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Zionist "Justice"

25 April 2008

Comparing Outcomes in the U.S. Crimocracy:

Wesley Snipes vs IRS
and Jacob "Kobi" Alexander vs USA

By Christopher Bollyn

Wesley Snipes, the famous black actor from Florida, has been sentenced to three years in prison.

As the Ocala Star Banner reported on April 24:

OCALA - Actor Wesley Snipes was sentenced shortly before 6 p.m. Thursday to the maximum term of three years in federal prison on three misdemeanor convictions of failure to file his income taxes.

Snipes was also sentenced to one year of supervised release. He was not taken into custody immediately. Instead, the Bureau of Prisons or the U.S. Marshal's Service will notify him when and where to report.

The Ocala article reported that Snipes' lawyers tried to pay five million dollars to the court, which the court said it could not accept.

The IRS, as should be expected, grabbed the money as soon as possible:


Early in the afternoon, lead Snipes attorney Daniel Meachum deposited three envelopes containing $5 million in checks with the judge.

It apparently was meant to show that Snipes accepted responsibility and was ready to pay his taxes.

Problem: The judge didn't know what to do with it, and the prosecutors weren't ready to accept that whopping sum of money. Hodges said he had "no authority on the part of the court to accept funds on behalf of the United States Treasury."

Morris conferred with other at the prosecution table. "You honor," [sic] he said, "I'm not authorized at this time to accept that money."

"I'll take the checks back," said Meachum.

During a break, an IRS agent accepted the payment.

Without going into the details of the Snipes case and the people who advised him, I want to compare how the U.S. government went after Mr. Snipes and gave him the maximum sentence while they let the Israeli 9-11 criminal mastermind Jacob "Kobi" Alexander leave the country with hundreds of millions of dollars of ill-gotten gains.

Kobi Alexander is the former head of the Israeli Mossad-run companies Comverse and Odigo. These companies that played key roles in the false-flag terror of 9-11. Alexander, clearly involved in 9-11 and stock options fraud, was allowed to flee the United States with many hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal profits. I don't know if he paid taxes on his criminal profits.

See: "Why was Kobi Alexander Allowed to Flee? The Israeli Fugitive, Odigo, and the Forewarning of 9/11" by Christopher Bollyn, 24 August 2006

The prosecutors in the Snipes' case said an example should be set because of his fame, according to the BBC and Chicago Tribune.


This is how criminal gangs work. The federal "crimocracy" evidently wants to use the Snipes' conviction to send a message to all Americans, black and white.

The message, plain and simple: Pay your taxes or we will throw you in the slammer.

Americans certainly got the message a long time ago but the crimocracy thinks we need reminding. This is how extortion rackets work.

Americans don't pay income tax because they want to or because they appreciate the services the federal government provides and want to contribute their fair share. Americans pay the extortionate income tax because they are very much afraid of what will happen if they don't.

My friends, this is not how a properly functioning social contract works: this is criminal extortion. Americans know this in their hearts: We are being fleeced.

"I should pay for this kind of government?" is what I could imagine Wesley Snipes saying, if he had the chance to address the court – and the nation. "I should pay for a government that refused to investigate the worst terror attack in U.S. history? I should pay for 500,000 U.S. troops around the world engaged in two illegal wars of aggression? I should pay for a government that has destroyed the American manufacturing sector and made America the most indebted nation in history? I should pay for this?"

This is what I have been saying and writing since September 11, 2001, after my family and I passed through New York City. We left the country shortly thereafter, in fear for our lives.

"I'm sorry," Snipes should say. "I don't negotiate with criminals."

This is exactly what my very astute and intelligent Swedish-Estonian wife said when we were being maliciously prosecuted in the very corrupt Cook County courts - "We don't negotiate with criminals."

She is absolutely right, of course. We shouldn't negotiate with terrorists or criminals, foreign or domestic.

Why should we pay for this crimocracy that has taken over our republic? Does that not make us accomplices to crime?

Americans are forced to pay a quarter of their income, or more, for a government that can't even run the trains or protect the nation. We pay an obscene amount of money every year for a corrupt military that was utterly unable to defend the nation on 9-11. What kind of protection racket is this, anyway?

Meanwhile, the Israeli crook involved in the mass murder of 9-11 was quietly allowed to get away to Israel, Namibia, and points unknown with hundreds of millions of ill-gotten dollars. Alexander was actually apprehended by Namibian (South West Africa) authorities but has not been extradited to the United States. If he had been a Muslim terror suspect, he would have been kidnapped in an "special rendition" - in a heartbeat. As an Israeli Mossad agent, however, he is confident that he is untouchable and will never be forced to face justice in the United States.

Comparing the drastically different outcomes of Snipes vs IRS and Kobi Alexander vs USA should go a long way to illustrate that there is simply no justice in a Zionist crimocracy.

Americans, black and white, pay with blood while Zionist Jews walk away with their money – and their country.

My fellow Americans, this is not justice and this is not representative democracy; this is a bloody crimocracy at work: Tricking your mind and stealing your money.

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