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Fear not, and arm thyself

By Curt Maynard

I received an interesting email a few months back – it was from Andrew Winkler, webmaster of and and outlined the contents of an email he received from some unnamed moron that had equated his website with being sympathetic to the ideology of National Socialism, Nazism for those that didn’t know they are one and the same. How typical!

Mr. Winkler used the email to address a very real misconception that is far too prevalent today, especially among certain Christian Evangelists of the alleged “right-wing” variety and left leaning materialists that long ago accepted the idea that tolerating the intolerable is just “the right thing to do,” by noting the fact that often the ideas of others, even those we may disagree with, might have some merit. If you are one of those that automatically, knee jerk fashion, rejects anything and everything that Dr. David Duke has to say, simply because you believe the Jewish medias disinformation on the man, then you too are a moron of the same caliber as the above named fools.

The topic of the cretins email, multiculturalism of course! The unnamed moron felt that because some of the material Winkler posts on his site, my essays included, do not tout the so-called virtues of multiculturalism and actually [gasp] critique some of its more dubious tenets, that Winkler himself must be a [gasp] Nazi! Winkler used the critical email to point out something that “should be obvious to anyone with the capacity to think,” as my friend Alfio Faro likes to say and that is that criticism does not equate to hate. Personally I don’t like broccoli; but I don’t hate it. I don’t want to deprive those that like broccoli from obtaining it when they want it, I don’t want to gas and/or throw broccoli spears by the millions into crematorium – I just don’t like the flavor.

At the same time though, I don’t think broccoli or for that matter my dislike of it is important enough to write an entire essay about. I do however believe that other things are of great importance, and it is those things I’ll write about. In my mind multiculturalism as we have come to understand it anyway, is a disabling ideology [Theology might be a more appropriate word] that enables a small minority of people to apply the stratagem known as Machiavellism on the public – it enables them to divide and conquer – while we are busy condemning one another for various perceived sleights, they are busy accumulating more and more power – ultimately we’ll all find that we’re the niggers in the end, white, black, brown and yellow alike.

Mr. Winkler is right. He stated that “Because we don't agree with everything a particular person has to say on all sorts of topics - that doesn’t mean we should dismiss everything they have to say. Political view points are just that, view points; they enable people to see things that people with other view points are oblivious to. If you are blind on one eye, you better listen to someone who can see on the other.”

Winkler is also right when he says the following:

“People like David Duke and Curt Maynard often get vilified not so much for their views on multiculturalism and ethnic diversity but because of their outspoken feelings towards Jews. If we weren't all as brainwashed as we are, we wouldn't have any problems recognizing that there is plenty to be critical about organized Jewry in general and the Jews-only state in particular. I'm certainly not going to play by the rules of the Jewish Mafia and allow them to silence someone who exposes their crimes only because he has some views that don't comply with what's considered to be politically correct. Not on my blog.”

First off I consider it a privilege to be mentioned in the same sentence with Dr. David Duke [Yes he has a PhD, something the Jewish media doesn’t want you to know], a man that has sacrificed a great deal to direct the worlds attention toward the worlds most pressing problem and that is the modern Jewish Question. You can bet your last dollar that Duke’s most “persistent persecutors” don’t give a damn about Duke’s views on multiculturalism, they are almost all Jews and they reject multiculturalism themselves, when and where it applies to Jewry and Jewry alone, what they care about most and the reason Duke has been so persistently persecuted is that he refuses to remain silent about Zionism, Jews and Jewry. It is the very same with Ernst Zundel; a man that sits in a German prison at this very moment, arrested more than three years ago, who has yet to be given a real trial, let alone convicted of anything. His crime? - Questioning some of the many questionable aspects of the official holocaust story. Zundel thinks it’s absurd that an atomic bomb was used by the Nazi’s to murder Jews at Auschwitz, he also thinks it unlikely that that the industrious Germans found it necessary to employ a “pedal actuated brain bashing machine at Sachesenhausen.” If you find the preceding two stories a bit far fetched, congratulations, you’re a holocaust denier! If you were in Germany you’d be imprisoned for your thought crime.

