Monday, February 25, 2008



(Ben Heine © Cartoons)

The following is another comment from a regular reader, Skulz Fontaine, on THIS post… it too warrants full exposure… so, here it is.
Palestine is screaming….. no one hears them, no one sees them….
My little corner of our planet went dark for about, ummm, sixty years. No unbiased reports about the REAL situation in Palestine. No news. No truth. Nothing but that interminable silence.
You know how like when one is sitting in a library and all that one can hear is the tick-tock of some ridiculously large library clock? Yeah, kind of like that. EXCEPT, there’s all that knowledge and thought and really deep thinking about extraordinarily difficult stuff sitting on shelves and NO ONE BOTHERS with the profoundly deep thinking stuff and it just sits there. Gathering dust and neglect. Yeah, kind of like that.
Then someone makes some kind of silence breaking noise and the librarian sort of gets all miffed like and looks up with those librarian glasses pushed mostly half way down her nose and says…shhh! Yeah, kind of like that! And then and then, this bomb goes off see, and no one can figure out why in hell some bomb would go off and disturb the silence, see? Yeah, kind of like that.
Then there’s all this annoyance see, because this bomb went off and no was paying any attention anyway see, and then this one really powerful guy gets all manners of pissed off because his silent meditation or whatever, gets disturbed and such. So and then, here comes the community disturbing the peace Gestapo and hauls off the icky disturbing the peace sort of irritant type, and then, silence is restored and ALL IS WELL IN OUR WONDERFULLY DELUSIONAL SORT OF WORLD. See? All’s well that ends in silent ignorance. Thus endeth the sermon on the Mount of Darkness.

Image ‘Copyleft’ by Carlos Latuff

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