Monday, April 28, 2008

Denial is a Holocaust River in Lebanon.

Monday, April 28

Les Visible


Lately I’ve been catching a lot of flack about not denying a particular holocaust that affected a Jewish population ‘along with a number of other populations’. This particular holocaust was just another of the ongoing holocaust routine that is part and parcel of life (and death) on Earth. It wasn’t the biggest holocaust or even the second biggest. One of the biggest is going on right now in The Congo but since that is primarily happening to black people it isn’t a real holocaust. When I mentioned it once, a Zionista Israeli told me not to “compare those animals with my people.”

I thought maybe I ought to state my perspective and perceptions as they relate to the absolutely most important and only one hundred percent genyouwine holocaust for which all those hundreds of McHolocaust McMemorials stand as emblems of the world’s biggest victim franchise on the planet; accept no substitutes.

I realize that nothing I say is going to satisfy those who want me to come right out and say something so that they can turn around and use it against me. The truth is- I’m pretty certain- that the people hassling me to come out of the closet I'm not in are actually members of the Self-Chosen Ones; the only people whose lives matter. They would like to have me on record as saying something that would give them the opportunity to call me a something or other according to a particular bankrupt terminology. They are, according to their own infallible judgment, the only human beings on the planet and their Holy Scriptures say so. They wrote those scriptures so there’s no arguing with it or the imprimatur of that bloodthirsty demon they worship as a God.

I’ve read a few things from the people that have been declared ‘holocaust deniers’. I don’t know if there’s a death penalty, preceded by torture, for that blackest of all crimes yet but I know they’re working on it. I’ve read the forensic report that there were no mass graves at Treblinka. I’ve seen where the numbers crunchers from the holocaust industry office at Auschwitz lowered the number of human dead (as opposed to any insects who might have died) by about 2.5 million over the years while being able to maintain a steady six million ‘human’ victims over all. That kind of math is a little too fancy for me and I wouldn’t know how to present an argument using facts based on their own numbers when it is certain they would prove me wrong.

I’ve seen the official Red Cross numbers and I don’t work for the Red Cross and, once again, I’m puzzled as to why they aren’t holocaust deniers. This kind of thing is beyond my scope and capacity. It just confuses me.

I don’t know why certain people want me to come right out and say that something didn’t happen. There is certainly some confusion in the numbers. It is even stranger because I’ve always said what I thought all along and anyone who reads in the archives can find more than any one inquisition will ever need to convict me of thought crimes and prove (not that proof is ever necessary in these cases) that I am a hateful pariah who should be executed on international TV after which peace and prosperity will dawn upon the Earth within a few minutes and last for a thousand years.

I’ve already said most of whatever I can say but for some reason I just haven’t said it the right way. But… isn’t it usually the case that you just make up what people say and put words in their mouth anyway? So why do I have to say anything at all? No, I just don’t get it.

I’ve said that the Zionist movement is equally as responsible for the suffering in the Nazi camps as the Nazis were. They refused to allow aid to the prisoners and they refused to let them be shipped to other countries. They did this and more and it’s all well documented. They even declared war on Hitler before Hitler got around to doing much at all.

I’ve said that the holocaust industry has used this holocaust to justify behaving just like the Nazis as they work tirelessly to replicate the behavior of the Nazi in their calculated efforts to wipe out The Palestinian people whose land they stole and who have not had the grace to disappear into the desert or commit mass suicide.

It’s an observable fact that Israel is no different than Nazi Germany in its behavior and philosophy. The Nazis were the Master Race and now the Israelis are the Master Race. Any fool can see that most of the wars of the last decade were planned and pushed into being by dual national Israelis who are in control of American foreign policy. If anyone wants incontrovertible proof that Israel is a land of psychopathic demons they only have to look at what they are doing to the Palestinian orphanages. Of course there are hundreds and thousands of examples that this is a nation of psychopaths but just this one particular series of events is all that is necessary to prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that Israel is a land of monsters.

Well… let me get to my point and then get on with whatever it is I do from day to day. Here’s what I think about this ‘particular’ holocaust and the world wide effort to suppress any inquiry into the facts of what really happened. I think that when you go to extraordinary lengths to suppress free speech and to virulently slander, ruin and imprison anyone who questions or criticizes something (and ONLY that something) my reason and my intuition tell me that you are hiding something and that furthermore you are using your version of events to enrich yourself and justify the most brutal behavior on Earth. It is my opinion that this event and the figures that go up and down and never change are used to blackmail the governments of the world and to control the world.

I’m on record as to saying, unequivocally, that Israel was behind the 9/11 attacks and that they were also involved in the London tube and Madrid bombings. Of course they were. I have more proof of this that anyone has proof of the official story.

Israel and Israelis worldwide are involved in so much criminal enterprise from Aruba to Columbia and all point north, west, east and south that they are probably the biggest crime syndicate going and it’s all perfectly legal and fine because somewhere in the way-back somebody did bad things to them and now they can do whatever they want to anyone whenever they want and no rules or laws apply. They can take helicopters that the Americans gave them and then sell them to their partners in the Columbian drug business. They can do anything they want… for the moment. They can go ahead and attack Lebanon again and maybe this time they will get the Litani River and so on and so on. It will be Lebanon’s fault too. We, the rest of the peoples of the world are just a bunch of chicks that got gang raped and were ‘asking for it.’ The way we were dressed and the way we behaved, we forced those poor Israelis to ‘do us’ and we, specifically requested ‘anal’, just in case one of these whore chicks is saying otherwise.

Somehow I am sure that I didn’t say enough again to satisfy the people who write me and tell me I’m not saying things hard enough for their tastes. Look, I have my area of operation and it’s not just about Israel. Yes… this is a monster and an abomination upon the Earth but it’s not the only one. So please forgive me if I take on other subjects and don’t make this ‘particular’ holocaust my sole concern. I don’t really think about it that much. I’m concerned with things that ARE HAPPENING, not things that ONCE HAPPENED. Whatever actually went on back then is more the concern of scholars and statisticians and I am neither. I will say this… out of all the holocausts that did and didn’t happen whenever that was… there are more holocaust survivors now than there were at the end of the war and they have certainly gotten their moneys worth. It’s a cash cow of incredible fecundity.

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