Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bottom line

Saturday, April 26, 2008

From an interview by Philippe Gohier, John Mearsheimer responding to a question on the chances of a peace agreement with the Palestinians:
"All this talk about a possible peace agreement and a possible settlement in the near future is not serious. It's all designed for public relations purposes. Israelis are not interested in giving the Golan Heights back and reaching a peace accord with the Syrians, and they're not interested in withdrawing from the West Bank and allowing the Palestinians to create a viable state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

Any analysis that grants Israel or its American supporters any credit for decency or even common sense is fatally flawed. The only thing that can possibly lead to an agreement is a situation where it is apparent that Israel has no choice whatsoever but to agree to peace. Even then, the insanity of ethnic apocalyptic supremacism may make an agreement impossible. Whenever you see rumors like the recent ones about Olmert considering peace with Syria remember one thing: they are lying to you to create the appearance of rationality which is not there.

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