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Rebuttal: Flight 93 Video - Devvy Kidd

THE FLIGHT 93 FRAUD- Smoking Gun Evidence

Rebuttal: Flight 93 Video
Devvy Kidd
I feel it important to rebut a video you've posted titled, 'No Plane' Says Shanksville Mayor' as I feel it's very misleading:
I believe our goal regarding 911 is to seek the truth, not sensationalism. I feel it hurts our cause when web sites make claims they state as fact, when the conclusions presented are little more than speculation. One should always make the distinction or your credibility will sour with readers. Additionally, I find it republsive to see web sites with this type of hype: 'Da plane! Da plane! Find da plane! Americans died a horrible death that day and this kind of trash is offensive.
There were many aspects of Flight 93 that bothered me, so I went to Shanksville, Pennsylvania, in August 2005, and did my own on-site investigation. It was a long haul from Sacramento, California. I also asked a friend of mine who is an appellate attorney out of Washington, D.C., to meet me there as a witness to my interviews. Dane and I taped all of the interviews so there would be no doubt as to what was said.
I've done on-sites with OKC, Alaska Airlines Flight 261 and others. Going to these sites personally gives you the opportunity to not only interview people who were involved, but gives you a better visual experience of the events of that day. I stood in front of the Pentagon on November 11, 2001, exactly two months after it was hit and I can tell you - what you saw on TV was nothing compared to what the structure looked like up close.
The problem I have with this video is that it proves nothing. It is speculation using the cockpit tapes. Let me explain my position.
After interviewing eye witnesses, there is no doubt in my mind that Flight 93 crashed in that field. I can also tell you that the good folks who live in that area highly resent a lot of what has been written about that day - especially claims that no plane crashed. There are too many people with nothing to gain by lying about what they saw. The residents in Somerset, Shanksville and the surrounding burgs were angry because they feel certain individuals came into their towns and took advantage of them and tried to make them into liars. These God-fearing folks out there were very emotionally affected by what happened and I'm talking about EMTs as well as witnesses.
In reading those interviews, you will see that Mayor Stull in his own words has been exploited and was ready to sue one German film company until they removed the material on their site about him.
In my investigative report you will see that I debunk some of the claims out there taken as truth on the Internet because there are simply no FACTS to support them. One thing that might surprise people is that pieces of the plane were still being coughed up out of this strip-mined soil even while I was there. Another fact that raises huge red flags: there are several boxes of remains squirreled away in a mausoleum (the location is "secret"). As I said in my report, I believe testing could show missile residue, but there's no way of knowing what any testing found without a real investigation and a grand jury.
My on site investigation can be read here along with the transcriptions of those interviews:
My lingering question was: Did the passengers bring down the plane or was it shot down by our military. A few months after I returned from this on site investigation, I had a lengthy phone conversation with one of my dearest friends, Brigadier General Ben Partin, U.S.A.F. (Ret). Ben is no conspiracy wacko; he is one of the most decent, honorable people I've ever had the honor of knowing. When I brought up this issue, Ben said he was at a luncheon for retired military officers and Col. Donn de Grand-Pre was there. He also said that he had known Col. de Grand-Pre for twenty years and never knew him to lie about anything. Ben asked Col. de Grand-Pre face to face about the shoot down of Flight 93 and the response was: Yes, he interviewed the pilot who shot down Flight 93 and there's no question whatsoever that Flight 93 was deliberately shot down in a no win situation. Once again, the only way to absolutely confirm this to the satisfaction of the American people and the families who lost loved ones on Flight 93 is by a grand jury with subpoena power.
Another major claim now taken as truth: Flight 93 landed at the Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport, the passengers deplaned, kidnapped, but no one knows where they went. I filed a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request with the FAA to obtain the take off and landing records for September 11, 2001. As expected, I got the shuffle and filed a lawsuit:
I was successful in prevailing and all of the documents I requested were coughed up. They are scanned in this column:
There is no question in my mind that Flight 93 never landed at Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport. The one press released issued by Mayor White was done in mass confusion and the records do not support this theory.
There is so much excellent investigative material on credible web sites about September 11, 2001, but there is also a plethora of junk. I'm convinced some of it is agent provocateurs who are deliberately throwing out red herrings to mislead people and damage the credibility of those who have done really fine work on 911. In all my 911 columns, I have linked to what I consider the best investigative work and videos.
I do not claim to be the last word on 911 by any means, but if your readers are interested, they can read my many columns on 911, including the ones about Enron and 911 on my web site here:
Devvy Kidd
April 28, 2008


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