Thursday, April 24, 2008

Halloween in April, courtesy of MOSSAD Studios

The makeup artists at MOSSAD Central Casting seem to never run out of these al-Qaeda boogeymen, and it's all for one purpose: To scare the hell out of people so that nation of homicidal war mongers, Israel, can go on with their genocidal extermination of the Palestinians and to scare WE the People into giving ever larger sums of money, troops and weapons to Israel.
House of Horrors

Growing up in a rural community, there wasn't much excitement, except for the yearly visit by the traveling circus.

Money that one had saved for better use was put to enjoying the many thrills and chills of that circus.

One of the best circus sideshows was the one called something like the "House of Horrors." Of course, you knew going in that it was all a joke and made up, but that didn't detract from the spine tingling thrills you'd get by plunking down some money for a trip thru that horror house.

The ghosts and goblins that leaped out at one from the dark corners sufficed, but to me, the scariest creature was the one with too much make up on and over dressed in some garish costume, who would suddenly jump out at the visitors, yelling some threatening bunk. Not even sure he was speaking English, cause he was yelling so loudly.

But, that was enough to make my hair stand on end.

And to me, that's what this never ending stories about this or that AQ person is, just a rehash of the made up monsters in that "House of Horrors."

A side benefit is that the blood thirsty, power-mad lunatics of the Bush/Cheney Junta get to slowly squeeze the life out of what's left of the Bill of Rights.

While we're giving up our freedoms to Bush, we're also handing over our wealth and an ever increasing number of US troops to fight Israel's wars.

While our kids are coming home in caskets and our treasury is being bled dry, the puppet masters in Tel Aviv will raise a glass of wine and toast one another on how clever they've been to get America to fight wars for Israel.

And therein lie the true horrors of the traveling freak show put on by the combined production company of MOSSAD/CIA studios: A series of never ending wars in the ME, fought by Americans and paid for by America, so that Israel can continue on with its murderous occupation of Palestine and further theft of land, water, oil and natural gas resources in the ME.

America's price of entry into this "House of Horrors" will be paid for by a steady stream of caskets coming home from the Israeli Theater of war, in Iraq and soon, Iran and Syria, all the while our pockets get picked and our economy implodes, all to support "Eretz" Israel.

And that is truly scary.

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