Friday, February 29, 2008

2051 - A Comprehensive History Of 911

Friday, February 29, 2008

2051 - A Comprehensive History Of 911

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. -George Santayana

By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to

Summary: Since September 11, 2051, with the passing of the 50th anniversary of the 911 destruction, which resulted in the gradual destruction of the USA as both a republic and a democracy, this comprehensive history sought to understand, Just what happened and why.

To summarize: The 911 destruction, portrayed persistently in the immediate aftermath, as a terrorist attack fifty years ago, proved in time to have been a combined black operation by the New Triple Alliance (NTA). The alliance of Israel, Britain and the USA sought to engineer popular antipathy towards weaker oil-bearing, Islamic countries for a multitude of reasons.

Chiefly because the three NTA countries possessed few or fast depleting oil resources by the end of the 20th century, powerbrokers within the CFR and the NTA decided to stage a highly sensational "attack." The planning for this attack required years of careful yet secretive planning in advance and the cooperation of highly placed criminal elements within each of the three governments.

Initially, the attack seemed to be a success. But by 2008 polls indicated many US citizens, disgruntled by endless wars, endless security measures, endless administration deception and, especially, the disaster of the US dollar, began to press for a fuller investigation. Also the widespread use of 911 "truth" (videos, lectures, websites, public speeches, etc) forced an uncomfortable awareness on Americans, followed by predictable anger and rage.

In the election year of 2008, during a period of intensely low ratings for the outgoing president GW Bush, another highly suspicious false flag "attack" nearly occurred. Fortunately the bomb planters were caught, not only on CCTV cameras but on dozens of cell phone cams too. (At the time, widespread Internet use of "You Tube" allowed immediate coverage of an event often censored by the then US media). Critics noted that several federal agencies intended to declare martial law and possibly cancel the national elections. These accusations were never fully investigated.

Soon after the startling arrest of the group of swarthy men, apprehended in a pair of white vans, confessions by the would-be-bombers followed. The motley group of CIA, MI-5 and Mossad agents admitted, under torture by local Texas police officers, that they worked under the covert direction of the three NTA governments. Public denial, shock and heavy media suppression of the story, predictably followed.

The detainees were questioned in secret by the FBI and most of them deported several months later.

Following a number of suicides among retired US officers, many of them formerly with the Pentagon, key generals stepped forward in 2012 and publicly confessed to their involvement in the initial 911 attack. Claiming misguided patriotism (resulting in mass murder), the former high-ranking officers, many connected to Able Danger, testified in great detail to their limited, albeit crucial, involvement. The house of cards, long known simply as 911, collapsed nearly as quickly as the dollar.

Widespread acts of civil disobedience, coupled with intense demands for an unbiased investigation, followed by the flight of several key suspects, among them Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Marvin Bush, Phillip Zelikow, et al and the untimely deaths of others, among them Larry Silverstein, Rudi Giuliani, Dick Cheney, et al, lent weight to those demanding a true investigation.

After long ignoring growing public demand, Congress finally authorized a committee with full subpoena powers. Several citizen watchdog groups volunteered to oversee the entire process. Demanding full disclosure, the watchdog groups pointed to the much-discredited, Kean-Hamiliton 911 Commission Report as an example of the sort of brazen government cover up to be avoided.

By 2020, with the US in the tenth year of a lengthy austerity program, precipitated by the sudden crash of the US dollar, a predictable crash and painful depression due to several wasteful foreign wars, and the resultant massive corruption/ inflation they entailed, Congress finally authorized the new 911 Report. After 24 months and thousands of witnesses, all of the testimony open to the public, the investigation concluded.

Called simply the 911 Report, the 911-page document detailed massive criminal intent, perjury, premeditated murder, treason, arson, skyjacking, embezzlement, crimes against humanity and widespread government complicity within the top echelons of the FBI, NORAD, NIST and the NSA.

Under pressure, the US Supreme Court issued indictments toward the end of 2022. Arrests followed, suicides occurred, arraignment and convictions resulted, lengthy prison sentences, lethal injections (for treason & mass murder) and disgrace for hundreds of those involved was the inevitable result. Both the House of Bush and The House of Clinton, twin dynasties linked together in decades-long criminal activities, had now fallen into deserved disrepute, akin to modern-day Medicis or Corleones, but with far fewer scruples.


Because 911 was never fully investigated immediately after September 11, 2001, the massive crimes committed were allowed to go unpunished. Thus the perpetrators were free to commit far greater crimes and reap huge monetary rewards for themselves and their cronies. The resultant wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, the widespread corruption and waste, the toxic spread of DU, the deaths of thousand of US troops and permanent injury to tens of thousands of others, the consensual murder of more than one million Iraqis and the theft of Iraqi oil for NTA members, followed finally by the ill-chosen attempt to strike Iran by the combined military forces of the NTA, and the collapse of the inflated US dollar, at last awakened the world to the full criminal intents of the globalists behind the scenes. Fully half those subpoenaed and a third of those indicted, under the new 911 investigations, held membership in the CFR.

Still, the fallout from 911 continues to resonant today. The nearly 3,000 murdered on September 11, 2001 led to a further 30,000 early deaths of heroic first responders due to carcinogens in the air of lower Manhattan. The premeditated poisoning of New York, through the pre-planned yet highly profitable destruction of the World Trade Center, then led to wholesale poisoning, plundering and persecution of the Persian Gulf. Nearly three million (and counting) were killed in the NTA wars against oil-rich Islamic nations between the years 2002--2012.

Fifty years later, with the benefit of access to historical documents, the worldview of the master planners of 911 can be clearly seen, recognized and condemned, for what it evidently was: An inside job, perpetrated by a few immoral men, not that far removed from Hitler, bent on worldwide domination and the control and manipulation of world markets.

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Amateur historian, satirist and budding scriptwriter, Douglas Herman is a certified firefighter and fulltime skeptic. Email

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