Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bad Boston Globe

Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Truthfully, readers, I wasn't going to post anything from them. When I sat down this morning and went through it, I was so tired of the garbage, the lies and the pro-Zionist, biased agenda-pushing MSM now.

The truth is I LIKE MY BLOG NOW!!

The 11 months that got wiped out was nothing but memory hole shit, and it is painful to read my posts from a year ago and see the same old recycled garbage day after day after day.

Same story lines, same lies about EVERYTHING!!!!

Except even a year ago, I was still a daily purchaser and reader.

Now, I NEVER purchase the New York Times (the thought of even touching it is repulsive to me), and rarely do I get the Globe.

So why do I like my blog now?


That makes for a much better reading experience -- for me and you, readers!!!!

However, today is Sunday and my friend gets the sports; I, on the other hand, will deliver some articles and posts from the Zionist-controlled well for you, readers, but I wanted you to know how terrible the AmeriKan media has become. You can check the sites for yourself if you don't believe me.

But I'm tired right now of articles on China and Mugabe, the global-warming, climate-change scam, the incessant and never-ending bullshit fooleys of politics and the obfuscations and lies sold by said papers -- so those stories aren't going up!

I recognize them for what they are now, which is an AGENDA-PUSHING, WAR-PROMOTING TOOL of PROPAGANDA!!!

They've lost me forever, readers, because THEY LIED TO ME and are STILL LYING TO ME!!!

P.S. I am once again not watching the Sunday morning shows I used to love so much. TV is right next to me, and it is silent and off!!!!

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