Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jimmy Carter, The Pope and The Mean Machine.

Wednesday, April 23

Les Visible

art by Andy B Clarkson

In the last offering, I was talking about religion and ‘some’ of its negative features as well as some of its negative figures. As could be expected, not everyone agreed with me. That’s fine. This will be along that vein and will deal with the potencies and personalities of two men; Pope Benedict and former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

I’m going to talk about them in the context of the horrible genocide being practiced by the reprehensible Israeli government upon the Palestinians, happening right now in real time. This odious mass murdering that goes on day after day is, along with 9/11, one of the infallible measurements of any leader’s honesty and courage. Whoever is not speaking out from the power of their position against either one of these conditions is either a cowed lackey of the perpetrators or a willing accomplice. There’s no middle ground here. There’s no wiggle room. There’s no excuse.

No one can tell me that The Pope or any other posturing figurehead in any religion or government the world over does not know that Israel was and is behind both of these situations. If they don’t know then they are stupider even than George W. Bush and even Bush knows who did and who is doing what and where in connection with these two events.

It’s all very well for The Pope to ‘deplore’ (don’t you love that word?) all the things that he deplores as expressed in all the vague generalities that his office is known for. When it comes to something like the Palestinian situation there are two ways that you can go. You can state the plain truth and let the chips fall where they may or you can talk out of both sides of your mouth.

Every single day we see things like this. Every single day we see more and more of the same thing. You can see it if you are there. You can see it through the eyes of those filming it and writing about it. You cannot see it in the mass media and that can only be because those controlling it do not want you to see it. Go and see who has controlling interest in the collective mass media and that will tell you specifically who does not want you to see and hear about it.

The Pope, this Vicar of Christ, knows what’s going on. He could do the job he got installed for according to the teachings of the one whose will he represents here on Earth but he does not do this. Is he busy shopping for shoes with Condoleezza Rice? Is the glare from his glitter suit so great that he can’t see at all? Is he just a bird in a gilded cage?

Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter is doing what should be done by The Pope. He’s doing, as an ordinary Christian, what so many supposedly extraordinary Christians can’t find the time to do. The uproar in the mass media is outraged that Jimmy Carter would meet with a member of the LEGALLY ELECTED GOVERNMENT OF PALESTINE. He’s catching it from shit weasels like Jackie Mason I don’t know if you can actually bear to watch this video but it is telling on more levels than my words will ever accomplish. He’s getting it from Alan Dershowitz and every Zionist mouthpiece that can slither up to the microphone.

He’s being pilloried by every talking head whose ass belongs to the Ashka-Nazi’s. He’s being inundated with a tidal wave of slander and lies and he goes on about his business of being a real Christian in a world of plaster saints.

People write me often and tell me that I’m too soft on The Jews; that I don’t address the Holocaust Hoax, that I don’t say this and do that. I’m not going over to the dark side just because a handful of psychopaths, both Christians and Jews are redefining the word ‘evil’ in these present times. I am not unaware of the lies and motivations behind them. I’m not unaware of the forces of revisionism and decades of devious manipulations that were every bit as responsible for everything that happened as those upon whom it has been blamed. The truth of the matter, or rather, the transparency of the lies in cold, hard statistics are there for everyone to see.

I know there’s more to the story always and there are a number of Jews who are doing everything possible inasmuch as they can I know that there are Jews who have been against the terror state of Israel since its inception. There are true Jews who have opposed Zionism all along. Anyone who thinks that all Jews are evil hasn’t listened to Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen or appreciated any number of the fine contributions that certain Jews have added to the treasure house of human endeavor. It can be a convoluted work indeed to try to separate fact from fantasy as seen in this brilliantly researched article on Einstein.

You’re not going to get me to declare all Jews evil. Jesus Christ was a Jew. If there is any one criticism that I could level at The Jews as a people at this time it is that far too few of them are speaking out against the ugly and pernicious behavior of Israel. That’s my complaint about The Pope as well. He knows what’s going on but he’s too busy having lunch with the people causing world hunger and over-seeing the milking of nickels and dimes from bloody Third World hells.

It is history’s job to judge these characters. It’s the jobs of the agents of powerful, material forces to fabricate history for the benefit of those raping the populations. It’s the job of the human conscience to remind us of our duty and it is the passion of any realized soul to answer the call of their conscience. But what of those who have no conscience? Aye, there’s the rub.

In my opinion, all of the things being done at this time are being done in plain sight, or when they aren’t, are being exposed to the witness of the world after the fact for a very good reason. This reason is unseen and unknown to those participating in the heinous crimes of the time. They are out manifest ‘here’- masquerading in human form- in the production of evil on the plane of judgment to come. The powerful never imagine that their day will arrive. “Who can touch me?” “I will destroy all who oppose me.” This is what they tell themselves. Just as Robert Mugabe will tell himself this morning as he has so many mornings in the past.

Jimmy Carter is doing what none of his fellows are doing. He is standing forth and speaking truth to power. He is unafraid. In his heart he knows that he is right and he most certainly is. Let him stand as an ongoing embarrassment to all of the rest who cannot find the courage and honor required of them. Let him stand as evidence of what The Pope is not. Let the wounded psychopaths howl and scream for blood… and more blood. Let everyone who is here in this moment understand that it is here in this moment that what is required of you should be said and done.

None of these things need to be but they are. What strange miasma clouds the Earth and human perception that denies the inhabitants the capacity to SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE? We do indeed “see through a glass darkly.” For all of you who are doing what you can in these uncertain times, be assured, it is not unknown or unseen and neither is anything else. Life is full of surprises and you may all of you, every one, be certain that there are surprises to come.


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