the left believes. This is the driving philosophy being employed to keep you and I separated and confused."

    "To put it simply, this is religion, and its driving faith is one of liberation from what the black Marxists view as an evil oppressor that does nothing but ignore the humanity of minorities. They have truly come to view themselves as a class of people who cannot nor should not even try to integrate with the white man's ways as the science of victomology has been so deeply entrenched in their psyche there is literally no way of escaping it. Virtually every disappointing experience a black man has today can be attributed to, by black liberation theologians as stemming from the historic roots of oppression. In fact, they are even encouraged to hang on to this victimized mindset as our public education system continuously reminds them of their past and even lies about no less to give the impression that the liberal democrats have been the ones fighting for their civil rights."

    'This belief seems to have a dangerous revolutionary underpinning to it. As we watch on an almost regular basis now, a steady rise in black on white violence, violence that is all but ignored by the media until it happens to one of their own, violence where the race of the perpetrators is never reported and violence that is most likely to involve a mob of angry young men aiming their aggression at a lone target, we have to ask what role Black Liberation Theology and Critical Race theory is playing in this violence. James Cone was a man who truly believed that the white man was the enemy of blacks around the world. Not just blacks but all peoples of color. He was a man that preached that true equality for blacks would never be achieved while being without social or political power in a nation where the white man imposes his will upon the black race. Looking at some of the core tenants upon which Cone founded Black Liberation Theology suggests the possibility that the victimhood mentality is being used to drive the black man to a state of such anger and hopelessness that violence is the only solution they see to their "state of oppression." Given the fact that president Obama was a community organizer who operated under the Alinsky method of causing hate and discontent, this possibility cannot be discounted."

    -- mtw --

  3. This is the New America? Get used to it? Or at least get Deradicalized from believing that laws are to be enforced for all, not color-coded. -- mtw --

    Heads Up #STL #Ferguson Lynch Mob Agitators To Bring Highway Traffic To A Standstill In Labor Day #MikeBrown Protest
    AUGUST 31, 2014 AT 11:09 AM

    Organizers at the rally called on demonstrators to drive on Interstate 70 and other area highways at 4:30 p.m. Monday, turn their hazard lights on and stop their vehicles for four and a half minutes to symbolize the four and a half hours that Mr. Brown’s body lay in the street.

    “We’re going to tie it down, lock it down,” Anthony Shahid, one of the lead organizers of the rally, told supporters from the stage at a park. The following week, if the coalition’s demands were not met, including that Officer Wilson be fired and arrested on charges of murder, another four-minute traffic shutdown would occur on two days instead of just one, he said.

    “I want the highways shut down,” he said of the Monday protest. “I know it’s a holiday, but it won’t be no good holiday.”
    The march and rally were organized by a coalition of black activists and leaders largely from the St. Louis region, including state legislators, lawyers, and representatives of the Nation of Islam, the N.A.A.C.P., the New Black Panther Party and the Green Party. Organizers with the group, called the Justice for Michael Brown Leadership Coalition, said they wanted Saturday’s event to be peaceful and had coordinated with city, county and police officials. They estimated the crowd at 10,000. [...]"

    Ferguson: New Black “Kill Cracker Babies” Panthers Lead Mob In Death Chant Against Darren Wilson [VIDEO]
    AUGUST 17, 2014 AT 7:43 AM
    “Who do we want?!
    Darren Wilson!
    How do we want him?!
    Inciting a lynch mob.

    H/T American Power
    Moving along:
    The New Black Panthers leading the death chant against Officer Wilson are the same cadre of racist, black supremacist, genocidal militant thugs feckless Missouri Governor Jay Nixon allowed to hijack his Ferguson, Mo presser –yesterday (8/16/2014).
    AND…as per the title –a reminder:
    New Black Panther King Samir Shabazz “You’re going to have to kill some crackers. You’re going to have to kill their babies.”
    If a white man in paramilitary garb stood in the middle of a bustling street fair shouting kill n’s and their babies through a megaphone…well… you know the rest…

  4. Forced de-programming has already been taking place here in the USSA according to JB Campbell:

    Heroism Required


    Brandon Raub was arrested and rendered for mutilation under Operation Vigilant Eagle, a Homeland Security program that monitors veterans and active duty members of the armed forces. This was done to him due to “private” political rhetoric with family and friends on Facebook.

    Brandon Raub was picked up by the FBI, the Secret Service and local cops. Not arrested – picked up and disappeared. There never was an arrest or a charge. They took him to the psych ward of a local hospital where he got a fifteen-minute bogus evaluation. Then he was renditioned to the VA psych ward in Salem for a thirty-day evaluation. On his third day there he was told by a panel of shrinks that he would be “brainwashed – medicated forcibly.” That’s a quote, not a paraphrase or exaggeration.

    His attorney, John Whitehead, obtained a court order for Brandon to be released. The panel of shrinks told Brandon that they did not have to obey the order. Probably considering the bad publicity that John Whitehead could create, they did decide to release Brandon.

    However, many are not released. Some are released but in altered mental states. Brandon Raub might have eventually been released but he would have been a different person. Possibly he would have been turned into a homicidal time bomb, a mass shooter. Many just disappear after being picked up by police. This fact makes police our most dangerous enemies in America. What happened in Ferguson, Missouri was bad, but it was like a big storm that eventually blows over. What happened to Brandon Raub is the psycho-nightmare that threatens us all. We are all subject to being picked up on no charge whatsoever.

    Read the rest:

  5. How do you know that things are going down the swirly in Iraq, Ukraine and elsewhere? Some poor schmuck get's "beheaded". This has been going on for quite a few years now....always seems like the beheadings are doubted and debunked. But it does certainly divert the public's attention.... while the event causing the concern to the PTB passes safely out of sight.

  6. Re-educating the resistant mind is challenging, especially when so much that used to be true, isn't any more. Events that used to be known as natural, are not. A protective government that is supposed to be committed to the welfare of Americans, is not now, if ever it was. Americans have become the victims in on-going travesties in America and globally, created by a government of vile ghouls. Americans have been programmed to fear what these villains will do next to satiate their bloodlust, especially in their satanic commemoration of 9/11. DHS/FEMA have been purposely run as instruments to instill fear and to cause harm in this Strategy of Tension . The referenced FEMA information below is about "influenza," because this "exercise" was planned before Ebola became the scare issue. Note that Sepember 9 was canceled, but rescheduled for September 10, very much like the scheduling that happened in NYC. FEMA was in NYC on 9/10/2001 for an exercise. Who can know what evil might occur? -- mtw --

    FEMA Pandemic Exercise Series
    PANDEMIC ACCORD: 2013-14 Pandemic Influenza Continuity Exercise Strategy
    Phases of Exercise
    Stage 1: Table Top Pandemic Influenza Exercise 2013 - Completed over 4 day period November 2013
    Stage 2: After Action Report - Distributed January 2014
    Stage 3: Pandemic Influenza Exercise 2014 to include Full-scale and Tabletop exercise components
    Stage 4: After Action Report
    Stage 5: Corrective Action Report via NYU Partnership (Proposed)
    Schedule and Locations

    September 10, 2014 - Pandemic Accord Mid-Planning Conference and MESL Workshop – Mid Planning meeting for agency and firm lead controllers to discuss Pandemic Exercise and Review Master Scenario List for exercises. Training will be held to teach Lead Controllers how to write agency and firm specific injects. (The previously scheduled September 9th date is cancelled) **Updated Event**
    10am-12noon EST, Location: 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY Conference Room A/B or Conference Call 800-320-4330; pin 528585#