In respect to Duke’s views on minority groups [Most of which has been highly distorted by the Zionist media] and multiculturalism – doesn’t he have as much a right to his opinions as you do yours? Does he, or does he not have the Constitutional right to share those opinions with those that will listen? If you don’t believe this is the case, congratulations, you are actually part of the problem, not part of the solution and a qualified moron in your own right. I don’t particularly care what Duke’s views are on the aforementioned topic of multiculturalism or even race and ethnicity for that matter, I do however care and care deeply about Duke’s views on Jewry and on that topic I am wholeheartedly in agreement with his views. My point of view and I suspect his as well, on matters related to the “multicultural movement,” and the “tolerance and diversity” factions in this country is that they are nothing more than a symptom of a far greater problem, I don’t waste my time obsessing about them, because as long as the media remains firmly in the hands of Jewish Supremacists, there will forever be racial and ethnic strife, when and where there isn't any, the Jewish media will fabricate it. I consider spending an inordinate amount of my precious time focused on the reality of the disproportionate amount of black crime to be nonproductive, but at the same time, it is my firm belief that those that want to learn about such matters, should be able to do so without being scourged – the entire illegal immigrant issue is of the utmost importance, but it too is merely a distraction, because as long as the United States government remains subservient to Zionism and the interests of organized Jewry, we’re going to get more and more illegals in this country no matter the amount of bitching and complaining we engage in. I don’t blame Juan for wanting to come to the United States and make ten times the money he can in Mexico, I blame this government [Democrat and Republican alike] for allowing him to do so. It isn’t Juan that disassembled our industrial capacity in the 1980s and sold it off to Asia for pennies on the dollar, it isn’t Juan that’s “outsourcing” our service sector today – Juan is not the problem, but he is being made the scapegoat by the Jewish media in exactly the same way that Arabs too are being portrayed as the problem in the Mid East, which is a fucking joke and one that any fool should be able to comprehend at this point in the game. If you can’t see it, you’re definitely stupid, delusional, or complicit.

Most Americans are awake enough to see our society going to hell in a handbag – many are awake enough to equate the media as being at least partially responsible for this obvious trend, but unfortunately few Americans are awake enough to see that it isn’t the Arabs that own the media apparatus – it’s the Jews stupid!

Recently David Duke wrote an essay entitled “Are Jewish Supremacists now our friends?” In it he describes the newest strategy employed by Jewry in the face of the growing awareness among Americans that Jews do indeed have far more influence in the media and the government than their numbers would suggest and that is that Jewry wants to reinvent itself as “white.” In other words Jews want Europeans and European Americans to believe that Jews too are whites and thus sympathize with and align themselves with Jews against the enemies of western civilization, i.e. Muslims. Duke knows that western civilization has never had a greater enemy than Jewry and for that reason he wrote the essay – once again proving that his attention is focused upon Jews rather than “brown people,” i.e. Arabs. It is for this reason and this reason alone that David Duke is so aggressively and relentlessly pursued by the media – if he were attacking Muslims he’d be on Fox News today as a rehabilitated and “repentant” analyst, much in the same way that Mark Furman has been forgiven and is now a highly sought after legal analyst and frequent guest on the networks. Don’t fool yourself; Duke is not the devil he has been portrayed to be in the media. While all the “multiculturalists” and tolerance and diversity orientated politicians here in America have been screaming “kill the Arabs, kill the Arabs,” Duke has been on a world wide peace keeping mission and delivering speeches in Arab countries and has come to be seen as an ally rather than enemy in Arab [brown] nations.

If one hasn’t read Dr. David Duke’s book Jewish Supremacism then one is not as familiar with the problem of organized Jewry as one should be. It is simply required reading – that book more than anything else is why Duke has been so mercilessly persecuted in the last four years – the Jewish Supremacists in Washington have never, nor will they ever, forgive him for writing that book – it is simply eye opening to say the least. Despite what the media would like you to believe, Duke doesn’t “make up,” the information he utilizes in the book, rather he uses Jewish sources almost exclusively, i.e. sources written by Jews themselves – all he does is collect them and give them the attention they deserve – the attention the Jewish media has no intention of ever giving them. Duke’s book is a worldwide best seller, it'd been translated into dozens of languages, it’s sold in the Russian Duma [Russia’s Congress], it’s sold in the Bazaar’s of Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Egypt, it’s sold in book stores all across Asia, all over the world in fact, with the exception of the mainstream market in the United States, Canada and western Europe where the Jews have monopolized the publishing industry and won't allow you to acquire it easily.

I don’t personally know Andrew Winkler, I became introduced to him after he posted one of my essays a year or so ago. Not many people want to post my essays, primarily because most people are silly and fear the Jews, so when someone does, I always thank them for doing so. After our initial contact I began including Mr. Winkler among those I send my essays to and have since been pleasantly surprised to find that he publishes most of them. Occasionally he’ll send me a critique, which I appreciate greatly, but other than that we have no contact. Despite my views on the problems associated with multiculturalism and the fact that I believe that the entire movement itself is controlled and guided by Jewish Supremacists, I have no problem with the fact that Winkler is married to a Malay [brown person], in fact I couldn’t care less. The reason I like, respect and admire Winkler is because he isn’t afraid to criticize what is wrong in this world, he doesn’t tolerate the intolerable like everyone else – the truth is more important to him than being popular – wow, what a concept.

Free Ernst Zundel!

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