Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Most Heavily Spied-On Country in the World

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No, surprisingly, it's not America; it's Britain. Britain has the highest ratio of CCTV cameras per head of population in the world - bar none. No other country spies on its citizens in every way more than the UK. Not just with mere cameras, but every other intrusive device the latest technology can deliver.

CCTV has been a fact of life for the British since the early 1970s, but those early, crude, black & white installations were largely confined to plush department stores and sensitive government buildings. Their blurry pictures delivered little more than disputable evidence of possible wrong-doing.

However, technology marches ever onwards, and the spy-camera toll in Britain rose substantially in the 1980s under the great Jew-admirer (according to the London Times) Margaret Thatcher. But it only entered into its really stratospheric growth phase following the election of an even bigger Jew-lover, Tony Blair, as Prime Minister of that hell-bound country in 1997.

Blair originally arose as a genuine 'man of the people' with over-archingly decent values. He stuck his neck on the block, took huge risks, and delivered peace to Northern Ireland (for which all credit is due). However, a short time later, his early peaceable inclinations were to suffer a sudden reversal, as they do for everyone, it seems, when they get too chummy with members of the Tribe of Satan.

Blair was unusually heavily drawn (even by politicians' standards) to the lure of power and wealth. No one could have predicted a metamorphosis of this magnitude from such a squeaky-clean provenance. Notwithstanding his former innocence, he sold-out totally to Zionism and flogged his country to a Federal Europe in exchange for the glory of becoming the first ever President of Europe. Though yet to be 'crowned', that was the deal this traitor was offered, and greedily accepted.

It was Blair who sold Britain out to the interests of the New World Order program. It was Blair who took the Jews' 30 pieces of silver and delivered a once great country into the claws of evil foreigners - just the same as George Bush has in America. And herein lies the key to understanding the blanket coverage of spy-cameras in Britain today. THEY (the British government) claim it's all about 'protecting the public' (ever heard that before? - clue: Bush and Cheney).

The truth is that it's nothing of the sort. The government of Britain (AKA 'Airstrip One' according to George Orwell in 'Nineteen-Eighty-Four') has gotten so deeply in hock with the NWO's proponents that it's become paranoid and deeply fearful of its OWN people. The cameras are NOTHING to do with protecting the PUBLIC - they are ALL about protecting a treasonous government FROM the PUBLIC.

Blair and his clones suffer paranoia with very good reason. They are all too well aware that they have delivered the country into the talons of the agents of One World Government and that if the British people were to become aware of this fact, they would rise up and chop off the heads of these traitors for all the unspeakable injustice and cruelty they have suffered as a consequence of this treacherous betrayal.

So it's down to the mass media, with all its distractions, to take the eyes of the people off the ball for just a short while longer, whereupon Britain will become just another precinct of the Jews' universal domain - as will the US and eventually, the entire world.

What are the enemy spies in Britain looking and listening out for? "Hey, Bill, you'll never guess what! I've just found out those treasonous bastards in Parliament that have been lauding it over us for so long have been taking their instructions from a foreign power! And it's been going on for decades! That's why our culture is being wantonly destroyed! All those seemingly crazy rumors we've been reading about on the Internet lately turn out to be true!"

This is what all the spying (for that is what it is) in Britain in all its forms is REALLY all about: protecting and advancing the NWO Program.

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