Monday, March 31, 2008

Stardust Rain - Ralph Buckley

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...stardust rain
'dreams'...another sort of myth or story that's handed down from father to son...mother to daughter. "Don't be a silly young man...dreams don't pay the bills" or "ain't never gonna happen...uh huh, so just keep on dreaming" said big brother.
Well as a matter of fact...."I will keep on dreaming...thank u very much"!!!
Funny thing seems to be happening a lot these days...dreams are becoming real. Tell ya what...quantum physics is starting to 'freak out' dem' neo-cons...(awareness is subject to change due to the observer's awareness-hehe)... Weird thing is....I think there is some highly peculiar hidden knowledge....& technology, dating back to to...oh I don't know...back to our origins, that could certainly explain a thing or two about 'human nature' our 'DNA' & the power of consciousness. I think are ancient relatives were much more in tune to what we would term "unexplained phenomenon".
It's just that what used to be far-fetched...ain't so far-fetched anymore. But man you've got to be able to envision this....or at least try. I mean...check it out. If you wake up & go to your fridge and there's no food in there...well it's a no-brainer that you've got to put on your shoes...& walk down to the store & buy some grub so you don't starve..... Now it wasn't hard for you to think of all of this in your head...step by step, on just what you needed to do to accomplish this. It's called problem solving. So now if somebody says to you...Oh man...that's it. We're going to's over. You'd say..."What is wrong with you man....I'll just go to the store & pick up some food...jeezdued...quit freaking out"
This lame little example is just a way to show that there is a way in which to achieve anything & everything. From the most simple to the most complicated, there is a 'process' and it is so very easy to learn. But you've got to see it happening in your 'mind's eye' first. Envision it. See it. Believe it. Sometimes things can be just so overwhelming that we become completely dramatized. This seems to be when we are at are most vulnerable. This is when our precious media steps up...big time. 'Fear' (subliminal) 'terror' (subliminal) 'fear'....& so on.
It seems that we are told to not trust our instincts. That we should not be led by our intuition. But this is the very essence of what and whom we are. It's our spiritual awareness that leads us to people and things we love. Spirituality has just been so distorted by the old ways. It doesn't necessarily have to be about god, the father, or morality. It's about music. It's about sports. It's about physics. It's about what we love to do. Long ago my dad told me once, that he felt like he was most alive when he played basketball in college. He played at SMU on a scholarship during the fifties. This was where his spirit led him. My 'significant other' Marcie, she makes dream catchers...almost effortlessly. But when she's doing this...she is 'there'. She's in the moment.
It seems like we're all so close to all being 'here'....'NOW'. Together...!
Envision if you will a world without money or currency. A world in which we are led to one another so that we can share & exchange information and talents and skills...& our time. We won't be driven by greed. Giving will be every bit as important as receiving. No more money, no more greed, no more it that far-fetched?
"you may say I'm a dreamer,
but I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
& the world will live as one"
John Lennon
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