Sunday, April 27, 2008

What do we do about the millions of deadbeat enablers of fascism?

by W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

[tv-addict.jpg] In a union, they're called scabs.

In a dysfunctional family, they're called enablers.

The core tragedy of America (and the world) is that deadbeats far outnumber progressives, independents, and moderates.

They are the rotten core of the now poisonous American apple. The illusion is that elite fascists are powerful because of their strength and cleverness. Utterly false! The reality is that they are default powerful because of scabs, enablers, and deadbeats.

The deadbeats don't give a shit about anything except their booze, sitcoms, and rationalizations. And boy do they ever have rationalizations. They feel no responsibility about ANYTHING. They're really secret psychopaths -- conscienceless, criminally stupid, and the exact opposite of our founding fathers.

To extend the term, the deadbeats are also (and always have been) the "dead weight" of civilization. Hitler would have been stopped in his tracks had it not been for millions of deadbeat Germans. Of course, not all Germans were oblivious to the insanity and horror of Nazism, but they were outnumbered by their Duh-souled neighbors, so Hitler just followed the line of least resistance (i.e., through the front rooms of the German enablers), and the 3rd Reich was born.

Bush has been (and still is) doing EXACTLY the same thing. His royal road to Bush/Hitlerdom is through the front rooms of most of our neighbors and relatives, i.e., pseudo human beings. When you talk to them (which mostly means listening to them), you hear about sports, barking dogs, religious babble, but mostly you hear about TV sitcoms, since this is their primary reality. They aren't couch potatoes. They are TV androids. That screen IS their reality.

New Orleans? Global warming? Tax breaks for billionaires? Such things have NOTHING to do with their insect reality. What counts is their slug existence which is infinitely indifferent to the "real world" (yes, there really is one), and worldly suffering which would break the heart of a God, and our ballistic race for species extinction.

These are "fast food" people. They have no future (except the rest of tonight's television). They are not only indifferent to the future of humanity; they are equally indifferent to the future of their children.

Eventually in life, we have to come to terms with might have seemed embarrassing in childhood, and that is the human distinction between stupidity and intelligence. Call it IQ if you wish, the classification isn't important. What IS important is some of us respond to the challenge of life from our intelligence. Intelligence is real. In a way, it's the self awareness of nature, the cutting edge of evolution. So if your life is grounded in intelligence, that's where you live. You see reality process point blank.

As opposed to what? Who else, the enablers and deadbeats who seem to exhaust their cerebrum (which they rarely access) with movies and baseball and cokes. Psychologically put, they got "fixated" in grade school and that still rules their existence. They are the so called "adult children" (but without the magical grace of true children) -- Just whiny sludge-minded escapists.

OK. So what to do, since these pseudo humans are the bedrock of human existence. Certainly, there are individual and cultural exceptions, but the core functioning of the human race is grounded in deadbeats. And from deadbeats come vampire elites and from vampire elites come a militant police state and from a militant police state comes the transformation of humanity into terrified and obedient cattle.

The one thing we must be diamond clear about in all of this is that fascist elites are of gift of the deadbeats to the human adventure. Its so, so simple. No deadbeats, no fascists. Just humans doing our best to rise to the challenge of the infinitely subtle and complex reality/universe.

We've been called children of the universe. Can't beat that, but are Homo sapiens finally going down for the third time from the weight of the deadbeats?

You know what? If we do, they won't even know it.

But we will . . . and do?


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

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