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Synthetic Armageddon Part 6: Jihadist Sock Puppets Join Global Warming, 911 Truth Movements

I think I may have invented the term “Terrist” after a Daily Show spoof called the “War on Terra” a few years ago. Jon Stewart unwittingly (or perhaps knowingly???) exposed a truth in his choice of words: This War on Terra (Earth), which involves a fake Al Qaeda and global warming hoax (what’s next, ALIENS? Uh Oh!), is a ridiculous sideshow that NOBODY ought to believe anymore, unless you’re a “nineteen percenter,” i.e., a Fox-viewing Koolaid drinker who still thinks Bush is the greatest.

Map of North American
international trade corridor, a 12-
lane super highway system being
built to link Canada, the U.S. and
Mexico as a free trade region.

Map of the wildlife corridor
of the Wildlands Project.

(Composite Map. Source: Sweet Liberty)

Here’s something I find interesting: The East and West North American Union Headquarters will be in Colorado and Georgia, both of which appear in the “rewilded” parts of the map where human habitation is planned to be heavily restricted if not outright forbidden. OBVIOUSLY, restrictions do not apply to the Global Elites, who’ve spent decades building underground bunkers for themselves in the mountains to protect themselves from the nuclear fallout from the wars THEY plan to start. Talk about gated communities! Anyway, here is some background for understanding this post:

  • Thomas Robert Malthus: 18th century overpopulation scaremonger, his theories still influential in elite circles today despite their thorough debunking by modern research. News Flash for Global Elitists: You idiot pricks! The problem is NOT overpopulation; the problem is that 95% of the world’s resources are being hoarded by 5%, i.e., people like YOU. Do the world a favor and commit suicide, OK? It’ll be MUCH more efficient, and solve a lot of problems for the rest of us.

  • Nihilism: A depressing and soulless “God is dead” worldview, also from 18th century. “Anything is permissible” because there is no god, no karma, no consequences.

  • Global 2000 Report: Henry Kissinger’s creepy 1974 manifestation of Malthusian Nihilism, signed by Jimmy Carter, who probably didn’t have much of a choice since it was the Globalist Elites who set him up as their puppet in the first place. The report recommends using food as a third world depopulation weapon (kind of sounds like today’s news, doesn’t it?). Overarching goal of reducing world population by 80-90%.

  • Global Warming/Climate Change: A hoax developed by the U.N. to 1) extract a global tax from the world’s population; 2) provide justification and financing for global depopulation, rewilding and governance efforts, and 3) set the stage for Project Blue Beam. “In searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill.”Club of Rome members Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider in their book The First Global Revolution (out of print). Please note that the global elitists flailing around the country screaming about how “we” need to do (fill in the blank) are THEMSELVES responsible for the majority of the world’s pollution, being greedy corporate industrialists polluting groundwater, belching industrial waste into the air, and flying all over the world in their private jets. Again, the global warming problem might be solved by the mass suicide of globalist elites. Oh, and carbon emissions trading is a LAME way to “solve” this so-called “problem.” It’s a “fiat commodity,” much like . . . oh, let’s say the US dollar, which private bankers pull out of their ASSES and trick us into believing has value. HEY, I think I’ll start pulling carbon emissions out of my OWN ass. I’ll be rich!

  • Project Blue Beam: (Formerly Top Secret until exposed) NASA project to hoax the world with a staged Biblical “rapture,” including - I shit you NOT - a staged alien invasion (Stop laughing! They’re serious!) to downsize the world population and completely freak us out. Sequence of events meticulously planned to follow Biblical prophesy to the letter (Revelations). Part One of Project Blue Beam involves the staging (using Tesla laser and holographic technologies) of tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, droughts and other Acts of “God” to convince the faithful that “THE END IS NEAR, GAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!” The Little Green Men arrive during Part Two. However, the 2012 Big Holo-Laser Show may be posponed thanks to the unruly BLOGOSPHERE, whose membership is frankly uninterested in being played. For more information you can Google NASA + project + “Blue Beam” + “Serge Monast.” Here is Monast’s transcript - - Within weeks after Serge’s presentation, he and another Blue Beam researcher, both young men without any history of heart problems, died of “heart attacks.”
  • The End Game: Any excuse for global dictatorship, even if it’s insane.

Americans are suckers for the cartoon villian. However, the bulk of the Al Qaeda campaign is actually for Arab consumption; encouraging Muslims to engage in an ever escalating cycle of violence, creating another Us vs. Them self-fulfilling prophecy. This has not been easy, as those A-RAB “fish” aren’t biting, so the CIA and Mossad have turned to Semitic Israeli and Jewish American actors willing to pose as Muslim Arabs. See: Also see Global Research: Like Bin Laden, the REAL al-Zawahiri is long dead. This guy in the above photo is an American actor, while the whole jihadist movement is managed out of - - - get this - - - HOUSTON, TEXAS! Probably an Exxon boardroom. (Those “jihadist” websites inexplicably hosted from Texas are no longer a mystery, eh?) But SHHHH!!!!! EXXON’S OIL KIRKUK PIPELINE TO HAIFA PROJECT IS A SECRET! OK NOT REALLY: And here you thought the War for Oil was for Americans! SUCKERS!!!

Showman al-Zawahiri rants about “Global Warming too!

Apparently al-Zawahiri gets his Talking Points Memos from the same outfit our mainstream media does. However, someone needs to tell Al-Zawahiri that “climate change” is the new buzzword since Global Warming has been exposed as a UN revenue enhancing hoax cooked up by the Bilderberg Group.

My prediction: Next time Mr. al Zawahiri Sockpuppet will help us accept that the poorest are to blame for the global food shortage. I wonder if he and Henry Kissinger are friends? Malthusian blaming of poor and darkskinned people for “indiscriminate breeding” “overpopulation” is a time-honored tradition, so Sockpuppet al-Zawahiri might as well join in the blaming fun. Global 2000, sponsored by the Kissinger/Carter/Brzezinski cabal, called for the use of food resources as a third-world depopulation weapon. For some background on global depopulation efforts click here: Barack Obama is a member of this group. Unfortunately the Clintons and McCain are part of an even meaner faction of it. The best we’ll be able to get from an Obama presidency is a kinder, gentler global genocide.

Al-CIAda Sock Puppet Zawahiri Claims Iran Behind 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

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